Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm wondering if im learning to make better decisions.

Sometimes u just have to gamble, especially someone like me, who hates a loss because it makes me feel like ive failed at life. like the other day, i lost $100 at the wynn, rebought $124 and before id even received my new stack of chips id lost the $124, then quite a bit on tilt, i rebought $400 and about 2 hours later had it back to $625 ($1 profit) and i left and went over to the riviera. (this was the other day). wasnt today or yesterday.

so today i started off out a little bit, paid $28 on groceries, and $20 to a blog reader for transportation somewhere, so i was down when i started playing at hooters. they changed the promotion much for the worse, got rid of the 2am to 6am aces cracked, got rid of all the high hands but the royal, and cut back on the payouts for aces cracked. makes the rake so high its no good to go in there most of the day now. got ahead $80 and then started losing every hand, rebought, and continued to lose. lost when all the money went allin with me having the winner, but got rivered by a straight. at one point i was over $300 worse off than when i woke up today.

left and went over to the hardrock, bought in for $100. won a few pots, and finally the big one, which put me up to $237 when i turned 2 pair. and then instead of leaving, i decided to CONTINUE TO PLAY, because only 1 guy had me covered, and he was away from the table, and alot more players than usual had stacks of $50 to $150. am thinking that ended up being a good decision, because almost all of the players werent regulars, many were pretty bad, and i eventually quit the game after it combined, with $447, and 2 or 3 big stacks moved over. now im at home, relaxing in bed, with a new roll of $3600 (of course thats before i pay my rent today when i wake up) and playing DON sngs.

i lost a $3 sng, won a $5 sng and a $10 sng. now i dont think anyone can help me with this issue, and the only way to get help would be to call verizon, but im sure it wouldnt help either. but im having the issue almost every night over and over repeatedly. i keep getting the message that i was disconnected because of an IP conflict, that another computer has the same IP as mine, and to contact my "network administrator" for help. i dont know what a network administrator is, im not part of any network in some office, my computer isnt linked to any others, and im wondering if "network administrator" would be verizon? otherwise who would i call?

i had this issue a lot in the IP too when i used to stay there. it usally takes 2-3 min or more to reconnect, sometimes i even have to unplug the modem, and plug it into a completely different hole to reconnect. (there is 2 available spots on the laptop to put the modem) i thought for sure it would cost me the $20 sng, missing so many hands, but thank God i just won it got lucky 2 big hands came up to others same time. my feltstars balance is all the way up to $203. i would like to fix it so i never have this problem again, but there dont seem to be any way for it to not happen anymore. i think if anyone else on the property also using verizon wireless, theres no way to stop them from having the same ISP which always ends up disconnecting probably both of us repeatedly. and i cant ever get out of it because its a contract. at least this month i wont owe any overages, i stopped listening to music on utube and it seemed to fix that issue.

thanks to kingofdonks who is supposed to be getting into town at 4pm today, and assisting me in finding a bike, and ill be required to stay off the machines for a week in return.


  1. I'm very proud of you Tony. Keep it up through the weekend and keep tracking your games on your phone.

    I hope you keep your word to King of Donks. A man is only as good as his word, and it's only a week.

  2. Tony,

    Do you think there is a correlation between this statement, "am thinking that ended up being a good decision, because almost all of the players werent regulars, many were pretty bad", and the fact that you did well at this table? Think about it.

    Keep building the roll and stay off machines.

    Good luck, of course,


  3. Tony congrats on your recent run good, keep up the good play and table selection, remember patience is the key to winning poker.