Wednesday, September 12, 2012

moved blog back here, and about good rooms and aces cracked, how to play.

well, ive lost the entire $15 i had left on feltstars, so now i can finally give typing this blog my full attention. as little money as i have, im going to hate depositing again.

At least i won $340 today, biggest win in quite some time. of course, im still only at $2400 and i still have a lot of bills in the next 2 weeks close to $600 worth. One of the reasons i won is because i think im using better game selection, i mean people who say i shouldnt sit in bad games are correct, although im very sad so many good games for a low bankroll now require a much higher roll. for example, the death of $1-5 stud in vegas, and all the $1-2 games which have gone to $1-3. ive never got into trouble in the wynn poker room and the venetian poker room because ive played there so very few times, ive kind of done that intentionally because i wanted a place similar to bellagio to play higher limits when i have big money someday i wouldnt ever be barred or in trouble at. and those rooms werent yet up and running 15 yrs ago when homeless all the time panhandling. anyway the wynn is very close to the riviera when playing or staying there, and its also a closer bike ride from home than riv or stratosphere. people have suggested mabye if i didnt have to wait forever for a seat and play with tourists instead of just promo nits, id do better. this way i have a choice of tables. i ended up playing almost nothing the first 2 hours at the wynn, but eventually left $90 ahead after all the money went in preflop with the loose asians 10 10 who id seen bluff once and get really lucky once on a big pot and i had JJ. it held up.

so after winning $90 at the wynn, i was afraid id give it back in the game, or if not in the game, on the very poor paying VBj there. so i felt i had to leave immediately rain or no rain. of course id was pouring much heavier than i expected, had i waited an hour, it wouldve been dry. didnt realize it would be that heavy, nor that it would stop soon. i was surprised the games were so good there, and a lot of locals but also rich tourists here too. just 2-3 per table is enough to make the game beatable. I and everything on me got soaked terribly on the way to the riv, and i went there because i only needed a short time to qualify for saturdays freeroll and i wanted to lock up over $100 more on saturday to help reimburse my rent coming up. i qualify now, but still with the min stack, not the max stack. i won only $3 the first session at the riv, but later a few more hours i won $112 more.

Thank God Herbie was upstairs in his room asleep, but i was worried at first since he didnt answer his phone. i sat at a shorthanded table in sopping wet clothes with nits for about 20 minutes til he called me back, and let me come up, change shirts and socks, and blowdry the pants and shoes in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. it did get them dry.

the reason i did so much better the 2nd session is because NONE of the 8 players there but me were freeroll players. all tourists, and i cashed out $162 of my $50. thats when i went to the store to buy food and go home.

let me talk briefly about the aces cracked promo at the riv. compared to hooters, it sucks. Hooters pays $150, the riv pays $50. and thats why u shouldnt always want to get cracked. and unlike almost every other freeroll grinder, i often dont want them cracked, and i cant understand why others claim that u shouldnt bet aa and should try to get them cracked. it depends in large part of how much it pays and ur stack size. often u do better winning the pot. i had them twice and both times tried to win the pot, and i did win a pot. im not going to lose $113 (my stack at the time) to get back $50. i think others agree with trying to win the pot too.

oh the other $135 i won? it was on the VBJ at slots of fun i shouldnt play and lost just over $200 the day before. today i had a slightly lower max bet it was 3 hands of $26 once and at least it won on all 3. ive known for a long time it dont give out slot points and quit playing when they did that last dec. But i never realized u still get comp dollars til yesterday. i had $64 in comps, and now i have $87. so i should always use my card, for a while i didnt because i thought it was useless due to the rules change. but yesterday and today i kept checking my comps and the more i played, the more my comps went up and it was the only machine i played. so the increase was coming from it. although i got NO cashback points. seems to be not a bad comp rate, i got quite a few comps betting very small. id estimate 0.25 to 0.33% back. maybe more, will make a $10 bet and check immediately just to learn the exact amount next time i think of it. that would get me or some friend a room sometime who could then give me cash.

am so tired everything else i wanted to type about the reason for the move will be addressed another time, ive got to sleep. im an old man dont forget. a dinosaur in the poker world and i like the wrong games. games that no longer exist or exist with a long long trip. Like Mickey Rosa, fisher and martinez.

that being said theres a lot of things i dont want discussed in my blogs because its not in my best interests. this blog is for my own growth and benefit, not the readers entertainment. im not going to let anyone post anything that could ever create problems or not be in my best interests. some of which could be bad u would never guess, and i sure aint letting anyone know why.


  1. Of course a blog should be entertaining for other people, although maybe in a different way to the entertainment you provide.

    If there are so many things that are not in your best interests then don't write a blog rather than censor the Sh*t out of it.

    All these constant changes, fake stories, sulks are just thinly veiled cries for attention, but i feel that attention and money are 2 things you are starting to run short of.

    Forget this fake, deluded life you are living and get a real one, starting with a job. Earn some money, feel some self respect and you'll be surprised how quickly things can change for the better.

    And forget this stupid blog for a while, before it gets forgotton by everyone.

  2. Congrats on your win Tony!! Hopefully you'll be happy with this blogspot again

  3. How have you grown and benefited from the blog? As many have mentioned, you do the same thing, year after year. This is a serious question, Tony. Not a troll post.

  4. You could also make the blog private and only allow invited people to have the ability to read it.

    1. I hope this is sarcasm. It has been done before which caused him to lose his google dollars!

    2. He already has that ability in the forum software, to approve only people he wants to comment in the forum.

      This jumping back and forth, is emblematic of the way Tony lives his life. He never sticks to something and try to make it work, always switching to something else because the perfect solution is just around the corner, even though that perfect solution was what he tried in the first place and proven ineffective.

    3. No it was not sarcasm. He seemed to be a bit freaky about strangers and mean comments so my suggestion was sincere. Of course I have not been following the adventures of Tony all that long and am new to the TBC scene you might say.

  5. "oh the other $135 i won? it was on the VBJ at slots of fun i shouldnt play and lost just over $200 the day before."

    I thought you got tossed out of there and banned. (?)

  6. i hate this blog format and likely will not be keeping up with this story.. I'll prob check in periodically but I just can't stand the flow of how comments are posted. it tilts me.

    somebody email me if this gets moved to a better site.

  7. When there are over 100 replies and then there are 10 more replies they can be anywhere on the page.

  8. When there are 100 comments and then 10 more show up later they can be interspersed anywhere inside of the previous 100 comments which makes the webpage a pain to view....

  9. Don't go busto yet! I'll be out there in November and would like to have the honor of busting you out of your last sock roll dollar.

  10. Enjoying your blog man. Keep your chin up and keep grinding,