Tuesday, September 4, 2012

see how people who live in NYC act, do u think this is right what happened to glenn beck in his own words?

im not in a good mood at all anyway today, due to losing $390 on VP at the hardrock, wish i could just disappear from vegas and drop out of sight. am quite mad Josie hasnt logged into my forum in sometime, and id like to know if comments are working on here, it was saying i need to update to int explorer 9 and comments arent supported, but grouchie somehow posted one, and when i went to update int expl it said i already had the latest version. wtf?

all because im too lazy to ride the bike any futher than hooters or hardrock, and slept til 3am due to being sick, thats why i lost all that on VP. no poker. no online money so couldnt go home and grind either. i fixed that problem today.

here is an article written by Glenn Beck, please explain how u feel its ok for him to be treated that way due to his political beliefs, and then condemn me for how i treat others. why do u guys like grump and vegas dwp and pokerdogg and claudia think its ok to have it both ways? its very difficult for me to even like Claudia and want to be friends with her after her deserting me and going home to NY and saying she didnt want a committed monogamous relationship. i thought i had i had it made in life when she was here with me, living with me and me with her, doing everything for me, and my life completely went to pot when she went home to NY without me.

and the reason she has decided she hates me so much is due to my moms religious beliefs, beliefs i am not responsible for, and due to the fact she is a liberal as are most of the blog readers. even josie falls into this category. and we all know liberals dont feel killing a conservative is morally wrong. they are real hypocrites for feeling the murder of a 9 yr old kid is morally wrong, and not feeling abortion is wrong. where did society begin to think someones age should matter as to whether killing them should be legal or immoral? how many times does it take for people to understand u cannot have things both ways? Both the killing of an innocent baby, and the killing of a 9 yr old child is a horrible wicked sin in the eyes of almighty God. why do so many insist that there is no God and there is no sin? why do so many of u think man doesnt have any natural and unalienable rights to even be alive, only those rights granted to us by the govt? God grants us our rights, not the govt.

read this article, comment on it and tell me what u think. no one will probably ever hear from me again, im out of sight. closed my facebook acct, and changed my phone number to make sure i cannot be contacted, and am on the way out of vegas with plans made as to where to go. am sitting here playing online thanks to vook, and filling out the paperwork i promised claudia i would mail off today, and then im out of here for the day.

-----------written by Glenn Beck-------------------------------------------

GLENN: I want to spend some time giving you knowledge on, you’re close to winning. In fact, you’re so close to winning, the left and the uber left doesn’t even know how to deal with it, and they’re getting very, very angry. I’ve lived in New York for, what, five years? I’ve seen ‑‑ I’ve seen New York. I’ve seen the ugly side of New York, I’ve seen the good side of New York, but I have not seen what I have seen in the last weekend. In fact, my wife said she’s never going to New York again. It was ‑‑ it was quite amazing.

I want to tell you a little bit about my weekend and I want to personally thank American Airlines for bringing to my attention that they don’t mean “American Airlines.” They mean “liberal American Airlines” apparently. But let me start here. Do you remember when Clint Eastwood got up on stage and he said, “You know there’s a lot of ‑‑ there’s a lot of people in Hollywood. They just don’t make a big deal out of it.” Now why? I’ve spent a lot of time with a few people in Hollywood that are very big names, and they’ll tell you why. They don’t have five Oscars to their name. They don’t have Clint Eastwood’s reputation. They don’t have Jon Voight’s reputation where it’s Jon Voight. You want Jon Voight? You gotta take Jon Voight.

PAT: And you know what was interesting about Eastwood’s speech was that he only mentioned himself and Jon Voight.

GLENN: And Jon Voight. That’s it.

PAT: Because those are the two biggest.

GLENN: They don’t say it. Now why? Why? Because they know they’ll never work again. It’s blacklisting, and it’s wrong if you’re a suspected Communist or a confirmed conservative. Blacklisting is wrong.

I want you to ask yourself, what have we become as a nation? If you have a different opinion, you are boycotted. You’re shouted down. You’re called worse names than you can possibly imagine. Your home or your business is targeted, sometimes by union thugs, sometimes by street gangs. Your church will be smeared. You’ll be made to feel like a pariah in every situation, and they’ll do it all in the name of diversity.

After a weekend in New York City, I remembered why I was so glad to move out of New York City. It started for me on a Friday night, this last Friday at a barbecue restaurant. Now why my daughter who lives in the city thought that coming from Texas we should go have barbecue in New York City is beyond me, but we did. As we walked in, my wife said, oh, my gosh, this is so‑and‑so very famous, you know, barbecue couple that do this barbecue thing, you know, on TV. And I said, “Oh, okay.” She said, “It’s supposed to be really good.” Well, I have to tell you, the look that I was given by those in charge at this restaurant was, how dare you even come in here. It was quite amazing. I said to my wife as we were walking up the stairs, I said, this isn’t going to go well. And she said, no, this was really a mistake. This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I dared to cross? No? No, it couldn’t be because there were white people in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It’s amazing to me. One would think that ‑‑ you wouldn’t want to shun people that might have diverse opinions. Maybe they could put a second door in or another entrance in for people like me.

The next morning we had breakfast in the heart of the land of diversity. I was openly mocked by the patrons, and my wife was begging to leave as she heard the wait staff and management gasp in horror that they actually had to serve me. Lunch was no different.

New York City has become a very vile and hateful place, if you happen to have a different opinion. It’s sad. Because I don’t see New York as a liberal city. I see New York as one of the greatest cities in America. Not a liberal city, but a city that has a lot of great things in it and a lot of great people in it who may disagree with me, may not.

I’ve lived in Texas in the last few months and I had forgotten why I needed my security detail. It’s funny because as I compared New York and Texas, there’s not everybody in Texas agrees with me. There’s a lot of liberals in Texas. It’s funny. We all have a neighbor here in Texas who is an Obama supporter. All of us do. But we’re neighbors first, Texans second, and Republicans and Democrats somewhere way down on the list.

On the way home I flew American Airlines, a Texas‑based airline. I, unlike all of the other passengers, was not offered the option of courteous service. I don’t know why. Did I have to pay more than I paid for my tickets? Is that something that you have to select now you? My flight attendant nearly ‑‑ merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me. When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.

I watched him and I wondered: Does this make him feel better somehow? It’s sad because I think it did. As I sat there, I wondered how many things we would actually agree on, how many things did he actually believe about me that aren’t even true. I wondered if he was ever made to feel like a second class citizen before. I wondered if he had any friends and family in the dark years of Europe that made them feel less productive. I wonder if his friends and family ever felt like they were less than a welcome member of society because of their faith or who they were or what they believed.

I had lots of time to ponder things. I wondered what I had done to this flight attendant from American Airlines that caused him this much pain that he as a grown man felt justified and uplifted by taking his pound of flesh. What had I done to him personally? Did I wrong him personally? Or was he just taking his pound of flesh and acting out for the collective? Would he tell stories later in the day about how he treated me? Would he revel in those stories as he told his friends? Would he laugh ‑‑ would they laugh and jeer with him and tell him how proud they were of his behavior? I wondered. I wondered if a guy like this flight attendant for American Airlines, if he were in a group of like‑minded people and that group of people were in power. I wonder if he and his friends would feel it rational to march me through the streets with a sign around my neck mocking and frightening anyone away who might want to stand with me. I wondered. Surely not. This somehow was different. This was just a small indignity.

I prayed a lot on the plane. I, as a man, wanted to say something but figured we’d end up landing in a city that I didn’t want to be in. I just wanted to go home. So I didn’t say anything. And then I prayed. I thought about Billy Graham. I thought the leader of my church a lot. I thought about the teachings of Jesus. And gee, none of them really could break through because I was filled with a lot of anger. But I got up and I decided, what is the one thing I can say that will understand, so he can recognize that I recognized his point but also say something true, and kind? And I decided after the weekend that I had had in New York, where nobody really treated my children any differently than they did me, they were acting for the collective on the collective, I realized he was the only man that treated my children differently than me. While he treated me as a subhuman, he treated my children nicely. So as I was deplaning, as he was standing next to the pilot, I said to him, “I want to sincerely thank you for not treating my children the way you treated me.” His response? “It was my pleasure. You deserved it.” The pilot didn’t say anything, nor did the other passengers, but they probably didn’t know what was going on. I remembered yesterday, as I was driving home from the airport, the airlines used to make an announcement at the end of the flight that says, “We know you have a choice in airlines and we’re glad that you chose us.” I wondered if American Airlines was happy that I chose them. Are they happy that other conservatives even fly in their planes? Are they glad to be based in Texas, or is this just an unfortunate stopover on the way to one of those many liberal cities their employees are so proud of? I know yesterday I did have a choice and I chose wrong. I chose to fly with American Airlines. I do have a choice. And my family will never choose American Airlines again. I and my family will choose another carrier. If this is the kind of people that American Airlines likes to hire in the service industry.

You see, I grew up in a family‑run business. “The customer is always right” is what my father taught me. I wasn’t trying to make a point. I just wanted to be treated as a human. Apparently that’s not the way at American Airlines anymore, unless they vote the way you do, unless you vote the way they do. I lost my cool as I walked off the plane, as I was told I deserved to be treated worse than any airline attendant would have treated a dog. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

Last night I prayed that I would be forgiven for all the things that I may have done to divide, and to be given guidance on how to unite. I have made mistakes. We all have. We all have choices to make, and I have tried to make the highest possible choice. No matter my choice yesterday, I can make a new one today. We all have to if we’re going to survive. No matter who wins, tough times are coming. Like it or not, we’re in this one together. We have to be better than we have been in the past, and we have to expect it not from others but also from ourselves.

We are not the side shouting down, indoctrinating kids at institutions, making them fear, expressing a different opinion, or failing their class. All the while their professors are hiding behind tenure to protect intellectual diversity. We’re not blacklisting those who have a different opinion or a lifestyle. We know that actors lead lives that don’t reflect ours. We don’t shun their movies. We don’t boycott their movies. We connect where we can and the rest is up to them.

Hillary Clinton said during the last election that she was tired of being made to feel un‑American just because she disagreed with this president’s opinion. I remember it clearly. I’ll go a step further: I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren’t racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn’t spend the money that we don’t have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty. I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it. I’m sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way. Thank you, American Airlines, for making my next flight an easier choice.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------am hoping people are able to comment, would be nice if pokerdogg, vegas dwp and grump could explain in their own words how people like glenn beck should deserve this type of treatment due to being a conservative and being against gay marriage, then condemn me for my own behavior.


  1. Tony, why are you still posting over here? Did you turned off the commenting in the other forum, and why?

  2. Calm down Tony no one wants to kill you for being a conservative. Running off and closing your facebook and changing your phone number all those things do is hurt you. Doing those things just gives your detractors more ammo to keep firing at you.
    If you go broke and end up homeless the people you call your friends and blog followers will go on with their lives. All this acting out doesn't hurt us it hurts you. Keep your blog about poker and gambling and less about your personal life.
    So you are running away to where? The nirvana you seek doesn't exist it is inside you. The demons you seek to leave behind are your demons so they go with you. You have to fight this battle where ever you are .

  3. 1. Which of us has ever said that people shouldn't be nice to Glenn Beck? Because if anybody around here ever said such a thing, I missed it. Our point to you has always simply been that you should be nice to everybody. So should everybody else. How is this so complicated that you managed to misunderstand it?

    2. Of course you are not responsible for your mother's beliefs. But you ARE responsible for your own beliefs. When you say that you believe frankly loony crap such as subcutaneous ID chips being the mark of the devil and the government will kill everybody who refuses to get one, yeah, you are responsible for believing something that you should be smart enough to laugh out of the room. When you say that you believe the Bible teaches that it's OK to treat other people like dirt unless and until they prove to you that they're deserve better, yeah, that's your responsibility. When you say that homosexuality is "sick as fuck" and akin to child molestation or bestiality, yeah, you and nobody else is responsible for you having that belief. You choose to accept, nurture, hold on to, and repeat these things. You could choose to critically examine them, figure out how stupid, wrong, and/or hateful they are, reject them, and replace them with kinder and more sensible beliefs. The fact that you don't is purely your responsibility.

    3. So now Claudia "hates" you, eh? Did she actually say that?

    4. In the time I've known you, this is at least the fourth time that you've said you're disconnecting everything, changing everything, deleting everything, making yourself unreachable, leaving town for undisclosed destinations, and nobody would ever hear from you again. It was never true before, and I'd bet my net worth that it won't be true this time either.

  4. Glenn Beck is a bigot and a douche-bag. He's a fear-monger, trying to convince Americans that there's a boogie-man and Islamist terrorist under every rock.

    He's also an alcoholic and a drug addict. He's a total charlatan, and everything he says is for one purpose and one purpose only: to make money. He's worth millions - which he's made spreading his nonsense. He even became too crazy for Fox News, so they kicked his nutbag ass off the network.

    I don't buy his cry-baby act for a second. It's OK for him to make the unemployed, gays, disabled and others to feel like second-class citizens - but not OK when he gets what's coming to him. He's a poster boy for intolerance - so he's surprised when people react?

    So where are you running to, Tony? And why did you disable comments on your pro-boards forum??

  5. "no one will probably ever hear from me again, im out of sight. closed my facebook acct, and changed my phone number to make sure i cannot be contacted, and am on the way out of vegas with plans made as to where to go."

    We have heard the same thing how many times? I am already starting the countdown on the number of hours until we hear from you again.

    One Mississippi, two Mississippi, ...

  6. Oh Tony! I'll respond when I get home cuz this is going to be a LOOOOOONG response.

  7. But Tony, please explain why you come back to this blog when you make one of your "major announcements." Better stage for your drama?

    Now the real question -- do you have the balls to do some of the things that you have been needing to do?

  8. BTW, as far as abortion.... I guess that this is the preferred alternative:

    A. Knock up some random girl having unprotected sex out of wedlock.

    B. Let the baby be born.

    C. Don't support him financially, instead let him live off of government welfare checks.

    D. Don't raise the boy yourself, instead pawn that responsibility off on your mother.

    That's what a REAL Christian chooses to do, right?

  9. OMG! Glen Beck, a man who has made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by spewing bigotry and hate, made up a story about a flight attendant being mean to him, and suddenly you think there's something wrong with the country?

    Stop being so gullible.

    Seriously? Slammed down his soda can? Why didn't he call the police? That poor poor multi-millionaire. I guess he'll have to charter flights from now on instead of going first class.

  10. VegasDWP: How much time have you spent listening to Beck? I'm not exactly a devotee, but I have spent many hours listening to him. I find him quite entertaining. He's right about a lot of things, wrong about a lot of things. His chief sin in my book is oversimplification; he seems to have no sense of subtlety or nuance or complexity to any issue, whereas the truth is that MOST issues are complicated and not prone to simplistic analysis. But I've never heard him utter anything that struck me as bigoted, hateful, or designed to make anybody (even the classes you mention) feel like "second class citizens." My sense of him is that he is a showman, but deep down actually a very kind-hearted person. His reading of history is pretty whacked out and distorted, but that doesn't make him either hateful or bigoted--just wrong on some points of fact.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. what a fucking idiot, i never would dream of spite calling anyone, value the money way too much. this is what makes the murder of rich people acceptable and NOT immoral.

    So people shouldn't murder conservatives because they're conservatives, but it's OK to murder rich people because they're rich. Oh, ok.

    BTW, where are you playing with that $2400? If you're determined to lose it all then I want some.

  13. Tony, you do realize that 3 out of 5 women getting abortions are conservatives, right? You do realize that 2 out of 3 are Christians. If conservatives are so against abortions, why are the majority of abortions done by conservatives?

    You do realize that 9 out of 10 abortions are performed during the first trimester and the majority of abortions completed after the first trimester are due to pregnancy complications. You do realize that the average woman dosen't know she is pregnant until the 6th week which only leaves 6 weeks to schedule and perform an abortion. You do realize that one of the primary reason for an abortion is based on religious beliefs that the woman is not married and the pregnancy is unexpected in which she did not want others in their life to find out namely parents. Other reasons stated were the woman felt she could not provide proper responsibility to the child as she was too involved with a career or too poor and showed that abortions occur at all levels of the income spectrum.

    Also, the stance of liberals is that no person should ever have their body governed. If the gov't did that, it could do a myriad of things to an individual's body such as any person who is found to have a significant hereditary issue is to be sterilized. Hereditary genes have been proven to play a significant role in Autism. How would you like it if the gov't decided that people with autism were not allowed to procreate and must be sterilized because knowingly giving a baby a chronic disability is immoral? Do you really want a gov't forcing you to do something to your body that you don't want to do?

  14. Chris: You don't deserve to get any money from poker--from Tony or anybody else--after dissing the Mighty Deuce-Four.

    1. Hate! Why do you spew hate when I have free speech! (Trying to inject politics in here, and failing)

  15. Why are we back here?

    Seriously, why are we back here??!?!?!!

  16. Tony, let's see if I can hit all the subjects you've mentioned.
    Glenn Beck - Are we supposed to feel horrible for him because an airline attendant was rude to him? That's utterly ridiculous. He's a rude and prejudiced person himself and I do believe in Karma. When you put nastiness out there, that's what comes back to you. Regardless, he certainly isn't the first person to have a rude flight attendant. OMG The attendand DIDN'T OPEN HIS SODA FOR HIM.<---sarcasm If that's the worst thing that's happened to him, he should consider himself very lucky indeed.

    Your Mom's Beliefs - Tony you pick and choose the ones you want to partake in. Your mom believes in showering daily and going to church....does that mean you have to? Apparently not. Does your mom believe it's okay to frequent prostitutes? I'm guessing no, but that hasn't stopped you in the past. My point is you use "my mom's beliefs" as a crutch for what YOU believe in. Heck, it seems to me that your mom believes in supporting her family - she raised you as a single parent. Such a belief doesn't seem to be of paramount performance to you. I don't say these things to upset you but to show you why I shake my head when I read some of the things you write. So if you and Claudia, or you and Grump disagreee on some beliefs it's because YOU have different beliefs, not because your mom has different beliefs.

    Let's talk abortion! First of all, I personally have never had an abortion, nor will I ever, but that's not the issue. The issue is I HAVE A RIGHT TO DO WITH MY BODY AS I CHOOSE. Some idiot guy in Washington or some idiot guy on a bike in Las Vegas should never have a say in that. It really offends me when you say that it's baby killing. IT'S NOT A FUCKING BABY. It's an egg; a fertilized egg. Do you open your fridge take out an egg and say Mmmm I'm going to have a chicken for breakfast? No cuz it ain't a chicken and it ain't a baby chick it's a FUCKING EGG. You don't know what it's like to be a woman and you most certainly aren't going to be supporting and raising all the babies you want to save so I think it's really none of your business...or grump's business or vegas dwp's business. You don't like abortion? Don't have one! You are against homosexuality? That's your right! So don't have homosexual sex! But to put others down for what 2 consenting adults do in privacy is something I'd never do. Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and will always be around. You can accept it, you can believe it's wrong and not engage in it. That's great. The issue is when you say people are bad or wrong when they aren't hurting anyone. I realize I'm not going to change you or your beliefs, which is why I seldom post.


  17. I don't enjoy reading that someone (YOU) that I genuinely like threw 15% of his net worth in a machine that he KNOWS is -EV. It's your right to do it, but I don't agree with it. That doesn't mean I'd stop being your friend because we have different beliefs in that area though. I've told you time and again I believe all those machines are for TOURISTS. If you're serious about playing as a professional you need to act like one....or not and I'll still be your friend. That's what real friendship is all about. If you and Claudia aren't meant to be friends then you aren't. I'm sure you both knew going into this that her time in Vegas would end, and what then? I don't really get it, but then again I don't need to. She worries about STD's now...months after she's been with you but not then? Again, those were her decisions she's made but I think that's at the core of her distancing herself from you - not your mother's beliefs. And that's what she's doing...not hating you but distancing herself. I can see how both would feel the same to you but you have to understand you can't MAKE her be anyone but herself and you can't make her do what you want. The only person you have that kind of control over IS YOU. You can make YOU the person you want to be.

    BTW My phone is definitely lost. I can't find it. I have not been ignoring you or your texts.

    Hang tough my friend, you'll get through this hard time.

  18. anyone who thinks women are getting abortions because they are conservative has gotta be crazy. people get them because they dont find murder to be wrong. and only about 10% of people who think they are christian really are. the Bible says very few go to heaven.

    also all comments must be approved before posting, posting them TWICE as some of u seemed to do is pointless. am back at $2500 and home to sleep soon as this very important sng im in ends and the blinds are extra high, its taking much longer than usual

    1. I posted twice by accident, thinking I wasn't logged in. Kill me!

  19. grump, remember when u asked me who is saying that people have the right to be rude to glenn beck? well, heres 3. Josie, dugglebogey, and vegas dwp

  20. Tony, did you read anything else I said?

  21. Tony, I don't get it. Glen Beck gave all that build up about the BBQ restaurant (he got THE LOOK, minority owned, talking to his wife about how it is not going to end well), and what happened? I presume the Coke was placed gently on the table, the wait staff was fine, he didn't get cold food, he didn't get food poisoned, etc. He got THE LOOK. Poor baby.

  22. I don't read any of the three of them as saying that it's OK to be rude to Glenn Beck. They are saying (1) it's not unexpected, given how he riles people up and ticks people off, and (2) what he's describing having happened to him is not particularly malevolent.

    But regardless of what they think, I'm stunned that you think that a flight attendant allegedly being rude to Glenn Beck somehow means that it's all right for YOU to go off on random strangers for their perceived offenses of things like watching you play VBJ when you'd rather they didn't, or threatening somebody's children because he said nobody was interested in what you were chatting about. There is no connection whatsoever.

    Love your neighbor as yourself, Tony--and your "neighbor" includes everybody. That's what Jesus commands you to do, right? Do you see an escape clause written in there about that requirement being suspended if a flight attendant is rude to a talk show host? I sure don't.

    Incidentally, this "nobody is ever gonna hear from me again" period appears to have been the shortest yet.

  23. Sick Mentally ill people belong in Physciatric Hospital for HELP

    Do I need physciatric/speciallist help? I have a lot of issues mentally and cannot seem to overcome them.?

  24. Grump, I've spent A LOT of time watching Beck - primarily when he was on Fox. I watch EVERYTHING - Right Wing news, Left Wing news, and everything in between. I like to see everything, then make an informed decision. I've seen Beck say a lot of things to incite hatred or prejudice towards specific groups of people. He's subtle about it - very different from Rush. But it's not difficult to figure out what he really means.

    Having said that, you are correct: my point is that what happened to him should not be surprising. Not that I endorse it, or would be rude or hateful to him myself if I were to meet him. But he appeals to the simpletons in America who are too lazy to think for themselves.

  25. Just wanted to chime in and say I'm pro abortion.