Sunday, September 23, 2012

So why do i feel like ive been doing good? im not really doing good, yes i am back to $3000 even AFTER paying this weeks $189 rent and $140 internet bill (which i know for sure wont have next month) from when i was down to only $2100 and thats a great comeback, ($1000 plus income for the week, long overdue) but how am i really doing good? ive only got 10 weeks worth of living expenses (at the rate of $300 a week). so if i ran bad for 2 months (happens to a lot of players) id be totally wiped out with no way to make any money.

Maybe i dont worry enough, and maybe thats another reason why i play machines. (i dont realize how valueable the money is). or is that so? seems like everything is an excuse to play machines. about $300 of the last weeks win came from machines.

was just thinking tonight of how little $3000 actually is. how was i surviving many times in the past for years off the same $3000? and i worry because now my expenses are actually higher that theyve ever been. wish i was back in butte MT living in that $240 a month apt i had, although im sure its far higher a month now than it was in 2003. Moved to vegas without planning to Nov that year, never came back to pay rent or claim my stuff, went to vegas with a little less than $2000, ran too low of money to return, and lost everything i had in there and had unpaid bills added to my credit record. and im sure the old run down hotel in downtown Dubeque IA for $50 a week is much higher than it was 20 yrs ago too. nowhere to go cheap to live anymore.

was so glad to see this weeks freeroll chopped up at the riviera. my share was $96. also Doc says he will put me in the $2-5 game at the wynn, no idea how sincere he is, doesnt seem to be in any hurry, and says when i win for him he will take me to an oriental massage parlor and pay for it, (of course i also keep a fourth or third of the winnings) he says he wants to start me off with $500 and that my style is better suited for $2-5 than $1-3. not sure why he feels that way.

great action tonight at the stratosphere but i couldnt win there. i won about $60 in the $2-4 limit at terribles. Not sure why i beat the rake there, the players really awful.


  1. yay it works. (learned how to space paragraphs)

  2. You've had a great week and you should be happy about that. You've paid your living expenses and have your roll up to 3K. You've increased your roll by 30%, which is quite a feat.

    As for the VBJ winnings of $300, I wonder if you're taking all of your vbj losses into account.

  3. I had a good day at the tables. I won a little at Planet hollywood but the game sucked. We were 6 handed and there were three stacks around $50,

  4. I had a good day at the tables. I won a little at Planet hollywood but the game sucked. We were 6 handed and there were three stacks around $50,

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