Friday, September 14, 2012

this time my bike got stolen for real

and i blame security at terribles, for if theyd not made me start putting it in the bike rack, this wouldve never happened. for thieves wanting to steal bikes thats where they go to look for and find them at. For if its hidden away chained to a signpost under a tree in an opposite side of the building, theyd never see it. like its been other places.

i would love to move immediately if i had a way, because im not going back to huge cab fares and its sure not worth buying another bike. i wonder if a better lock than that $5 combination lock wouldve helped. it was a word combination lock.

good news is i won $96 at terribles and $93 at hardrock, so rolls in the $2600s now instead of the $2400s. of course its now friday and the rent will get paid today, so ill be right back down again in the afternoon. Playing $2 to $5 sngs online now with the $22 i bought off vook.

i seem to be winning awfully good when i play terribles $2-4 game and im really not sure why, thats supposed to not be beatable, but theres no jackpot drop and players are terrible bad.

really really needed to go and buy food tonight, what little i could carry on the bike, and then it ended up i cant. there will go my trips to hooters and wynn too. Really need to figure out where to move to in a better location, hopefully cheaper too but safe. Ideas? i just dont think buying another bike could work. it would get stolen too wont it?


  1. get rid of the verizon card come to the sands in PA right acroos street is a room for $500 a month police station up block check it out on google earth

  2. What's the rake at Terribles? What's up with your phone?

  3. So it's Terribles' security department's fault that your bike got stolen?? Who would have figured thieves go looking for bikes in bike-racks ... kind of like car thieves going looking for cars in parking lots?!?

    If you'd have locked up your bike properly - following the good advice given on your blog - this wouldn't have happened.

    But, OF COURSE, it's someone else's fault.

  4. Just buy a cheap used bike then you won't care if it gets stolen.. and it will pay for itself in cab fare.

    Combination locks are the easiest to crack. Kryptonite is supposed to be good but if someone wants to steal something they will.. you just need to make your bike look less worth it and more trouble and they will go for the easier one.

  5. Tony, I'm sorry to hear your bike got stolen. If you wait a little while, Grump will probably get sick of riding his and sell it to you cheap! haha jk. It sucks that people take what isn't theirs.

  6. Tumbler style chain lock is probably one of the easiest to crack. I used to close my eyes and open mine as a kid, after thief stole my bike and left my lock behind.

    Next time paint your bike with hideous color and get a good U-lock.

  7. Zin, while my idea I'm giving tony may not be the best, it's a somewhat realistic one.

    You suggesting that he get a job is pure BS, he doesn't want to get a job, that's been stated numerous times.

  8. So where can you play now that you can get to either by walking or by bus?