Saturday, September 29, 2012

what goes up must come down

when i play too long, i definitely dont feel like i can continue to play my best. Which was probably the case 30 minutes ago at the hardrock, when id already planned to quit with the $149 i had on the table in one more hand when the BB got to me. id been playing all day, and had recovered from a huge loss of $400+ earlier in the night, NONE of which was lost on machines.

i was getting very tired, and was about to go home and eat and get online. i decided to see one last flop, (still felt stuck $140 because of the $189 id paid in rent early on) but actually was ahead from poker finally. i got KT clubs, and limped $3. no one raised thank God. flop comes 3QK and i bet $10 another guy makes it $25 i called, no one else did. turn comes 7, i check he bets a little more this time. i call. river comes 2, i check, and he puts me allin. what would u think he has?

i call and he has set of 3s. and i walk out the door with 0 chips.

so im out $305 for the day, but $189 of that was for rent instead of losses at poker. also i was pissed off earlier because i was wondering if i played a hand badly on kingofdonks money. and then after losing his $250 stake, (wouldve been better off having the bike, although i liked the stake alot more) shortly after i sat down, and had lost a small pot with JJ, i still had about $210 of the $250 left when i got dealt AA. i make it $15 and only 1 guy calls, who i have position on. flop comes J92 offsuit and i bet $40 and he calls. turn comes 10, he checks i bet $60 and he raises to $120. i could beat JQ QQ etc so i felt i must call, and were allin on the river, and the river comes 9 which i think is a good card considering all straight draws miss and JT is a likely hand. but he turned a set.

thats when i went and played $4-8 limit, and lost $269, a huge amount, some guy out with his wife was wanting to take my picture and calling me ahmedinajad of iran. they kept telling his wife to quiet down for swearing, and i was the only player losing heavy. no more fixed limit for me.

and i went back to the riviera, where id been losing over $200 earlier, because id forgot my laptop there. so i got it back from security, then went over to circus where they were actually starting a NL game, and i sat with $100 and cashed out $613 when the game broke. couldnt miss a hand in that game. had i gone home immediately then, instead of going back to the riviera and hardrock all wouldve been great. at the time i had $713, when i went home, i had $535 only. had $840 when i first woke up before paying rent. new roll $3300 now instead of last nights $3600.

was trying to play my best for kingofdonks, and once i lost the stake i was so upset my play really deteriorated. i think i played the $4-8 game poorly. also was upset with doc for only giving me half of what he had originally offered to give me for that room. only getting $40 for 2 nights for a free suite is a real ripoff. when others are paying $109-129 a night for a non suite room. but he said he didnt really need it.

i wont have the hours for sundays riv freeroll either, im still 6 hours off, but its no big deal. if i played 100% of my time at the hardrock at nights the game is so incredibly good i think id do well, but thats not enough hours total for the week playing time.

if a guy had a large roll, they should buyin $500 there every night, and im sure theyd make a lot of money a month. at least $5000. and it would only take me $15k to get started and be so easy. i was sure a fool playing other things blowing that roll last year.

and yes i know ive got to stay off machines this whole week as promised kingofdonks.


  1. Being stuck because you pay living expences blows my mind!!!

  2. Long time no comment for me Tony. I have been checking in every once in a while. I just have to ask, whith K 10 clubs, why do you feel obligated there to go to the river and call it down? It is a horrible play for the entire hand.

    Also. Forget about some drunk and his wife, who call you names. You seem to remember much more about the shit that pisses you off, compared to the actual play at the table. That needs to be reversed. Jusy my two cents. Take it easy.


  3. actually, not everything that goes up must come down. if something goes up at 14,000 miles per hour, it will escape earth's gravity.

  4. I overheard some black guys at the hard rock talking about how they were going to rob some guy at an apartment at harbor island. Be careful if you're walking through that area

  5. This idiot "derpiederp" was on avp trying to figure out where you are living. Be careful he may be a POS nutjob.

  6. akgal sent a text to my phone telling me about it and i thanked her, im pretty much in the safest location near hardrock i can be, next to good neighbors often awake odd hours. also i never keep much cash on me, its always in the bank or on debit cards safely put away.