Sunday, October 28, 2012

better news

im going to make this blog post very short. just wanted to say some good news, am back to $4200, and i also opened up a lock poker account and waiting for vook to transfer $30 i sent him.

won about $500 on the VBJ last night also besides the other winnings i discussed in the comment thread or was it the blog itself? dont remember. Herbie is back in vegas, today i got a call that i was called at the riv today for $200 in a football square i wasnt there playing to receive.

hopefully claudia and vook are keeping safe from the storm about to hit. im waiting for the golden nugget MEL to call me and let me know the tourney is over and the cash game is starting up so i can go play poker. i heard all the casinos in AC are shut down for the storm as is all public transit NY and NJ. I asked her to stock up on food in anticipation of riots after Romney wins the election, but no reply. the storm alone is a good enough reason to stock up though.

and the Romney campaign called me back, theyre looking for people to knock on doors volunteering in vegas and mesquite, but theyre not sure if they can use people in laughlin, they will let me know, i had contacted their website asking if i could help out in laughlin in any way at their local office. they dont seem to have a laughlin office.

taking money off the debit cards to be safe in case all atms get shut down in a time of civil unrest, am safely out of vegas during the election, and have $2000 stored in a safe deposit box at the front desk of the casino, and the rest on debit cards, but less than i did. i want to make sure my assets are safe and accesssible.


  1. Nice to know that you have no worries bigger than that Romney will win the election and nationwide rioting will ensue.

    Are you prepared for the Mayan end of the world in December, too?

    1. How do you prepare for the end of the World? :)

    2. Exactly. No use stocking up if the world is going to end anyway. Time to increase the VBJ bets.

    3. Spend all your money on hookers and booze before it all comes crashing down?!?

  2. Nice to hear you won't attend counselling or go and get yourself on a waiting list for SSI or housing but will volunteer to support an election attempt.

  3. I think I saw some lockers of mac and cheese somebody had leftover from Y2K on Ebay. Stuff supposed to last 25 years so probably still good.

    Seriously, how can somebody way smarter than the rest of us fall for all this crap and still keep winning?

    I'd think somebody that smart would figure out an edge and get, housing, couseling, and SSI, while still gambling it up. Why try to grind it out if you can get the goverment to subsidize your addiction?

  4. Riots and civil unrest after Romney wins the election?!? Are you serious? Where do you get this nonsense???

    Actually, I think you should get back to Vegas as fast as you can so you can go door to door for the Romney campaign. You'll scare the bajeezus out of anyone who answers the door, and they'll vote Obama for sure.

    Good job on building back the roll, but WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN TO STAY OFF MACHINES??

    Good luck (of course).


  5. in my room back to $3900 spoke too soon in this blog post, herbie returned to layughlinn from vegas

  6. God forbid a Romney win, you think we are bad off now if Romney happens to upset the President this country is in big trouble. Tony Romney is in this Presidential race for himself and the wealthy no one else. I am sure there is ways Romney can help this great country but being President is not one of them. Tony you still trying to figure out how to beat the machines, when are you going to learn there is no way to beat the machines. There is only one way to beat the machines don't play them, machines are for entertainment purposes only. Good luck!

  7. Tony, as a Democrat, I strongly urge you to go out on the stomp, door-to-door, for Romney.... Be sure to bring lots of the articles your mom constantly posts on Facebook with you to hand out to potential voters...

    Just be sure you are safely holed-up in an undisclosed deset bunker location prior to Election Day (with your "assets" safe in hand . . . of course . . .

  8. There's not going to be rioting if either of them win. Romney and Obama are the same candidate, essentially. If you want a candidate that differs from the status quo, look at Gary Johnson. But with Romney and Obama you are going to get the same old, same old: big government spending, big wars and attack on the liberties of US citizens.

    Anyone who tries to say otherwise is a fool.

  9. Does it make any sense whatsoever to be campaigning for the guy who thinks you're part of the meaningless 47% that doesn't pay taxes? And you're actively campaigning against a guy who wants you to have access to healthcare despite never contributing a penny towards it?

  10. Tony, what will you say when people ask you if you're voting for Romney? "Um, no, I didn't bother to register." How persuasive can you be that somebody else should vote for Romney if you didn't bother yourself?

    BTW, you do know that Romney is dead-set against online poker, don't you?

    1. Romney couldn't be anymore against Online Poker than Obama's Department Of Justice as the instigator, overlord, and main prosecutor involved in Black Friday.

      For those not aware of how the US Govt is set up, yes the DOJ is part of the Executive Branch of the US Govt, The President is the head of the executive branch.

  11. Tony, you need to get a pair of those magic underpants that Romney wears - I'm sure they'll help hit some jackpots on them machines! (Plus they'll protect you during times of civil unrest - of course).

    Good luck!


  12. here is the REAL reason id never support obama---

    Newly released emails indicate that the Obama White House KNEW WITHIN 30 MINUTES of the initial uprising that the American Embassy in Benghazi was under full terrorist attack. An American drone reportedly sent the State Department situation room real time footage of the jihadist assault. As State Department officials watched the bloody, clearly pre-planned and well organized attack unfold; our Commander in Chief refused to take action. It has been further reported that instead of staying in the situation room, the President retired to his quarters for an early bed time, leaving horrified State Department personnel alone with the live feed horrors from Benghazi.


    Of the four killed during that 7 hour battle, 2 of the people died in the final hour. Ty Woods, a former SEAL teammate of Nagel's was one of the last to die. "Ty ran his weapon dry and killed 50 jihadists before he was taken down. If this Administration had used the intel they had and sent help, my friend might still be alive" said Nagel.

    Other SEALs are just as furious with Obama.

    "If Obama sent Ambassador Stephens to a death sentence mission in Benghazi; what will he be willing to do to the American people to appease what appear to be deep Muslim Brotherhood ties?" - asked former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith.

    Brad Nagel, Benjamin Smith and a host of other SEALs have come forward to speak out in a serious of shocking and hard hitting commercials we are producing at Veterans for a Strong America.

    seems to be a lot of people reading these posts who really arent fans of america or its military, thats why they dont support Romney, would expect this from VegasDWP since hes British, but the rest of u?

  13. As is with the info you believe on VBJ, you really shouldn't believe everything you read.

    SEALs don't reveal their identity. Ever. The guy who wrote the book doing so was a HUGE breach in security and was not authorized by the army. So believing SEALs did so for some group of army conspiracy theorists is hilarious.

    Also, why do you concern yourself with jobs and the economy and the allocation of tax funds when you adamantly refuse to work and pay taxes?

  14. Also, why do you concern yourself with debt when you have made zero effort to repay your SSI overpayment or your old outstanding medical bills?

  15. Tony, I am not British. I was born in America, and am an American citizen - I just happen to live in the U.K.