Wednesday, October 24, 2012

figured i better type up another new blog post so people wouldnt worry my $3800 is all being lost on the machines. i am back to $4000 now, most of which came back on the machine except for $45 i won at the riverside after midnight playing omaha hilow. herbie also joined the game. still a few hundred less than when i came here. i have been having some bad luck on BCP though, have less than $90 there now. and no im not planning on depositing again, so i better not lose that or i wont have any way to play any poker.

even though most places in laughlin the max rake is $3+2 alot of places wont reduce it when the game is short, so that makes it next to impossible to beat the drop, especially when games start dying at 4 or 5 handed. the Golden nugget used to get far more business in its NL game til they killed it off moving the stakes back and forth between 50c $1 and $1-2. just leave it be.

have learned what times the city bus comes thru on the hour, thanks to sickcallmggee.

and casinos should never carry a brand of milk called "go". it tastes absolutely awful.

every 30 minutes they come around with balloons and select a winner to pop one, chosen by computer and u get from $25 to $500 in slot play. i got lucky enough to be chosen today once, and i got $25 minimum, one of the reasons my roll grew slightly today. also about half of the growth was from last night. its so dead in here im sure there was less than 100 players on the entire casino floor, improving my odds of being picked.

i would swear a lot of u missed the post that said "odds and ends" and talked about the hardrock. it got less than 60 views, most of these posts have between 300 and 600 views of the past 2 weeks. also comments should be posted HERE not on that forum, its basically for hand histories and online threads commenting.

also i need to be thinking about where to go from here, being here makes getting mail next to impossible, and i miss poker at the wynn and hardrock, not getting in enough poker here. if my online results wouldve been better, and i had more to work with online, it wouldnt be as big a deal. sickcallmggee is doing a LOT of his play online.

also wish my clock in my room worked always have to turn on the computer or phone before i can see the time, its flashing on the wrong time and no one has ever bothered to fix it.


  1. If only there were a city in Nevada that had dozens upon dozens of poker rooms with games running at all hours of the day. If only such a magical city like that existed...

  2. Is there some reason YOU can't set the time on the clock, rather than waiting for somebody else to do it?

  3. WTF Tony.. Quit wasting your time on the Machines.. If you're bored with Poker go back to Kansas for awhile. I'm back in Vegas this weekend.

  4. Tony, If you're bored with Poker go back to Kansas and see your mom and son. Why are you wasting time and money on the machines? They can't be beat. Stop trying. If someone did know a way they wouldn't kill (sell) the golden goose. I'm back in Vegas this weekend.. Sat is reserved for hardcore football gamblin, but Im donking around on Friday night.

  5. Tony, come play on with me, quick cash outs (2-3 days)

  6. Tony,
    Can can you please explain the logic of having your blog here and other parts, such as hand history, over on the other forum?