Saturday, October 20, 2012

i cant believe i went from $6300 to $4000 so quickly, and its really affecting me from playing my best game big time

sitting in my room at circus, the one i was originally going to sell to herbie, and asked him yesterday if he minded if i let him out of it. he said id committed to selling it to him for $70 (although thats really not a fair price). that's for BOTH Friday and Saturday nights. i tried to get $80 from Doc the other week which i talked about, which he had even agreed to, only ended up getting $40 but its certainly more than fair deal, when so many people were talking about rooms mostly sold out and the fact theyre worth like $129.

So considering what Doc did to me, and all the money he made off me in the 10k guaranteed, i dont think me asking for another $10 was unfair, or if i could sleep in it when he wasnt in it. at first he said he would just take a room across the street and he would charge me the extra and i said good luck getting that out of me, and i told him id go ahead and honor the deal, but for whatever reason he left pissed and said for me to NOT text him, i really dont know why, no sign of him since although im sure both me and him qualified for this afternoons riviera freeroll at 4pm.

anyway ive been having a lot of poker losses lately besides the big machine loss the other day on 2 different occasions. my roll is barely over $4000, and ive had several losing sessions of up to $300 or so just at poker lately in more than one casino, im out more than $300 just since leaving my apt friday morning. i am not even sure if i am playing my best lately.

yeah i moved OUT of the place over by the Hardrock. i didnt like several people knowing where it was, and i have enough comps to last a week, and i also have free airline ticket if i want, and i would kind of like to be left alone in peace and play NOTHING but VBJ instead of poker. but mainly i got sick and tired of the commuting not being comfortable out at the busstop late at night to go home from some places, or to walk up to swenson and harmon to wait in an isolated area after dark for it, and all the cab fares i was wasting each month to avoid this.

Claudia convinced me i wasnt just supposed to take my clothes and leave without letting them know i moved out, so i called Vince, and we went back over, removed a few more items like all his bedding he gave me, and the microwave etc and i said i was moving out, although i was one day late considering the rent was due fri at 5pm, not sure how pleased they were, but thats not a place i plan to live at again. i really missed living in the casino and NOT HAVING to COMMUTE. could go to laughlin, deadwood, and 2 other places im strongly considering no one would ever guess, so i am not going to discuss them on the blog. also am still doing ok online and holding onto $170 or so on blackchippoker.

im not sure what will happen with mail though, renewed the box at the flamingo a month on oct 12, but havent been around to see what mail im getting. still got about $200 in comp dollars here at circus also. thats enough to get me a room mon tue wed and thrus nights if i want it. also i dont HAVE to leave vegas next friday and ride out to rapid city on a plane FREE, i could always rent a different place in a better location, such as near sams town or palace station, or wynn.


  1. Tony,

    You have lost control: "i would kind of like to be left alone in peace and play NOTHING but VBJ instead of poker".

    Homelessness is only a few days away if you become a "professional" VBJ player.

    Good luck,


  2. 1. So with Herbie, you had a verbal agreement. Then you wanted to change the terms of it, and he didn't, and you wouldn't follow through on what you had originally agreed to. And then you wonder why he's pissed off at you.

    2. With the apartment building, you justify not paying them for a day's rent (possibly a week, depending on the terms of the rental agreement) because you don't plan on living there again. Which means that you think it's OK to cheat a company out of money as long as you're not planning to do business with them again. Over your lifetime, how many different apartment owners have you left unpaid for the last part of the time you stayed there? You've mentioned at least two in the past, so now it's at least three, and my guess is that it's a lot more than that.

    You know what these two points add up to? You're a fundamentally dishonest person.

  3. Another way of looking at things would be to say, "I can't believe that I managed to double my roll from 2k to 4k in a couple of months."

    Fact is that you ran insanely well for a period, and have now suffered a little expected variance to average you back down.

    Considering how well you have done in Vegas during this stay, and how diabolically you did on your last road-trip, I am stunned that you are about to hit the road again!

    Good luck Tony. You are going to need it!

  4. Good luck with your friend VBJ. Hopefully his less than even overall payments are in your favour.

  5. finally a win at poker, made $305 in the riviera pokerroom between 1am and 5am, and also $90 on the vbj at slotsoffun. am back over $4400

  6. First post I make in ages here and you block it simply because I give you the definition of "honor"? I'm, Tony.

  7. i have no idea what u are talking about, i hit publish on ur post, and i see it right here.

  8. socorro, check ur email, it seems the other post was deleted by accident.

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    Will "poker monkey" Souther explains his side of recent barring from Hammond circuit event

  10. Look out comes Tony!!!!!