Saturday, October 27, 2012

Id win more at poker if I wasnt gay

or at least if i didnt play like a fag. man did i do a dumb move earlier today, all because of bankroll considerations over the short term, instead of being worried about what i should be worried about, which is whats going to be in my best interests over the long run.

that being said, im glad to report im back up to $3700. especially when the other day i was down to about $2900. $112 of that win came from some bad news (the hearing that merge wasnt going to be allowing player transfers anymore, so i sold it back to vook before transfers end nov 1.) would like to thank him so much for making sure that money got out of there in time. maybe i should have him sign me up for lock.

another $177 came from a win at VBJ earlier today, and then over $200 more in the golden nugget $1-2 NL game, and at one point i was even winning $120 more in the game, caught myself playing too aggressively on a dumb bluff attempt near the end.

here is the hand in which i feel like i made the worst play ive made in some time. there was a guy at the table who had a fairly large stack and had been winning a lot of pots, although he had just lost 2 pots and was starting to give some back, although he was still the chipleader by a wide margin. i made it $14 in late position with JJ, after many limps, and he is either a blind or in EP and he calls. everyone else got out, as id hoped. flop comes AJ6 he checks. i bet $15, and he made it $30. now what does he have?

i was NOT wanting to give back all id won, (had won about $100 before this hand) and i thought a check raise so little couldve been AA. also there was 2 to a flush on board, so i began to play the hand as if i was a homosexual. turn comes 5, he bets $35 i call. river comes 9 he bets $60 i only call. he has A9 and i feel like a terrible idiot for not raising him, the only hand id had to worry about was aa. surely thats got to be one of my dumbest plays.


  1. I'm glad you are using Homosexual slurs to describe yourself now.

  2. Tony,

    How do you associate the level of poker someone plays to their sexual orientation? Have you ever heard of Jason Sommerville? What about Vanessa Selbst? I am not gay, but I find your use of derogatory terms to refer to gay people is offensive.

    How do you feel when people call you retarded? This is a term that is often thrown about with reckless abandon when referring to people that suffer from autism. Think about it.

    Because you play poorly does not mean you have to slander others. Grow up, accept the fact that you played bad and don’t disparage others.


  3. Tony, think carefully about what Snevman says. Using those kind of slurs ... NOT COOL.

  4. Glad to see your homophobia and monsters under the bed syndrome are both still intact.

    How do you feel about Vanesa Selbst, a gay woman poker player with a law degree and millions in poker winnings?

  5. Ah yes. Gays are part of the long list of people who Tony hates. Along with people with jobs, women in high heels, blacks, etc.

  6. Poor taste Tony, stick to commenting about poker. Nobody wants to hear that crap about gays.

  7. I can't believe this crap I'm reading about gays - its pathetic

  8. Chastising Tony for this is just about useless. Its like trying to describe a color to a blind man. You can tell him what you see but he's not gonna get it.