Tuesday, October 23, 2012

in laughlin

the game at the golden nugget here in laughlin doesnt go nearly as much as it used to, and breaks up early, but it will get better as people begin showing up for the winter season. changing the $50c $1 NL to $1-2 has hurt them too. i did get to play a couple hours or so, and ended up losing $4, my first NON online poker since coming to laughlin with sickcallmggee for $85.

he gave my laundry to his wife to do for $20, and im waiting for him to bring it over shortly, we might play some poker, or we might run into Herbie, who is also in town playing some poker. he has a free room at harrahs til thrus, i have a free room at the river palms up until next tuesday.

heard from claudia both last night by text while she was at her scrabble club, and today when she called while i was sitting at the VBJ. its not been good here, am down to $3800 of the $4400. except for $80 internet access coming due from my bank acct, most of it was lost on VBJ.

yet i still feel like the reason i lost was due to betting too much. some of my bets were $40 or a little above. i am supposed to follow bankroll rules to not go broke, and limit my bets to $20, not $40. especially if max betting 3 spots at once.

do u know what makes the VBJ machines so nice here at the river palms? not only are they generous with room comps, they have 4 machines, plus a 5th one i dont count since it shuffles each hand. one of the 4 that shuffles at 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe stands on soft 17, and i prefer that machine. i do move machines at times to avoid another player, or to get away from a bad count. but its so easy to be able to play all alone here without ever having to worry about another player sitting down, its so dead in here. should be a heaven for card counters, IF these machines are really beatable.

so now im supposed to limit my max bet to $19 but i dont see how i can possibly follow that, not nearly a wide enough spread, i could probably try limiting it to $30 though. i do know one thing about the math though, the machines payback (better paying one on soft 17 that is) is 99.61%. also i know the cashback rate is 10c back for every $100 run through the machine. so that means for every 10c i get in cashback, i should lose 40c on the VBJ (of course thats ONLY if i cant earn that back plus more by counting). so far ive got about $16 in cashback coming my way i havent claimed yet, so that means i shouldnt have lost more than $64. so i am running far worse than what my expected EV should be. yes i know some of u expect me to lose, but i shouldnt be losing more than a tiny bit on each $100, and over the long run i should be very close to that. Claudia says its foolish to play them, and i should realize ill never lose in the long run.

i am wondering if i shouldve never gave up my apt, and just bought a bike, and played poker around vegas, i was far better off then with $4500. i did not realize when i came to laughlin the golden nugget game here had died so much. also i get better net in my room here than i did at home, still thru verizon, but at least i dont get the err message i have the same ISP as another computer nearly as much. but ive ran bad online and the $195 id ran it up to after winning 3 sngs is back to $112, the bad luck has been in cash games. im better off in double up sngs. i miss the microwave, but at least here in laughlin i have a fridge.

i think its wrong to hide knowledge that can benefit others, thats why i own a forum, and have a blog. people who have done well at gambling should use their knowledge to help out up and coming gamblers. and i get mad at people who want me to hide info on my blog, and its probably got somewhat to do with me showing my hole cards when i dont need to. anyway many of u know who Bob Dancer is. hes a well known name when it comes to Advantage play machines. heres an email exchange.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i think u start reading at the bottom, or this will be in the wrong order---

well that dont work so well for me, u see the reason i prefer the VBJ to live BJ, is not just that i prefer to play ALONE, without others around, but because of the very low minimum bet. just arrived in laughlin at the river palms, its easy to get one to urself here. $2500 would wipe out most of my entire roll.

came with a roll of $4400, after running thru 6000 points ($12000 coin in) am up $8. am varying my bet from $2 (min bet, used to be $1) to a max bet of $40, just under 1% of my roll. playing 1-3 spots at once. i think a $2-40 spread should be enough to make a very slight profit, ill be happy just growing the roll $300-500 a week and getting room free everyday. keep the running count as well as i can, and since so many of the machines arent being played on, move machines quite often if the count goes bad.

i think im using fairly wise strategy, havent lost anything on the first 6000 points earned, but would be nice to meet others in laughlin who know how to beat these machines if possible and talk with them for advice. But im too poor to pay money, if someone had a large roll of say $40,000 or so then it might be worth buying.

also check out the new machines at circus las vegas, it actually shows u the shuffle, better rules, only 4 decks, stands soft 17 instead of hitting, but it shuffles every 80 cards.
, can u still beat the game with that poor of penetration?
id assume so with a wide enough spread and bankroll, since the bet is $1 to $500

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Yes I know how to do this. A friend of mine sells personal how- to instructions for $2500. The price is non-negotiable


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Hi Bob,

You have any thoughts on this?


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how can i get an accurate count so i can beat the VBJ shufflemaster machines that do NOT shuffle each hand, and pay 3-2? cannot find any articles about this, also would be curious where they have them in smaller towns in NV besides lauglin, reno and vegas

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------anyway, this guy when i told him i couldnt pay $2500, he didnt even have the courtesy to answer none of my questions, just told me to contact him someday when i had the money.

so it turns out theres a way to beat these VBJ machines, its just that no one will tell me, the info is hidden among the people with the huge rolls, and those are the very people who SHOULD NOT have it, for they are burning them machines out. the people with low rolls are no threat to them, or the casino and can really use the info. sooner or later ill stumble onto the secret. People like him have a responsibility to help people like me who are 100x smarter than him with a higher IQ due to me having aspergers and him NOT having it, deserve the info a lot more than him, and know a lot more about the math. i can grind out maybe $1 or $2 an hour more if i had the help of people like him, and i should be part of any AP or BJ teams because alot of info i know can help others.


  1. You have never, nor will you ever, offered any information on your blog or message board that an AP would find remotely useful.

  2. Tony, I can only assume you recently came into a small fortune that you are not telling anyone about and which you have stocked away in a bank somewhere. Because, otherwise, this plan is insanity. You have less than $4,000 and your plan is to grind video black jack?

    I've been following your blogs for several years, and recognize your pattern of choosing flight over fight time and again. But this latest decision takes it to a new level. I thought you were a "poker player?" It appears that you've just given up, and are looking for some sort of big score which you believe you can achieve from a video machine. Your corresponding with crooks trying to sell you their fool proof strategy for success for a mere $2,500 . . . Apparently, everyone you know knows how this story ends except for you.

    Good luck to you, sir. Because luck, literally, is the only thing that's going to help you in this spot.

  3. Quoting Yogi Berra: It's déjà vu all over again.

  4. To quote Yogi Berra: It's déjà vu all over again

  5. Tony.

    Everyone who sells a "Beat the VBJ" machines book is a criminal. There systems do NOT work. Sorry man. I think you are better off sticking to poker. I would say you should NEVER give anyone 2500 for a system to beat the casino.

  6. "People like him have a responsibility to help people like me who are 100x smarter than him with a higher IQ ..."

    Tony, if you were REALLY smarter, you would recognize this -- 'Yes I know how to do this. A friend of mine sells personal how- to instructions for $2500. The price is non-negotiable' -- as the scam that it is. You are addicted to VBJ and are willing to believe almost anyone who has some "secret information" on how to beat the machine. Hopefully you at least have the sense (and lack of bankroll) not to give away $2500 on this.

    "so it turns out theres a way to beat these VBJ machines, its just that no one will tell me, the info is hidden among the people with the huge rolls"

    I will give you the secret to the VBJ machines right now free of charge: STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If there was a way to beat them the gaming management would have it changed immediately.

    "i am wondering if i shouldve never gave up my apt, and just bought a bike, and played poker around vegas"

    Big surprise -- you scratched that itch to leave Las Vegas for something better and have now realized (again) that the 'something better' for you probably does not exist.

    I'll be in Las Vegas in just over five weeks. I imagine you will be back there by the time I get into town. We'll see ...

  7. Tony anyone person selling systems on how to beat VBJ, Craps dice control, Beating Slots or How to beat poker is full of shit. Anyone who buys this crap is even more full of shit. These people make there money selling crap not by winning at what they preach. Bob Dancer got lucky one time and now he sells his crap and people are stupid enough to buy his shit. The only way and i mean the only way to beat BJ is to have enough of a roll, i mean at least 100k if not more and walk away when your ahead. Your system martingaling is not going to work regardless of roll.

  8. if i knew of a way to beat VBJ, (or any other game for that matter) there is no way i would ever tell anyone about it for any price.

  9. Your stubborn to the point of delusional insistence that VBJ machines are beatable as a way to justify your intense gambling addiction is really sad.

    For someone who constantly alludes to their supposed genius, does it make any sense for a casino, which is a corporation, to offer a game that loses them money? Does it make sense to set up a way to give money away to customers through not doing your due diligence on all ways for people to take advantage of what you're offering?

    I know you have never had a job before, but you have to have more common sense and critical reasoning skills than this. Don't you ever wonder why the only people who agree with you want you to buy something exorbitantly priced from them?