Friday, October 12, 2012

in my room circus circus

well, today ive either got to renew my room for another week, find somewhere cheap to live at the last minute in a new location and without anyones help in moving a microwave and all my things, or disappear out of town to a small safe place and start living in casinos again where im a whole lot more comfortable. yeah i used up a lot of comps this week, never being home at all except for brief periods even though i paid my rent last friday, and was only home like twice since then.

i dont feel comfortable sleeping nights instead of days now that my bankroll is higher, although of course the money is all in the bank or on debit cards and not in cash. i always try and deposit it soon as possible, however i did have too much the other day because i thought i was moving back out of circus circus, closed my safety deposit box (u must be a hotel guest) and then proceeded to lose over $1000 on the VBJ. also i lost a bit in the hardrock poker room yesterday afternoon later also.

was NOT in a good mood at all, sent out a few emails i shouldnt have. hope no one was embarrassed, certainly wasnt my intention. roll is still only at $4900 and was once briefly at $6300. that being said, i do have $157 online again now since my online accts been shifted back over to BCP again. which of course, isnt considered part of my roll.

even got an email from Fulltilt but i think i had only $5 in there, no way to look at the cashier and find out how much i had either to remind me.

mom sent me this link and listening to this makes me a little uncomfortable, i do worry about mideast wars, especially as they try to stop iran from acquiring nuclear weapons before its too late. Also russia sees obama as weak as fuck and the USA as very vulnerable right now. Not sure if things will get better or not, i assume there will be massive voter fraud to achieve the desired outcome.

mom's video--

Tony please listen to this carefully. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Please stay where you are for the next few weeks. Make sure u have food and water stored. and a light they does not use electricity, buy toilet paper as soon as u see this. Love you.

2012 2013 Warnings Update_War Is Inevitable!
‎2012 2013 Warnings Update_War Is Inevitable! Special Thanks To : YouTube- RS Miller Jesus Background Song: Ennio Morricone - The Thing (theme....

am doubting this will post properly but this is all the info needed to google the video.

and here is a 2nd video showing massive voter fraud by people working for the democratic party registering new voters. this is an undercover recording.

MANASSAS, Va., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Chairman Richard A. Viguerie announced the release of a new video exposing Democratic Party voter fraud.

The video, shot by the citizen journalists of James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, has exclusive footage of Obama's Organizing for America campaign facilitating voter fraud at Obama headquarters in Houston, Texas, where a salaried employee of the Democratic National Committee was taped knowingly providing an absentee ballot application to assist double voting for Obama in Texas and Florida.

The actual video is online at

In the video, the employee says voting twice is "so funny. It's cool though."

On tape, she gave the Project Veritas undercover reporter a Florida absentee ballot application to facilitate double voting with the admonition to say, "I don't know" if anyone checks about the double voting.

Viguerie said, "The Democratic Party's love affair with double voting and voter fraud isn't confined to Texas."

Project Veritas visited Organizing for America tables and headquarters around the country where the answer, "It's OK" to double voting was regularly heard in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

In one segment, when a voter says he wants to vote twice, he's told to take as many voter registration forms as he likes.


  1. All absentee ballots are not counted until the regular voting is done and then each ballot is checked against the voter roll you must sign when you vote in person.

    "Massive" voter fraud is virtually impossible. In the last 20 years there have only a handfull of cases where voter fraud was suspected. Most of those were voters who forgot they mailed in ballots then tried to vote in person.

    Funny you don't mention how the Republicans in Florida are being investigated for fraudlent registrations and had to fire the company that headed their registration efforts in several key states, including Texas.

    Remember Google is your freind, oter frraud is a non issue after study after study have shown it doesn't exist. It is a convient excuse for Republicans to pass voter registration laws that place an undue burden on the eldery and poor, and students who may not have goverment issued ID and utility bill etc that some laws require.

    By the way - Are you registered, and planning to vote? If you do not excercise your duty as a citizen to participate in the elecion process then you have no right to complain

  2. Oh - I'm pretty sure that in case of war, the least of your worries will be toilet paper.

  3. Tony, you said some pretty nasty things in that email and I wonder if you, like me, have noticed it's part of a pattern.

    Win money. Roll is over 6,300
    Lose it at VBJ
    Get angry at loss
    Spew vitriol at others because of your anger.
    Repeat again

    In the big scheme of things, you're at 5K right now which is so much better than where you were a short time ago. Be happy about this! Negativity breeds negativity.

  4. This guy might be one of the biggest morons in history.

  5. So what's your new roll now, after the big toilet-paper purchase?

  6. $1000 loss on VBJ? What illegal substance have you been inhaling? you will never be able to enjoy the great things poker can bring you because your a compulsive gambler. Attend a few GA meetings or else alleys and park benches will be a way of life.

  7. 1K in a VBJ machine, that is funny. Some fools never learn.

  8. Yep, you better move fast tony! Black people know where you live now!

    Better stick to living in casinos, it's too easy to find out where you're living outside of casinos.

  9. You sent mean and angry emails to the few people left who care about you?


  10. Hey. I live in Manassas, VA (true story). Big run on toilet paper here at the grocery store. We're all out. I had to use leaves. Good thing it's Fall

    1. Uh Vook, the fall leaves are all dry and crumbly. Yuck. lol

    2. Vook, the golden maple at our place produces nice big wet leaves at this time of the year. I can send u a care package if u are desperate.

    3. Vook - I have a buddy who lives in Manassas (you know him?) -

      Next year I'm probably going to end up there at some point visiting for a day or so and would love to meet up for a meal or a brew or whatever just to say Hello.