Monday, October 22, 2012

more weird dreams

so in this dream, i have a huge stack of bills, most of whom are ones, but theres a few higher denomination bills in the stack. i dream i am taking pictures of people with a sign saying

I _____________ for $__

people stood in a line, and drew out a card listing some type of work they didnt exactly enjoy doing, and then drew a piece of money from the stack, that they got to keep for a $5 fee. (they could turn a profit since they drew the money blindly eyes shut without looking) if they got lucky.

and so maybe it would say, I washed dishes for $10. anyway weird dream, i know. anyhow thats how my twitter feed today was saying "pokerroom managers were lining up to have their pic taken holding up a sign saying I sucked dick for $1".

---p.s. following the recommendations of alaska gal, i removed the names of those managers, no offense was intended


  1. Great idea using full names and workplaces when writing vulgar things about people who work in poker rooms you're not banned from on the Internet.

  2. please find the updates in this hand history thread, comments much appreciated.

  3. the wierdest dream you have had is the one about playing nothing but VBJ for a month. please tell us that you woke up just in time??