Saturday, October 20, 2012

other odds and ends

the other day when playing at the hardrock, this one guy whose a regular who knows me from another casino and doesnt like me was also playing for the promo during 10am to 4pm, same nits in there alot then. (i quit playing like a nit a long time ago, and now i play like a donkey). anyway he was complaining that i smelt bad, and considering i had on that yellow shirt i wore alot that looked like it had a bullet hole in it, i know the shirt really looks bad. it probably smelt bad because i hadnt been home, had wasted my comps at terribles on a room the night before, and woke up i still had just the same shirt. so id worn it 2 days or so. normally i always have a new shirt on thats clean, just maybe not so on pants.

but whats surprising is instead of the security guard who walked up and talked to me did instead of telling me to go leave and shower and change clothes, was give me a brand new white tshirt that im not sure where he got it from, so now i have one more white tshirt than i did, and its from the hardrock, and i threw away the other shirt and changed it in the bathroom. he thought it was the shirt making me smell bad, and he was right. ive never seen that before, that was awfully nice of him. oh and did i mention that BOTH he and the player complaining were black? ive noticed an awful lot of black employees at the hardrock compared to most pokerrooms.

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  1. so far about even on these VBJ machines outside of vegas, waiting for a blog reader to take me to the laundrymat, waiting for my host to call me back, and still at around $4300 or so. i have typed a huge amount of blog posts in the last 2 or 3 days, the viewership is way below average of only 200-300 a post, please go back and make sure u havent missed any posts as quick as i posted them.