Tuesday, October 2, 2012

poker hands, and making good decisions.

since my roll, although its growing with a lot of recent wins, is still only $4000, i decided NOT to stay in an incredibly good game at the hardrock where i had almost everyone covered by $100 or more. But i had $484 on the table which is too much, its over 10% of my roll, and it was an ALLIN pot that id recently won, and immediately after winning the pot i was at $542, so i was starting to give it back. i am wondering if i made a very wise decision by going home, or a very foolish one. i think i was a lot better than most of the players, but i have way less money than most of them also.

would like to talk about a few hands if i can remember them correctly. one hand i limped in later position on a straddle, i figured he would raise any 2, and he raised, one guy called the $36, (button straddle) and i shoved allin for over $240, and both folded, one with KQ suited, i had 88. good move or foolish?

another hand, i had 69 suited, and limped in the BB. again there mightve been a straddle, but no one raised. flop comes Q78 offsuit, and i called $13 and so did like 2 others. turn comes 5. no flush draw possible, so i wasnt worried about being outdrawn, and the original bettor in last position has a lot of chips, more than me. i too have a lot of chips. i checked, so did 2 others, and he bets $20. now here is the question, should i raise? i decided to only call, hoping for either a raise behind me, or a big check raise on the river. was i being greedy?

i cnly called, and surprisingly enough, so did BOTH players behind me. river pairs the board with an 8, not the blank i wanted to see. i bet $50, trying to control the betting size on the river, one guy calls, (so i knew i had him beat at least, other guy calls also, but surprisingly and thankfully he dont raise with his 88855 full house.) if i wouldve checked, he was planning to bet alot more.

another hand i got very lucky, and i forgot one of the important hands i wanted to discuss. the hand i got lucky i had 89 suited, the flop was 88Q with 2 clubs. a new asian guy had just moved from the other table that broke when combining tables. he bets $13 in late position, i made it $40 all fold to him, he bets $75 more and i worry, but call. turn comes 9, thank God. he shoves $200 allin, and i have to call, still worrying im behind, but NO, he has 8K and my hands holdup on the river.

is it true the button straddler normally raises any 2? cannot believe how good the action is here after midnight, or how few blog readers play here. thanks to grump and cooldave for stopping by the other day. also i made a big mistake by not folding my clothes when they were done in the dryer, because i was in such a hurry to sleep, i rushed them into a suitcase. big mistake, also some of them shouldve dried a bit longer too. still need more towels too.

at least the hardrock does the button straddle the right way instead of harrahs and rivieras way. they do it like binions, the golden nugget, and the wynn does it.

anyone want to make any guesses as to how many will be in and how many will chop up the oct 10k guaranted at the riv?


  1. "turn comes 9, thank God"

    Please don't tell me that you LITERALLY believe god is controlling the cards in your favor.

    "also i made a big mistake by not folding my clothes when they were done in the dryer, because i was in such a hurry to sleep, i rushed them into a suitcase. big mistake, also some of them shouldve dried a bit longer too"


    Hard Rock sounds like a good game - I will try to come play there with you when I'm in town (Oct. 17-24)

    Nice job on growing the roll, and I think you made a good decision to quit the game while you were ahead for the day. You know that you can't win every day, so the name of the game is booking profits when you can and limiting losses on the days where variance is working against you.

    When are you gonna buy a new bike?

  2. Hi Tony: Good seeing you Saturday at the Hard Rock. I also like playing there. Good luck in having your bankroll continuing to increase.

  3. Hi Tony: Great seeing you and Grump at the Hard Rock on Saturday. I will also be playing there this weekend when I come back home. Congratulations on your bankroll increasing.

  4. i dont know about a bike,if i can find one cheap enough but u know how i hate to turn loose of any money unless im gambling with it. home in bed to rest, ive never liked sleeping at nights. No one would ever consider a burglarly during the day when my neighbors was in the military and keeps an eye on things. and vince took me to the bank where i deposited $700 of the last few days winnings, so i have very little cash again. and my online money is down to just under $100 now, lost 3 more sngs. new roll $4200. while i was at the wynn i remembered the hand i forgot to post, and now ive forgotten it again. Vince claims he is starting a blog about his life at dafatcableboxguy.com but no website seems to exist, something must be wrong. why is getting bit by a hippo while riding a tiger an odd dream? are the Mark1 hirise apts safe and relatively inexpensive? neighborhood itself aint too safe, but it looks safe. and when my roll grows a LOT higher, which $1000-2000 a month hi rise condos do most poker players prefer near the strip?

  5. Getting bit by a hippo while riding a Tiger is perfectly normal. Happens all the time. It would be odd it you were NOT dreaming about it.

  6. How much have you spent on cabs and buses since your bike got stolen?

  7. Replies
    1. >$100 in a little over 2 weeks, so that's $200/month you are spending on cabs/buses. Not to mention it will give your body some much needed exercise.

      I am sure you can easily get a bike for less than $200, which isn't even one month's expense. I wonder what would be a good decision in this case?

  8. "No one would ever consider a burglarly during the day "

    Huh? I think most burglarlys are during the day, when people are working and not at home.

  9. "No one would ever consider a burglarly during the day"

    Huh? I think most are during the day when no one is home.

  10. I know who stole your bike, he plans on stealing it again if you get another one :/

  11. Tony, go to EZ Pawn to pick up a decent bike for cheap

  12. Tony, go to EZ Pawn on Charleston or the newer one on LV blvd downtown to get a cheap bike