Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the swings are too much to handle emotionally

although for $64000 in coin in, im only out $200-300 on the VBJ here in laughlin, (right around what i should be IF it was shuffling every hand, which it isnt) the $500 to $1000 or thereabouts up and down every day is making me very emotional, i get mad at everyone, thank God theres so few people around, such as tonight, there seemed to be less than 15 people in the entire casino and no one ever came around my VBJ machine to watch or play, not even the one next to it either. very peaceful here playing the machines compared to circus or slotsoffun. It's too stressful and mentally hard to handle, especially without the love and emotional support of claudia and Josie and Britni to turn to everyday. ive still got $4000 of the $4400 i came with. But i went from being down $600-700 at one point tonight to finally quitting when ahead $6 after about 3-4 hours. This is way too stressful for me, and will end up killing me. I would be so much easier to get along with, and a lot nicer person, if i had a stable source of adequate income, and didnt have to gamble to survive. most of the gambling i must do to survive is at negative EV games, which makes it doubly stressful.

if i did remain here in laughlin, surely that much in coin thru would be enough to extend my free room another week when the host comes in tuesday morning when my room expires today.

lock does NOT have as many DON sngs going as bovada or merge, thats the bad news, also lower stakes, but the nice thing is being able to play PLO8 double or nothing sngs also, although its NEVER going at the $25 level except holdem. mostly $2 and $5 for that game. I am not even sure if i am playing the PLO8 double or nothing ones correctly with no experience for that.

started with $35 from $30 i sent vook, and what i will have left depends a large part on the $25 don holdem one im in the middle of now. Found out from Vook that sngs do not have chat on lock, was why i couldnt chat. he says ill be better off.

am getting quite tired of the lack of games here in laughlin at the golden nugget. business there has really died off, the entire day today, they never ever started a cash game, and its been happening a lot, forcing me to either ride a bus to the riverside or just stick to the VBJ or play online in my room. another reason why this isnt the best option for me, even though i can live cheap here.

nice to have just found out chat is working on lock. i went and joined a cash game table and tested it out by typing, Obama lied, Our seals died. Go vote Romney in the chat box, and sure enough it printed out the message. what a relief. Lock is on the cake network, i think i got banned at cake, and i thought that might of had something to do with me not being able to chat.

why do people assume that others vote based on their economic self interest? this is the same err Mitt was guilty of when he made that comment he shouldnt have made about the 47%. When u go to vote, u should care about the interests and whats best for the country as a whole, not what is best for u personally. i think John Kennedy summed it up best, "ask not what ur country can do for u, but what u can do for ur country." I dont care anything about health care, and i actually think the Obamacare law is going to end up denying a lot of seniors healthcare, and considering how much older i am than almost all the readers, i think about things like that.

I'm far more worried about the debt, jobs, domestic energy, not being dependent on mideast oil so much, the safety and security of Israel and how we treat the Jewish people. the type of people the president appoints to run things, such as attorney general etc, and the type of people he will appoint to the supreme court. What i care about is how he feels about America in relation to other countries in the world, does he want to build it up or tear it down? and i care about how he treats our military and our veterans, and do u know the military is overwhelmingly voting against him? How can anyone listen to the interviews done by the dad of the seal who died in Libya and how he blasted president Obama, and the other news article ill post a link to here, and still not be filled with revulsion toward obama and his administration?



also, the ambassador to Libya was gay, if u dont believe me google it and find out, and it certainly doesnt affect my feelings any about the way he was left to die during a 7 hour fight, that the president went to sleep during the middle of after refusing to send fight, and firing and arresting a general who did want to help his men.


  1. Are you even legally eligible to vote, given a felony conviction? (Some states allow it, some don't. I don't know Nevada's law on that.)

  2. "I would be so much easier to get along with, and a lot nicer person, if i had a stable source of adequate income, and didnt have to gamble to survive."

    Hmmm ... what could POSSIBLY be the answer to this? Let's see ... a JOB, maybe?!? You know, that's what the GOP would want you to do. (I've given you this advice before, but maybe you're suffering from a case of "Romnesia".)

    BTW, when are you hitting the campaign trail for Mr. Magic Underpants? There's still time to get a week in, before you hunker down for the civil unrest. Although, I'd reckon it'd be pretty safe in Laughin - given nobody's there.

    Good luck (of course) with the VBJ - be sure to play the chick with the biggest boobs (for good luck).


    (Oh, and please answer Grump's question ... I'm curious. As a US Citizen - without a felony conviction - I've already submitted my ballot. I'm registered in the state of Nevada, given I own property there.)

  3. Tony,

    Your quote :“I would be so much easier to get along with, and a lot nicer person, if i had a stable source of adequate income, and didnt have to gamble to survive. most of the gambling i must do to survive is at negative EV games, which makes it doubly stressful.” This indicates that what you need is a job, you know, a stable source of adequate income. If you weren’t so damn lazy you could have what you are say you need the most. Additionally, knowing that you are playing –EV games, and continuing to do so, only highlights your foolishness. For some one that claims to be 100X smarter than the rest of us I find it quite humorous.

    You state “and i care about how he treats our military and our veterans”, but what have you ever done to show that care? Please tell me a few of the things you have done to recognize US military personnel/veterans and display your care.

    It is getting more and more difficult to root for your success. You are a selfish, lazy, racist gambling fool that continues to play the autism card. Step up, be a man, accept responsibility for your actions. Quit blaming others for your problems and either change your ways or stop bitching.

    Good luck,


  4. I didn't think convicted felons could vote in any state. I know that after a certain time period you can do some paperwork to have your conviction vacated so that you can vote, but I doubt Tony has gone to that trouble.

    Does Tony even know that he's supporting a Mormon? Does he realize the only state left in the country that doesn't have any form of legal gambling is Utah, because of the Mormons?

    Anyone who reads this blog knows the real reason Tony supports Rmoney.

  5. I would think the lack of a local ID would be a sticking point in allowing Tony to vote, as well. What would he list as his address and where would his polling location be?

    I took my 3-year-old son to the playground yesterday, and he told me the swings were too much to handle emotionally, as well...so maybe Tony is on to something there.

  6. "I would be so much easier to get along with, and a lot nicer person, if i had a stable source of adequate income, and didnt have to gamble to survive."

    I wonder how the 99.9999% of the population, which does not gamble for a living, has figured out the solution to this? There must be something -- SOMETHING - that allows a person to survive without gambling. Perhaps one of your readers knows the secret and can let you in on it . . .

  7. "I would be a...lot nicer person if I had a stable source of adequate income..."

    You want a stable source of income? Get a job.

  8. Glad to see you still haven't gone busto, but it does sound quite miserable.

  9. Stable source of income a job might help try it. Ask grrouchie if he could get you a job at Lowe's doing something, i am sure grrouchie could help you out somehow if you asked him...

    You know why know one is playing the VBJ machines in Laughlin cause only idiots play them Tony...

    Tony voting for Romney would be like playing VBJ -EV, why would you want that?

  10. I just started reading your blog and find it very interesting and amusing. What is interesting is your daily wanderings, rants, and views on gambling for a living. What is amusing is how other gamblers leave such judgmental comments, like they have no skeletons or character flaws of their own. The only difference is you wear yours on your sleeve/blog while theirs are tucked safely away in there closets. That is admirable of you. As for your Vote Romney rant, I could not have said it better. We should all vote for Romney not for our immediate needs, but for our countries immediate needs. Because when our country does well, than all of us will have a much better chance of doing well.

  11. ive got some bad news, out about $700 again today, got room renewed free for another week, down to $3400. storm damage seems really bad on the east coast, hope everyone gets their power back soon and things back to normal by nov 6.

  12. VBJ machines aren't beatable, if they were beatable either:
    The casino would ban you.
    They would remove the machines and install a not-beatable vbj!
    Am I missing something here?

    1. but following this logic, wouldnt the casino also remove all VP machines with a payback of over 100%

  13. Damn, those free rooms sure are expensive. Thats about a months worth of rent in Vegas isn't it?

  14. The end is near...but only for TBC

  15. No video poker machine is 100%. You only get over 100% if you play on muliplier days and count mailers, comps, and cash back. Take out any one of those 3 and every VP is a negative game.

    Plus you have to play perfect strategy to even get to 98% and a very high volume of coin in to get to the highest level on the mailers.

    At least in VP you can figure all of this out because it is visible.

    On your VBJ machines you can only 'quess' about the shuffle and penetration. For all you really know the machine could be a constant shuffle machine. And nobody can beat that game.

    Think about it Tony, so few people play VP perfect that the casino can offer VP games that have a "theoretical" payback close to 100%, and still make money on them.

    Why would a casino have a game on the floor that is able to be beat and be beat bad by "rich people"? If you still think VBJ can be beat, why aren't there teams of people occupying them like teams that swoop in for VP progressives? Why are the machines empty most of the time? Casino regulars flock to games that can be beat.

    VBJ is unbeatable, why don't you truly think it through. Find any article or post anywhere that says you can beat VBJ. Short term anything is possible..long term..can't do it!

  16. Nothing and No One can help you at this point. Until you somehow fix your mind to realize you must stop playing VBJ forever and stop thinking you are some kind of counting card master. It has been clear for years you are not.

    You will just continue to throw all of your money down the drain and only rely on handouts from those that feel sorry from you, but eventually even that will change