Monday, October 1, 2012

washing laundry, and going to bed.

new roll $3700. between the $1-3 NL at wynn, and $3-6 limit at circus, made about $400 yesterday. no idea if kingofdonks still in town. awful tired, but wanted to get the laundry out of the way first, clothes are now in the dryer. washing is done. cleaning dishes and throwing out garbage. one of the guys at my table at the wynn, happened to be the owner of snookers poker room in detroit, where id once thought of going when i was in toledo. still wasting way too much money on cabs. and i made it thru september using only 8 GB of my 10 GB allowance, nothing like last month where it was 16GB for $60 extra in overage charges. only thing i really did different was NO listening to music repeatedly.

wish i could just fall asleep, but i cant since i have to return to that laundry room in about 20 minutes, and no matter how damp they are, i dont want to make another trip there.

need to be sure i remember and get in this riviera 10k guaranteed, since there will be less in it this time and ive almost got the comps to cover it. didnt qualify for last weeks freeroll. wish the game at the hardrock wouldnt wait til so very late at night to start up.


  1. Nice job on growing the BR keep up the good poker play or machine play which ever grew the roll.

  2. How much money did you lose on dem washing machines?

  3. No comments on the Twitter post about waking up because you got bit by a hippo? Strange dream or did somebody hijack your Twitter?

  4. are the cobblestone creek apartments a nice place to live for a few weeks?