Thursday, November 1, 2012

im a little afraid to go back into vegas and play poker with such a low roll, just as afraid as i am to continue here until im broke. u see, i dont think my poker game is as good as it used to be, or maybe the other players are just getting better.

in my room playing with the $90 or so i have on lock poker, good news is ive won back about $300 on the VBJ, still need to pick up free play on nov 2, which i thought was nov 1, and im also eating food from dennys, nice they take comps. also i might have another $50 or $100 coming to me, i got a fairly decent score in todays slot tourny i get to do almost daily for having enough play. will find out winners and placement after 8pm anytime.

went to room to eat and to charge up a dead phone, will stay in the room and play online poker til about 8pm, unless of course, the nugget ever calls me and tells me they have a $1-2 NL game.

must try to adjust hours a little, tomorrow at 9am when im always asleep is the $1-5 stud group of 8 meeting at the nugget. ive managed to become welcome with the leader of the group and have his phone and he will be expecting me to show.Played in it last week but i had to wait 90 min since they always come with 8.

i have no idea where to live or what to play once i return to vegas, dont want to have to be moving in and out of the riviera all the time, and it might be nice if i could play the stud8 game at the suncoast every day, or the golden nugget downtown, or hooters, or the game at tx station, all i know is i worry i wont have nearly enough money to play any game. im as afraid to stay here as i am to leave, no idea where ill live.


  1. Tony what ever you decide to do with your life good luck.
    Tony have you ever thought of asking grrouchie to get you a job at Lowes would be good for you. I am sure if you ask grrouchie he can pull some strings and get you a job.

    1. Like he wants to put his neck on the line for a know time bomb.

  2. up to $2600, went and picked up slot free play and match plays at the pioneer, and found out i had $150 in free play downstairs also from todays slot tourney, so i played it thru once and cashed out, doing all them things rebuilt up the roll a little more so its now at $2600.

    now playing online poker in room again.

  3. Zin, I've been trying to convince Tony to get a job for a long time. He continues to ignore this advice, and never responds. It's like talking to my cat.

  4. So, a few short days ago y u still had $4,000. Now you are close to, or under, $2,000.

    Being that you are 100X smarter than the rest of us, please tell us how this could possibly happen.

    I think you have the machines figured out. They are cetainly beatable, not.

    Tony, you had better pull the plug on machine play. Not only is it eating up your roll, it is casuing sever mood swings that will, yet again, get you banned from another casino and your free rooms.

    Good luck,


  5. I think you should go to Atlantic City. They can use another disaster.

  6. If you are struggling and have doubts in your ability to compete at 1/2 in Vegas, why on earth do you think there is any realistic chance for making money when on-line poker becomes more accessible for Nevada residents?
    I believe that hope is just another part of our delusional thinking.

    Your "outs" fror where you are now, imho are
    a) get a job
    b) social security
    c) continue in your old habits and denial to a rock bottom (and I doubt you know where/what that is until you fortunately get there).

    All the best

  7. Tony, this story keeps rewinding again and again. You go to Vegas and build up your roll. You leave Vegas and tank. You go back to Vegas and start over again. Why not just stay where you seem to have some level of success? Besides a woman, what are you seeking in life? Maybe you should really seek some type of employment in Vegas to give you some stability along with a much reduced gambling hobby. You do not have the discipline to be a really successful poker pro. You seem to scratch and claw to build your roll then tank it. You have survived for many years doing this but are you really happy with where you are? Please do some serious evaluation of your life and maybe explore a different path.

  8. Anthony Kiedis just turned 50 and this blog is a "Rollercoaster"

  9. Have you heard the story about the Boy Who Cries Wolf? In your case, you must add that you never listen to anyone who knows more about things than you.

    As much as I understand your reasons to want to play VBJ, it is not a game you can 'count' for profit/advantage, like live BJ (and live BJ is even very difficult and the vast majority of people who try can not do it properly)

    You need to 100% cut out VBJ play period forever,and you need to see a counselor. Any steps short of this will do nothing to help you, plus you are losing most of the people who are interested in helping you.