Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Im not in laughlin and im not in vegas, and actually its better if NO one knows where i am.

Thanks to sickcallmggee and his taxi service, which cost me over $100 today. but the good news is im still over $2800, and i should never ever go broke on it, any experienced bankroll management person will tell u the chances are extremely remote of ever going broke if the highest bets u ever make are not more than 1/200th of the roll.

also, sickcallmggee has been posting on the old forum instead of posting here, he usually never posts here and always there instead. same way for about 3 or 4 others, never understand why that is. posting here more people see it.

i didnt want to stay in las vegas yesterday, since i was fully anticipating Romney to win, and was quite surprised he didnt. maybe too many dead people voted, we will never know the full story as to why he didnt win as expected. if it wasnt fraud, it must be the electorate is much more out in left field than it used to be. also the white % of the electorate only voted 38% for obama, but its a much smaller portion of the electorate every 4 yrs.

so instead i went to this VBJ machine i was told about in this little town between hawthorne and vegas. besides the VBJ machine they also have full pay 25c deuces wild machine paying 100.76% payback without adding comps or cashback. The professionals who told me about this place told me to absolutely not post the casino or town its located in, and said i should sometimes take a break from VBJ and play the VP instead, and that the bankroll needed to not go broke on the 25c machine with that payback would be $5000 or more. and that the royal is quite a bit of the payback longterm. which is why i prefer VBJ.

theres NO table poker around here, or transportation in and out of here, so i guess if i want to play poker ill just play online in my room. the professionals who make a good living playing +ev machines only told me that the machines i was playing in laughlin were NOT beatable without knowing the shuffle point, and they said they personally didnt have that info. they said the machine is ONLY beatable with a promo like 5x points or something and im starting to realize these 2-4 guys are definitely worth listening to.

now this VBJ machine, they said IS beatable by counting. But only because it shows u when it shuffles. it shuffles every 80 cards of 4 deck shoe. i was skeptical so i counted out the cards, and after 79 cards it dealt another hand, at the end of that hand it was 84 cards, and i knew something would be wrong if it didnt then shuffle, but sure enough it did shuffle. it shows the dealer actually picking up the cards and mixing them visually every 80 cards. holds up the game about 30 seconds. the min bet is $1 and the max is $500. so with my max bet of $15, i can get a better spread since i can spread $1 to $15 here instead of $2 to $15, and yes that will make a difference.

here is the big deal, considering the price this hotel charges for rooms, (for those getting comped instead of paying cash) im not going to go into too many details or people might figure out which casino its in, but for a theoretical loss part of the week of $4.20, i can get a free room, (using perfect basic strategy not counting)--of course thats improved if u do count-- and then on a weekend, the theoretical loss would be about $10.

so what im saying is i can basically live free here forever, and never ever have to worry as to how i can afford shelter. Nor can i ever go broke spreading $1-15 bets because any bankroll math BJ pro will tell u the chances of going bust following a 1/200th max bet rule is almost infinitesmal. i need discipline to follow those rules however. the discipline i NEVER had at binions on the beatable machine they had there with comps and the wheel spin.

what different now is i think ive developed that discipline. for the past 2 weeks in laughlin ive worked hard to develop that discipline, and i think i have finally got my max bet lowered to $16 (lets me double $8 unlike $15) i have stopped all the $20-40 bets i was making a few times in laughlin the other day. the discipline gets easier the more i work at it.

had i had that discipline at binions, instead of betting like 5 hands of up to $100 when i had a roll of only say $3500-6000, id have never ever destroyed my roll and blew up.

so i should listen to the people who know what they are talking about, and actually making money off +ev machines. not those who say it cant be done. and when they tell me NOT to play the machines ive been playing in laughlin and slotsoffun, i guess its time to listen to them. for they are far smarter than i am.

what makes this VBJ machine better than the 100.76 deuces wild machine is not only do i avoid the roller coaster ride of waiting for the royal, the comp rate is 10X better on the VBJ than on the VP, because this casino is treating the VBJ machine as a slot machine instead of a VP for the figuring of comps.


also something weird happened today while i was playing it. i asked 2 employees to watch it while i went to the bathroom and as i was coming back, i found about $25 of so more on the machine and i seen what looked like the end of the hand. THE ONLY solution was the employee accidently hit the button, not realizing i was in 3 spots at once. either the $10 bet button, and i got dealt BJ, (making me not have to act) or a $25 bet button, and it just stood me since this machine will do if u do not act within 20 seconds on ur hand as it counts u down.

i cannot understand why they didnt tell me, unless they either didnt notice or decided to not mention it since i won. i know one thing had i lost, id been calling gaming if they hadnt made it right. i knew the exact amount i left with, and it was $25 more in my balance when i got back. ive never had that happen before.


earlier today, i just watched the election results, and felt quite disappointed. Like a lot of friends of mine on facebook and twitter, i worry greatly about the future of this country especially when we are attacked by a foreign country or terrorist group, or when the debt crisis comes to a head and we are given 50% unemployment and mass inflation and panic.

i let it get to me too much, and i blew up on someone whose a flaming liberal on social issues, and i shouldnt have let it upset me so much. im talking about josies friend dugglebogey who i felt like has never accepted me in the past. i assumed he voted for obama, and i said a word i shouldnt ever say. later i found out he voted for gary johnson, which is about as bad, at least Ron Paul isnt the liberal on all social issues Gary is. Ron Paul is a Christian and is prolife.

the remark that offended me on dugglebogeys twitter said something deragotory about Akin, and akin was a guy i strongly supported to help the democrats lose the senate, and they shouldve lost that seat in MO too. so i was mad at him for denigrating akin, so i then said something deratogay back to him. i cannot understand why people let akins remarks into such a big deal. all politicians at times say the wrong thing, its his RECORD of being a conservative that matters, not some insensitive comment he made.

i let liberals get me worked up because when they are attacking akin, how do i explain this? i feel like they are not attacking akins beliefs but are attacking my mom, my son, and me and our religious beliefs and heritage, simply beccause all 3 of us, (and todd akin) all think alike. so i felt like he went after me before i went off on him.

that being said i should just keep my mouth shut. ive got to learn to be calmer and not get so worked up over things. i just got tired of seeing all the anti-replublican conservative twitter remarks. anyway im over it now, and apologize if he is able to accept my apology. i hope non Christans are able to forgive just like christians do.

this is one of my longest ever blogs and with that i must go to bed. i hope i am doing the right thing by listening to the people who are most succesful at +ev games, and have the bankrolls to prove it. and also, sickcallmggee had his wife wash my laundry one more time for $20 before we left. and i used my comps to take us to eat in the LVH when we went by picking up free play while passing thru vegas. also i got my mail and a lot of junk and important mails.


  1. "i hope i am doing the right thing by listening to the people who are most succesful at +ev games"

    Tony, you unfortunately have never been able to understand that that the people who are most successful at the +EV games are the people who comment on your blog about poker. VBJ is a sucker game. It may feed your gambling jones, but it is part of what keeps you in an endless loop of poverty. Until that changes you will likely be doomed to continuing the same pattern that you have for years until you die. In a sense it is unfortunate that you have such a great survival instinct because the only way I see change ever happening is if you bottom out.

    Best of luck. There is little doubt in my mind that a few years from now I will just be reading another version of the same old story here. The sad part is that it doesn't have to be that way.

  2. Update on the civil unrest that you predicted, please. I'm very worried...

  3. Is this a joke post? If not, you might be one of the dumbest people in the history of humankind if you are actually serious.

  4. Are we playing "Where in the World is Tony BigCharles?"

    I'm game.


  5. Duggle did not go after you, he was expressing his opinion. and what did you do? you said something totally disgusting AND FALSE about him and you threw in the word "nigger" just for good measure.

    I for one am DONE with your lame ass excuses for your horrid behavior.

    Don't for get this is the same Duggle who defended you against The Black Pimp way back when, but of course you've forgotten that, haven't you.

    1. Again, Tony has succeeded in driving away a supporter. It amazes me that you have any people who care about you given your behavior. As I have said in the the past, you need to get some help with your mental illness and try another path with your life. Get a job and give up gambling.

    2. Josie--u know dugglebogey in person right? u have met? i dont know him, never met him, unlike ur opinion of him, i thought maybe he was just a troll. Had i met him, like i did lightning, i mightve thought he was a nice guy instead. All i knew about him was things id read from his blog and his twitter since ive never met him, which is also pretty much all he knows of me since hes never met me. Dugglebogey certainly isnt the first or last guy i blew up at, i told seattle irish to suck my dick before, but he is over it and dont carry grudges. God wants us all to forgive others, thats one of the most important teachings of the Christian religion, he said if we follow the law in all and have not love, its all meaningless. what i dont like is all these leftwing fake Christians who say ONLY having love is important, and that u no longer have to follow the law of Moses. and thats why i wont go to their type of church, and my type of church dont believe in gambling. so i wont go to it either. all my religious training is watching u tube videos of preachers on the net, and religious articles by people i trust who i know love God more than anything else.

      You i trust. dugglebogey i dont know, wish i couldve met him and found out if hes a nice guy like lightning has always been. i feel bad since u told me he defended me during the days of the black pimp, ive totally forgotten that, what exactly did he say? i wish duggle bogey was a christian and believed in forgiveness so he too could be forgiven of his own sins, for God says u must forgive others if u want him to forgive u. I think i live my life more like a Christian than some realize, and i also think a lot of people who complain about me, are hypocrites themselves. (wasnt referring to u). i hope none of his twitter followers took that serious, referring to obamas cock was nothing but a figure of speech for what i felt was his support. u see i am not a medically smart man, and i feel like akin probably isnt either, and nor are most people except doctore and nurses. i didnt know if what he said was true medically or not, and i doubt most people would either, so therefore i thought why are people giving him a hard time over this, its not like this is something he shouldve known. people mightve took offense due to our hyper sensitive PC culture nowdays, but truthfully i think most people just was looking for an excuse to give a guy a hard time because he is stronger in his prolife views than others are. kind of like the way my mom is. so i kind of felt like since i never see my family, i could at least help my mom and son and defend their honor by sending out that tweet standing up for akin. i know its strange logic, but thats due to the autism, wish people could see i really didnt mean to upset dugglebogey and mean it as a slur on him.i know its hard for people to see that, but i just dont see the world the same way as everyone else.

  6. Good luck Tony. But I don't think this is a practical long term solution.

    Also I'm afraid who wants to find you will. There are only 3 towns you could be in: BEATTY, TONOPAH, or INDIAN SPRINGS. My guess off the top of my head is TONOPAH.

  7. Never going broke is a great way to keep playing the game. I wished I could say that for myself ^^

  8. I know Christians, sir. And you are no Christian.

  9. people are right about me not being a good representative of a Christian, notice the difference between how i react, and how my mom reacts to a heckler.


    Anees T Eramala Four more years: Obama is re-elected |

    17 hours ago · Like..

    Sherry Bigcharles Anees, I think u are rubbing it in, but that is alright because as I told u once before I am not easily offended. Instead in all due respect I welcome your honesty, but if you are really honest you will take time to compare the Quran with the Bible. Compare the life of Muhammad with the life of Jesus Christ. For your comparison could keep u out of hell.

    3 hours ago · Like..

    ----[posted on her facebook to a guy who tried getting her goat not agreeing with a negative post she made about obama

    its just so terribly hard for me due to all the stress of losing everything and being on the street at any moment that others dont deal with on a daily basis. it causes u to make the wrong decisions. hopefully no longer having to worry about housing, transportation, or going broke now will fix this.

  10. Tony, even if you could beat the machines like you say and that betting 1/200th of your roll max bet was a sure fire way not to go broke, you are forgetting one key thing.

    That is assuming $2700 is your betting bankroll and you never take money out of it for bills, food $100 cab rides, etc. just like the risk of ruin calculators used for pro poker players based on hourly win rate, standard deviation and bankroll size, if you are taking money out each month then it's completely different numbers.

  11. well i came here to get rid of ALL living expenses, (to have no need for getting back and forth to a casino, free room daily, free food daily, etc) any money i take out would be for small insignificant things such as once monthly net and phone bills, etc. am up about $150 cash since coming here, and so far earned 2 free nights in comps and a free meal. back to over $2900.

    1. Do you actually think the Casino is going to let you live there forever with Comps? I know you are a High Roller but this seems suspect.

  12. i got this tweet from lightning yesterday, and yes it was publicly viewable on twitter, not a privat


    @sevencard2003 Tony, please refrain from calling yourself a Christian and a Republican. You give us all a bad name when you spew such hatred

    Expand Reply

    e message.

    and ive never realized lightning was a republican and a christian, but if so shouldnt a true christian share my beliefs about homosexuality being immoral and sinful, and abortion being morally wrong also? how can someone be a true christian and then badmouth Akin on twitter? u didnt but u stood up for the guy who did, instead of the guy who was offended by it. (me) i know i overreact, but thats just cause i dont see the same world u see. i feel like lightning must not be following the words of Jesus saying dont hide ur light under a candle, but to go out and shine it on the mountaintops for all to see. i think he would rather people not know his beliefs.

    why does stump never post, tatude, or pokerJohnny Chad willaims or other conservatives? why do none of the 47% who voted against gay marriage post here? its because most people are afraid to stand up for what they believe in and be unpopular they are too afraid to go against the grains.

    1. Tony, if you read my Facebook posts, you know I stand up for what I believe in. I don't post on here much because when I have offered advice in the past, you haven't listened.

  13. No, I believe it is because they dont want to be associated with your twisted views. I doubt it is because they are scared of what other people would think. Believe it or not but people have other ways of showing their beliefs besides on your blog.

  14. Tony, I never shy away from my beliefs. I am a Republican, a practicing Catholic, and I hold what some people would call an extremist view on abortion. I am pro-life and do not believe in capital punishment either.

    That being said ... what you publically broadcast on twitter was morally repugnant. I recently posted a Bible selection on your blog that talked about the two great commandments, the second of which was "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Or do I need to remind you of the passage "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me also." How do you reconcile being a Christian with the nasty and hurtful things you say to people?

    I guess it could be perceived that I badmouthed you, and for that I apologize. It is frustrating to be lumped together with people who say hateful things.

    Let's not forget that Jesus hung around with the sinners. That should be a lesson to us all.

  15. I'm happy Obama won - I'm not sure how someone in your standing could actually want Romney to win - but whatever.
    I'll admit to not knowing everything and just picking and choosing my politicians based on feel instead of deep seeded research or party alignment.

    I support Gay marriage in-so-much as I support hetero marriage.

    If there are people that are not posting that you wonder why they are not - it is either because you just royally pissed them off too many times and they stopped giving a shit about you or because they don't want to be associated with a lot of the hate and filth that you spew to the world.

    Just my 2 cents

  16. From CNN: "In August, Lubbock County, Texas, Judge Tom Head warned that the country could descend into civil war if Obama was re-elected and, as the county's emergency management coordinator, he considered whether he'd have to "call out the militia" if Obama ordered U.N. troops to quell the uprising.
    More recently, after Tuesday's election results came in, real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump called for "revolution!" and urged his 1.8 million Twitter followers to "march on Washington and stop this travesty."

    I still need an update from you on the civil unrest, Tony. And maybe The Donald can give you a job in the "Trump Revolutionary Army".

  17. You keep saying an doing hateful and mean things to people and then ask them to forgive you. I have an easy solution. Why don't you stop saying or doing hateful things?

  18. "so instead i went to this VBJ machine i was told about in this little town between hawthorne and vegas"

    just well do you know these people who told you about this machine? i seem to recall someone telling you about the machine making a clicking noise when it shuffled and someone else told you to cash out when the count was bad and the machine would shuffle. how did those two pieces of advice work out?

    i think someone wanted to see if they could get you to strand yourself in the middle of nowhere. i hope im wrong.

  19. If you were truly conservative Tony then you wouldn't keep sticking your Jesus Crap in everyones face. Believe what you want but just so you know legislating Morality never works. Gays will Marry and Women will have abortions. GET OVER IT.

  20. Tony, it is entertaining how you pick and choose the parts of Christianity you like to harp to others about and conveniently ignore the things you do dally that are sins.

  21. Tony,
    I don't post often on here, regardless of the topic. You know I am always going to be your friend and stand by you, but you do have a habit of saying and doing things that piss people off. I won't always agree with you, but that goes with some of my other friends as well.

    I am actually an Independent when it comes to politics. I vote for the person I think that will do the best job, regardless of his party affiliation.

    Good luck with the new VBJ strategy, and I will see you, if and when, you ever get back to Vegas.

  22. Tony,
    I don't post often on here, regardless of the topic. You know I am always going to be your friend and stand by you, but you do have a habit of saying and doing things that piss people off. I won't always agree with you, but that goes with some of my other friends as well.

    I am actually an Independent when it comes to politics. I vote for the person I think that will do the best job, regardless of his party affiliation.

    Good luck with the new VBJ strategy, and I will see you, if and when, you ever get back to Vegas.