Thursday, November 22, 2012

not a happy day

lost $117 last night, now back down to the $1100s. only got 1 clean shirt left, but im no longer around people at a poker table anymore so it no longer matters.

it would be nice if people would give me advice on the things i ask for, instead of the stuff im sick of hearing about. A big thank u to clint, (housing possibility), JJ booey (employment possibility) pokerdogg (helped me find the wireless on the laptop) although i still wont be using wireless because of that contract, and Vook for emailing me describing about different types of sngs. theres probably also others who dont come to mind right offhand.

theres no restaraunt here when im awake open in the middle of the night but the buffet and the regular meal will only be up during the day while im asleep, and ill enjoy Thanksgiving alot more if i sleep my normal schedule than i will if i eat the times u want me to eat.

what would really make me happy would be if a few readers transferred $3-25 dollars to me on lock to aa23eachhand so i could play $5 sngs and 5c10c NL instead of $2 sngs and 2c4c NL, at least then id feel like i had a chance to make enough to survive simply doing nothing but playing online in my room.

i must say, using the correct bankroll management has kept me from going broke. about 10 days ago i was down to $1300, and have floated back and forth ever since between $1300 and $1100 bankroll. back down to the $1100s a bad night, but ive held my own overall losses been small, grinding out the free room daily. if i could stay here forever, might take me 3 months to go broke. am too afraid to leave if i have nowhere to stay once i do.

it really irritates me all the people who used to tell me to find an alternative to google adsense (cant remember which people those were) wouldnt go thru the list i posted yesterday of alternatives and tell me which one they think would get me the most money, and money the fastest without a long wait, such as some pay every $10, some wont pay til u earn $100. so im not typing another blog til someone assists with this, because i believe the most appropriate way for me to earn money im best cut out and skilled for is online. the below article was copied and pasted from elsewhere, i just wanted to be sure people read it, because no one will go to the bother of clicking the link because i dont understand how to make links show up as clickable on my blog, maybe another blogspot blogger does?

Google Adsense Alternatives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Everyone knows that Google Adsense is the leader in contextual advertising network. A lot of people are making thousands of dollars each day from Google Advertisements. No doubt, Google Adsense is the main source of income for lots of content rich websites and blogs.

But getting banned from adsense is getting very common now a days. Because Google’s terms and conditions are very strict such that many web publishers cannot use adsense adverts on their sites. The problem is that to choose google because most of the alternatives to Google’s Adsense are pretty useless. Most of the good ones such as doubleclick are only interested in very large volume customers and so are not interested in the little guy with his blog who wants to earn a small income on the side. This site provides an updated list of the best website monetization programs that are available to webmasters.

Has your adsense account been disabled? Then try below mention top adsense alternatives. I am listing here some of the best adsense alternatives that pay high.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2012 :

1. Adbrite :

Adbrite is considered as one of closest alternatives to Google Adsense when you don’t have an Adsense account. They are much more accepting of smaller publishers including bloggers.Terms and conditions at Adbrite are not that much stick which you used to see with Google Analytics even you can get away by clicking your own ads (HA HA do not do this often,LOL! I mean accidental clicks).

• Can run along with adsense as long as you maintain a different look-and-feel.
• You need to be patient since it takes time to fill up your ad inventory.
• Many option to choose from like text, banner, invideo, inline ads.
• They even accept adult sites.
• Minimum Payment $5.

You'll probably need to test this out yourself as something that'll work for one site probably won't work for another. They have 6 different ad formats so you can probably test all of them to see which one will work best on your site.

Click here to visit Adbrite's website and sign up today.

2. Bidvertiser :

Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Google and offers some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. All the standard ad formats exist, however, and the payouts are excellent. You will not get enough earnings until unless you get very good traffic. Best for high traffic blogs.

Bidvertiser have also recently introduced two knew features that can boost your earnings:

Conversion bonus :
CPC performance for each valid click Bidvertiser will now track those clicks and if click convert into valid leads then publisher gets additional conversion bonus.

Revenue Generating Toolbar :
Revenue generating toolbar can do both drive more traffic to your website and also make money when users use your toolbar search menu option.

Bidvertizer pays you either in $100.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments by PayPal. Instant Activation of Accounts, So need to wait for your site to be approved. They also do not require you to complete any tax information or provide a social security number.

Click here to visit Bidvertiser's website and sign up today.

3. Chitika :

Chitika is an leading blog advertising company with a network of thousand’s of blogs and websites with brand advertisers and merchants. Chitika doesn't offer that many types of ads but its main advantage is that the ads it offers are very targeted. Chitika is very similar to Google Adsense where we are paid on CPC basis.

• Ads can be set to non -contextual and can be targeted to specific keywords
• The ads are contextual by default
• Can run along with adsense
• Min Payment $10

Click here to visit chitika's website and sign up today.

4. Infolinks :

Infolinks are highly recommended and highly used ad program. A relative newcomer to the scene Infolinks specializes in In-Text Advertizing. You can show banner ads with AdBrite or Bidvertiser and show text links with Infolinks. You are paid in Infolinks on the basis of pay per click of the ads and not on the impressions on the links. Quick and easy setup with no changes to your website. They are actually the best adsense alternative for your blog.

Infolinks pays you either by bank wire, Automated Clearing House (ACH) ($400 minimum), or by PayPal ($50 minimum) . They make payments through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc

Click here to visit infolinks's website and sign up today.

5. Clicksor :

Clicksor is one of the current leaders of the small publisher Adsense competition. This is one of the smartest advertisement revenue sharing programs with intriguing ads with the similar convenience that you usually get from adsense and so is highly recommended for beginners. Clicksor is the best alternative for Adsense as they have the third largest publisher network after Infolinks and Adsense. These ads seems annoying (pop-ups) to users but the earnings we gain are bit higher when compared to other ad networks.

They allow you to earn through different ad-formats like-
Text Links
Image Ads
Flash Ads
Animation Ads
Pop unders
Interstitial Ads (NEW)
Payments are based on net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You will have the chance to receive your payments either by check or Paypal and the minimum payout is $50.

Click here to visit clicksor's website and sign up today.

6. Kontera :

Kontera works in a similar way to Infolinks. Kontera used to accept high as well as low traffic websites into its network. Kontera is nice because it is simply Plug and Play and it provides an additional revenue stream for your website.

• Premium ads with market-leading CPC.
• Record high CTRs.
• The best relevancy and user experience.
• Works within your text ? no extra space required.
• Takes only a minute to set up.

Kontera provides payment by PayPal with a $50 minimum payout.

Click here to visit Kontera's website and sign up today.

7. TechnoratiMedia :

Its an Another high paying adsense alternative. But Technorati Media has also strict Terms and conditions. The ad network provides contextual biased ads and also provides very high CPC and CTC. It is the best alternative when you get rejected by Tribal Fusion, CPX Interactive and other CPM networks. The account will be approved only if your site has 200,000 visits per month. If your blog has good visitors then TechnoratiMedia is a good option. Technorati Media supports ads of multiple dimensions like 160X600, 300X250, 728X90.

The Minimum payout is $50 which maybe with the help of cheque or Paypal.

Click here to visit Technoratimedia's website and sign up today.

8. Luminate :

Luminate Inc. (previously known as Pixazza Inc.). It includes images’ ads that allows you to monetize your images by installing a pop-up below each image.It currently serves more than 150 million users per month and 30 billion page views per year. They are also partnered with Google adsense for displaying ads on images.This ‘first-of-its-kind’ platform gets operational when a user mouse-over’s an image, displaying the related products and information to that user. It takes into account the keywords that have been tagged with an image and then display the relevant ads accordingly.

The minimum payout is $10 which can be received on a PayPal account or via Standard Cheque.

Click here to visit Luminate's website and sign up today.

So, at the end. Thanks for reading the post. I hope that you like the advertising companies that i have suggested and the ads that they show.

Note: The descriptions are based on personal experience and do not represent any form of endorsement.


  1. "what would really make me happy would be if a few readers transferred $3-25 dollars to me on lock to aa23eachhand so i could play $5 sngs and 5c10c NL instead of $2 sngs and 2c4c NL"

    So ... I see the panhandling has begun. Modern technology now allows you to do it online in your blog with readers instead of on the street with strangers.

    The end of the line is coming fast, Tony.

    I will be in Las Vegas next Thursday. I would be happy to meet with you to try to help you sort out realistic options.

    1. this is not panhandling, its not like its cash money that can be used for other things. a lot of people have money just sitting there that will still be sitting there when they die. i simply want to make use of it playing the money on their behalf, turning a profit and sending them back part of the profit. essentially i would be working for them, same as someone would in a regular job. id be benefitting them at pretty low pay to myself, probably earning less than minimum wage

    2. This is the biggest line of BS I have heard in a long time.

      I much prefer the alcoholic that stands on the corner with the sign that says "Why Lie, I need a beer."

      I give that guy a buck for honesty.

    3. Agree with grouchie. It is desperate begging from a gambling addict needing his fix.

      You know how you would benefit someone by working for them? By getting a job.

    4. If you're a winning player, why do you need people to give you cash?

    5. I know that guy, he actually uses the money for fresh vegetables.

    6. asking for a stake isnt panhandling, thats how broke poker players get back on their feet all the time. nor is getting a loan panhandling, why should u guys consider it panhandling simply because i need to find an individual instead of a bank? arent there any loan sharks around any more?

      i cant hold up that same sign because i dont drink, (worry that 90% of the people would hand me a beer instead of cash, and then watch me to make sure i drink it)

    7. also the power went out in the hotel, no lights or tv in the room, no electricity and im terrified my laptop battery will die in the middle of my 4 sngs--i might have to carry it downstairs while im playing, the power is on in the buffet.

  2. ..."so im not typing another blog til someone assists with this,"

    Yes Tony - Do not type another blog until someone gives you the information that you can freely look up yourself.

    "it would be nice if people would give me advice on the things i ask for, instead of the stuff im sick of hearing about."

    No one EVER gives you any advice that you want, only the advice that you need but will ignore.

    "what would really make me happy would be if a few readers transferred $3-25 dollars to me on lock "

    So what would really make you happy is if people gave you money for free because you have lost pretty much all of yours?

    Recently all you have been doing is begging on your blog for people to give you money, do everything for you and to give you housing as well... but only if you have your own private entrance and never have to see or communicate with anyone else living in the same house.... and a lock on your door... and and and and


  3. went back downstairs one final time, won $19 and immediately quit, am now back in room playing with the $20 on lock before i sleep. also now my room is good until next tuesday instead of next monday.

  4. am mostly playing $2 sngs but sometimes am playing $5s shouldnt have played the $10 one and the $15 one the other day, roll isnt high enough on lock, lost them both. am winning over 66% of the smallest ones it seems. so i take that as a good sign if i could only multitable.

    to play just $5 instead of mostly $2s what the min recommended? $100 for 20 buyins, or since these have less variance, would $50 work?

    also it seems the cash game players are quite weak at 2c4c NL, not sure about 5c10c because i dont usually play it. im sure a lot of u guys who HAVE played 5c10c NL alot online can chime in with ur opinions as to moving up?

  5. also am studying to improve my VBJ game. (by that, i mean am researching online articles). specifically dealing with surrendering 88vs10 as opposed to splitting, and surrendering 14vs10 and 15vsA. i know u surrender those in high enough counts, but its hard to find articles on this for 4 decks since 4 deck games are so rare. experienced BJ players can chime in. also if u are using a different count that might affect the correct play also?

    1. As usual, ignores everything and continues talking about peanuts on lock and VGJ strategy.

      A lost cause i fear

  6. good news, my lock balance is now up to $29 after winning ALL of my sngs. also played 2c4c PLO high, but didnt see the famous pezbaby the stripper there today like i did yesterday, no idea why she would bother to play that low all the money she makes.

    and here is whats supposedly a card counting chart telling u when to surrender hands u might not otherwise surrender.

    8D H17
    16 v 9, 15 v T, 15 v A = 0 (surrender if TC is >= 0)
    15 v 9 = 2
    14 v T = 3
    16 v 8, 14 v A = 4
    14 v 9 = 6
    15 v 8 = 7
    88 v T = 0
    88 v 9 = 7

    8D S17 (same as H17 except for dealer A)
    16 v A = -1
    15 v A = 2
    14 v A = 6

    hmm u sometimes do not surrender 15vs10 if the count is low? and i was right, it does seem like 88 shouldnt always be split and sometimes surrendered. am surprised 15vs9 is surrendered more than 14vs10.

    1. Here is a crazy idea - there is no vetting process for online screen names. It is probably another poker nerd who cranked one out to her 2+2 avatar

  7. A lot of VBJ pros consider the casino floor their office, so you might want to re-think the plan to abandon any attempt at clean clothes -- especially if you're going to continue to depend on the generosity of employees for buffet comps.

  8. Tony you have the ability to read thru all the Adsense alternative options yourself and figure out what one is best for you.

    Do you really expect someone else to do all that for you.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and one of your readers has already picked one for themselves, and can tell you that one is good.

    Otherwise, I suspect you're gonna have to do it yourself.

    1. my main worry is that i wont be smart enough technically to install it, i cant remember if it was grouchie or tatude or someone else who last installed something i needed on my blog.

  9. Tony, I am glad to be of help, even though you are locked into the contract right now.

    I don't know anything about adsense or the alternatives, anymore than what you have copied here. If you want my 2 cents, I would suggest picking one that pays in $10 increments and don't have popups (due to the annoyance factor).

  10. Tony you can always ask your service provider how much is the cost to get out of your current 2 year contract, i know most companies work with there customers for the best available option.

    1. it would be far higher than to continue to pay the $80.

      also i found out the wireless isnt free here, same as most casino hotels its not free

  11. You're not going to be happy with any of those advertising programs even if someone sets them up for you.

    Not all of them work with Blogspot. Not all of them accept gambling sites. Most importantly, none of them will pay you what Adsense used to and you'll just be complaining in the future about how little they pay.

    Even if you had Adsense running now you'd be making next to nothing from it. People used to click the Adsense ads as it was an easy and free way to help you out.

    Those same people are either long gone or aren't very inclined these days to do much to help you out based on your behavior over the last year.

    If you're determined to keep e-panhandling here, the simplest way is to create a PayPal personal account here:

    Fill out that form. It's simpler than the dozens of online dating profiles you've created so don't try to claim that it's too confusing for you.

    Once that's set up, people can send you money directly to the email address you register with PayPal. You can then transfer any money to a debit card you register or request a paper check to whatever address you're at.

    Do all of that and at the end of every blog post just type something like:

    "If you want to help me get back on my feet, please send $5 via PayPal to".

    Use the email address you registered with PayPal instead of the fake one above.

    Your e-panhandling results will likely be disappointing but it'll be better than anything you try to do with those ad networks.

    1. im sure most people on here know i already have a paypal account.

    2. Hey, "NotAtilla" good to see you posting again, even under this different name. ;)

  12. i cant charge my cell from my room because i have no power, lost 3 of the 4 sngs so far, and im having an issue on my cell phone, a lot of times when i think a post of mine is being approved, im finding out it never did. just now found 4 posts i thought id approved already

  13. hey slotplayer1 living down there in Humble TX, i dont know if u are clint or Zin, no one has confessed, but howd u like me shoving allin with 85 and u calling with 10 10, and then me turning and rivering 2 pair to make u the one who missed the money in the DON sng?

    it bugs me i dont know who this is

    1. Tony i am not slotplayer1, i live in South Tx, Duval County nothing but Oil & Gas, money, hot horny babes, rattlesnakes, cactus, mesquite trees, black brush, huge white tail deer.

      Humble Tx is just north of Houston, the only poker players i know that live in the Houston area are nittastic and clem2754.

    2. Tony, trash talk like this just make more people rooting for you to go bust. Sucking out with a crap hand isn't a lot to gloat about.

      Why do u think this guy reads your blog? I thought chat is turned off for DONs.

    3. Tony Clint and Zin both offered a free place to stay. A little trash talking is fine but that post puts you in a poor light. Think about it. Not too many people would make you that very generous offer.

    4. I'm pretty sure Tony had the 1010 and the other guy took him out with 85. This happens constantly in poker, but apparently has never happened to Tony before. Welcome to the game big guy!

    5. chat is off on DON sngs. i didnt say anything at the table. he tried to talk in chat once on a cash game table and called me TBC. a week ago. i just noticed his location was Humble TX so i knew it was a reader in TX and i never had anything against him, for all i know it couldve been anyone. Just trying to find out who it was. didnt consider it trash talking, just was shocked at the way i won. actually i played it right shoving with that low a stack, otherwise if i fold to him whose stack is less, then i become the shortie, so i have to shove. he took a long time to call, so i thought i made a good shove and his hand was weak, was quite shocked to see 10 10 as long as it took. i think he was considering folding that. considering who ever it was, the money means nothing to them like it does to me, i dont see how they would get upset by my comments. comments like this isnt what upset people, including me. Losing ur money gets ur far more angry than a comment. thats why i dont understand why people get mad at me for what i say when hearing an unkind remark isnt near as emotionally upsetting as losing ur money. i want to explode when i lose my money even if someones nice, because i feel like the bloods being drained out of me, and how can i survive? yet the unkind remark isnt costing me money so it dont bother me as much. considering i feel this way, and have to feel this way to survive, i cannot comprehend how others can see it another way. nothing mean was intended to clint or zin at all, just was trying to find out who that was. probably was donkey something or other who offered that oil field job, or who knows maybe it was nittastic or clem

    6. wrong, i had the 85 of hearts. not the 10 10

    7. You may not have meant it bad I was just letting you know how someone could see it especially the two people who offered you free housing. It could be perceived as gloating. It's good you cleared it up and I'm sure they are both big boys and can handle it, just wanted to let you know how others might take that. Not a big deal. Hopefully you get a way out of there. On a side note your AVP post brought out all the usual bitches yesterday and they all had their panties twisted. Kinda funny. They just can't control themselves when it comes to stupid comments.

    8. You wanna know how you can survive and not feel like the blood's been drained out of you when you lose?

      Get a job, and lose the entitlement you feel towards other people's hard earned cash. People's respect and pride for you would skyrocket if you found any sort of legitimate work doing anything for pay other than panhandling.

    9. does Jesus think its more important to win money or say unkind remarks? If you can't handle losing money, don't gamble. you're excuses for continuously say unprovoked unkind things are getting old.

    10. "i dont see how they would get upset by my comments. comments like this isnt what upset people, including me. Losing ur money gets ur far more angry than a comment. thats why i dont understand why people get mad at me for what i say when hearing an unkind remark isnt near as emotionally upsetting as losing ur money. i want to explode when i lose my money even if someones nice, because i feel like the bloods being drained out of me, and how can i survive? yet the unkind remark isnt costing me money so it dont bother me as much. considering i feel this way, and have to feel this way to survive, i cannot comprehend how others can see it another way.'

      You have hit it dead-on, Tony. Yes -- you cannot comprehend it, but the fact that you can't understand it does not make it any less real. For many people who are gambling in Las Vegas, other places or online, gambling is a fun activity. People do not want to play with buttholes unless they enjoy torturing them or trying to tilt them for a few giggles.

      Many people gambling are using disposable income and can afford losses, unpleasant as that might be. You are using your money that you need to survive, which is why you should not be gambling in the first place.

    11. To Piggy Back off of Senior Lightning

      If you feel upset and emotional after losing money then you SHOULD NOT BE GAMBLING in the first place because it means too much to you.

      You need to emotionally detach yourself from the money aspect because if you can't then you cannot play properly and are setting yourself up for failure.

      When I gamble now it's only because this is extra money to me and if I lose it then so be it. No sweat off my sack.
      I get two pay checks per month and can replenish it and try again.

  14. nice to have power again, completed something very important online i needed to get done, and am holding onto the last $12 on lock, but i did just win that sng. about to sleep, also got 2 more of those buffet tickets. went 25 hours without eating over thanksgiving, wouldve liked to have had an extra ticket on that day.

  15. the poker Gods smiled on me tonight. Just a day after posting my horribly unlucky graph from hypers on Merge I got to experience the other end of the coin.

    This is another example of just enduring variance Tony. Despite having all that run bad I didn't change my game or alter anything or try to win it all back. Good luck, of course.

  16. Tony:

    What are you thankful for?


  17. that i found the discipline to follow the bankroll management rules, and that lock poker still works