Sunday, November 25, 2012


Well, even though staying where i am isnt the greatest long term solution due to a few things (28 day limit in a row) (i need to wash laundry) and also a couple of other important things needing done, but ive found out one thing, FOLLOWING BANKROLL RULES WORK.

u see, about 10 days or so ago i was down to the $1300s, ever since ive followed the bankroll management rules of never betting over 1% of my roll on any 1 spot. (a little more liberal rule than the 1/200th rule i wasnt able to follow). also i was told if i followed the other rule i probably wouldnt be getting a wide enough spread. and ever since ive not violated those rules once, the highest bet i ever made was $13 on any of the last 10 days or so. and its worked for the most part, as far as me not losing all the rest of the money. been going back and forth between $1300 and $1100, and im still in the $1200s, well before my $80 net fee should be deducted out anytime now. its due on the 22nd, but was still in my bank acct as of this morning.

also i am missing out on some free play in vegas i wish someone was getting for me, $15 every week at the LVH, and $10 every week at the hardrock. $10 every other week at the wynn.

But the math is proven to work as far as not losing the money if i dont overbet my bankroll. am proud of myself for keeping my bets so small for such a long length of time, i wanted to be able to prove to myself i wouldnt go broke if i followed the math. its just grinding out the comps is harder, much harder than it was. and im slowly having less and less days prepaid up. like now im only paid up til next thursday and thats day 23 of my 28 day limit consecutively.

nice to know the $2-6 spread is going daily at the Riv at least according to their poker facebook page, and not sure what this is about a $100 high hand first 2 hours, i dont see how they can afford that, i hope the blinds arent outrageously high. also it seems to only go til 3pm too

no way could i play $1-3 NL if i was in vegas, at all the good games such as wynn i used to like simply to keep the phone plugged in constantly.

i would try a bit of $1-5 stud at sams town i used to consider too far away to ride the bus, but it only goes a few hours a day too. and i dont have enough money online to make any progress, am down to $18 again on lock, but once more is in there i still think it might be my ticket out. was disappointed to miss out on a seat in todays 100 seat satellite to the 100k, i wonder if anyone else played and won? i think i qualified on a merge site once that way, and ended up making anywhere between $50 and a few hundred way over a year ago, not sure.

--started typing this blog post about 12 hours ago before i slept, never got it finished. woke up, didnt finish the post, went downstairs, won $32, and went to eat. then came back upstairs and used my last $13 on lock to join 3 sngs 2 of which i am in now, the 3rd one isnt yet full. overall my actual cash not in the bank or on debit cards is only about $50 less than it was when i first started following the bankroll guidelines. so its not hardly moved for like 2 weeks. There is the proof the bankroll guidelines work. now that i know they work, i only wish i had the roll to put it to use.

Now about the title of this post. i originally was going to talk about something thats been bugging me. i've seen twitter feeds, and other stories and comments a lot in the past by others thats put walmart in a bad light. and i just read a news article about a law in OK prohibiting walmarts from selling items without a 6% markup over dealer costs. Supposedly the law is to protect other businesses, but the only thing its doing is really hurting the people who are really struggling to pay their bills and most deserving of economic help. Customers shopping on black friday were disappointed they couldnt get the free debit cards other states were offering with purchases, (their ads all had to say not valid in OK).

i've been told that not only in NYC do most people not have cars (find that very hard to believe) that also there are no walmart stores except for far out in the suburbs. that walmart stores arent legal there. Which is really ignorant, because a place like that with an awful lot of poverty and very high prices for food, etc, are where stores like that are most needed. In every community it moves into, walmart has done more to help those struggling financially that any other business. its provided a ton of a lot of jobs to people who would otherwise not have the skills and experience to get one. Gave a lot of people a way to get out of poverty. Now dont ask me why im not applying there, its because theres no available openings anymore, and there wont be until there is a BIG improvement in the ecomony, and businesses feel more comfortable hiring again. But in the past, and still today, its kept a lot of people employed who otherwise wouldnt be.

and its not just the jobs, there is also all kinds of people without much money who depend on it to clothe their kids for school, buy groceries at a reasonable price, and other things. without a walmart, a lot of people would basically go hungry because they wouldnt be able to make their food stamp dollars stretch far enough. So why do some Obama supporters, democrats, who propose to care about the poor, go around badmouthing walmarts? Because they are non union? That fact alone has enabled them to hire a lot more people.


  1. Since you are gullible and lack critical problem solving skills, I will enlighten you on the truth that your far right radical propaganda news sources omit in their success with controlling your mind about the US economy:

    Layoffs and firings are at an all time low in the past 10 years. The economy is in balance with what it was during the first 2 years under Bush (mainly because of Clinton). While businesses are not hiring unemployed, they are not firing the employed either (which was at an all time high under Bush).

    Another truth is that the average american has reduced their own debt by $2,000 and has 5% more disposable income than 5 years ago.

    Housing and utilities are cheaper than the years leading up to the housing bubble.

    There are other things, but I wont go on as I doubt you have much more capacity to retain the information.

    As far as the Walmart propaganda that your sources have fed you: right wing radical websites claim the average Walmart employee starts at $12.54 while independent companies confirm wages start at $8.81. That is a difference of being able to pay for health insurance (which if big business in the US had opted to pay better then you probably wouldn't have the ACA enacted by Obama. Also, to get on at Walmart, you have to pass 3 separate interviews. Its not like the old days where one could get hired on the spot.

    Many businesses have moved to the model of at least 2 interviews for minimum wage jobs and focusing on employee retention versus the former model of hire, exploit, layoff, repeat. Businesses found that they were spending too much in training costs. So now you can know and understand the truth about the US economy. You are so simple minded to think that a single statistic (unemployment) paints the picture for the whole US economy.

    And another thing Tony. You are not very conservative. You don't understand the meaning of their politics (let alone the word itself). You are a mindless far right radical extremist drone that spews hatred and fear to get someone else's message across. Based on how you churn out the crap that you are fed, you would have gone high in Hitler's army.

  2. Sharedpoker you are an absolute moron!! The $2,000 reduced debt is due to bankruptcies and foreclosures. Utilities HAVE SKYROCKETED under Obama (ABSOLUTE FACT, ED Schultz is not a source for those in reality) due to Obamas war on coal and complete failure of green energy policies!

    You say unemployed are not being hired, CORRECT! HUGE PROBLEM! You also say employed are not being fired??? INCORRECT!!! BIGGER PROBLEM!!!! AGAIN, ED Schultz is not a source for the sane!!

    The only cited number you are close to correct on is the average starting associate pay for Walmart and you were wrong about that too!! It's 8.84 not 8.81!

  3. "Now dont ask me why im not applying there, its because theres no available openings anymore, and there wont be until there is a BIG improvement in the ecomony, and businesses feel more comfortable hiring again."
    We all know you will never lift a finger to do any work. But just to point out what everyone knows, WalMart (and Sams Club - owned by WalMart) have many thousands of job openings at this very time. There are several WalMarts and Sams Clubs in just the Las Vegas Area, and WalMart is aggressively opening stores which requires many new hires)across the country. IN just Tucson alone, WalMart has just opened a new large store and a neighborhood store, is building two other large stores, and at least one new neighborhood store to be open very soon.

    Also, WalMart hires MANY mentally disabled people

    Here is link to WalMart Online Hiring Center

  4. There is a hiring freeze at Walmart, they are only taking current employee transfers with at least 2 years experience and strong performance reports to newly opened stores.

    1. From WalMart Careers own twitter account:

      Apply today! RT @kariemoss I'm hiring! Senior Manager, ERP at Walmart - Fayetteville, AR Area #WMTjobs #jobsearch

      Our corporate recruiting team meeting. Hiring the best talent for #Walmart. #WMTJobs and #SamsJobs

      Wake up & smell the coffee! Meet w/ #recruiters in Room 361F this morning until 9 while enjoying a cup of coffee. #WE12 #WMTjobs #jobsearch

      New store brings 300 jobs! RT @WalmartNewsroom WMT Ready to Reveal New Store to Burnsville Shoppers

      WMT team members join forces & #network w/ other recruiting leaders @ Talent Connect this week in Vegas!

  5. There is a hiring freeze at Walmart, they are only taking current employee transfers with at least 2 years experience and strong performance reports to newly opened stores.

    1. There may be a public stance of hiring freeze, but many WalMarts are hiring even regular associates. New Stores are hiring as well, and are putting ads in Tucson for new employees. One online site I visited listed over 2000 open positions across the country.

  6. There is a hiring freeze in most positions at Walmart. They are only taking current employees with at least 2 years experience and strong performance reports to newly opened stores in such positions. Although cart pusher should be available, but that is probably too much labor for Tony.

  7. for the first time since being down to $4, my balance on lock is finally up to $40.

    won 6 out of 6 sngs this morning. i wonder if id still win if i was played higher than $2 or $5. i dont think my sharkscope is updating properly on lock. still is showing me as negative. and says my average sng is over $5, that cant be right, almost all the ones i played were under $5

  8. posting the same comment more than once doesnt do anything to help it be approved faster, it all depends on how soon i see it.

  9. id like to know if zin has a twitter account or a lock account, and also if rattlesnakes can get inside that trailer

  10. Tony, until you apply for a job I don't think you have the right to speak on unemployment when you oh so adamantly refuse to work.

    Facts are facts, your arguments are baseless.

  11. Shoppers at Walmart in my city can save %20 on groceries and such. That helps the poor tremendously, therefore that is who usually shops there. Many successful people I know and many women as well avoid Walmart at all costs. It is not the most pleasant shopping experience there, but if your short on income and money, it surely is pleasant.

  12. Tony says..." In every community it moves into, walmart has done more to help those struggling financially that any other business. its provided a ton of a lot of jobs to people who would otherwise not have the skills and experience to get one. Gave a lot of people a way to get out of poverty...."

    Are you really sure about that? Do you realize Walmart is well know for their predictory corporate practices, both against the communities they operate in as well as against their own workers?

    Have you ever wondered why the widow and the four children of the late Sam Walton, individually are amongst the top 10 richest people in the world? Combined, six of the Walton family net worth in 2011 was $102.7 billion, equal to bottom 30% of Americans families combined? Where does the profit come from, if they are so great for the poor people?

    For a very documentary on Walmart, see this link. It is called "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices"

  13. i am not sure why the poker meister has not drawn this to my attention before, but i just noticed his blog was NOT on my blogroll, so i got that corrected and added just now. his post on $2-5 NL was very good.

  14. i wonder why more local tourny players in vegas didnt play the wynn today, according to twitter that was an awful big overlay, meaning for every $100 in entry fees all the players got back $120 instead of losing on the juice. why is the wynn not as popular? better players?

    of course if it was me, id probably play all mine at the golden nugget, i loved their slow summer structure.

  15. The Walton family deserves there money. They built it, regardless of what Obummer says. They provide goods and jobs to millions of people. To quote a saying I heard recently " The problem with this world is there are not enough problem solvers. Therefore become a problem solver, and you become rich."

    1. That's like saying Darth Vader and his master deserves their evil empire, because they built it. Or to pat the rich plantation owners of the old South because they made tons of money on the backs of their slaves.

      Don't know who Obummer is, but Walmart has been destroying small communities local economies for decades. Why don't you have a look at the documentaries I references above and judge for yourself.

      I am all for entrepreneur and people building a successful business and creating wealth for themselves, their employees, and their communities. Walmart excelled at the first part, at the expenses of the other two.

  16. Just for the record, I am pretty sure that there are no laws banning Walmarts in NYC. In fact, we have a couple of K-Marts in the city. The issue is that NYC rents are so high that Walmart cannot get a large enough space for their stores AND they will have difficulty covering rent with their low markups. Target has the same problem. They want to be in NYC, but its hard to do it economically.

    And as for the car thing, I've lived in NYC for over a decade and I have not owned a car in that time. With busses, subways, and taxis, you can get everywhere easily and relatively cheaply. Meanwhile, parking a car per month will cost bare minimum $350, not to mention all the other expenses incurred. And parking is a bitch, so when you want to run somewhere quick to pick something up...its not going to happen. A subway or bus ride is much faster.

  17. won $90 last night, never betting over $13 on one spot (1% of the roll) and rolls just over $1300 after the internet bill got subtracted out of my bank account, otherwise id been close to $1400. its getting very very difficult to earn comp dollars betting so small, im running out, early on i was prepaid over a week ahead. i could do it still if i played far more hours a day though.

    the manager said he could still get me in after my 28 day limit, but i really need to go and do laundry somewhere. no way to do it here. at least im not going broke I stopped letting my roll decrease, pretty much have locked up all the fluctuations. and am still holding about the same $37 or so on lock poker. ive lost $0 out of my roll in the past 2 weeks. Havent gained $0 either, am basically surviving without risk as best i can.

    if i went into vegas, i swear on a stack of Bibles that everything would most likely be gone within 2 weeks, my best game isnt live poker, especially when im worried about money. People would sense the pressure and take advantage of me. who agrees and who dont agree?

    Poker can get me back, but i must play at the stakes within my comfort level. who agrees?

    1. Tony says..."at least im not going broke I stopped letting my roll decrease, pretty much have locked up all the fluctuations. and am still holding about the same $37 or so on lock poker. ive lost $0 out of my roll in the past 2 weeks. Havent gained $0 either, am basically surviving without risk as best i can."

      Obviously you still don't understand the concept of variance. Betting 1% max of your liferoll reduces the variance, but it doesn't make it zero. There is still a finite risk that you can lose your entire $1300 betting $13 a hand. If you play more than 1 hand at a time, that probability is increases because the results of the 3 hands are correlated.

      If you play scared, then yes, your results will be worse than usual. This is where it test your character and ability, can you raise to the challenge and play your 'A' game despite the money pressure.

      Doing what you are doing now is not a long term solution. The very best you can do is stay even, with a decent chance of dropping further. There is also a high probability you will not be able to stay disciplined and not bet higher when you are stuck, past history is a excellent predictor of what will happen in the future. That leaves very few options, none of them very good. The best of the bad options, you have refused to do them (getting a job, moving back to your mom). I don't know what to tell you Tony, but if you don't go somewhere and take a shot at poker again, you will eventually go busto. You may go busto faster by playing poker, but at least there is a chance to win some real money. Good luck.

  18. Tony you probably know better than anyone. Vegas is probably your best option if you stop getting free rooms where you are at. You don't have a lot of viable options. Reread your own blog. If you had stayed in Vegas, paid a months rent and played only poker I doubt your roll would have fallen as far when you had it over 6000. That was about a month or so ago. If you don't go to Vegas not sure what other option would be better. Good luck

  19. Your EV in poker should be higher than your EV in a -EV VBJ game. Live poker >>>> Internet poker in terms of profitability, especially in Nevada.

    After the relative ban of online poker in USA, droves of bad players just aren't signing up like they used to. Everyone other than you thinks online poker isn't what it used to be.

  20. I think you may be starting to understand the lesson everyone has been trying to teach you. Vbj is not your best option. You had to blow your whole bank roll (again!) to get here. It seams that the best case is that you can play and not lose money. Yea- big f-ing deal...
    Poker has a much higher win rate period. You should have been studying online through videos, articles, and podcasts how to improve your poor poker game. Even your current game,which I have seen live (it's far from good), can still yield you a consistent profit. If you are just now learning how to use a HUD online you have a lot to learn there before you will beat the game for better than 2bb/hour. You have spent months now to be able to "not lose" at vbj.
    Put your efforts into something that will yield you improvement in your life. Put time into continuing to improve your poker game and get some help for your mental disabilities. You have serious behavioral problems that will always cause you to self destruct. That's why you are kicked out of so many casinos. You will still go on crazy monkey tilt even in the privacy of you own room online and leak away profits. Bad beats are the norm in the poker world all we can do is control our reactions to them. Without behavioral counseling I do not see you going far in life. While your blow ups and failures do make for interesting reading, I am sure you would be happier with some security in your life.

  21. Tony, did you ever play much online poker in the days when Neteller was easily used to transfer money into and out of poker sites? In those days players were so terrible that making money was pretty easy. The online rooms now are dominated by professionals, semi-professionals and highly skilled grinders. Making money is so much more difficult now.

    You appear to do better online than in a b&m poker room, but the play is so soft in the right Las Vegas poker rooms that it seems like anyone with a modicum of skills could scratch out some profits. However, we all know that you have difficulty handling the variance and then blow your money anyway in VBJ.

    It is just difficult seeing a good solution for you in the short and long run. You refuse to go back to your family, where at least you wouldn't be on the streets, but you have already stated that you would rather be homeless. You could get a job, but I don't see you willing to do that. I do not understand what happened with your application for government benefits. It seems like there might be some type of solution there.

    I just don't know.

  22. Pokerdogg: Thanks very much for posting the link to the Wal-Mart documentary. I've watched half of it, and I hate them already and will likely never spend another dime there.

    Tony: Watch the film, and please post your thoughts here on your blog. I would be interested to hear what you think.


    1. Of course these films and such are made by Pro-Union organizations that have been trying to break WalMart for years because they want to steal the useless Union Dues from tens/hundreds of thousands of workers. Unions are in general bloating, wasteful organizations that help themselves at the expense of almost everyone else. Look at Hostess situation where 'featherbedding' Union work rules cost companies needless money:

      example--Union rules forced Hostess to run separate truck fleets for delivering bread vs. sweets. A sweets driver, serving a 7-11 store, was forbidden from restocking shelves with breads already delivered and waiting in the back—he had to call for a bread driver to swing by and handle.

      Now - If you are going to stop buying at WalMart because of LOW WAGES, please also stop going to your local bank and just about any convenicence store, fast food outlet who all pay right at minimum wage(including some airlines flight attendants). Most of these jobs have no benefits at all.

      WalMart Average wages are not exactly zero:

      Sales Associate - Hourly
      286 Walmart Stores Salaries 8.84/hr

      314 Walmart Stores Salaries $118,531

      Assistant Manager
      269 Walmart Stores Salaries $43,616

      Guest Service Team Member - Cashier - Hourly
      209 Walmart Stores Salaries $8.44/hr

      Department Manager - Hourly
      126 Walmart Stores Salaries $11.16/hr

      Overnight Stocker - Hourly
      100 Walmart Stores Salaries $9.55/hr

      Pharmacy Manager
      138 Walmart Stores Salaries $126,028


      These are far from the lowest wages available in the low-end market sector

  23. I don't buy much at Wal-Mart primarily because I have little use for cheap shit made in China. Plus, I live in England and we don't have Wal-Mart here. We do, however, have ASDA supermarkets which are part of the Wal-Mart empire. But labor laws are such that they cannot screw their employees to the degree that they get away with in America.

    I have been in Wal-Mart on several occasions when I'm home in California or Nevada. Their prices are great, no doubt. But my opinion from the evidence that I've seen is that they are corporate robber-barons, and contribute very little to communities and to,the families of their employees.

    I'm not really interested in your opinion, nor am I interested in a debate on the subject. I am interested in TONY's opinion, which is why I posed the question here.

    I am not pro or anti union - I think they have their place in certain situations, and are useless in others. The answer probably lies in a lot more corporate responsibility on behalf of Wal-Mart.

  24. updating blog now with replies to alot of this.

  25. cannot for the life of me figure out if i have installed the google analytics correctly, didnt understand much of what they were telling me, i might need the help of grouchie or someone else. can anyone tell me if its installed?!/2011/10/google-analytics-support-in-blogger.html

    when i enter the code, it wont let me save the changes, am wondering if its still the wrong template? was trying to make sure it wasnt classic


    according to this it is NOT installed, no matter how many times i try to do it. who can i trust to give out my password to that i will be forever grateful to?