Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm getting tired of NOT having a regular pillow, (having to use the couch cushion as a pillow) and not having a blanket, but a cheap $2 sheet bought at the thrift store, because why pay $8 for a very nice blanket i saw almost like the same one i had at moms house if theres a very good chance ill be moving out once the 2 weeks are up because i wont be able to afford my rent since im not playing $1-2 NL and the smaller games its harder to overcome the rake and jackpot drops. Especially with this damn $2 jackpot drop everywhere.

This of course is the same reason i bought a limited amount of food, only 1 cereal bowl for 50c in the thrift shop, NO pan, no dishsoap, 1 towel, already had 2 washrags, etc. a lot of things id desperately need if i was staying here long term i didnt buy. am still extremely worried about money, (in a way i wouldnt be if i had $3000). Rolls still in the $1600s, and im lucky to have that, with all the expenses in moving in, and having recently paid my internet bill. I shouldve bought a larger size milk though, (so i could have something to drink, and to eat cereal). i didnt realize how fast the smaller size one would disappear. the smaller size one is also more expensive per ounce. And I'm still seeing a lot of roaches in here even after they sprayed a day or 2 ago. i think the maintenance guy couldve sprayed a bit more. he said i could contact the office again in a couple days to spray again. Is the borax mom suggested expensive to buy, and would it do more good than him spraying?

Yes, i am very lucky to have a microwave. They told me in the office the room didnt have a microwave, but it did. I did NOT want to lose that other microwave, thats why i went back to get it with vince. i think i couldve fought it legally at the time as an unlawful eviction and maybe they had them in storage somewhere, but never bothered.

and i have not played a single video poker machine probably not in 2 months. i cured myself of that bad habit. And since returning to vegas, i havent played a VBJ machine either, mainly because ive not been around the same kind as they have out in Jean, and i certainly dont want to play any other kind. So I'm playing nothing but live poker, and online poker, no table games either. Has that gotten me my bankroll back and overcame all my worries? well no, but had i never played anything the entire last year that i didnt think was plus EV, id have lost a lot less on machines. id still had the final drop from $4000 to $1000 because i thought the other VBJ could be beat, but i sure wouldve cut out all the times i lost a few hundred on bad machines like the wynn and all the bad ones in various harrahs properties. And then the roll wouldve been a whole lot higher than $4000 to begin with. And of course, its also been a long long time since ive even considered giving any money to any woman, except of course, the cocktail waitress.

Claudia (who never ever talks to me, answers emails, or take phone calls) always said i had a gambling problem and I'd never get rid of it without mental health counseling. While she was here, she didnt seem to have a problem with me gambling for a living, even though she went to arrange hooking me back up with SSI, and had poker Johnny take me to an apt with SSI. But after she left, and told me a few weeks later she couldnt handle having a relationship with me because I'm too much drama and stress, (and after i had lost my apartment at harbor Island by the Hard rock--and my roll was MUCH less) which is why i kept telling her how i worried id lose everything if i continued to play $1-2 NL, (even though my cell phone records showed me winning over $3000 in 5 weeks time at it) Funny how i thought playing $1-2 might get me broke when thats what i was winning at, but the much more severe variance and swings at it scare u to death when u have almost nothing left. This is why im still not playing $1-2 NL, although if i was 20 yrs younger id have thought NOTHING of playing it even with a roll of about $1000 LESS. Too old to sleep outdoors and on buses anymore, i slept on those things back in my 20s, and lived most of those years without an apt, and its why ive had so many bad experiences and have a warped view of life and relationships.

I guess what im trying to get at, is its not the gambling i need the counseling for, its other issues. She told me id never make it without trying to get hooked up with social services and that i should be out trying to find a job. She actually said that i shouldnt ever be in a casino again without having counseling first, because i would NEVER be able to stop gambling on -EV games. I think pretty much anything she ever told me or thought about me was wrong, because it seems like ive pretty much stopped those activities entirely. (she also wouldnt believe the dealers angels VBJ machine was +ev). She also didnt think i could make it at poker either, said i get too emotional or whatever. I am sure i can make it at poker, the ONLY reason i might not and worry so much about it is because my bankroll is way too short to make it, not my poker skills, for the phone records i used to keep when i played NL proves that. the only reason im not keeping them now is there isnt a way to seperate NL and other types of games, and i dont want to mix them any worse than they already got mixed.

Claudia pretty much set out to destroy my whole life. I guess because she was angry at me that i loved the relationship we had when she was here, and wanted our life back. I dont know if she originally intended to do that when she first considered writing a magazine article about me, or if she took that turn when she became angry i wouldnt just consider her a former fling and let her go, she became really angry at me when she realized relationships were not something i see frivoulousy and wanted a real friend, and the real thing. And that certainly wasnt what she wanted, was to show any real caring or any real friendship. All she wanted was to quickly get away, and to forget she ever had invited me into her life. I think this started because she wanted to keep our relationship secret at the beginning, and i wanted to tell everyone, and she only wanted me to talk with Josie and possibly Grump. But not to ever be mentioning her in the blog.

Claudia set out to destroy my life so much, she even called the police on me while i was in Jean, to come check on me to make sure i was ok and wasnt going to harm anyone or myself. And i told Josie and lightning about it a week or 2 ago and had a long talk with lightning, and now Josie wont hardly speak to me either due to all the stress. I was so upset i couldnt depend on Claudia to talk to anymore, i started to depend on Josie way too much, she couldnt handle it, and also dropped out except to wish u all a merry christmas on my blog. I last heard from Claudia several days before xmas. not once over xmas, no card, no text no nothing. and wont ever again either. Claudia did that, after i told her how i was feeling so depressed about her not talking to me, and how i told her the shooter up there probably had friends just like her that had given up on him, and maybe id turn out like him someday, but i assured her i wasnt dangerous and would never harm innocent kids, only those whove caused me serious problems in life, so why she did that ill never know. She shouldve known a lot better, anyone who knows me knows im completely afraid of violence, and wouldnt ever be around guns, or harm a flea, and i hate those who harm animals too, especially cats. Has a reason to do with why i dont like my son Mark. Anyone who knows me knows all i am is talk when im mad. so why she scared me to death, told security in Jean about the 86 at the mirage, and had cops knocking on my door asking me if im ok or need to talk to anyone, is beyond me. im lucky security told the cops they didnt mind me staying there, and all was still cool after the cops left. and shes never contacted me again at all.

This hurt because i felt like she was someone i could really trust, who had at least some type of feelings and care towards me. But not having Josie around bothers me more so than Claudia, but Josie is just worn out with all the stress, she dont feel the same anger and bitterness and hatred of me that Claudia feels i think. I wish Claudia couldve just had the secret affair with me she wanted, and still be looking forward to coming to vegas and seeing me again, instead of letting herself get so emotionally worked up over little things id do or say, and just stayed out of the other problems going on in my life. she didnt have to be my counselor adviser and social worker too. she couldve just been my lover and nothing else. all i really needed was a hug and a kiss, not someone who tried to get so involved they wanted me to give up all gambling and spend the whole day around severly retarded people, and now even got seattle irish thinking that way too.

basically all i wanted was a woman to see me as "normal" and capable of having a regular bf gf type relationship, go places, movies, dinners, walks, etc with. something to do to take the break from poker others wanted for me. not one whod constantly be telling me i shouldnt gamble and get counseling.

me losing so much in the past due to playing games i shouldnt outside of poker doesnt mean any of those things. it just means i should stick to what is most productive for me. i cannot create a new life, by doing things i am NOT HAPPY and NOT COMFORTABLE doing, and her and seattle irish think i should. i'm going to live my life the way i always have, and thats doing what i want to do with my time, and what makes me happy. i shouldnt have to change and give up my life for anyone. i was the happiest and most relaxed the time i was in Jean not stressed about bills, and yet because i had less money she thought i was at my worst. why did i get a text a few weeks ago when lightning was going to be in town saying she hoped i was really happy and would enjoy the weekend with him, if what she really wanted was not what makes me happy, but what she wanted me to do with myself?

i think she was just terrible embarrassed she ever liked me in the first place, and was worried it would make it harder to get hired at the wsop in the future, she essentially told me this, and thats why she begged me not to say things in my blog she told me about various players and dealers which of course ive respected. But she didnt seem to in turn think i was a real person worthy of likewise being treated with respect, not a piece of trash u throw away if its inconvenient. I guess thats too much to expect of someone who supports abortion.


  1. I wish Claudia couldve just had the secret affair with me she wanted,

    Tony, you had your secret affair with Claudia. She was nice to you, she cared for you, she tried to help you take part in other activities away from gambling, and what happened? You were the one who blabbed your most intimate moments between each other on the internet. She was probably mortified that you told the whole world what happpened.

    She tried so much to help you. Claudia did not deserve to be exposed, and treated the way you did to her, both in public and privately. You talk about respect Tony, until you learn to treat people with respect, don't expect it to be given to you.


  2. You can talk to me Tony.

    I am thinking about putting you in a juicy 2/5 plo game but I want buy in back and 50% of profits, no mark up.

    Let me know?

    1. of course i would play in it, But i still think this is a FAKE pexbaby acct, created by some guy pretending to be her, why? probably because he will eventually try to scam other guys somehow.

      u see the real pezbaby on 2+2 wont talk to me. ill only believe this is her if she sends me a pm on her 2+2 account. I wrote to her myspace page years ago, looking for a girl to hang out and play poker with back when i had money. she at first said she would if i gave her money to play, then when i mentioned i wanted a gf (or help finding one and wanted to be introduced to friends--not realizing she was taken) she became offended, saying she wasnt that, and blocked me on myspace, and later blocked me on twitter when i asked about a year later if it was really her who posted in my blog a year ago or 2. So it seems to me like the real pezbaby obviously dont want to talk to me and wouldnt ever make this offer. Thats why i miss claudia and Britni so much, they always wanted to come talk to me for a long time before they disappeared. Had it been the real pezbaby posting, i think she wouldve replied back and said yes on twitter, also it seems the real pezbaby is on grumps twitter account, i seen him talking to her on twitter before. I certainly never meant any offense in asking for a girlfriend to play cards with someone whose affectionate and friendly. all she had to do was say no, and say she would just play as a "wingwoman" in her words, platonic only, or offer to find a friend who could be more. no need to block me all those places.

    2. FWIW, I'm reasonably confident (i.e., in the 95% confident range) that that's really Pezbaby talking to you there.

    3. Well, I was wrong. I was making that judgment just based on the fact that the name linked to her blog, but I asked her, and she says that it wasn't her.

    4. grump, obv that really isnt her google account, which also means thats not really her blog. someone created it a long time ago to impersonate her, and thats largely why her "blog" is never updated.

      a much bigger question is why someone did this. was it to try and fool me, or were they planning to run some type of con for money?

    5. Why and how would they con you if they are supposed t be giving you a stake? Anyways, You have no money to con...

    6. Well, I don't think that's "obvious." I had assumed it was, in fact, her blog, but I contacted her directly and she tells me it isn't. Apparently somebody takes stuff she posts on Twitter and 2+2 and occasionally reformats it into blog posts as if she were writing them. The world is full of weirdos, I guess.

  3. Cliffs?

    - tony feels Claudia played him
    - tony doesn't think he has a gambling addiction
    - tony refuses to get a job now or ever
    - tony resents his son for being who he is, despite being the child that his own DNA created. Talk about a raw deal.
    - Tony still loves VBJ more than anything on earth, and thinks VP is responsible for his massive losing year and current homelessness and inability to afford pillows or blankets
    - Tony thinks everyone in his life should love him unconditionally, although he doesn't show the same consideration to anyone else, especially his family

    I'll say again what I have said a million times. I, along with most others on here, want the best for you. But nothing will change until you stop being your own worst enemy and start to consider that someone other than yourself might be right and try something different.

  4. WTF. You got real issues. Stop everything! Get a grip. Not 1, not 2, but 3 chicks don't want to talk to you. It's you! Your a damn psycho. You crazy azz. Now go play some poker.

  5. As a wise man once said: bitches be crazy.

    Claudia sounds pretty terrible, as far as being worried about you and concerned that you had a gambling problem and trying to get you to do things you don't want to do.

    Look on the bright side; you found out how terrible she is and she won't be around in 2013 to get any of the benefits when you're "rich". As you mentioned a few posts back, you're confident that if you just keep doing what you're doing you'll be "rich" in no time.

    A couple of housekeeping items:

    1) It's been exactly two weeks since you played one of them bad machines (12/15/12 Twitter:
    Lost $222 vbj circus. New roll $1000.) and you've only been back in Vegas for a few days THIS trip, so basically you're saying you haven't played any bad machines in two days.

    2) One great thing about blankets and pillows is that you can take them places with you. It does require work to hold them and carry them in your arms, so maybe that plan won't work out, but a lot of people buy things like blankets and use them for years, by carrying them in their hands or arms and taking them with them to other places.

    3) You didn't "lose" the apartment by the Hard Rock or the microwave that as in it. You left to go play VBJ in Laughlin in mid October to be a VBJ pro: (yeah i moved OUT of the place over by the Hardrock. i didnt like several people knowing where it was, and i have enough comps to last a week, and i also have free airline ticket if i want, and i would kind of like to be left alone in peace and play NOTHING but VBJ instead of poker.).

    1. the VBJ in circus IS one of the good machines, it can also be beaten. But why play it instead of the one in Jean when the comp rate is only half as much?

    2. now the VBJ next door in slotsoffun i used to play for years before circus installed the different kind of VBJ one by the poker room, i never could figure out the shuffle point, and gave up trying to beat that one, thats also the kind laughlin has.

    3. So the difference between a "good" machine and a "bad" machine is that the "good" ones show an animated shuffle?

      So no matter how many thousands of dollars you lose on them, they're still "good" machines if they show an animated shuffle since you can "beat" them?

    4. NotAtilla says..."So the difference between a "good" machine and a "bad" machine is that the "good" ones show an animated shuffle?"

      I believe Tony mentioned in a few posts about the good machine (standing on soft 17, Blackjack pays 3:2, surrender, etc). Did you missed all those posts?

    5. If you've paid any sort of attention to his posts you'd realize that his definition of "good" and "bad" machines changes pretty frequently. Sometimes comp dollars are factored in that make an otherwise "bad" machine a "good" one. Animated shuffles now are a huge factor in "good" versus "bad" machines, whereas a year or two ago you hardly ever heard Tony even mentioning such things.

    6. Since I have been paying a little bit of attention to his VBJ posts, I realized the recent discussions of animated shuffles are with respect to the "Angel" machines, which is supposed to be a 4 deck machine with the shuffle point indicated by the animation. So obviously, it is not the animation itself that is a huge factor, but the supposedly indication of shuffle by that animation.

  6. Wow - And you wonder why Claudia and Josie thought there was to much 'drama' in your life? Jeez Tony - You will never have a woman in your life ever if you don't get some help. Besides the gambling, and don't try to deny it is an addiction for you, your warped sense of reality and relationships and your need to blame all your problems on rich people, your extreme political views, your anger control issues, odd sleep patterns, and on and on.
    Those women have tried to help you time and time again, but you take a little offer of friendship and smother that personn till they can't breathe with your constant whines and complaints and pleas for help and if they don't respond in 5 minutes they hate you....get the picture.

    Nobody owes you anything. Most people are decent, nice folks. Not everyone is out to get you. To have friends you need to strike a balance between your needs and their neeeds.
    Life isn't all about Tony.

    Good luck in the New Year. Hope you finally get some help.

  7. Wow Tony, I am sure many people will be picking apart many things in this epic Rob-like post in the next few days. More than anything, I am impressed at how this was the classic response of bitterness from someone at the bad end of a relationship gone sour. Been there and done that, as have probably most readers of your blog. Yeah -- it is a terrible feeling.

    And as you have been told several times, Josie does not dislike you, but just tired of your many dramatic emails, texts and calls.

    I will comment further when I have a bit more time.

  8. The Boric acid should work pretty well on the roaches. Spraying more will not get at the problem or we would have been roach free a long time ago:)

  9. Tony, if you are truly HAPPY with how your life is going then you should not change a thing, go for counseling, or stop gambling, no matter that it is evident to almost 100% of the people who read your story that you need help in these areas.

    If you enjoy being broke, enjoy the fact you will have no women in any relationship the rest of your life, enjoy living in Jean, enjoy losing friends at an alarming rate, enjoy getting kicked out of more casinos, then by all means DO NOT CHANGE A SINGLE THING. STAY HAPPY.

    NO ONE (even if they are the most well-intentioned greatest people-like si) has the right to try and improve your life if you want to continue ruining it. In the end, It is your life to live as you see fit, no matter how wrong you may be and how much better your life could be (only in the eyes of the sane)

    The True Reality is Claudia obviously cares for you. She cares enough to try and help you live a happier life by improving yourself and thinks you are intelligent enough to do so. Claudia DID NOT set out to destroy your whole life. She, like may others, realizes your are severely mentally impaired but thinks you have the ability to overcome it with assistance from professionals and friends. CLAUDIA IS RIGHT, as I and many others have told you for years now:


    But Tony, if you love your current life as a VBJ Professional in Jean, Nevada, by all means continue to live it the way you want.

    -----basically all i wanted was a woman to see me as "normal" and capable of having a regular bf gf type relationship, go places, movies, dinners, walks, etc with. something to do to take the break from poker others wanted for me. not one whod constantly be telling me i shouldnt gamble and get counseling.-------

    As long as you are happy with your current life, you might as well get used to never having anything like this happening. Why? because you are not 'normal' and you have no interest in working on improving yourself (thru counseling) to get that way. If you truly tried to work at this, you may well get this woman you desire, but certainly not on the current path.

    So, IF YOU ARE SO HAPPY WITH YOUR CURRENT SITUATION, why do you complain about it so? The same things happen year after year and not much has changed, so you should be content.

    I am sure many will be relieved that you are truly happy with your current situation. If you write more about how Happy you are with this life, less and less people will be trying to change you.

  10. "how i told her the shooter up there probably had friends just like her that had given up on him, and maybe id turn out like him someday, but i assured her i wasnt dangerous and would never harm innocent kids, only those whove caused me serious problems in life, so why she did that ill never know"

    So your actually telling us you told Claudia that that you might turn out like the killer who killed all those people in the Ct school??? Then you say you would not do that to kids only people who have caused you serious problems. So your saying publically you would kill those that caused you problems. You are a fkn psycho and belong locked up away from the innocent society. Reports are that the school shooter in CT had aspergers syndrome just like you and here you are actually saying shit like this. Your dangerous and need to be off the streets away from anyone you could hurt. I wonder what the police or better yet FBI would think about what you have written.

    1. the law gives me the right to use deadly force against those trying to cause me serious harm, its called self defense. look it up. id still not feel comfortable doing it because im afraid of violence and have never caused any harm to no one. so its silly for u or claudia to think i would. Explain why u think i should be a pussy and not fight back against those whose caused me serious harm.

    2. Your understanding of the law is way out of whack. First, self-defense does not include revenge. Second, the "serious harm" criterion is limited to BODILY harm, not emotional harm or obstacles to your progress in life, or whatever else you are meaning by that phrase.

      The classic legal test for whether the use of deadly force was justified in self-defense is threefold: Ability, opportunity, and jeopardy. Did the attacker have or appear to have the ability to cause you death or grave bodily injury? (This especially takes account of things like disparity of force weighted against you.) Did the attacker have the opportunity to do so? (E.g., threats called out from a prison window to the streets below fail this test.) And did the attacker act in such a way that a reasonable person would feel that he was in imminent (that word is critical) jeopardy of death or grave bodily injury?

      I doubt that you have faced any situation in the four years or so that I have been following your blogs that would have passed that set of tests.

      You know what situation would have qualified for the use of deadly force? You pretending to have a gun to rob somebody. The victim would have had legal justification to use deadly force against you in that instance. You're lucky that didn't happen.

      Don't go quoting the law when you don't know what you're talking about.

  11. Josie, Koala, and I share these things in common: We have all met Claudia, have spent a fair amount of time with her, have communicated with her over an extended period of time (several months) via a variety of media (email, text messages, phone calls) in addition to the time spent with her in person. Furthermore, unless I am badly mistaken, all three of us, after having done so, arrived at the conclusion that she is smart, kind, mature, sincere, honest, and non-vindictive.

    Now, I haven't asked Josie and Koala these specifics, but I'm making an educated guess that they would join me in these further, specific assessments about Claudia, and I invite them to tell me if I'm wrong and they don't share these opinions: She does not hate you. She has not set out to destroy your life, and, in fact, she is constitutionally incapable of trying to destroy anybody's life.

    Let's assume I'm right that the three of us share these opinions. If so, then either you are wrong about her, or all three of us are.

    I think you would have to agree that one of the areas in which you are most biologically handicapped is in judging other people's emotional states and their motivations. The three of us are not handicapped in that same way.

    So I invite you to step back and ask yourself which is more likely: That you have correctly inferred Claudia's intentions and the three of us are wrong, or that we are right and you are wrong?

    While I'm chatting, I'll call you out on this flagrant lie: "she didnt have to be my counselor adviser and social worker too."

    Oh, please. Every tiny, trivial problem that came up in your life, you would ask her how you should handle it, and you'd flip out if she didn't respond in 2 minutes. Same with Josie. I have literally never known anybody who was as clingy and needy and demanding as you get. I think she tried as hard and as long as she could to respond to your endless, 24-hour-a-day crises and meltdowns over minutiae, until she just couldn't do it anymore. Then you have the gall to give her the back of your hand (publicly, no less), and say that she didn't have to be your adviser? It's a lie. The only way you know to have a relationship is to suck it dry with never-ending demands for attention and advice and help.

    No, I'm not mad at you, and I'm not taking sides. But I AM trying to slap a modicum of reality and perspective into your head. Your view on the whole matter as expressed above is so wildly distorted and egocentric that it's virtually unrecognizable as a version of the truth.

    1. i guarantee u koala hasnt spent extensive time emailing or talking to her, for whatever reasons she never liked him much

  12. Maybe you could share the list of people you feel that have done you harm, that you'd be justified using deadly force against?

    It's just hard to comment without specifics. If I were on a jury I might vote to acquit you for going after the CEO of Shufflemaster (the company that's made so many of those bad machines that have wrecked your life) but I'd probably find you guilty for taking a shot at Gillian Anderson because she's had female lovers and that reduces the pool of available women for you dramatically.

    P.S. It's splitting hairs but Tony's never been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Readers have mentioned it a lot and lately Tony has described himself that way -- instead of just saying he's autistic as in the past -- but that's not based on any diagnosis by a professional.

    1. NotAtilla says..."P.S. It's splitting hairs but Tony's never been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Readers have mentioned it a lot and lately Tony has described himself that way -- instead of just saying he's autistic as in the past -- but that's not based on any diagnosis by a professional."

      Are you sure about this? Tony said he was diagnosed (for Aspergers) by a doctor in Kansas, which is a requirement to qualify for SSI in the first place. Do you have concert information that this is not true, or is this your speculation?

    2. Ask Tony himself if he was diagnosed with autism by the doctor in Kansas or if the doctor diagnosed him more specifically with Asperger syndrome.

      In the past Tony simply claimed he had autism, with his SSI diagnosis confirming that. It's only the last few months that he's claimed to specifically have Asperger syndrome, probably because readers and friends have brought it up so frequently.

      Search his blog for "Aspergers" and then search for "autism". You don't find it odd that Tony was supposedly diagnosed with Asperger syndrome back in Kansas but only started telling people that in November?

    3. Ok, so in a long winded way, you answered my question. It is your speculation that Tony was not specficially diagnosed with Aspergers. If this is a speculation, then why do use such definitive statements such as "... never been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome..." and "... not based on any diagnosis by a professional...".

      NotAtilla says..."Search his blog for "Aspergers" and then search for "autism". You don't find it odd that Tony was supposedly diagnosed with Asperger syndrome back in Kansas but only started telling people that in November?"

      I have followed Tony's blog (from AVP days) for ~4 years now. From that time Tony has always described himself as having a high functioning form of autism. This is a common way of describing Aspergers Syndrome, so no, I don't find it odd. In fact, when my son was diagnosed with Asperger's almost 20 years ago, a lot of people having heard of that term, and I often say he has a high functioning form of autism instead.

    4. Ask Tony if he was diagnosed specifically with Asperger syndrome. When he says "no, the doctor just said I was autistic", then you'll know it's not speculation.

      As Grump pointed out already, it doesn't matter. Tony certainly has autism and certainly is high functioning.

      FlushDraw and other newer readers have been taking Tony's recent self-diagnosis of Asperger syndrome as a statement of fact and/or based on a medical diagnosis, and sometimes drawing comparisons and conclusions based on it. If I were a new reader it'd be helpful to know that Tony hasn't actually been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

    5. NotAtilla says..."Ask Tony if he was diagnosed specifically with Asperger syndrome. When he says "no, the doctor just said I was autistic", then you'll know it's not speculation."

      Why do you keep telling to ask Tony if he was diagnosed with Aspergers? I was asking you if you were speculating that Tony doesn't have Aspergers. If I ask Tony and he sad he doesn't have Aspergers, then the only thing I have done is confirmed that your speculation was correct, it doesn't change the fact that you stated your speculation as if it was a fact.

      NotAtilla says..."As Grump pointed out already, it doesn't matter. Tony certainly has autism and certainly is high functioning.

      FlushDraw and other newer readers have been taking Tony's recent self-diagnosis of Asperger syndrome as a statement of fact and/or based on a medical diagnosis, and sometimes drawing comparisons and conclusions based on it. If I were a new reader it'd be helpful to know that Tony hasn't actually been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome."

      If you concede that Tony has a high functioning form of autism, and Aspergers Syndrome is part of the high functioning end of autistic spectrum. What difference does it make to the newer readers then? It is the same thing for all intents and purposes.

  13. NotAtilla:

    If you've spent any time around Tony, then compared him to this commonly used test for Asperger's

    I don't think anybody would be left with any doubt about that he is somewhere in the Aspie/autism spectrum. (There is no sharp dividing line between those two things, and recent news reports say that the distinction will be officially erased when the new diagnostic psych book comes out next year.)

  14. I'm surprised no one else picked up on the profess undying love for VBJ, and blame all evil on VP fallacy.

    Over the past few years I'd say Tony's bj outweighs his vp 10-1, and I remember 10+ 4 figure VBJ losing sessions, and 0 at VP. I also remember much larger VP wins in terms of single session than VBJ. I also remember accomplished gamblers saying continually under the right circumstances in terms of comps, VP is the only +EV thing in Vegas

  15. People lie to themselves to continue gambling, tony lies that he wins by playing -EV games.

    What's more sick is that he is too scared to play 1-2nl with a short stack of $50-$100.

  16. when i left the casino, i had won 3 shirts with a picture of a donkey playing poker with the words "WHIP IT GOOD". these are very nice shirts, and if i lose my apt i wont need a shirt ill need cash, so im selling 2 of them for $10 each. these are brand new, never been worn. im sure the shirts are worth more.

    u win those shirts on saturdays 10am to 8pm for winning any pot with 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9, and 3-8, all of which MUST BE OFFSUIT. there must be $10 in the pot, and bluffing is allowed, u dont need to be called.

    the best way to play the promotion is to find the most shorthanded table possible, raise preflop each time, and then hope they fold before the river or u hit the hand. u get $25 cash extra plus the shirt. Its a pretty good promo unless i just got lucky. i sat there a little over 2 hours, and hit it 3 whole times.

    Then i went to walmarts and bought milk, a $2.50 pillow, and a lot of frozen meals and icecream, and still came home with some profit, and added $300 to my walmart debitcard.

    came home and played 3 sngs, and won all 3, 2 $5 sngs and a $25 sng. but since i lost in cash yesterday, still only about $72 on lock.

  17. In the 'old days', a TBC post like this would generate a ton more comments. People just giving on him in record numbers. After all these years the vast majority of readers have finally figured out Tony is never going to help himself. There is still faint hope because he still has a handful of fantastic people that keep trying to assist him. But the smart money says it is likely only a matter of time til even these people give up and realize Tony is just to rock-hard on his position to keep his status the same, and improvement at zero. Well, the only improvement he does want to implement, is searching out the fantasy VBJ machine that will turn his life into heaven.

    What is so distressing, is this guy has had SOOOOOOO many people willing to provide him help. A ton more than probably any other autistic type, or any type of handicapped person has the ability to generate, yet all the help has gone down the shitter, at least from where I stand.

  18. Just a note: I just clicked on Tonys Twitter page and got a Google Chrome Warning I have never seen on a twitter page:

    "Danger: Malware Ahead!

    oogle Chrome has blocked access to this page on
    Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.
    Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion"

    1. --It is reported that this problem is now fixed by Google--

      Here is the reason why this is occurring:

      "Google blocks TwitPic over alleged malware, causing Chrome to deny access to some Twitter pages [Update: Fixed]"

      Google’s malware checker on Sunday has for some reason detected as a threat. As a result, if you try to access the site from using any browser (link), you’ll get a malware warning. Furthermore, if you use Google Chrome, pages as well as Twitter pages that rely on the service will result in a blocking prompt as well.

      Update: According to TwitPic, Google has removed the block and access should be restored.

  19. Tony's blog post, 12/29/12: "and i have not played a single video poker machine probably not in 2 months. i cured myself of that bad habit."

    Tony's Twitter feed, 12/30/12: "i lost $140 in the VP machines at eastside cannery, now back in the $1600s instead of the $1700s"

    Some "cure."

  20. If you are going to use boric acid make sure you only put it along the base boards around the perimiter of the room. it does work but don't place it where you eat or make food. Also, nobody is going to give you $10 for a shirt with a donkey on it that says whip it good. The floor that came up with that promo should be made to scrub toilets with them. poker rooms spend player promo dollars on these garbage trinkets is a slap in the face to players! Give me $30 instead of $25 and keep the stupid shirt!

    1. these shirts look quite nice. WHIP stands for worst hand in poker. its the name for the sams town promotion.

    2. i have to agree. i can't imagine anyone buying these shirts off of you. It's basically a shirt you would use to go the gym, clean up the yard, or go to the pool.

      Although maybe I should buy one to wear at the main event to trick my opponents into thinking I'm dead money? I could get Darwin Moon or somebody to sign it.

      Editor's Note: that is not a dig at Darwin Moon the person (who appears to be a hell of a guy) but instead a dig at Darwin Moon the poker player.

  21. TBC Blog today, "and i have not played a single video poker machine probably not in 2 months. i cured myself of that bad habit."

    TBC twitter tonight. "i guess claudia was right, i lost $140 in the VP machines at eastside cannery, now back in the $1600s instead of the $1700s and at home."

    Poetry Tony, sheer fuc**ng poetry.


    1. this comment was posted twice so i deleted the other one

  22. Isn't VP a much better game (EV wise) in the long-run than VBJ anyway?

    1. NO. the big split machine i was playing at eastside cannery, the payback is about 96-98% i think, and i know for sure the VBJ machine in Jean is 99.61% plus whatever edge u get by counting. even the worse VBJ machines, such as the one in slotsoffun, return 99.39%. i never play the "good" VP machines since u cant martingale ur bets on those. and i finally discovered where the good 100.76% payback deuces wild machines are at sams town, they are downstairs by the far doors near the icecream place and rv park.

    2. I guess they moved them machines, last time i was in Vegas the FP Deuces Wild machines were on the 2nd floor.

  23. playing PLO $20 max buyin, and have $73 on the table right now, next biggest stack is at $30.

  24. "i never play the "good" VP machines since u cant martingale ur bets on those"

    More professional gambling wisdom Tony?
    or really just another true glimpse inside the mind of someone addicted to machines.

    Best wishes for the New Year

  25. Tony you lost $140 at a slot machine, when you could have gambled at poker with that money. Poker is the only way you have a chance to rebuild, and yet you avoid it like the plague.

    1. Idiots like you don't help. There's no evidence that Tony can outpace his expenses at the poker table. A job is the only chance he has to rebuild.

  26. Obviously a job, but do you think he's ever considered getting one no.

  27. Tony - why do you insist to keep Martingaling your bets?

    From Wikipedia:

    A martingale is any of a class of betting strategies that originated from and were popular in 18th century France. The simplest of these strategies was designed for a game in which the gambler wins his stake if a coin comes up heads and loses it if the coin comes up tails. The strategy had the gambler double his bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake. The martingale strategy has been applied to roulette as well, as the probability of hitting either red or black is close to 50%.

    Since a gambler with infinite wealth will, almost surely, eventually flip heads, the martingale betting strategy was seen as a sure thing by those who advocated it. Of course, none of the gamblers in fact possessed infinite wealth, and the exponential growth of the bets would eventually bankrupt "unlucky" gamblers who chose to use the martingale. It is therefore a good example of a Taleb distribution – the gambler usually wins a small net reward, thus appearing to have a sound strategy. However, the gambler's expected value does indeed remain zero because the small probability that he will suffer a catastrophic loss exactly balances with his expected gain. The likelihood of catastrophic loss may not even be very small. The bet size rises exponentially. This, combined with the fact that strings of consecutive losses actually occur more often than common intuition suggests, can bankrupt a gambler quickly