Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

Well i see not many updating their blogs, im sure everyone other than me has family theyre hanging out with, or is quite busy at the moment. someday, i would like to be a part of a family too, at least a wife that is to relax and celebrate with, and to buy presents for and receive presents from. If i ever come into serious money (and i will of course if i keep doing what im doing) id like a nice house someday too. Christmas is when u realize how all alone u really are, if u are not in a relationship. This Christmas im not doing much of anything. I wrote Grump a letter the other day, suggesting we write up a blog and spend the day finding someone to do a good deed for, but he will be with an unspoken friend i have no idea who. I figured it would at least make me feel better over the holidays. Last Christmas was when i thought i might get to see Carmen who called and seemed to be in some sort of trouble but then i never did and i found out a day or 2 later she was in jail. Ever since shes not said hardly a word, pretty much the same as any other woman ive ever talked with. This year shes doing a lot better, the new pics of her and her family on her blog are great. thats a nice clubhouse, i wouldnt mind living in a fancy apt community like that someday if i had money, wherever that is. i dont think ive ever lived in a real apt community that had a clubhouse since i always lived wherever i could live the cheapest. (with the exception of the time i splurged in reno and got a 2 story apt for $950 a month). i dont know why i did that, (or took the $800 cab). its just i was over $10k and i felt really really rich, since i never have that kind of money.

and today i feel good also, and feel rich again. u see my roll is back to the $1800s. now i know to most of u, thats not a lot of money, but considering the $1100 i had mid nov, (and the worry id lose it all), to me thats a ton. i am now only paranoid they might decide to get rid of the VBJ machine, not that i wont win on it. all the play in the last 2 months solely on this VBJ, (none of the old bad 6 deck shufflemaster VBJ--and no video poker at all) have showed me the importance of knowing exactly when the shuffle takes place. Thank God for Jason, (who told me about Jean) who a lot of people know as Cutter, and i still havent figured out who the chaperone is on That website that has the big thread about me didnt approve my application to post, u cannot register unless u are approved by a mod, must just be a group of about 50 friends.

my only worry is im not getting in near enough play a day, i waste too much time in my room on lock because i find that to be a better use of my time. u see its taking forever to grind out the comps every day and they are really cutting back on giving me the buffet tickets, they want me to earn and use the comps instead. i should be playing far more hours if i dont want to start running out of comps. ive never been able to save up a ton of comps to buy things at the gas station like i thought i would when i first came, but of course when i first came, i thought id be spreading to like 5 hands of $30 each, instead of up to 5 hands of only half that. and also i know im due to lose soon, but hopefully when i do it wont be twice in a row, and will remain small, like under $100.

also someone claims they have the VBJ dealers angels machines in the venetian, i find that hard to believe, the min must be a lot more or the rules worse, is this true? ive never seen it when i was last in there before they changed the poker room. im still trying to find these somewhere in any other little town in northern NV or any other state im not aware of.

if i ever am well off enough financially to afford a nice apt i know for sure ill be keeping long term, ill get me a pet, that way i wont be as lonely. for sure a cat instead of a dog, and at least i wont worry about what men the pet will let in in the middle of the night while i sleep unlike a woman. this year wasnt so good, i made a lot of poor financial decisions ive been making a lot of over the years, but im over them now. its been almost 2 months since i played video poker, (without claiming freeplay) and almost as long since ive played live poker, especially $1-2 NL. Thank God also that the players in the PLO lower stakes games on lock are so horrible. am learning that game enough to be folding aa sometimes preflop


  1. how do i get new readers, and how do i get then to start reading the old blog entries from years ago? if i had the money i guess id pay for advertising. i feel ive burned out too many readers, and id like a fresh start with new ones. old readers like jennifergay, koala and stump have disappeared forever

  2. Yesterday I decided to drive past the nearest walmart and instead kept driving north to the next one down the road which happens to be the one that my older brother works at. He is in his third winter of corraling carts in the parking lot and seemingly has zero chance of getting an inside the store job though he has a two year accounting clerk certification and has over twenty years of previous clerical experience. When I arrived at this walmart I started driving from the north end of the parking lot making my way southbound while looking for my brother doing his job. WHen I got closer to the main entrance I saw a cart tender machine on the sidewalk and what looked like a junior high kid in a traffic vest next to it and wondered wtf does walmart hire kids to assist my brother with his duties during the holiday season? Call that my rose-colored glasses moment of the day.

    Since the tool of my brother's trade was near the entrance to the walmart I decided to park and find him most likely nearby inside the store. When I walked inside the walmart I did see the person that I thought was a junior high kid and instead this was an adult in his mid20's I guessed and with his hunched over posture and obviously hobbled legs I knew this guy had been cursed with even more severe birth defects than my older brother. When I started to asked my brother's teammate where he might be this guy was simply shocked that I was even talking to him and engaging him in a conversation since I strongly suspect that he is treated as an invisible person by 99.9% of the shoppers and fellow walmart employees he encounters every day that he shows up for work. Before he could answer my brother came around the corner and we talked for two minutes which was all he had free before heading back out into the cold to resume his duties getting carts back into the store for the holiday shoppers to continue to run up the day's take for that particular walmart store. I gave my brother the Culver's gift card I had picked up for him so that he, his wife and step daughter could have 5 dinners or lunchs out at the Culver's that is about two miles down the road from where they live. We arranged a time for a phone call and to set something up to get together on Xmas day and I watched these two walmart cart tenders walk back into the cold.

    My brother's teammate who had his obvious disability walked in a painful manner that I honestly do not know how he can function with working however many 8-10 hour shifts per week in a physical labor job. Then I noticed my brother's limp which I hadn't ever seen before. I looked at his feet to see what kind of boots he was wearing and they were your standard up-north Sorel winter boots. I suspected the felt liners were either shot or my brother was wearing worn-out socks that nobody in their right mind would wear in a physical job where you are on your feet 8-10 hours a day. So for starters I will be buying two dozen pairs of high quality athletics socks as well as some thicker winter socks as an immediate remedy (everyone as a kid remembers getting socks for xmas that we were utterly disappointed when we opened up from the xmas wrapping paper, right?) which will NOT be coming from walmart. On xmas day during my visit I will be arranging a time to take my brother out on a shopping trip to buy TWO pairs of quality winter work boots certainly in a lighter weight than those clumsy Sorel's but with as good or a better temperature rating. There's part of a christmas story buried in here tony but also one closing thought I'd like to share with you today:

    If these two guys can get a job, so can you....

    Happy Holidays and a happy new year to you Tony and good luck (of course), Lester

  3. Merry Christmas Tony and may God Bless you and your family in 2013. Glad to read your roll is growing.

  4. How much money do you make on this blog every month TBC?

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Here's wishing you happy holidays.

    1. wow ive never ever seen u comment here, didnt even have any idea u ever read the blog. surprised to see socorro here too

  6. I'm still here...since Neverbeg as you know. Merry Christmas, Tony.

  7. Merry Christmas ~ Have a nice day~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. Hi Tony,

    You are right, it has been a long time since I posted here. You know when I was in Las Vegas in July, I was recovering from colon cancer, and after I came back I decided to look at my life and re-arrange my priorities. My family has always come first, and I do as much as I can for them, while I can. I've spent almost all my waking time fixing up small things around the home, such as maintenance, painting, installing extra power points, and a myriad of other things That I might not be able to do down the road a bit. Fortunately things are going well for me at this time.

    I've been spending a lot of time with my grandchildren. I took two of the boys away for 5 days during their school vacation, and we visited old railway museums with steam engines, old military museums with army tanks and trucks, old power stations with steam reciprocating engines and tractors. All the things that young boys aged 8 and 6 like to climb on, and pretend to drive them. We went swimming in river pools that had rapids and waterfalls, and we stayed in hotels. We did all the things that were exciting for them.

    On January 3, I am taking my two eldest grandaughters, Michelle 14 and Chloe 13 to Bali for 11 nights. They are becoming young women and its nice to be able to give them a bit of freedom from their Mom and Dad, and treat them like adults. Plus it gets them away from their two younger brothers for a while (the ones I took away). The boys being boys can get very feral at times.

    My 2 sons and their families are coming over tomorrow for a barbeque with us (remember it is the middle of our summer now), and I get to see the joy and love of all my family, which for me is the best gift in the world.

    The point of telling you this is that you also have family, they are your Mom and your Son. Please call them today if you haven't already done so, and tell them you love them. That call is worth a million presents. Thank you very much for the Christmas card you sent me. It was unexpected and very nice of you to remember me.

    Good luck as you continue to rebuild your bank roll. Please take your time and don't be to anxious to hit the magic $2000 mark, like last time. Try and relax and let it happen without forcing it. Enjoy your Christmas as much as you can.

    If any of your readers that I met remember me, I wish them and their families all the best for Christmas and I hope Tony that you and them get nothing but Royal flushes, or non stop Blackjacks in 2013.


    1. surprised and pleased to hear from u. Speaking of not trying to hit that $2000 mark, it was always my goal to have it by Christmas. Today, when i was at the VBJ for my 2nd session, and receiving a merry christmas text from lightning, i was stuck $142 at one point trying to get to that mark. Thank God i recovered most of it, and left down only $17. Rolls still in the $1800s. (from the first sessions big win). then i went to eat, tipped 2 employees in there $1 each and wished them merry christmas. normally ive never tipped anyone in there at all, since if id done it daily id be about $60 lower today than i am already. im only surviving because ive shut off almost all expenses, but im sure my internet bill will be deducted any minute, which will reduce me by another $80, so i might not be in the $1800s tomorrow.

    2. Koala,
      Happy holidays to you. It's been a pleasure both times I have met you the past two years.
      Looking forward to 2013 if you make the trip again!

      Take care

  9. nice to know ive got $73 on lock now, instead of the $23 i was worried id be down to. (i won my $25 don sng). early on i was down to 1200 chips at the 50-100 blind levels and was in the bottom 3 stacks. i won a pot bringing me up to 1640, and then i was 4th out of 9 remaining. the 2 key hands later, one of them i limped AA under the gun with blinds 60-120 and i had about 1400 or so. now thats about the only hand id be doing that with in that spot, but i guess he didnt know that, surprising since the players at the $25 level should be much better players. odd how lock never has any games going between $5 and $25. so one of the short stacks with 1100 chips in the BB decides to shove, after everyone else folds. and of course i call and double up.

    when it gets down to 1 more player til we all get paid, theres a big stack with about 5500 chips raising a lot, hes got everyone covered by quite a bit. its the big stacks BB, and a guy whose short with 880 is the small blind. blinds are 75-150. i am on the button with AK. everyone folds to me, and i dont want to take risks, i can safely sit it out a little while. so i limp, because if i fold, the shortie might shove any 2 and the big stack fold. so i limp to prevent this, i dont want to raise and have the big stack wipe me out. sure enough the shortie shoves, big stack folds. i call he has JK and my hand holds up to win the game.

    1. Good thinking. Shoving is quite dangerous in this spot and is prob the worst play. I'm not sure limp calling the short stack is good either. You need to think abou what happens if you lose and know that Ak isn't dominant against most random ranges that a short stack might shove

      What were stack sizes of everyone including you? I bet if I saw all the stack sizes my advice would be to open fold everything but QQ or KK+.

      You need to consider what your stack will be if you lose as AK will likely only be a 60-65% favorite

      Again this is a spot that depends on other stacks. What was your stack size? What were the other 5 stack sizes?

      Merry Christmas everyone. Greatest day of the year!

  10. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Tony, I liked your hand description with the AK hand, nice to see your reasoning, well done.

  11. Merry Christmas to Tony and all his readers. Koala, glad to hear it sounds like you may be in remission. I too have been down that road and thank God for every day of life.

  12. Tony says..."That website that has the big thread about me didnt approve my application to post, u cannot register unless u are approved by a mod, must just be a group of about 50 friends."

    Tony, right on the first page of their website:

    Members: 2,613, Active Members: 479

  13. Anyone who hopes to achieve enlightenment must construct their lives in such a way that they adopt a cat. But be aware that if you fail to protect and nurture that cat, that all cats everywhere are immediately aware of this. And they will act.

  14. Anyone who hopes to achieve enlightenment must construct their lives in such a way that they adopt a cat. But be aware that if you fail to protect and nurture that cat, that all cats everywhere are immediately aware of this. And they will act.

  15. Tony, based on the past 5 years of reading your blog, I can safely say that without major changes in your life, a house and a wife with your current gambling addiction and blind dedication to VBJ dictating your financial future, a house and wife aren't in the cards.

    I wish you the best, but the all time low level of stability you're in right now isn't desirable to any female without the ulterior motive of robbing you or having you buy her drugs.

    You know what would help you achieve those goals? A job and steady housing. But you like VBJ better than anything else in your life.

    Also, you have a family who loves you unconditionally. They unfortunately cannot say they same. Please call them today anyways.

  16. I liked the joke about coming into serious money if you continue doing what you are doing. It's good to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time.

    Merry Christmas

  17. Tony says: "i feel ive burned out too many readers, and id like a fresh start with new ones. old readers like jennifergay, koala and stump have disappeared forever"

    I still read, but it's pointless to post anymore. Well, except for this time.

    Merry Christmas, Tony.

  18. Merry Christmas, Tony. Hope you make the best of the holiday, and wishing you a prosperous 2013.

    Happy holidays to the rest of you as we'll (lightning, Grrouchie, s.i., grump, Josie, poker meister, stump, Rob, and the rest!)

  19. Merry Christmas Tony. You've made a lot of progress this year in the area of interpersonal interaction. Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas is a big step forward and you also had a relationship for awhile this year. Keep up the good work. Some setbacks also but trying to focus on the positive. As far as getting more readers maybe post on AVP more, I'm sure douchbags like Psand local rock and coke boy will add their stupid comments but it will draw attention to your posts. Don't worry about that other site and thread. It looks like its just 2-3 losers like WEC and others trading stupid comments about you. Not relevant in any way. If you're in Vegas in Jan ill get ahold of you. Should be there on the 16th for a bit.

  20. Tony,
    Hope your Xmas is good even though you are feeling a big down today.

    Give your mom and son a call as they will really appreciate you taking time out of your day to recognize them.
    Today isn't about gifts, it's about thoughts.

    1. i wasnt feeling down that day. and yes i spoke with my family

  21. won $24 on the VBJ, (but didnt really like the fact a guy and his gf or wife sitting in the middle kept me to only playing 2 spots) left, decided to play later. went to eat, and seen a beautiful young woman in a santa claus hat totally by herself eating, no guy around her anywhere the whole time, that id like to have as my xmas present. wished a few other woman by text or email merry christmas, and of course, not a word from any of them. Roll is still in the $1800s, as long as my bank hasnt charged me yet. my lock balance is going down though.

  22. Tony:

    I played the last three nights at the Aria. Man....if you ever decide to start playing live in Vegas again, you simply have to try to get that 86 lifted there.

    Amazing spot for poker. Juicy and comfy and the best top shelf drinks in the poker room. I think I'll be giving up MGM in favor or this spot!


  23. S.I. - Aria has always been my favorite poker room in Vegas. In addition to the points you state, it's a relatively short walk from the parking garage as well. I always have a good time there.