Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ok, I'm pissed. (actually i shouldnt be, I'm doing well compared to about 3 weeks ago when i was down to $1100 now that im back to $1700 and wouldve been $1800 if seattle irish is still able to buy my allegiant voucher) but i am neverless. why? Because lightning36 said both on twitter (and by text message) that i was a bad friend and treat my friends like shit. i cannot think of a time ive ever done that intentionally, everytime i have it was either because i didnt believe the person was really a friend, or that i wasnt "treating them shitty", or wasnt aware that what i was doing was something that would be considered "shitty". Basically what im saying is that i dont know how to make friends, i guess because of the autism.

Tired of people disappearing out of my life, then blaming me for it, or never being there in the first place. especially when ive reached out to be a friend in the first place. This especially applies to a lot of women who've disappeared. Some of whom i wasnt interested in as a girlfriend because once i got to know them, they werent really a very nice and friendly person, but still felt like they should talk and not ignore me. No, i'm not referring to whom u think i am. She still talks to me, but extremely rare occasions. im talking about people who i found out werent too nice, such as Carmen, whose just a friend on facebook. (remember her friend Amanda who screwed me out of $10 for that picture?)She gets on all the time for the candy crush saga game as far as sending "gifts" back and forth, but as far as answering anything else no replies. just look.

message from me--

candy crush saga? u was never listed on list of people playing this game, must be new. anyway, if uve seen my blog, does the salvation army have any lists of rooming houses for men that are exceptionally cheap like $100 or less by the week to move into without any upfront costs? it would sure keep a lot of people from being homeless, why dont they buy old buildings and rent them to people without other options? some of us are too afraid to stay there because id be sleeping with strange guys and u were safe cause u was in a room exclusively women. i dont see why they cant find someone cheap housing to keep them off the streets. how is anyone supposed to get off the streets without a huge ton of money to pay for a lot of things upfront? this is a service sorely needed.

the one and ONLY message sent back to me is below, NONE of the others were ever responded back to.


Carmen Cincotta

i dunno
im going to alumni tonight though
so i'll ask them



Tony Bigcharles

thanks, hope the comment about avoiding certain family and friends wasnt referring to me, ive never called u to bug u, all i did was send a text one time. i wouldnt think that anyway except for the fact u didnt reply at the time. when im broke i never try to talk to women unless its for something important like asking how the salvation army programs can assist. only time i talk to women is when im doing well and want to celebrate because then i feel like i deserve to be happy, if u understand. i hope they have leads to cheap safe rooming houses. the replies on my blog are suggesting places id have to pay upfront by the month or $150 and up a week (way too high) and whose gonna rent to someone without being able to prove an income at all? this is why i shouldve never let my ssi get cut off, and ive been denied getting back on and need to fight it. i wish id got into a nice safe cheap apt on a 1 yr lease back when i had money. unlike other homeless people i cant spend my last $1200 finding housing, or there goes my last way to earn some money. i have to hold onto it. which makes it harder

November 27


Tony Bigcharles

so what did the salvation army say about housing leads for cheap rooming houses for men?

ur going to the aria blogger event? not me wrong location. no buyin anyway, i need my money.

i too think i could score good on an interview since im good at puzzles for example, bejeweled, candy crush, but as far as places not hiring felons, u are right, and i never know what to say. my felony is much older it was way back in 1990. but im still supposed to list it and i know it will make it hard to get a job, am sick at all the comments on my blog claiming i just dont want to work. sure i think im far more cut out to win the money at games of skill but for all my blog readers to claim i just dont want to work is a damned lie. its because i know i wont get hired. any advice to get rid of the old felony?

Tony Bigcharles
ur friend lightning36 is in town (blogger) and would like to meet u. shall i tell him ur phone? of course, i wouldnt do this without permission
Seen 8:20 Pm

------------------ok u see how i wasnt asking for any type of relationship, no hanging out or anything of the kind, just wanted to know about someone whose had experience in dealing with the inner workings of the salvation army, and about HOW to find a job with a felony conviction. and yet still no replies. u remember the only time i heard from her (except at the beginning) was when she was using drugs over last christmas, right before she entered the jail. even tried to arrange a meeting with lightning to be nice to lightning. felt i owed him something. and u also remember i went down to the jail and put $5 on her books but decided i better not try to visit just in case i had a warrant. and u also remember how when Claudia checked, it was found out that no i had no warrants. she went to 3 different courts.

what im saying is when i try to just be nice, or to ask for advice and dont bug someone in any way, they still arent nice and friendly and helpful. people are essentially just rude to me all the time i feel, and it has a big effect back on how i feel like i should act towards others. i already assume people are evil in nature and unfriendly and unkind, because that is what the Bible (and God) teaches. To say man is basically good is to call God a liar, how can lightning say this and still claim to be a Christian?

copied from the Bible---

Job 15:16
How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water?

Jeremiah. 13:23
Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?
then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil
Jeremiah 17:9
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Remember the blog i told u about yesterday by poker player and dealer Matt Cheney Christ follower on my facebook page? the one that im sure none of u bothered to read, not even pokerdogg and seattle irish? the one in which i said i feel guilty because i dont alot of times treat others the way God wants us to because i get mad and stressed so easily due to the very stressful life i must go thru? yeah its hard to do the right things in life. Doing the wrong thing is a lot easier, and a lot more human to do also. (notice that i said human, not humane.) anyway what im saying is that sometimes i try to do the right thing, but its not easy or all the time.

but i did try to make lightnings week in vegas an enjoyable one, and i did try to spend as much time with him as possible, because id considered him to be a real friend. im not sure what im thinking this morning. I considered Mark, the room manager at the Riviera to be a friend also, and yet lightning was there when he got mad at me Sunday morning, and then lightning claimed that it was ME who was in the wrong. And all i had said to Mark (after being upset the $2-6 spread limit didnt go that i was told had gone every morning but 1 in the last month) that i would never believe him again. (id lost $46 of a $50 buyin playing NL that i knew better than to play and swore i wouldnt play but i was waiting for lightning). shortly after lightning came, i quit the game about 3 more rounds, and wouldve quit sooner had i known he had a car within walking distance. mark said that it was good that he saw lightning, and that he wish he couldve said the same for me. But he was having a bad day, hed spoke earlier about someone (cant remember who) in his family being sick.

anyway what i was originally going to talk about in this blog, (then got sidetracked and never got around to discussing) was that i was intending to spend the whole time with lightning and having some discussions that we never had about what i need to do and how to get my life in shape. I never once asked lightning for any money, and any favors i wanted that involved him going out to casinos i wouldve repaid for by taking him out to eat at the wynn, either very cheaply or free if it was a big favor. theres nothing else to do with those comps, they cant easily be sold since i have to be in the restaruant with my card. But of course i never told him id pay for it. (didnt feel like i should have to spend "money" to gain a friendship). This is the reason i went back into vegas in the first place, that was discussed in great detail 2 blogs back, along with the bank and laundry of course. and i didnt intend to let him down that first night when he was paging me on twitter, its just i was asleep then.

the 2nd day i made a special effort to see him. But then hed already gone to a concert, which turned out to be quite high, at $58. i also didnt know at the time his brother, a vocal obama supporter, was in town with him. (by special effort i meant re-arrange my sleep schedule in case he could hang out after he busted out of tourney). Then yesterday as u can see above, i made an effort to fix a meeting between him and Carmen, which i know he wouldve enjoyed. Then today, i was wondering why he never texted me back once i told him i was back outside vegas again. id even offered to tell him where if he would make the short drive over here, as long as he gave me my word he wouldnt tell anyone, and he never would give me his word. (i'm afraid to trust him if he isnt willing to give me his word--especially because he told me Prudence's real name and said Rob shouldnt be keeping it a secret in his blog.) also yesterday i alerted a message to him on twitter that seemed like it was from his wife, but it turned out to be another relative instead.

then tonight, after waking up from a 5 hour nap about midnight, seeing no texts from him, and deciding to check his twitter feed, i seen he had met up with "mr subliminal" who is now listed as of a few days ago on my blogroll. i asked him why he had hung out with him (and he also had went and ate with man in black, and im assuming he probably paid for the meal since man in black has no money, and because he paid for my meal at suncoast.). man and black and i both got $20 out of sams town the same way once. on different days in the past 3 months. now as to my knowledge, ive never met mr subliminal or if i have, hes never introduced himself to me that i know of. his blog says hes homeless and has stayed at the mission but from a PM i sent him, i dont know this is really the case. anyway i was just disappointed i never ever get to meet any of these people, so i told lightning how disappointed i was, and how in my opinion i had far more in common with mr subliminal than he did (since i also have no money) and then lightning posted right on twitter for everyone to see for me to "go fuck yourself". now as a representative of Jesus Christ, is that something he should say?

then he claims i treat my friends "shitty". i told him i cant see how. how is being disappointed he didnt spend more time with me "treating my friends shitty?" How is being disappointed others dont care enough about wanting to become a friend and meet me "treating my friends shitty?" he didnt even want to make a short drive from southpoint to see me, where he spent most of the day. how is trying to fix it so he can meet others treating him shitty, or making an effort to spend more time with him?

ive always thought it was my friends who treat me shitty. People who constantly promise me things i need, then never follow thru. Like for example Vince who promised to come get me friday afternoon if i needed it. (then i ended up getting Poker Johnny to do it which worked out far better anyway, not only did he come a lot earlier than Vince wouldve--as it turned out Vince found out he wouldnt been able to after all, so i wouldve found out AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE-AFTER ID HAVE GIVEN UP MY HOTEL ROOM--that i wouldve had no way to get into vegas. Vince has turned out to be totally unreliable about keeping his promises several times in this manner--so it was a good thing i had poker Johnny to depend on).

Now poker Johnny was a really good friend. he only cared about making sure i wasnt left in a bind, and had what i needed, the kind of friend Claudia used to be that i miss. The kind of friend i wish EVERYONE would be (such as Josie and tatude). Most people are no longer there for me when i need them that have really came thru in the past when i was in a bind, even though im in worse shape now. My life would be in worse shape today by far, were it not to have been for people like Claudia and pete peters of DE.

also i appreciate AKgals offer of a coat, but i was worried about how sincere it was, im afraid she was just trying to find out where i am, and thats why i told sickcallmggee to lie to her on his twitter. i dont want anyone knowing where i am. i desperately need this place to stay right now til im in better shape, cant risk losing it. it bothered me she was guessing where i was, and i was worried she might find out where i was.

and another thing, i wasnt in the best of moods last night as i was falling off to sleep and waking up. was so distraught by seattle irish not being able to buy that voucher, i was really already counting the money all weekend, my bankroll is still extremely low compared to almost every other day of the last few years, and thats a lot of money to miss out on. especially since i still dont have nearly enough on Lock. im up to $20 on lock again, but thats hardly anything if i was really going to make it back playing online.

the same guy called me on the phone again yesterday and asked me why i was so dumb to not get a room in vegas and play at the suncoast everyday since i won $172 there. u know he is probably right. its just i am afraid to turn loose of any money til im in better shape.


  1. P.s. after i finally got done spending 2 hours typing up my feelings in this blog post, i went and checked my email and found a mail back from Josie that cheered me up. i feel better about lightning (and his brother) now. somehow Josie got word his brother liked me.

    also, another thing really been bugging me lately, i get more views when ive got bad news. that isnt right guys. the last blog only had 5 comments, and thats way way down. people should be happy when i am doing ok, by ok i meant not losing it all as it looked like would happen when i first dropped to $1100. u guys shouldnt be so silent. miss comments from people like grump, stump and pokerdogg.

    1. You aren't doing OK. You have no income streams with a positive expectation right now. You aren't a winner at online poker (just look at the sharkscope graphs for proof). You aren't going to earn anything other than free rooms playing a 38% penetration video BJ game with a non ace-reckoned count. If anything, have the good fortune to win some money in the past week just reinforced your bad decisions.

      People aren't commenting because you won't listen to anything they say. You've decided that online poker is easy and that you'll never go broke playing VBJ at your new sanctuary. You are riding full steam ahead on the train to bustoville, and maybe your readers have decided to just sit back and watch.

    2. Hi Tony, I still keep up with your blog. It should be no surprise I haven't been commenting as much, because I have told you I won't be since I don't like this format. Also, I have been very busy with my own life, family, etc., I just don't have time to repeat a lot of what I have posted in the past.

  2. Since I have seen you ask several different people.


  3. https://twitter.com/lightning36/status/275890705652670464

  4. uh grouchie--u couldnt have had time to read the entire post, i only put it up 5 min ago and it took 2 hours to create it. but thanks, ill go look at that article. i did follow THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS in the one article i did read though, not sure if its the same one, will check but it didnt help

    1. I've never seen a "simple" method but who knows.

      I think the link I provided you was pretty much the way I put it on my blog, though honestly I don't ever look at it and analyze the data.

      Also, I'm not sure it works after I registered my own domain instead of pointing directly at the blog link address.
      I could be wrong.

  5. i cannot find the page i was viewing the other day (there are too many different ones that try and teach u how to install) but the one i was doing was the SIMPLE solution that didnt involve any copying and pasting of any codes i couldnt understand. it was just for blogger, (wish i could print that and show it to u) it was the one i followed to the letter. what it said to do was to go to my blog settings, then click on "other" in settings which i did, and to then enter this code number that i was given by google analytics UA-36670834-1. so thats what i did, and then once id type in that code the button that said "save settings" would change to a color that prohibited me from clicking it and saving it. no idea why.

    could try and figure out the link grouchie gives that involves all this copying and pasting thats not officially from blogspot, but i fear its such a more complicated way ill get lost along the way.

    1. When you get it installed - what exactly are you looking to get out of google analytics?
      what kind of information?
      How do you plan on using the information it does provide you?

      Why do you want GA instead of using just the built in stats program with blogger?

      just curious

    2. what built in program??

      what i wanted to do was see WHERE people are clicking onto my blog from (as far as others blogs, various websites that might possibly be talking about my blog,etc)

      u see sometimes people talk about me on websites i dont know about.

    3. I'm not sure analytics will tell you where
      Do you mean from what website?
      or what part of the country?

    4. yes which website. where they are located doesnt matter to me. this is what i was told google analytics was for.

  6. You say you don't understand why people don't want you as a friend.

    I've already typed the link for a good example why and I could type more...
    but here is one from this blog post of yours

    "also i appreciate AKgals offer of a coat, but i was worried about how sincere it was, im afraid she was just trying to find out where i am, and thats why i told sickcallmggee to lie to her on his twitter. "

    Someone offered you a coat and you told someone else to lie to them because of whatever convoluted reason you have.

    Someone offered to be nice and You Respond with Lies.

    Lightning was nice to you and drove you around and YOU feel he should spend MORE time with you and not with other people.

    Vince has bent over fucking backwards for you while you were in town occasion after occasion and you talk about how unfuckingreliable he is when he owes you nothing.

    Grow up Tony

    1. grouchie, i didnt know about the coat at first, all i knew was akgals claim i was in Primm (im not) but i didnt want her thinking i was anywhere around. so i made sure everyone thought i was in mesquite. then a few minutes later, on my phones text messages instead of twitter, did i find out about the coat offer. she was so insistent that i belonged home in KS that i thought she wanted to make sure that was what i did. actually ive done ok and i am in a lot better shape now than i wouldve been had i left for KS.

      but i can see why she thought id lose everything, as i did too at the time.

    2. You are lying, Tony. I did not text u and ask u if u still needed a jacket a few minutes after I speculated u were in Primm. That was November 17th. I asked u if u still needed a jacket November 24th. My intentions were genuine. I was going to be driving thru Mesquite in my way to St. George to pick up my son at my parents house. I was willing to stop at Savers and spend $10 to get u a jacket. You responded to me too late and I had already left Vegas.

      You are pretty full of yourself to think I would make a special trip to come all the way out there just to convince u to go back to KS. I am a busy single mom that works 2 jobs. I don't have time for that bullshit.

      I simply thought u might still need a jacket and if I was going to be driving thru anyway, u might appreciate it. Stupid me for thinking about doing something nice for u.


    3. You are lying, Tony. I did not text u and ask u if u still needed a jacket a few minutes after I speculated u were in Primm. That was November 17th. I asked u if u still needed a jacket November 24th. My intentions were genuine. I was going to be driving thru Mesquite in my way to St. George to pick up my son at my parents house. I was willing to stop at Savers and spend $10 to get u a jacket. You responded to me too late and I had already left Vegas.

      You are pretty full of yourself to think I would make a special trip to come all the way out there just to convince u to go back to KS. I am a busy single mom that works 2 jobs. I don't have time for that bullshit.

      I simply thought u might still need a jacket and if I was going to be driving thru anyway, u might appreciate it. Stupid me for thinking about doing something nice for u.


    4. You are lying, Tony. I did not text u and ask u if u still needed a jacket a few minutes after I speculated u were in Primm. That was November 17th. I asked u if u still needed a jacket November 24th. My intentions were genuine. I was going to be driving thru Mesquite in my way to St. George to pick up my son at my parents house. I was willing to stop at Savers and spend $10 to get u a jacket. You responded to me too late and I had already left Vegas.

      You are pretty full of yourself to think I would make a special trip to come all the way out there just to convince u to go back to KS. I am a busy single mom that works 2 jobs. I don't have time for that bullshit.

      I simply thought u might still need a jacket and if I was going to be driving thru anyway, u might appreciate it. Stupid me for thinking about doing something nice for u.


  7. Tony, you're clearly the neediest friend in history and a lot of people are obviously getting sick of it.

    My suggestion is talk less about yourself, demand less from others on your terms, and show more interest in what other people are doing and less in what they can do for you.

    Also, stop judging others so much. You don't like it when they do it to you.

  8. Tony, friendship requires enjoyment of each others company and equal give and take between the two parties. Reading your blog over the years it seems your actions seem to be only to take. This is probably why you see so many people you think are friends disappear. Also, what actions do you take to make being with you enjoyable. This seems to be totally focused on your needs and wants and little thought about the feelings of others. You post things like you did on lightnings account and are surprised he responds how he did. As we have stated many times before, you need to get counselling and help to understand how to interact with others. Good luck but change is needed before it is too late.

  9. hmm it seems maybe it was up and working after all and i didnt know? this is what im getting as far as what its showing for visitors since i first tried to install it late november.

    Visits: 2,849

    Unique Visitors: 676

    Pageviews: 5,268

    Pages / Visit: 1.85

    Avg. Visit Duration: 00:02:11

    Bounce Rate: 45.56%

    % New Visits: 23.27%

    hmm why isnt it showing the website they were on when they clicked my link? it does tell me what ive always known, most of the people viewing the website are the same people over and over.

    1. ok--heres what we all have been waiting for--this is the blogs or sites the replies came from. hmm ive never heard of small pototoes poker, josie has a site in the UK too? and im surprised more of them are coming thru her link when her blog no longer exists.


      Pages / Visit

      Avg. Visit Duration

      % New Visits

      Bounce Rate


      (direct) / (none)







      google / organic







      t.co / referral







      tonybigcharles.com / referral







      veryjosie.blogspot.com / referral







      blogger.com / referral







      google.com / referral







      robvegaspoker.blogspot.com / referral







      professionalroads.blogspot.com / referral







      bing / organic







      tbcpoker.blogspot.com / referral







      thepokerbarrister.blogspot.com / referral







      avg / organic







      carmensincity.blogspot.com / referral







      pokergrump.blogspot.com / referral







      us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com / referral







      yahoo / organic







      aol / organic







      mrsubliminal.blogspot.com / referral







      portal.attnet.mcore.com / referral







      forumserver.twoplustwo.com / referral







      veryjosie.blogspot.co.uk / referral







      smallpotatospoker.blogspot.com / referral






      24. / referral







      36ohk6dgmcd1n-c.c.yom.mail.yahoo.net / referral

  10. if there is a way to re-publish the above info using less space, or using a graph from where i copied and pasted, wish i knew how to activate it.

  11. also i have an idea what referral means, but what in the world does organic mean in this context? i only know what organic means as far as food is concerned.

    1. Referal means someone was redirected to your site from their blog or website. Organic was a link clicked from a search engine(bing, google, aol, yahoo)

  12. also when it shows pages per visit, is what is meant by that mean they viewed MORE THAN ONE POST?

  13. Your idea of friendship is just someone who constantly does you favours. What have you ever done for anyone else?

    1. added tons of people to my blogroll without being asked, its all i can afford to do.

      no actually my idea of a friend is someone to hang out and play poker with all day long, who plays same games, same casinos, and shares same interests and hours.

    2. In other words....Someone who does what you want to do.

    3. In other words someone who does what you want to do.

    4. Tony says..."no actually my idea of a friend is someone to hang out and play poker with all day long, who plays same games, same casinos, and shares same interests and hours."

      In other words, you want a clone of yourself.

  14. Tony - you had better wake up a bit. If Lightning's upset with you, I'd put 10-1 odds on it that it's something you did to him. If I were you, I'd stop blogging bullsh*t & rumors and give him a call to try to understand where you went wrong. He's a pretty understanding guy and gives you a undoubtedly a lot of leeway due to your autism. I have no doubt that you did something to cause this.

    1. he dont reply to his phone, am assuming he is on his way home to tell us all what went wrong

  15. "hmm ive never heard of small pototoes poker"

    It's a blog all the cool kids follow!

    You should too :)

    1. id forgotten what the name of ur blog was

  16. Not going to answer any of those questions for you because you could find out for yourself by googling but just demand someone else do it for you instead.

  17. Serious question:

    How many resumes have you ever made? How many applications have you filled out? It is interesting that Carmen, someone who is still actively in court, found work and you had a felony 20 years ago and have never had a single solitary job, and I would bet a large sum of money have never made a résumé or filled out an application.

  18. won $53, and now in my room with my last $20 on lock playing 4 sngs. $2, $2, $5, $5. already busted out of one of the $2 ones. also i went and ate. waiting to hear from seattle irish, claudia or lightning. i assume he flew home today, although i was originally thinking he was going home thursday, was just disappointed i didnt get to see him one last time. was going to direct him how to get here from blue diamond road since he was right by there at southpoint. i guess me and poker Johnny shouldve stayed there and played instead of the M. Am surprised akgal (and lightning) really believed i was in mesquite after "george" posted about him running into me on his drive from cali. (he wouldnt be going thru mesquite coming from cali). so she wouldnt been able to run into me anyway on her way to utah. her original guess i was in Primm was wrong, but it was too close for comfort, since it was on the correct side of the state. but i wish shed not gotten upset, for i really did appreciate the offer of a coat, and my memory isnt the best as far as WHEN she first offered, but i do remember an earlier offer than on the drive to mesquite. so it wasnt a lie, i just am not sure. i was just afraid she wasnt sincere, but just wanted to find out where i was. thats me being afraid to trust anyone, and everyone knows i was born that way. I wish she would forgive me, and realize i did want the coat, but just wasnt comfortable letting the whole world learn where i was. simply cause i was too broke to have any other options as to where to go.

    am a little better off than i was, and now know of a good beatable easy game in summerlin i didnt know about before, but of course still dont have nearly enough to find housing and get resettled in vegas. Wont anytime soon either. and again, thats me being too paranoid to return without less than $2500.

    still would like to hang out with friends in vegas and play poker, am wondering if i could get grump or stump to take me to play poker or Johnny come back out sometime? tired of NOT playing any poker but online, but the only way i can play is with round trip transportation. also rob has a car. i wonder if he is still around?

    1. I understand you have this freak fetish about where you are staying and no one should know. But really, no one cares. No one is going to waste time trying to ferret you out or try to locate your VBJ machine full of Gold. No one is looking to rob some guy who subsists on Ramon Noodles. I mean, there is no reason to say, I am walking down Main Street with $5000 dollars at 2:03 PM, but otherwise it is not important to anyone on here, especially people like AlaskaGal.

  19. Tony,

    The only thing you can think of to do for others is to add them to your blog roll? Really? Maybe give it a bit more thought.

    1. Well, to be fair - sometimes he takes people out to eat using his comps.

      Tony, your excuses for not looking for a job are getting weaker and weaker. The latest one is your felony conviction ... seriously? Carmen got a job with a felony conviction, and hers is very recent. I believe you think work is beneath you - given your "genius" status, and all.

      People would have a lot more respect for you if you had a job - or at least made the effort to LOOK for a job. Probably wouldn't hurt with the ladies, either - most prefer to date men who are employed (well, at least the FEW ladies left who aren't lesbians or dating black pimps).

      Oh, and others are correct when they say NOBODY CARES WHERE YOU ARE. You're not Jason Bourne - not everyone is out to find you. Chill out.

  20. new roll $1800. won $42 VBJ, now in my room playing 4 sngs with my last $16 on lock. i hope i win cause i hate to keep bothering vook.

  21. u guys keep missing blog posts!! either that or its the same viewers over and over on this new page. this is the main reason i am afraid to update the blog too soon. please go back and read the previous entry, its showing 400+ views only while this entry is showing 600+ views.

    1. This is exactly why people continue to tell you this format sucks!!

      Good luck,


  22. Tony the more comments there are on a post, the more views it will get. People will keep looking back for updated discussion. The fact that you have to approve the comments first though just fucks up the flow of things.

    Also, don't bust your lock account. I made an account on there because I don't like stars or FTP and wanted to try a new site and you recommended lock. I would enjoy a chance to sit with the legend. Are you aa23eachhand ?

  23. tired of people asking who i am on LOCK WHO DONT TELL ME THEIR SCREEN NAMES. IF U WANT TO PLAY WITH ME, GIVE ME UR SCREEN NAME. its rude for u to know who i am and me not to know who u are.

    but in other news, just in case i cant ever sell that allegiant voucher, i checked the old place i used to stay in wichita for $499. (value place, same as shreveport) they used to advertise on craigslist, so thats how i contacted them now. seems they no longer offer a monthly rate, damn, its now over $200 a week, id never be able to afford that. the only cheap one i know offering monthly rates is in BILOXI, and its too far out and too high a monthly rate ($599)

  24. Gosh, Tony, where to even begin ...

    I am still deciding if I ever want to even communicate with you again. Maybe my posting on my blog a little insight into the December 2012 version of the TBC Experience and then goombye? I dunno.

    1. it would help if u updated ur blog so i could try and understand why u are upset. i couldnt figure it out, did u ever talk to Josie? Everything i did i did with the desire to make ur stay in vegas more enjoyable for u, such as trying to fix it so u could meet carmen and eat better food. and try to sleep at a time i thought would be better for us to hangout. essentially i felt like u abandoned me like all the women do, especially since u didnt want to make a short drive from Southpoint to come hang out on ur final day there before u left. i'm not sure i will even understand why u are upset even after i read ur post.

    2. Sadly, you are probably right.

    3. Tony, some people just don't appreciate fine meals and delightful local ladies . . . You tried... nothing more you could really do.

      To paraphrase the old saying, "you can lead lightening to water . . ."

    4. How is calling your friends assholes on Twitter trying to "make ur stay in vegas more enjoyable for u?"

  25. prob best for lightning to be brutally honest when he has the time. it might help, it might not. but be patient and wait Lightning has time and is willing to explain. and if he doesn't want to explain that is his choice as well. not everything should revolve around Tony.

    I'll say this when I go to Vegas there are prob tons of people I know and like that I never have the time to see or who will not have the time to see me. Just be glad Lightning went out of his way to see you. I;m sure he prob needed about 90 days in vegas to do all the things he'd like to do... I prob need about 5 years.

  26. Reading between the lines of this post, it sounds like you never made any specific plans, but rather just felt like you made yourself available and expected Lightning to take the affirmative step of going to wherever you were. That's not how these things work.

    There is a protocol to this kind of thing. If I had heard that Lightning was coming to town and I wanted to spend time with him, I would email him saying something like this: "I'd love to get together while you're here. My schedule is clear for either Saturday night or Sunday night. Can we try to find a time for dinner?" Or you can be more open, as I tend to do when friends or family come to town: "Your schedule is probably more constrained than mine, so please consider me to be at your disposal whenever you might be available for lunch, dinner, a show, bowling, or whatever else might interest you while you're here. I don't have any specific plans, so I can be anywhere, anytime."

    Such messages will usually be answered in one of a few ways. First, you might get, "Sorry, all booked up. Maybe next time." You then have the difficult task of trying to decide whether that's actually true or a polite blow-off. It could be either, and it's not always easy to tell.

    Or you might get a counteroffer: "I've already got dinner plans set up, but if you'd be available for brunch one of those days, I'd love to see you." Or, "Some friends and I are going to the club at Venetian Saturday night--why don't you join us?"

    I have many times seen you send messages on Twitter such as, "I'm playing at the Nugget. Come join me." These are either issued with the name of somebody specific or just as an open message sent out into the ether for anybody to hear. There's nothing especially WRONG with that, but you shouldn't expect to get much response. First, it's a "right now" thing rather than giving people time to plan in advance. Second, it's highly constrained as to time, place, and activity. What it is saying is "I'm willing to spend time with you if you make it right here, right now, doing this specific thing that I am doing. If not, well, frankly, you're not important enough to me to make other arrangements." That may or may not be what you INTEND to communicate, but that's how it comes across.

    You also have to understand the enormous constraints that your specific situation puts on making plans with other people. You weren't in control of when you'd be in town. You don't drive, which vastly restricts flexibility. You're banned from a huge fraction of the places that people visiting Vegas might want to spend their time. And the range of things that you're interested in doing is extraordinarily cramped, consisting of basically playing poker, playing machines, or wolfing down a meal in five minutes (after which you will start getting antsy and complaining about how long everybody else is taking to finish; I speak from experience). In short, it can be far more of a pain in the neck to make arrangements to spend time with you than it is with most other people.

    The way to deal with that fact is humbly and apologetically, not with expectations that visitors cater to the restrictions that your choices have put on your ability to be flexible. For example, if you were legally able to go to Aria, and if you hadn't blown your bankroll to smithereens playing stupid machines, my guess is that Lightning would have been happy to have you join him at a table at Aria, where he could chat not just with you but with the hundred or so other poker bloggers that he was in town to socialize with.

  27. (continued; comment was too long to be accepted all at once)

    Finally, it is my understanding that Lightning did, in fact, go out of his way to spend some time with you. It appears from your post that your reaction to this was not one of gratitude, of being happy to have what time he was willing and able to give you. Rather, the dominant message that comes through is one of a petulant child who didn't get all the Christmas presents he wanted. More, more, more--you are always demanding and expecting more from people. Nobody likes to be treated that way.

    A funny fact of human behavior is that you would, in fact, get more from people if, instead of insisting on it, you kindly and sincerely expressed gratitude for what people do for you. Accept what they give you graciously, with effusive thanks, and never a word asking for more--and you will probably cause them to want to be more generous with you, in terms of time, technical help, transportation, advice, or whatever. When somebody goes out of his way to spend time with you, and your response is a very public complaint that it wasn't ENOUGH time, most people will react by saying (or at least thinking), "Fine, next time I won't do it at all, rather than get kicked in the nuts for doing what I could."

    Anyway, that's my two-cents' worth on the matter.

    1. Grump,

      You have hit the nail on the head. I could not clearly articulate my frustrations when visiting Las Vegas and meeting up with Tony, but you have captured them in a way that he can, hopefully, comprehend.

      My last visit was work related and the expectations that he had regarding my ability to spend time at his disposal were excessive.

      Good luck,


  28. It's probably for the best that you found out what a true friend Lightning is (or isn't). Lots of times when Jesus closes one door he opens another. This probably just means that you'll meet a great new friend soon at church or while volunteering that will truly appreciate things like you taking a nap for them or adding a blog link.

    Anyway, more important things: how's the plan going to grind out $2,000 in profits in December from all them bad online players?

    Remember, you need to make a daily profit of $61.50 to get to $2,000. (I know you can do math like that easy but it helps for the rest of us to see it typed out.)

    Here are your daily profits so far playing at Lock:


    December 1: 7 played, +$22.50 profit
    December 2: 5 played, -$42.55 loss
    December 3: 5 played, -$1.06 loss
    December 4: 8 played, +$3.04 profit
    December 5: 9 played, -$11.47 loss

    Cash Games
    December 1-5: -$4.00 loss

    That's about -$30 so far, which is a bit off the pace you need to be at right now -- which is +$307.50 -- to grind out that $2,000 profit this month.

    Any plan to get back on track? Run better in the $25 SnGs? Any progress on finding more time every day to play more than 5 or 6 SnGs?

    Or is the new plan just to be a Suncoast $2-6 spread limit O8 pro and not bother with playing online? Seems a shame to pass up all that money from all them bad players but you know best of course.

  29. Tony, last time I was in Vegas I made a point to get in touch with you to get together. But you ran off to Laughlin, on one of your super monkey-tilt nuclear melt-downs. Did I go on Twitter and call you an asshole?

    One of these days, you're going to actually start following the good advice you get on this blog - from people like Grump, S.I. and Pokerdogg. And when you start doing that, you life is going to get better. I guarantee it.

    Step number one might be BE NICE TO EVERYONE - whether or not they are nice to you.

    Good luck - and nice job on the recent increase in your roll. Stay disciplined, and before you know it you'll be back in Vegas with > $2500.

    PS - Was hoping to be in Vegas between Christmas/New Year. But going to Tenerife instead, for some Winter sunshine. Can't wait!