Thursday, December 13, 2012

tatude is coming by here on his way from cali at 11am today, and he wouldve drove me into vegas if id wanted, but i have nowhere to stay, although its possible susan wouldve gave me a free room at circus again, but i never asked and besides the last time she gave me one, im sure me having NO PLAY didnt look good.

he will be dropping off a few food items and some other things. i am considering seeing about going back to cali sunday with him, so i can take the short bus ride into Reno so i can get a place to stay, play $1-5 stud daily at the eldorado, also $30 min buyin $1-2 NL, and see a dr and an atty. id never be playing any machines there, none of this good kind of VBJ exist there.

am playing a few sngs on lock, about $30+ there depending on how i do, and a live roll of $1400 still. lost back over $100 yesterday.

i tried to find me an attorny to take my SSI case but none of them will accept someone who isnt seeing a dr. aspergers isnt really something u need to see a dr for, so what do i do? i was told before i needed to be hooked up with social services, but i understand that to mean get on welfare, and that wasnt what i wanted to spend a lot of wasted time trying to do. although it would be so helpful to me if i could find a social agency dr etc that could get me a reduced fare bus pass, it wouldve saved me so much money over the years, but i really have no idea where to go. i dont like asking for help from agencies and the govt, i just dont feel right doing it. i only feel right in asking individuals, because i believe thats the way things are supposed to be, and we should help others if we have money instead of depending on the govt to do it. also, its a pain in the butt.

im worried about how i can find an atty to help me with my ssi denial, thats on appeal now, and i wouldnt know the first thing about how to talk to a dr. and id also like to know if ANY readers live near reno, i dont think any do, but u never know. am so relieved i was able to use that deposit to cover this months phone bill.

and although im really worried how ill survive if i leave, im sick and tired of not playing any poker. did u realize i only played NL once in 2 months? never thought that time would come.


  1. So you want more SSI money but "i dont like asking for help from agencies and the govt, i just dont feel right doing it"?

    You realize that SSI is an entitlement program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA), right?

    Unlike normal Social Security payments or disability, you don't have to have ever worked to get SSI payments, making it one of the larger entitlement programs in the US that the government funds.

    There's absolutely no difference between food stamps, welfare, and SSI; they're entitlement programs that anyone can apply for and receive based on demonstrated need, regardless of whether they've ever worked or paid a penny in taxes.

    Did you know that the current "fiscal cliff" impasse largely boils down to Republicans demanding big cuts to entitlement programs like SSI and food stamps, while Democrats insist that the top 2% of the very wealthiest citizens -- who make over $250,000 per year -- should pay more in taxes?

    You've mentioned many different times how much you dislike rich people who won't do their fair share and you're trying very hard to get back on SSI (and also pocketed a big SSI overpayment in the past); does that surprise you to find out that Obama is fighting for your right to have access to entitlement programs like SSI and shares a similar few that rich folks aren't doing enough to help people who need it more?

  2. Tony: If you were diagnosed with Asperger's (by a psychologist, I imagine), that person or agency should have documentation that you could use to access services, if needed.

    It sounds like your best option would be to reconnect with the counseling services you received in Las Vegas. If that agency does not do advocacy services, it should be able to refer you to a place that does.

  3. Tony, silver rider goes to reno cheap

    1. no it doesnt, it only goes to laughlin, then theres a different one going up to mesquite, both operate thru the local city bus, and operate about 2-3 days a week

  4. Regardless of the politics of the situation, SSI is a benefit that exists in the USA and Tony has previously qualified as a recipient, and should likely be able to do so again.

    I am glad that you are seeking help with this Tony.

  5. they did GAMBLING counseling only, and my mother has no idea what dr has diagnosed me. no one did as a child, she only learned why i was different when i was older. as a child no one could figure out why.

  6. truthfully if i knew i could get a free room over the weekend, i probably should go into vegas with tatude, and try to get help seeing a dr from a social agency on friday and play at the suncoast. but tatude dont have the time to take me everywhere. and i dont know where to go.

  7. Aspergers will no longer be a diagnosis. With the new DSM coming out it will be lumped into the autism disorder. I highly doubt you will have much luck finding an attorney to take your case. You will need to see a shrink and get re-diagnosed. If you do this then you can probably get back on the govt cheese. You might as well get all of the benefits you are entitled to. Obama isn't ending the govt gravy train anytime soon so you might as well hop aboard. If you don't use what you are entitled to someone else will just abuse the system anyways. Good luck.

  8. rode up to vegas with tatude, will be here til sunday, trying to see if i can figure out where to go see anyone who can help with getting me an ssi attorny willing to take me, or finding out how i get proof of autism to get a disabled bus fare pass

  9. Tony:

    Let me know how you conversation with Opportunity Village goes!