Monday, January 14, 2013

u wouldnt expect it to be this cold in vegas, when carrying a ton of groceries home from walmarts it felt like i needed gloves, i felt cold in my hands more than not having a cap or warmer coat, and of course i couldnt be in a really cold place like south dakota with this little money.

Havent been to the bank yet, nor the thrift store, but if i find moms check this afternoon, or whenever i go to sleep and wake up, then ill go over there, must be done fairly quickly so i can have a working atm card. cant be putting it off, because they still will have to mail me a permanent one, im only going in to pick up a temporary.

am still only in the $1700s, that check is supposed to be what will get me back to over $2000. at least ive been doing ok on lock, still holding onto over $140 on there. i didnt lose all that money, it just looked like it because of the charges taken out when i ordered mom the tea. (i did have that one bad $300 poker and VP drop that one night).

To maintain a roll of over $2000 will be incredibly difficult. $174 will come out wed for rent, $90 more for internet in a week, $2-6 might not be beatable (still not a big enough sample to determine) and anything could go wrong. And if i stay around $2000 forever, eventually something would go wrong, and i would end up broke, so its critical this gets to $3000 as soon as possible so i have the extra $1000 cushion. especially if i was to start playing NL. $174 a week seems to be way too much rent, ive seen places as low as $125 a week here in vegas, but they look far more unsafe.

heres some good news, and i have no idea why, but for whatever reasons, ive not seen a single roach in here the last 3 days. how they all died i dunno.

Thanks so much to Jamie on facebook for offering to bring me a battery when he comes to vegas Jan 26th. theres so many little things like that i need, such as a haircut and bedding, that i cant just bring myself to spend money on when things like a bike and rent are so much more important and until i hit $3000 i really shouldnt spend a dime on any expenses. Not playing NL makes it a lot harder to win enough a week to get by. did i leave Jean too soon? i fear i mightve lost my discipline and lost the money there too.

And i still havent seen Grump or Johnny since returning to vegas, and grump dont have a lot of time before he leaves. Wont be able to afford a bike anytime soon either i fear.


  1. GL Tony. Abstaining from video poker will only help your roll grow. Don't forget that I'm always thinking of you and wish you success.

  2. I think today is a bank holiday

  3. Why would today be a bank holiday? If you're thinking of MLK Jr's B-day, that's next monday.

    Good luck Tony, nice to see you doing well and in an apartment rather than always in casinos.

  4. My mistake. Thought is was second Monday in Jan. Bank will be open then.

  5. lost the entire $140 i had on lock, will try and sleep now, that was dumb of me, shouldve sold a lot to vook, but felt that dumb too cause i mightve bought it back.

    sat with the final $100 in $1-2 NL trying to get unstuck, wasnt getting anything, down to about $85 and then the following hand came up. i had A7 diamonds, raised preflop in late possible, then the same asshole repopped me to $13, i called. (mistake 1?)

    flop comes 345 with 2 diamonds, and i check, planning to check raise his ass. he checks behind. turn comes Q and i bet, he calls. river misses me, i bet the last $65, about the size of the pot, and he calls with Q9 offsuit and wins. if i bet the flop, or shove allin preflop, he might fold. what would u have done after missing the turn, or missing the river and getting called on the turn

    1. Your first mistake was raising pre-flop with A7 suited. Mistake number 2 was not aggressively raising the flop - Q9 would have probably folded there. But what do I know...

    2. there was NO bet on the flop, so how could i raise? i was trying to checkraise, thought that would look stronger than a bet.

    3. you were outplayed on this hand. He 3bets you in position with a moderate hand. Not a bad play as he could win the pot immediately or take it down later using position. Not only that but the stack sizes are almost perfect for him to force a player into a decision that tips the strength of their hand or commits them to the pot. You have no experience playing 6max. It is all about position, spots, stack sizes, etc. WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS? the average talent level you will face is better than anything you will EVER see at a live 1/2 game (please note there are always some spew fish at any level of poker).

      You call his 3bet. What was your plan here? Hoping to hit two pair or better out of position with a pot that is already almost a 1/3 of your remaining stack? Do you see why his raise with a Q9 against a tight or new player is a good play? Prob not.

      flop comes 543 with two diamonds. You have a flush draw, a double gutter and two overcards. You are more than happy to get it in. pot is $29. A check/raise isn't that bad of an idea as you might get a free card and you can also crai with a ton of equity where the pot to stack ratio is perfect. Another solid option is to just lead out planning to go all in if raised. I kinda prefer the check/raise plan as it usually will get more equity in the pot and you have a monster ton of potential outs.

      He checks behind.

      Turn is a Q. this puts a two flush on the board. Betting is ok here as well to try and take it down. He opts to call in position on a double flush board.

      the turn misses all of the draws and pairs the board. You overshove slightly above the pot. It just doesn't add up to the value of your hand. Please tell me what hand you are trying to represent here. a set? sure,maybe. Nothing else fits.

      Problem is there are a ton of draws that missed and fit your action. You're going to get called a ton here by almost anything that called the turn barring a naked Ace high spade flush draw (he bets his diamond flush draws on flop, but you knew that of course). What did you think he had on the turn when he called? Did you think?

      i'm pretty sure the only plan you had on the turn and river was how can i win back all the money I put in this pot after missing... I shove.

      You shouldn't be playing 1/2 NLHE 6 max online. You will get eaten alive over time. it's aggressive and you just aren't good enough. Stick to Omaha.

  6. "Mistake 1" was trying to play on-line $1/2NL in the first place. But you know this....

    1. Yes Tony, you are not good enough to beat online 1/2

      please stop chasing losses

    2. well i didnt want to drop my real money bankroll and i dont consider the online money as part of my roll, so i thought i could try and win money to sell "risk free" by playing online instead of live. also playing it online im playing lower stakes because the online cash is only 75c on the dollar.

  7. Mistake 1 - playing junk hands like A7 even suited A7 is a junk hand.

  8. We all know you're a genious and play faultless poker but do you think maybe there's a correlation between the following PTR stats and the fact that you can't seem to win money playing online poker?

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 96% of the population at $1/$2 NL Hold'em (9 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 100% of the population at $0.05/$0.1 PL Omaha (9 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 98% of the population at $0.25/$0.5 NL Hold'em (9 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 97% of the population at $0.02/$0.04 NL Hold'em (9 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 99% of the population at $0.25/$0.5 PL Omaha (6 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 85% of the population at $0.05/$0.1 PL Omaha (6 max).

    aa23eachhand goes to Showdown more frequently than 88% of the population at $0.02/$0.04 PL Omaha (6 max).

    1. I've heard the phrase "Calling Station" before. I have no idea what it means. Can anyone help me out?


    2. nothing unusual about that at all when im min buying in and the money is getting allin preflop about every time.

  9. So you put your whoe online bankroll into a cash game no doubt whilst feeling tilted. This is very bad,a huge mega-leak. I would have won much, much more online if i had never behaved like this (unfortunately i have).

    Won't be so bad if you learn NEVER to do this again!!

  10. 175/week is cheap considering you don't have to pay utilities, sewer/water, etc. You have to accept the fact that it is not the early 1990s anymore. In most major cities just a studio or 1 bedroom apartment will usually set you back at least $350-500/month. It will be much more in cities like LA, NY, Chicago, etc. This does not even include utilities. Since you have no proof of income you will have to pay more to live in places that do not require a lease.

    Life is expensive so what you should do is write down every expense that you have for the month. Include food, rent, internet, phone, etc etc. To have a proper budget you must first know how much money you need to clear per month just to survive. Your roll is low but you have been at this for years. The real question is do you have a good enough hourly rate to not only pay your bills but grow your roll? Try keeping a month sample and see what you come up with. I doubt you will do this unfortunately.

    1. Tony:

      Things become a great deal less expensive when you have govt. sub. housing. Have you made any progress on all of the SSI stuff?


    2. Ah, except the rub is that Tony does not want to have to deal with any of the procedures or restrictions that come from working through governmental agencies. Anyone who has dealt with these agencies knows that a decent toleration for waiting, details, and misc crapola is needed. Tony appears to have little tolerance for any of this, as we have seen time and time again. Thus, the cycle continues.

    3. Yep, Tony you are stuck in a rut, a real life groundhog day. You can't rely on others to do a lot of this stuff for you. You need to make a budget, make a plan and stick with it. If you don't make enough to support yourself then you know what to do. All of the information you need is online and you don't need your hand held all the time.

      The real question is do you just want to live week to week never having a permanent home, or do you want to get some stability? My guess is the trainwreck continues full speed ahead unfortunately. There are resources out there for you and there are people who want to help you. Thing is you have to take the first step, it won't just happen because you want it to. GL, next time I am in Vegas I will look you up if you are still around.

  11. won over $300 in the NL game at samstown tonight, then went out and threw away over $100 of it on the VP. Moms check arrived too, need to go to the bank when it opens.

    1. Congrats on the poker win of $300. On the $100 VP loss was that the result of a failed martingale attempt?

      Regards, Lester

    2. Tony, Martingale is going to bust you.

    3. That $100.00 VP loss is part of a curse, Tony. A karmic curse is upon you for taking that benjamin from the woman what whelped youze!

      You are doomed to wander this earth, feeding your addiction, wasting your very last dollar, until you right this wrong, until you clean this abomination.

      You are cursed, Tony. You cannot run from a curse. You must be cleansed!


  12. " then went out and threw away over $100 of it on the VP."

    And on Twitter over the weekend you mentioned a $200 VP loss. But a couple of weeks ago you said that you had cured yourself of playing VP. So in your vocabulary, does "cure" mean "stop doing it for a little while"?

  13. I was just in Jean passing through. I checked out the "good" VBJ. A man was seated there, the waitress said he was there 18-20 hrs a day for the past 4-5 days. And winning. She even said the management might take out the machine due to his success. Intrigued, I watched him play for several minutes. He even seemed to like the attention and was very friendly. We shook hands and he told me his name was Martin Gale. Very nice man.

  14. Excellent job Tony! 36% is extremely difficult for anyone to charge in this economy for doing a favor, and you were able to get this rate from your own mother. Well done, and if Claudia sees this type of business accumen she may very well realize her mistake in avoiding you.

  15. Herbalife is a scam and Pyramid scheme. It you did a little research you will find the stock is tanking and they are under federal investigation. With that said, I dont see any product they sell over $40.. She needs to cancel this order.

    1. I don't know that they are under federal investigation, but I have been reading with interest what's going on with the stock. Two big hedge fund titans are in a battle over the shares - one thinks it's a pyramid scheme, and has shorted several hundred million in the stock, while the other has a substantial long position.

      It's been a roller-coaster - the stock has gone from $40/share down to $20 and back again.

      There is an interesting (very long) Powerpoint presentation by the short hedge fund on why they believe it's a pyramid. They meticulously prove that the majority of revenues come from recruiting new distributors, as opposed to product sales. They also show the products are way overpriced, and are essentially commodities.

      The company is a like a religion to some people ... it has a number of cult-like qualities. The founder, Mark Hughes, is an interesting guy - I actually met him a few times.

    2. This is one guy's experience....
      (Regards, Lester)

      Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
      Online Business Systems is the major marketing/distributor for Herbalife products. I got involved
      with OBS when I received an e-mail from a trusted friend recommending that I try OBS. I found
      out later that an OBS operative had “hacked” into my friends E-Mail “Favorites” list and sent the
      recommending e-mail to all of his favorites.
      However, I had already responded to the e-mail before I found this out. I received a call Brian
      Frasier who told me what a great company it was and then he put Cathy Callahan on the
      conference call. They explained that I should send $9.95 to Brian and he would send a packet
      which would explain what the company was all about. After reviewing the informational packet
      and after several phone conversations with Brian & Cathy, I agreed to send Brian $399.00 for a
      sample of most of the Herbalife products. Soon after receiving the samples I then agreed to send
      Brian another $39.95 and OBS $100.00 so that I could get started (I thought).
      After I had paid them $548.90 I then found out that the only way to get leads and to get a good
      commission on the sales was to become a Supervisor. Brian and Cathy then told me that it would
      cost $4,000. to become a Supervisor. I told them that I could not afford that amount of money.
      They then told me that I could cut the payment to $2,000. by joining with another person who
      would also pay $2,000. and then we both would become Supervisors. After talking it over with
      my wife we decided that we could not even afford $2,000. because the only way to get leads was
      to spend approximately $500.00 monthly for the leads. We thought that the $548.90 was down
      the drain.
      Several weeks went by & I received a call from Cathy who told me that another person was
      willing to pay $3,200. and I could become a Supervisor for only $800. – if I wired transferred the
      $800. to them within two days. My wife and I talked it over and we decided to go for it. I wired
      transferred the $800.00 to OBS and I was told that I was now a Supervisor. My next move was to
      complete my training which would take several weeks.
      Just after completing my training I called Cathy and told her that I was ready to purchase some
      leads. Cathy informed me during that phone call that my status had been switched and lowered
      from that of a Supervisor to a distributor. I asked how they could do that since I had just paid
      them $800. to become a Supervisor. She told me that she did not know who had made the
      decision. I tried to call everyone above Cathy in the chain of command and not one call was
      returned. I sent numerous e-mails to the so-called “Head” of our team and they refused to
      respond to my e-mails.
      So, the long and the short of my experience is that I am out $1,397.95
      My advice to anyone and everyone is to not have anything to do with Online Business Systems /
      Herbalife. If you are ever approached, RUN, don’t walk away from them.
      I have since heard that this bait & switch tactic has been used by them before.

    3. Might I suggest that the chump who kept sending money find a better business? I suggest that he consider sending Tony $1000 for staking purposes -- less than Herbalife and certainly much longer to go busto ...

    4. I agree Lightning. It would take at least 3 or 4 days on the VP machine, lmao.

  16. i have been to type a semicolon and a slash everywhere to try and find out what type of smiley face its supposed to be, i even tried typing it on my cell, and in a blog post. everywhere i typed it all i could see was the characters i was typing NOT the smiley face, i give up. i wish i could figure out where to type it to find out.