Sunday, March 31, 2013

a lot of evidence in todays blog why Bryan Micon and the ownership of seals is not to be trusted

still not doing well at all, and im sure i wont be for a long long time. Only got $1362 in the roll, no money online anymore, (except for 30 chips left of 50 chips from Mc gee) and i still owe $100 for March internet, that used to be auto deducted from my bank acct on the 27th of every month, not sure when its past due. and of course im still in danger of having my phone shut off anytime. However i also think that theres a good chance i might last a long time without busting out either, but without any real hope of recovery anytime soon. still however, its better than the alternative (risking either winning a few hundred quickly or losing all thats left). so id still be wise not to martingale or overbet. Even though Kimlee and Andy differ greatly in their opinion, and Kimlee said it was ok.

Really wish i had some friends around, (i mean ones who understood that every dollar i have is vitally important to my survival) which means i have nothing to pay for gas. And yes, that means no spending comps on gas either. Because im going to owe $105 in comps again for the week apr 7-14 and im down to only $49 in comps. and im starving tonight, and have ate up all the food, all the canned goods etc, because i didnt buy near enough at the food4less with stack because i have no money and couldnt bring myself to spend more than $17. So i feel like going and spending $12 of my comps in the buffet on the evening meal. all i have in the room is 9 soups, everything else is gone. really can use food stamps, but theres no way to qualify. way too much hassle proving i have no income. welfare certianly wouldnt take my word for it, especially after looking at my bank statement, they thought every incoming transaction was income and that wasnt the case.

Reason i need someone around who wont ask for gas is because on sunday apr 15, my 28 days will be up again, and ill have to checkout for 2 nights. and of course i have no comps in vegas either, no way to get free rooms there anywhere anymore, so ill have to spend money whereever its the cheapest. also i need a friend willing to cut my hair for free with a pair of scissors. its looking really bad. im not shaved either, but thats not a big deal to me. although i usually have the barber trim it off when i go because it looks so bad by then, and thats why my haircuts cost so much. cant believe how when i had a nice bankroll i used to waste a lot of money like up to $40-60 paying for it in places like the spa at the plaza and nugget simply for the added convenience of not having to leave downtown to find a barber. id used the elcortez if i wasnt banned. sure im banned at the plaza too but the plaza will just ask me to leave and the elcortez wouldnt, they took me to the security office and called metro instead, even though that was over 10 yrs ago last time i was in there, but as far as i know they still have the same head of security they had 20 yrs ago and hes there for life.

he seemed to be of the opinion id stolen from Jackie Gaughns room (not true) simply fell asleep by the roof and had a pillow with me from a room, that id found. But he put a lie down in the security report, and thats why im not comfortable trying to get it lifted. seems quite common for security to lie on reports as to why someone is banned in this town, thats how they justify the bans to other employees who hired them, and is why trying to have them lifted is a total waste of time. Harrahs KCMO, the MGM grand, Treasure Island, and Binions of course also werent truthful in their report as to what happened either. (which ive explained in multiple previous blog entries). Treasure Island was the only place i ever did anything seriously wrong that couldve gotten me in legal trouble instead of just asked to leave, but it certainly wasnt anything remotely resembling what they wrote in the report.

so yeah id like for someone able to just clip it with scissors. actually that could probably even be done here outside in the parking lot. certainly not in the room or it would leave a mess. and of course they certainly isnt anywhere here for me to buy scissors. and the small swollen bump that seemed like it had pus in 1 finger burst and went away, that seems to happen from time to time, so did the one in my nose where it had felt red. But a good checkup by a dr to look at my scalp to make sure im not having any problems with infection sure wouldnt hurt. however im certainly not having anything put on my credit record by going to UMC. thank God all them old entries had time to come off being over 7 yrs old, thats why i only had to pay $100 deposit for cell phone and internet instead of $400 like i was asked years ago and declined getting service.

i also dont want my credit report hurting me when i go to get a monthly apt someday either. u save a lot of money being in a regular apt by the month instead of by the week. PokerJohnny has the perfect setup and so does McGee. I actually qualified for a dept store credit card before from a major retailer in toledo when i was 18 or 19 or 20 i cant be sure but i think the name mightve been something like Lion. i ended up owing over $250 i couldnt pay and losing my acct however within a few months. the only time i really remember having an actual credit card instead of a debit one. the banks cracked down on retailers giving those out to people without great credit after the housing crisis began that obama was responsible for back in the days Bush was in office when he worked with acorn and they sued banks to force them to make bad loans to minorities. so its a lot harder to get a credit card that in the days of very loose credit.

Cant imagine why this guy on seals got the idea i stink. none of the people whove met me in person think that, at least not the blog readers who came to town to meet me. Only when i had no rooms did i never shower, and slept outdoors. been doing so at the goldstrike the shower works good here. usually if i do smell bad its because its my breath, although some might not realize that. thats why i carry around listerene strips when im not out of them. But ive not heard any of the readers ive been playing cards with regularly complain. only people who ever complained were assholes who never liked me just looking for something to complain about. the only way hed really know that wouldve been if he saw me smell bad on a day in vegas, as he claims, but if thats the case and he thought i owed him $13, why didnt he bring it up then? so somethings not right there.

Mc Gee is really ruining his reputation on seals by being chummy with that guy, and giving him that stake. alot of people in chat there dont trust him. and im no longer gonna play under my 1baddude name, except for the krill freerolls since the guy whose imitating me under the name 1badude (without the extra d) and about 50 others names. at least if i create a new acct and never ever talk at all i wont ruin my own reputation on seals.

But truthfully, i dont trust the site at all anymore, not after what i read today from the scammer in chat. i copied and pasted it for u all to see, along with a bunch of other chat. I've been upset with Micon for awhile now for not getting rid of 1badude from imitating my name. so what if he creates 10 new accts, at least id not have to ever worry about him being accidently mistaken for me. And once u start reading the chat carefully u will see why i dont trust the games at seals to be honest. im sure most of them are, but u cant depend on ur table to be at any given time. remember, i got called by a guy with T9 high no pair once who beat me. and it seems like Micon isnt doing anything to prevent this issue, nor to care about it very much.

and im also offended by yoloswag4 who thinks the whole thing is funny. sure i called yolo a donk earlier today because he WAS a stupid donk. u see mc gee staked me for 50 chips since i was broke on seals, and told me to ONLY play 10chip 9man ones, and no cash games since those are so easy to money in. and as soon as the 50 reached 100, i was to send him back 50. (which is worth about $4.65). so i went to start registering and forgot to filter the lobby, and accidently registered for a HU sng. i was busy making sure they werent turbos, and were normal slow speed, and were 10 chip ones because he told me to be careful i didnt reg for 24+1 ones. by the way its still 1 coin rake if u play the 9 chip or the 24 chip. (maybe he should consider that too).

what yoloswag4 did was to reraise my raise that i made with AQ hearts preflop early on in the HU sng when blinds were low, with K9 offsuit. i went over the top allin, when i only had about 30% of my chips invested, and he CALLS?? wtf kind of a donk call is that? and he flops 2 pair and rivers a boat.

but that shouldnt mean that yolo thinks the idea of someone sitting at multiple computers on seals, (cant imagine anyone owning that many computers) logged in under multiple acct names, (he was logged in as 6 people same time today) that he thinks this is FUNNY and a JOKE. u see cheating is serious business. and it will drive traffic away from the site. notice how the guy with about 40 names always harrassing me in chat talks about how hes cheating, who sickcall can better explain in this blog how he hacked another guys account (plo8monster) the other day.

i was already aware i cant trust this guy, why mc gee staked him 10 chips i dont know. but now i feel like i cant trust yoloswag either. he shouldve immediately been outraged by the cheating admission. and why Micon dont do anything i dunno. sure as he says he just can create a new id, so how does he ban him? but there should be a way to stop someone from using that many similar IP addresses from that many computers, id think the ISP addresses would have to very close to identical. Mc Gee claimed the guy was using a VPN, which should also be prohibited. says Mc Gee was told that by the scammer. i wonder how the pokermeister feels learning that its this easy to play multiple spots on seals at once?

and id like ideas of how Micon can fix this issue, or if seals itself is so flawed the issue is unfixable? it just seems to me Micon isnt doing much. he never replied when i wrote to and only wrote back when i emailed him at his hotmail address and sent a message to his facebook and twitter. basically saying banning someone is pointless and i myself should get a new ID, which i did and sometimes play under.

all i know about this scammer is hes far out on the leftwing of american politics, supports gays and euthenasia, and hates the fact i wont try to get on public assistance and have a disability. So in a way, i think the reason i tweet the things i do is i feel like im defending myself against the people whove bullied me my whole life when i do that, including those who bullied me as a kid. people say what i tweet is hateful, but i feel like im striking back at the sacred cows of all of my enemies. i dont think id do it if i didnt feel bullied all the time, or if someone else would speak up against those things sometimes. used to be in 1996 everyone felt the same way i did, and that was only 17 yrs ago. how society has changed in a decade. Even Clinton felt that way when he signed DOMA, then now has changed his mind too since. 84 out of 100 senators voted for it. now we wouldnt even get 50. i grew up in a small town in KS. everyone was very conservative. everyone believed in God for the most part. psychiatric manuals used to call being gay a psychiatric disorder and almost everyone thought it was gross and disgusting.

explained this to Josie once. i feel like liberals feel like i shouldve been aborted at birth. and since i cant possibly agree with that, that therefore everything they value and hold dear, the opposite must be right. u see God is a God who cares about others, and the most important value at all is the value of human lives. so anyone who dont believe in that, i cannot give them any respect or im essentially saying id be better off dead. most gays pushing gay marriage dont care about marriage anyway. all they want is the right to sue churches to force the church to marry them because their real issue is with God. and thats who they hate. the world has turned a lot in 10 yrs. people no longer have any respect for God, or for their fellow human beings. which is why people dont speak up when someone is being mistreated in chat and instead sit and laugh about it. and wear such horribly offensive tshirts. So its fundamentally hard for me to turn around and respect what they think i should do. because my rebellion makes me want to do the exact opposite.

anyway u can see the chat below, no reason in hell a guy should be allowed to harrass nonstop in chat with 6 screen names who dont deposit. im gonna stop playing on seals and go on bovada instead, better site. maybe even a site he cant find me like bcp or carbon
darrylbum: my name is darryl

dumbbum: and i'm just dumb =D

yoloswag4: there is a 4baddude in the lobby

yoloswag4: lmfao

wetardbum: Hey stinky

stinkybum: yeah wetard?

wetardbum: i want some more doritos

wetardbum: i wish andy would send us some

stinkybum: yeah, i miss AndyCash

stinkybum: I would let him fuck me in the ass for another infusion

wetardbum: yeah, an "infusion" ;)

darrylbum: I know this guy called tony bigcharles, man he sucks a mean cock

dumbbum: yeah, and i only had to pay him $2!

wetardbum: you paid for that? I just offered him a ride then bent him over

stinkybum: LOL

stinkybum: you guys are sick

wetardbum: and you stink!

dumbbum: and you stink!

darrylbum: and you stink!

stinkybum: yes i do :(

stinkybum: it's from not showering, like, ever

stinkybum: 1baddude, any advice

stinkybum: for not stinking?

wetardbum: yeah man, we hear you're also ab um

darrylbum: bum pride!

0baddude: HEY


groomba: people people, settle down!

groomba: there's plenty of TBC's ass to go around!

wetardbum: tony

wetardbum: TONY!

wetardbum: WE WUV JOO

0baddude: TBC's MY BOYFRIEND


0baddude: i hope they legalize gay marriage in nevada

0baddude: so me and tbc can get married

0baddude: that way his greasy ass is all mine

0baddude: ALL MINE!

0baddude: we've been dating ever since i raped him in my car

0baddude: when he was under 19

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: yolo

groomba: how do you rate my performance?

yoloswag4: fab

groomba: lol

groomba: it's FABULOUS (in a gay voice)

yoloswag4: ^

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: i think he's legit gay though

groomba: (1baddude that is)

groomba: like, he used to have sex w/ men

groomba: and now he bashes gays all th time

yoloswag4: lmao

groomba: normally that kind of gay-hate is from in the closet gays

groomba: just the other day

groomba: he tweeted some random guy on twitter who's a cab driver

groomba: something about "loading fags in his cab" lol

groomba: The bums ar ethe FAB 5!

0baddude: I'm Fab !

0baddude: 1

wetardbum: FAB 2!

stinkybum: LIKE TOTALLY FAB 3

darrylbum: SUPER AWESOME FAB 4


System: yoloswag4 finishes tournament in place #9

groomba: aw

groomba: yolo's out :(

yoloswag4: :(

groomba: oh well, wanna razz 1badude?

groomba: i dunno why he doesn't respond lol

yoloswag4: lol cant, gotta go freeroll

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: i made a hand in th freeroll take 15 mins once

groomba: becaus ei got 2 accounts at the same table

groomba: so i min raised over and over

groomba: for 15 mins

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: lol tony

groomba: you think i care if i get banned?

groomba: i can just make 6 more accounts

groomba: dont even need an email account

groomba: yo yolo, you should untrust 1baddude

groomba: for being a retard LOL

aedge: diamond...knew you'd defend your small blind too

stienski: be a man then

aedge: after that 94 donk play

System: herp finishes tournament in place #8

stienski: where im from 94 means push

aedge: that's why raised more than normal...knew you were defending with anything

stienski: i played the hpt and the wsop this month...i had KQ diamond lol

stienski: aedge i still love u tho

0baddude: aw man

0baddude: my boyfriend lost

0baddude: now he's going to be angry when we have buttsex

0baddude: NOOOOOOO

System: 1baddude finishes tournament in place #6



  1. Tony:

    I don't believe you. I don't believe any "liberal" you know has said that they think YOU should have been aborted. Tell us who those people are.

    There is a huge difference between saying you believe a woman has a fundamental right to make decisions regarding her body, which includes terminating pregnancy, and saying you think any specific person should have been aborted.

    If it's something one of your blog readers said, you can chuck that out the window - some of those fools saying anything to rile you up.


    p.s. - if you're wanting to get someone to cut your hair, you'll want to play down the whole scalp infection angle.

  2. "the banks cracked down on retailers giving those out to people without great credit after the housing crisis began that obama was responsible for back in the days Bush was in office when he worked with acorn and they sued banks to force them to make bad loans to minorities."

    This comment made my head explode. I had to feel around to pick up the pieces and put it back together, then...

    "most gays pushing gay marriage dont care about marriage anyway. all they want is the right to sue churches to force the church to marry them because their real issue is with God."

    Exploded again. If someone doesn't like gays, or blacks, or Jews, whatever, fine.... but I wouldn't be so quick to speak for God.

    That being said, keep in mind you should be playing games and poker to try to make money to pay your living expenses, live comfortably, and have a good time, not live in a perpetual cycle of trying to save every last dime to drop into the nearest blackjack machine. It seems like your goal is to build your roll so you can have more money to play with. It may hurt to have to pay $10 to take a cab away from a casino... but if that keeps you from blowing $300 at a VP machine, then its worth it.

  3. It's a shame you can't ignore someone on the internet.

  4. You should go to swagbucks and get a search widget that you could post on your blog here, readers would use it to search the web and earn you swagbucks which can be turned in for amazon giftcards and stuff like that. I have a friend that gets a few hundred a month from this and he gets less readers than you.

  5. So people need to drive you around on their own time and at their own costs, and doctors need to give you free care, and someone needs to cut your hair in a parking lot and you can't pay your only two monthly bills? But GETTING A JOB WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A FAILURE?

  6. Just read your most recent posts on RTP.

    Good job, you really let your strong character shine through. You're just a heck of a good person and that's why people are lining up to hang out and help you.

    You're also the worst supposed advantage player in history. You're -$1000 now since going back to Jean, but hey at least you're also +50 in soups consumed and +2 in devices that connect you to your last few supporters being disconnected soon.

  7. Tony: unless you ever invested in some medicated shampoo to do something about that scalp mange that you have you should have some rubber gloves to go with that scissors for the haircut in the parking lot that you are seeking pro bono....

    Regards, Lester

  8. "so id still be wise not to martingale or overbet."

    Ummmm, how's this working out for you? LOL. For someone who claims to be so smart, you really seem to be kind of dumb.

  9. Tony,
    I don't understand why you can't just shut off chat so as to not give away who you are. You consider yourself a professional gambler. Professional gamblers do not partake in the chat box feature. They simply don't care.

    It's unfortunate; I've sat at the virtual poker table with you and I hear you going on & on about this or that. You shouldn't be doing that; at most, you can type "GG" good game, or "NH" nice hand. Don't get into conversations about how your "boyfriend" Tony is playing high stakes poker elsewhere, or whatever else. Although you don't deserve the grief you get from the stupid stalkers that follow you and mess with you, a lot of what you receive is brought on by your own actions and words.

    Why am I writing this? You've proven tiem & time again that it'll go in one ear & out the other...

  10. What is it about you that you think you know what liberals and gays are thinking more than they themselves do? Do you think you are smarter than all of them?

    Why do you go on and on about people thinking you should have been aborted? Were you unwanted? Was your mother forced to take you to term?

    Do you think of all political debates in a narcissistic way? Don't you think some require objectivity?

  11. FrostyStinkMitt -- His blog post and RTP comment should not be a surprise based on TBC's past. I imagine you might not be familiar with the long story.

    And I've got to ask you -- where did your name come from and/or what significance does it have?

    1. The name actually just made me giggle when I was thinking of a screen name. No idea where it came from.

      I've been reading Tony's adventures on and off for a few years - first saw his posts on 2+2 and was fascinated by his strange story.

    2. obviously the name Mitt came from Mitt Romney and by including the word stink, is making fun of those of us with traditionsl conservative beliefs.

      and thats why i found the name so offensive.

    3. Tony, you are making an assumption. It may be true, but it is an assumption.

    4. <<< not American, and could care less about American politics.

      Google "stink mitt".

  12. This might be the dumbest blog ever. get a job dude. My god.

  13. "used to be in 1996 everyone felt the same way i did, and that was only 17 yrs ago." No, Tony, everyone in Lyons, KS might have felt the same way in 1996, but even in 1896 most people in the US didn't want to live in the far-right, all-white theocracy that Brownbackistan is becoming.

    1. LOL. in 1896 athiests were practically non existent in the USA. almost all went to church, and were far more religious than me. being gay was unheard of. and what in the world does being white have to do with good christian moral beliefs?

      anyway in 1996 84 out of 100 senators voted against gay marriage. im saying the worlds changed a lot very quickly. i cant keep up and am afraid the change was made without thinking it through, or consulting with God

    2. Thankfully we have a constitution that allows us to produce a society in which civil rights are respected without having a conversation with an imaginary friend.

    3. Nothing you do is normal or conventional so what you think is your opinion, which you're entitled to, but doesn't mean anyone's going to agree with you.

      Everyone is equal, and a gay deserves to be treated just as well as you do. The fact that you bemoan how people are mean to you but bash gays at the same time just makes you look like an idiot.

    4. Prior to the 1970s, many states made interracial marriage illegal, 16 in 1967 before the Supreme Court ruled those laws unconstitutional unanimously

      In the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century, many American states passed anti-miscegenation laws, which were often defended by invoking racist interpretations of the Bible, particularly of the stories of Phinehas and of the "Curse of Ham". In 1776, seven out of the Thirteen Colonies that declared their independence enforced laws against interracial marriage. as the US expanded, all the new slave states as well as many new free states such as Illinois and California enacted such laws.

      Tony, you were just born in the wrong period. Things would have been more happy for you in the 1800s

    5. Consulting with God??? Are you actually serious? Yeah ok, lets look up to the sky to some invisible whatever and say, "Yo dude, we want to change this and that so if it's cool with ya make it rain in 5 minutes and if your trippin over it throw some thunder in so we'll know." Dude, get real.

    6. "LOL. in 1896 athiests were practically non existent in the USA."

      As usual, Tony, you have no idea what you're talking about. The most prominent and popular authors and lecturers of late 19th century U.S. were atheists. Look up, e.g., Robert Ingersoll and Herbert Spencer. I would bet all that's in my wallet that you have never heard of either of them until this minute. Maybe you've heard of Mark Twain, though.

  14. Black pimps most recent post on roughingthepunter is an all time classic. I LOLed in public.

    1. Can you link to this or email it to me or something
      Never been on RTP but this has me curious

  15. Go to Walmarts and buy a $20 pair of clippers/grooming kit then you can cut your own hair/shave free for years.

    1. But that's $20 more to play VBJ with if Andy buys them for him, or someone else drives all the way out to Jean on their own dime and picks up the scissors themselves on the way.

  16. I'm still not understanding how you're going broke on seals so frequently - or EVER! If you can't make a bankroll work - and I've given you a bunch of chips over the past weeks - then perhaps you should give up playing live as well. Playing on the site is basically a microcosm of playing live. You have the same idiot players who will play their weak Aces to a raise and stack off, you have the same idiot players who call J4s out of position to a raise because they were sooted. I'm not understanding how you lose your chips. It's easy money on there...

  17. ""im starving tonight, and have ate up all the food, all the canned goods etc, because i didnt buy near enough at the food4less with stack because i have no money and couldnt bring myself to spend more than $17. So i feel like going and spending $12 of my comps in the buffet on the evening meal""

    Does this make economic sense to anyone? Can't bring himself to spend more than $17 in a grocery store, but will spend $12 on a buffet...