Thursday, March 14, 2013

not much has changed

things are still ok, $2233 roll, although i do owe a past due phone bill. no luck going to social services with Mc Gee, although they did mention a clinic that has autism as one of their programs that supposedly charges based on income, told me to try going there. its desert springs center on sahara. the lady was very nice and did think id eventually get my ssi back since i had it before. i explained thats why i needed a dr, and she told me as far as she knows legal aid will help me with getting an ssi lawyer.

they needed written statements from vince, andy, grouchie, vook, everyone whose transferred money into my bank accts and statements from the casino win loss statement to prove income before they could let me qualify for the medical card. u are allowed to make up to $1400 a month, but she looked at my bank statement, couldnt figure out all the multiple transactions, claimed my income looked ongoing to her, and needed more proof. so i got denied.

having a tough time with mcgee getting seals with clubs since he cashed out, need an easier way to buy seals and get money into there. enough so i dont need to again. and still got quite a bit of food in my room. also i was mistaken, saturday is the day i must be checked out of here by noon, but the hotel will let me check back in in 2 days, spoke to the lady shift manager. and im also allowed to rent a friend a room, but i must be checked out, and have all my things removed before 11am. and that is too early to let anyone else check in, but sometimes u can go ahead.

if i can just get one $500 that will help a lot. but i doubt it, need a way to earn more tickets. also wish id bought a lot more applesauce ive mostly got junk food here. if i had a car, id just go up the road to Primm, its cheap and check out the brand new poker room that just reopened that had closed up a short while back.

i update less, but at least i didnt shut down my blog like everyone else. not much to discuss when theres no poker hands going on. mc gee and i also went looking around for apts besides the poker at boulder and soutpoint. finally broke even buying in for $100 at southpoint, after the 8th $50 loss in $1-2


  1. My roll is still at $0.00

    I did, however, Spend $500 on my dental bill so that I can pay that off as quick as possible.
    I also ended up putting $600 into my savings that I'm using to buy tickets to Disney Whatever (the California version) when we head out come June.

    Tonight I took my lady out to Sushi Tower (her fav) and we enjoyed a Spicy G.G. Special (What does the G.G. Stand for?) and then followed that up with a Gangnum Style (which is damned spicy but delicious).
    We also ordered (as we usually do) the Edamame but this time we ordered the spicy version which was pretty damned good.
    Everything came to $50 after my generous tip.

    Maybe next month I can spare $100 to put into my roll so I can start playing poker again.

    1. They do say that Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

    2. Where was the sarcasm?
      all of the above is true.

    3. And they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, eh M.M.

    4. I've always thought puns were the lowest form of wit.


    5. Hey, Grouchie

      Have you ever been to Naked Fish? If you like sushi, you'll love it.

      I recommend the Happy Ending roll, and Bonzai roll.

      They also have a good selection of Saki.

    6. Have not been there but I'll look it up and take the lady there sometime.

  2. Tony:

    Honestly, there are TONS of things you could post about. People really enjoy reading your views on politics, current social issues, or just your general life philosophy.

    I think people actually enjoy those posts MORE than the poker ones.


  3. I've tracked all our transactions. Ill split out the items and show won/loss and email it to you. I have dates and everything for my taxes

  4. Tony, your poker analysis has and always will be terrible. People are here to read about your life and the ideas that go through your head.

  5. How did you increase your roll tony. VBJ or Poker??

  6. Tony:

    I have some wonderful questions to which you could respond, since you feel your gambling exploits aren't entertaining folks:

    What is your favorite word?
    What is your least favorite word?
    What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
    What turns you off?
    What is your favorite curse word?
    What sound or noise do you love?
    What sound or noise do you hate?
    What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    What profession would you not like to do?
    If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

    Answer any of these. These questions are known as the "Pivot Questions" and have been asked of some of the most famous people on earth. Take a shot at some/all of these, and I assure you your readers will be entertained.


  7. Tony,

    Congratulations on the growing roll, and thanks for the applesauce update.


  8. tony -> I sent you an email of my microsoft excel tracking numbers for our transactions...

    since 9/2011, you have sent me $827 from poker sites (feltstars/Lock) in exchange for $640 in cash at BoA.
    You have also sent me $511 in BoA cash for $602.50 in poker money.

    not sure how you're tracking your taxes, transfers or anything on your end but as far as putting money on and off through me you put up $511 in cash and taken out $640 for a profit of $129.

    So you made $224.50 on the sites but that resulted in only $129 in profit via actual net cash withdrawals.
    This is just transactions through me. Not sure if you dealt with anybody else or whatever.

    1. Tony is not tracking any of this information and I doubt has filed taxes for at least 2 decades.

      just saying.

    2. I would bank on never filing a tax return in his life.

  9. Tony, I know a guy who works for the US Postal Inspection Service. Do you still have the offensive mail that was sent to you? Was there a return address on it? If you provide all the details they may be able to take action against whoever sent it to you. If you post the details here I'll pass them along to him, and if he believes there's a case, you'll find out about it.

    1. Tony not a bad idea to look into reporting the mail you received. Since the guy admitted doing it they might be able to trace who he is. Probably a big long shot but you never know. That was taking things way to far. Ill text u when I'm passing by Jean. Might be able to stop in for a bit

    2. You know you are pissing people off when they take time to send you bag of urine...

    3. Tony, if you'd like to email me the info let me know. You can also post it here if you'd like. It doesn't really matter.

      Just so you know, here's what'll happen.. You can send me the pictures (and description, the more details the better. eg, any odors coming from it), and I'll forward it to my buddy who's a postal inspector. If he thinks there's a case, he'll want you to send the evidence to his office. You also need to have a mailing address for them to contact you for further questions about it.

      If you no longer have the evidence, then there's no case unfortunately. They can't do anything if the physical evidence is gone.

  10. Replies
    1. the tbc thread. about 4-5 pages from the end?

  11. Tony, what is the point of counting on the vbj machine, when all you end up doing is ignoring the count whatever it may be, and you end up Martingaling or upping your bets to try and win some extra promotion tickets? The odds of you actually getting one of your promotion tickets drawn as opposed to what you have invested is not a winning proposition.

    By my reckoning you lost a bit over $600 to try and win $500. Can't you see that there is something wrong there? If you are going to get involved with these promotions, you need to just accept what comes along without chasing the extras. Then if you do happen to get lucky, consider that a bonus, to add to the roll you have not lost because, you did not chase the promotion tickets. Just a thought.......


  12. Wow this blog just gets better and watching a train wreck in slow motion.