Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the friend i miss the most

sure would give anything to know whatever happened to this girl, im sure shes dead. nothing since may 11 she last got online yahoo messenger after saying shed be back later in the year after going to canada and europe.

3:33:27 PM
britni p.: that sucks

3:33:27 PM
sevencard2003: i ve been hiding to my followers online except my closest friends what city and state im in. no one knows i was in gary in on the boat but one guy i trust.

3:33:52 PM
sevencard2003: only 3 friends i trust fully, 2 of them women u dont know, know im going to toledo to live.

3:34:03 PM
britni p.: they think i had something really bad health wise last thing i can handle is stress

3:34:17 PM
britni p.: im not gonna tell anyone heck i might not remember actually

3:34:41 PM
britni p.: i should be taking a pain medication i legally have but not right now i dont feel like it anyways i gotta run

3:34:46 PM
britni p.: in pain just thought id be nice

3:34:51 PM
sevencard2003: the lady reporter to interview me for the New Yorker magazine article, and Josie in boston who helps me out more than anyone else as far as improving my ability to relate to others.

3:34:53 PM
britni p.: sounds like u got some not so fun stuff

3:35:18 PM
britni p.: not sure why u kept your website if u were worried about it u said before u deleted it confusing

3:35:21 PM
sevencard2003: and if toledo dont work out,, ill be in PA or WV within the month.

3:35:28 PM
britni p.: new yorker magaizine for what someone stalking u?

3:35:36 PM
britni p.: or people hating on u cause of race?

3:35:38 PM
britni p.: im confused

3:36:01 PM
sevencard2003: but id like to come out west and see u if i dont end up taking another train south into florida. feels so good to finally have new ID

3:36:19 PM
sevencard2003: the lady in NY who paid for my plane ticket to shreveport remember?

3:36:19 PM
britni p.: florida is a nice place to relax as long as u dont know alot of drama folks there

3:36:27 PM
britni p.: no i dont remember

3:36:35 PM
britni p.: you seem to forget i have health stuff going on

3:36:46 PM
sevencard2003: she wants to do an article on me in the newyorker magzine, talked to her editor friend, but needs to interview me ore.

3:36:55 PM
britni p.: i dont even remember u being in ny

3:37:02 PM
britni p.: interview about what ?

3:37:08 PM
britni p.: first thing i heard about that

3:37:15 PM
sevencard2003: its a story about the life of a guy with autism

3:37:21 PM
britni p.: and i need to run but geez sounds like u need a friend

3:37:45 PM
britni p.: if your running away trying to hite stuff online not sure why ud want to do a story before u said ud never do a story now u want to yet your hiding

3:38:05 PM
britni p.: sounds to be like your best bet is find a new place to be for now give it a few months and if u feel safer and better consider the story

3:38:17 PM
britni p.: but if your all paranoid stressing me out knowing i wanted 0 stress messeges

3:38:27 PM
britni p.: you obviously dont sound well enough to do a story

3:38:32 PM
britni p.: but that is just my thought on it

IM May 11, 2012 3:45:03 PM

3:38:45 PM
sevencard2003: im afraid to trust anyone around here, and i offended one friend by not trusting him to pick me up at the train station in joliet IL because i was carrying too much money. i no longer tell anyone where i am in my blog, and hide my location just to be safe, and just talk about the days news without them knowing WHERE.

3:39:02 PM
sevencard2003: i might get a few thousand off the magazine article but probably will get o

3:39:09 PM
britni p.: toledo has super cheap houses

3:39:17 PM
britni p.: you should consider over time just getting a little place

3:39:22 PM
britni p.: i told you that years ago

3:39:26 PM
britni p.: and i will always tell you that

3:39:49 PM
britni p.: gary indiana right?

3:39:59 PM
britni p.: oh yeah u did mention a boat i think

3:40:11 PM
britni p.: but i thought it was a chick friends boat or u briefly went boat tripping yikes

3:40:26 PM
britni p.: wish ud have emailed me

3:40:44 PM
britni p.: so i could actually read it later and remember in detail instead of messeges when i feel terrible

3:40:56 PM
sevencard2003: only problem is i cant afford to pay a month at a time, only by the week and not more than $200 at most, thats not really all that cheap, and it makes it really hard. yes i just rode the free bus into chicago chinatown out of gary IN where i just finished doing laundry up the street. now i need to head over to the amtrak where i have nothing to do til 9pm

3:41:21 PM
sevencard2003: last week i had NO cheap place, only casinos and paying over $600 for the week really was bad

3:41:35 PM
sevencard2003: am running out of money

3:41:53 PM
sevencard2003: and the week before i did good to win back 2k and be the highest i wa s in a few months

3:42:08 PM
sevencard2003: gave mom and son moeny online too thru facebook

3:42:13 PM
britni p.: anyways saying bye now you should say bye too i need to get off here and go continure in email next week or a few weeks or something i would love to help u find a place or give u advice but i gotta go i feel like shit and this reading is hurting me at least it feels that way too much thinking

3:42:20 PM
sevencard2003: she had to get a new fridge and hes getting a bike on his bday

3:42:29 PM
sevencard2003: to replace ones hes wearing out each yr

3:43:07 PM
britni p.: love how you ignore everything anyways bye have a good one be nice if you said bye instead of just ignore stuff but super happy u mention ur mom please do that next time we talk so i remember not today

3:43:08 PM
sevencard2003: another friend wrote in their blog an article about autism which i should send u to better understand me

3:43:36 PM
sevencard2003: i lose all my friends

3:44:02 PM
sevencard2003: no one did i ever love and care for more than u and then u disappeared and fell in love with someone else, and now dont even want me around in person

3:44:14 PM
sevencard2003: no one can put up with things i do because of the autism

3:44:20 PM
britni p.: dont do interviews delete ur blog like u keep saying ur gonna do or stop saying u are doing it if u arent go silent a few months cept in messenger let yourself feel better

3:44:27 PM
sevencard2003: wish u were around to be tehre for me

3:44:36 PM
britni p.: id hate for you to have health issues with stress like im dealing with its painful

3:44:51 PM
britni p.: you should be saying wish i could put aside my own stress i cause myself overtime

3:44:59 PM
britni p.: and be a friend and be there for u because i can tell ur hurting

3:45:03 PM
britni p.: but you dont say that

IM May 11, 2012 3:49:13 PM

3:45:15 PM
sevencard2003: i do feel that way

3:45:17 PM
britni p.: anyways i got to run

3:45:30 PM
sevencard2003: but if u truly cared about me, ud tell me where u are and invite me to come

3:45:32 PM
britni p.: mention this next time please

3:45:38 PM
britni p.: i do find it happy u bring up ur mom

3:45:41 PM
sevencard2003: im afraid u are with a guy

3:45:45 PM
britni p.: but i cant think right now

3:45:55 PM
britni p.: just stress i hear scrolling down and more stress

3:46:15 PM
britni p.: and considering i said i was supposed to be in the emergency health wise its shitty u keep stressing me out

3:46:22 PM
sevencard2003: just wish i could spend time daily with u like we used to. u were always the best friend i ever had instead of josie.

3:46:31 PM
sevencard2003: my computer battery will die within 2 minutes

3:46:34 PM
sevencard2003: so bye soon

3:46:38 PM
britni p.: well have a good weekend

3:46:42 PM
britni p.: hugs

3:46:43 PM
sevencard2003: no plugin here

3:46:45 PM
britni p.: you need one

3:47:02 PM
britni p.: you always leave when i say i have to leave like its ur idea never fails lol

3:47:18 PM
britni p.: Talk to you later im not on here much u know that and with the stress i get u know why

3:47:31 PM
britni p.: dont let anyone harm u

3:47:40 PM
sevencard2003: i wont worry about getting robbed as long as no one knows what city im in, and i think u agree i be more private and not tell so much about where i am all the time.

3:47:41 PM
britni p.: talk later this year take care

3:47:46 PM
britni p.: dont send offline messeges

3:47:55 PM
britni p.: yes

3:47:59 PM
britni p.: i told u years back

3:48:04 PM
britni p.: you have met some shitty folks

3:48:12 PM
britni p.: and carrying cash is something u tell people

3:48:20 PM
britni p.: u dont tell me cause we are good friends u tell everyone

3:48:27 PM
britni p.: u told me before u told everyone by mistake

3:48:31 PM
britni p.: be fucking careful

3:49:13 PM
sevencard2003: just wish i had friends living near me i could trust, and that i could live near u and u would be ok with it. i have no idea what state u are in anymore no one on my blog knows im heading into toledo to look for housing

IM May 11, 2012 3:52:25 PM

3:49:22 PM
britni p.: scares me u keep cash on u

3:49:27 PM
britni p.: i dont want u being robbed

3:49:50 PM
sevencard2003: i wont be after today, i just worry about the govt taking it if i put it in a bank, but i will do so anyway.

3:49:51 PM
britni p.: well i appriciate u telling me next time ur friend mails me about u or anyone does

3:49:57 PM
britni p.: i will just say your trying to go to canada

3:49:59 PM
britni p.: LOL jk

3:50:27 PM
britni p.: well you told me you paid them off in full or u were going to so not sure why they would take u said ud be paying them off riught away

3:50:33 PM
britni p.: vince gave u terrible advice

3:50:43 PM
britni p.: have a good one and dont get robbed

3:50:47 PM
sevencard2003: vince is holding all my clothes for me in vegas

3:50:51 PM
britni p.: dont tell random people u talk to once where u are

3:50:52 PM
sevencard2003: except what i took

3:50:57 PM
sevencard2003: mostly hes holding other stuff

3:51:08 PM
britni p.: what other stuff do u have?

3:51:21 PM
britni p.: ok saying bye now i must go and ur net is probaly out of power

3:51:33 PM
sevencard2003: pajamas, tapes, houseshoes, dishes, etc

3:51:38 PM
sevencard2003: 7% left

3:51:46 PM
sevencard2003: it usually dies at 5%

3:51:51 PM
sevencard2003: says about 45 sec left

3:51:53 PM
britni p.: had u of paid them off in full all our loses wouldnt of mattered ud have what u have now and ud never get robbed i dont want people robbing u

3:52:04 PM
britni p.: i used to think u were paranoid but i think your right

3:52:09 PM
britni p.: shitty things happen everyday

3:52:09 PM
sevencard2003: BYE

3:52:19 PM
britni p.: no matter how careful u are its unfortunate but true

3:52:25 PM
britni p.: 7% doesnt mean 0%

-----notice how caring she was, and worried about me being robbed


  1. Tony, She was concerned about you being robbed b/c she was always bleeding money from you. Think about it. you get a big roll and she shows up in Vegas. She gets the Cash and hides out making excuses why she can't see you anymore and leaves suddenly. She was just a leach for money. You continually gave her money you really couldn't afford. You always complain about $1 and $2 tips and how much more your roll would be if you saved them, but you seem to forget the literal thousands you gave her over the past years. How much 3k?, 4K?, 5K?..

  2. I've read the Britni chronicles before, but it always strikes me as so jarring; neither of you respond to what the other says - Britni tries a bit, but focuses on her complaints (does that woman EVER have a good day????) and you completely ignore what she's typing and don't respond to her comments.

    Honestly, I can't imagine what you saw in her (I do remember the time you had that guy follow you and take her photo - she was cute in a meth-addict kind of way), as her attitude was continually in the toilet. And, I can't imagine what she saw in you, as you never appeared to care about the things she would say. Of course, i get that you liked her attention, and she wasn't ALWAYS looking for money from you.

    Weirdest communications....always jarring to read.


    1. It is completely bizarre to read two people talking at eachother about two completely different things for such long lengths of time and so consistently. And it would always be Britni being the worlds poorest and most ill and unemployable 29 year old with the worst personal luck, and Tony just off in his own little world of looking for the yellow brick road to good paying VBJ machines near cheap rooms on the second floor far away from the black people.

    2. Came here to say the same thing. I've never seen two people having completely different conversations like that before. If they were actually sitting somewhere together talking in person I imagine them just both talking at the same time about whatever it is they're concerned about without even listening to what the other is saying. Or simply waiting for the other to stop talking long enough for them to say what they have to get off their chest without at all internalizing what the other is saying.

  3. Sorry S.I. -- She was always seeking money. She sometime did it in a indirect way. Funny how her life was always in danger b/c she owed someone money. She always needed money for something. I guarantee you Tony gave her more money than he admitted to on this blog. Love how she rolled into to Las Vegas when his roll grew to ~8k. I think he gave her around 1000-1200 then. I know he wired her money as well. Funny how she always wanted it sent to someone other than her. Sorry Tony, but you could never afford to give her as much as you did. You needed it for reserves when variance shows it ugly head.

    1. no, it was $500 in vegas, and when my roll was at its highest, between $10k and $15k she was never online hardly at all, and i couldnt go see her. i think she mightve met some guy, or just got fed up with my blog or whatever. her not playing online poker anymore had a lot to do with her never being online anymore.

  4. Must be a couple of years ago now but one of the IM threads with Britni she mentioned having gone out for groceries and the money was not stolen from her but somebody had "jacked" her groceries.

    Regardless, Lester

  5. So, because she cut contact off from you you think she's dead?

    interesting way your mind works

  6. Tony - if you took all the money you gave to random women who never gave you anything but lies and deceit over the years, what would your roll be at right now?

    1. im sure its only about a 5th of what i wasted in machines, and tipping employees

    2. tipping is part of "grinding low-stakes poker". remember that?

  7. i actually think there was a little more to Britni than the money. At some point she started actually caring a little bit more about tony than just the money. I'm not defending her overall but I don't think it's black and white. it's grey like everything else in the world. I suspect Britney got frustrated by the groundhog day that is tony and decided he was more trouble and frustration than it was worth.... or she died (that's a joke!). anyways I do believe that she often tried to help tony regardless of money received or whatever. it's a bizarre thing...

    this shit is like an addictive soap opera. I would be more surprised if she wasn't reading this.

    1. Britni (like Claudia) hated me posting about her in a blog, and though she didnt read it, thought i should get rid of it. now claudia, she used to say my blog cheered her up and cured her depression, of course thats when i never mentioned her in it.

  8. "sure would give anything to know whatever happened to this girl"

    Would you give up gambling?

  9. I 100% guarantee Britni simply changed her screen name once she realized the handouts were drying up.

  10. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-26/alternative-currency-goes-mainstream-bitcoin-atms-emerge?page=5

  11. Replies
    1. if you're going to be vague, say nothing instead.

    2. Good job, Tony! It really does amaze me how many times you've been able to bounce back from the brink of ruin.

      Keep it up, sir.


    3. Hey BAG, I don't understand your post, Tony's post is about as concise and clear as you can get.

  12. Tony have you ever met Britni in person?

    1. You missed the famous Britni and Tony picture?

    2. He met a woman claiming to be Britni here in Vegas abouit 4 (?) years back. He let one of his blog followers follow them out on a date (unbeknownst to Britni) so he could take her photo and post it on line as proof that she existed. I'm sure that didn't go over well with Britni once she read about it. She would continually get mad at Tony for posting private items about the two of them.

      Fortunately, Tony learned from that experience and became a changed man, never again inappropriately posting exceedingly private or personal information on public message boards...


    3. I took those pics with Tony's permission. I met up with Tony at TI poker room, arranged what would happen, and waited across the corridor till she showed up. The couple pics I took from that far away in bad light didn't turn out so well, but I still have them. Tony and Britni decided to walk south on the Strip, so I followed and got a couple better shots. I didn't want to tip her off what I was doing and betray Tony's trust. The two best shots didn't really get her face though. Someone else posted a good faceshot a year later, and Tony did not deny it was her. I thought Britni was a pretty girl, but noticeably younger than Tony.

      And it IS peculiar how Tony never answers Brit's questions or concerns in that conversation above; totally ignores her, and she realizes that.

    4. How is that peculiar?
      It's the same thing that happens with the comment section of this blog.

    5. nothing zippyboy has ever said in here, is the truth. he came up to me at TI, about 30 minutes before Britni was to show up, told me that no matter whether i wanted him to or not, he was going to be taking pictures of Britni, and that i had better cooperate with him if i didnt want Britni to be made to feel uncomfortable. (by that i mean knowing that he was going to take the pictures). so to make sure Britni wasnt aware of the photos and upset with me, i arranged for him to be far back and take them secretly. Britni always was claiming i never listened to her, but i did. she used to think alot of things that werent true, she thought i loved Lorna, and she got so used to me sending lorna money about 6-7 years ago i dont think she really believed that id stopped talking to her, lorna would only say hi about once every 3 months, and id ignore lorna alot, and yet Britni still assumed i was talking to her alot. thats the only reason she ever started asking for money, she never did for the first year or so, and felt really bad how id let lorna use me, and lorna would hate her and harass her. then she got mad at me for talking to lorna when she had begged me always NOT to. That, and her family hated the fact id keep her online playing poker so much, and how she would waste her familys money and she always needed to pay them and other people back.i dont have any of the old conversations, about 2000 of them, all hours long, that were saved on an old computer in KS that was sold. Those were the ones in which she cared, and long before she had disappeared once before the year shed found a boyfriend for awhile, got mad at him for drinking and broke up with him, and said shed marry me if i quit talking to lorna for a year.

    6. she claimed to be about 28-31 but i always thought she was younger.

    7. "I'll marry you if you quit talking to Lorna for a year"


      I know it's not your fault because you are autistic and all, but wow.

    8. Tony saying that Brittni would marry him if he quit talking to Lorna for a year reminds me of my three year old nephew the other night telling my brother in law that he won't be his best friend anymore if he has to brush his teeth before bed.

  13. If you google for images: tony bigcharles

    The 13th pic is Briti

    At least in my browser anyways FWIW...

    Regardless, Lester

  14. ...and Stu Unger's pic shows up about number 42.

  15. What was the point of this blog entry?

    1. Tony is clearly wistfully reminiscing about the good old days when Brittni used to let Tony talk at her online in exchange for large sums of cash.

    2. The point is that Britni, who has vanished, truly cared about Tony, whereas those that have given him sage advice for years do not. See also: Cat, Non-acquisition of

    3. I would suggest that the point is that Britni, who no longer responds to Tony, is truly perceived by Tony to have cared about him.

      He did show me some texts that suggested she was not simply interested in money, but they were selected excerpts and there were many others that suggested a less noble motive.

      I do know that Tony's last love did truly care about him. He is worthy of love and worthy of companionship. I continue to suggest he use the autism dating site, but he continues to resist that.


  16. Tony, did you ever meet Britni's husband? Was he white? I somehow think he was probably a black guy.