Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Long overdue update, and probably my last blog entry, ill be broke within the week

after the week is up, when i am way too broke to pay another week or stay longer in vegas, i'll probably end up going back to Jean, but certainly not to play the machine, just to have a free room for about 9 days worth of my final $132 in comps while i grind on seals with clubs all week. got about 900 chips there now, and i wonder if the price of bitcoins will ever come back, or if it will drop to under $5. Bitcoin has too many competitors for it to ever work. the US govt and its hackers could bring it to a screeching halt overnight anytime it becomes too strong.

Spent the day moving out of my apt before noon, and need to go back to sleep. I have always preferred sleeping days anyway instead of nights, i dont like lying in an address i dont feel safe at at night. best time to play poker is from 6pm on, and the best time to sleep is from like 8am to 4pm, or maybe a little bit earlier. So i need to work on changing my schedule. now no one will have any idea of where im living, and everything will be a short commute and i wont need to ride any buses unless i want to go out to the strip or elsewhere. and this has as least some security in the area unlike boulder highway. also, ill not be on the ground floor anymore, although im paying a bit more a week in rent now. so my new bankroll is down to only $933. im very worried.

and also, even though i dont really have any money for it at all, going to try and play just NL mostly or maybe omaha8 for the full week. If i get in a game where i have a chance to win something, it will keep me from getting frustrated and going on tilt, and playing a machine. something where i can beat the rake so i dont give up all hope and start to play bad. not needing to use buses anymore might help me avoid tilt, thats the part of the day i hated the most when commuting to hooters from the cannery. also if i can easily walk home, it will help me avoid playing way too long when overly tired but stuck. also leaving this full 900 chips on seals will help too with that. ill feel like ive got enough to work with.

and if i increase the roll enough to where i can afford to live by a game omaha8 game, ill move again to find a cheaper place. i want to try NL for a week first, but am very scared. maybe ill end up back in Jean. i do feel like seals with clubs is beatable even with all the cheating.

if i did end up back in Jean id make very small bets if i ran out of room comps. 600 $2 bets, or 300 $4 bets will cover the room. the theorteical cost of this is only about $40 a week, far less than what im paying elsewhere in cash. (with flat betting small amounts no counting). to speed it up play multiple spots. (greatly reduce hours needed). and keep the bets small so i dont get crushed if unlucky. i think this way the worst id do is drop $100, and could still win that if i was really lucky.

though i say ill play NL, if i drop below $700,  which could happen fast, ill just play Omaha8 and commute by bus after all i still seriously could use some stakes, and ive got a plan to do the right thing and stay off machines, so i think i deserve them, since ive won for the last staker.
my cell phone was suspended several days back, It was a big err on my part not to call them when i was supposed to be doing that every 10 days and making a payment to keep my service. finally got around to calling them today, even though i knew i couldnt give them near enough to turn it back on, and as i suspected $20 wasnt enough. so that means they will get nothing, and ill never have service again, and end up with a $500 plus bill counting the early termination fee on my credit report.

what was bugging me was all the phone calls that kept coming in that it wouldnt allow me to answer, just silence if i did. and all the incoming text messages i couldnt reply to. i asked the phone company about that today and they said the reason i was getting those was it was only suspended temporarily while they waited for me to make contact instead of permanently. But today they said now within the next few hours or day it would be suspended permanently since i didnt make payment or payment arrangements.

I got tired of friends thinking i was probably lying about having my phone shut off. Mc gee was particularly bad about this, he never once answered back any emails id sent not even to see kingofdonks while he was here, but he did send texts and calls, why i dont know since he knows i cannot reach him at his phone, and dont think thats his main email or ever checks that email, really need to reach him online privately but no idea how. so i called mainly to complain and ask them to shut off the number totally if they wouldnt reistall service for $20.

also AK gal told me Turd Ferguson is in town and would like to see me. i also need to see tatude at the hard rock too. will take a nap then see about getting out that way. if i hear back from tatude or AK gal in email or twitter.

to me a pizza turner is what u call the thing u pick up the pizza with and set it on the plate. I'd like to know what u guys are calling it.

yeah this blog entry is depressing, considering that i was briefly over $1700 the last time i posted a blog entry. Im back to where i was now before i won that money for kingofdonks. and though most of it was lost at poker this time, still a small portion was lost on machines. the good news is i can think of at least two things i avoided sitting at one when normally i wouldve.

theres more i could tell, but my closest friends advised that i shouldnt. also it was recommended i stop posting on roughing the punter and stick to my blog, so i think i will for the most part.


  1. Good luck Tony, i really hope things work out for you.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Glad to hear you have a place to stay.

    I think Omaha is a great idea, as is 1/2nl. I know you can do it.

  3. Tony hopefully can meet up possibly Weds. Maybe you can get in contact with Turd Fergesen also. I sent you an email on this and one other issue

    Personally I think you made a good choice in staying away from that other site. It seemed that a few of the problem posters were drawn there and fed of each other. From what I saw a lot of comments were negative and while they did ban some people they would just come back with new names. Your life do what you want but all the constant derogatory comments take a toll. Not all of it was bad but it sure brought out the stalkers.

  4. How did you lose the money, Tony? You mentioned most of it (90%?) was from poker; was it from big hands, or just blinded down? Can you share how some of the hands went? Perhaps you could benefit from some hand descriptions and feedback?


  5. Well, this is the usual TBC forum lifecycle..

    You do realize most of it is your own doing right?

    - TBC joins new forum
    - TBC gets new supporters / donations
    - Trolls and haters also join at this time
    - TBC starts spewing racist comments and other hatred along with pissing away any donations/stakes on machines or whatever
    - All the new supporters get turned off by these actions, and either start ignoring him or turn into trolls / haters
    - Any TBC related conversation on the forum becomes dominated by trolls / haters because everyone else lost interest
    - TBC leaves or is banned from the forum

    If you want a forum then go make your own. You used to have one, and you got to moderate it how you want.

    Any other forum is either not going to moderate much, or they'll ban YOU because you'll be the reason why trolls are joining their forum. Not to mention, any forum that won't tolerate people trolling you isn't going to tolerate you saying racist shit either.

  6. "Long overdue update, and probably my last blog entry, ill be broke within the week..."

    You're ever the optimist, aren't you? Put on your big-boy pants, cowboy-up, and grind your way back up. If you were smart, you'd listen to s.i. and check out opportunity village and find yourself a steady job to cover the cost of permanent housing. Then you wouldn't have to use your bankroll as your life-roll.

    Wise up.

  7. Being poor and destitute sucks. Telling you what you've done wrong in the past is only going to hurt you, and telling you what to do in the future falls on deaf ears.

    I hope you find the path soon.

  8. Saying you'll be broke by the end of the week really sells yourself well as being a good investment.

  9. I can't believe this saga is going to end. What a crazy ride its been. And it ends with a "Pizza Turner" (which I believe the rest of the english speaking world would call a spatula).

  10. I can't believe this crazy saga is to end. And its ends with not a bang, or a whimper, but a "pizza turner" (which the rest of the world calls a spatula).

  11. I think Tony will rebound.


  12. Right now we are in the .....

    Can't tilt - just play poker phase.
    Tony won a good chunk at Hooters.

    Give it a month or two of slow gains with a couple of big wins and then he'll be back to the machines because he is now rich and can afford to waste money again.

  13. Anyone in Vegas need a Microwave?
    Now that my OTR is installed my counter-top Microwave is going to be hitting the garbage within a week or so if I can't make it disappear by other means

  14. Wow...is Tony really gone???