Friday, October 18, 2013

finally some poker comment, my rolls much better than my last blog post, and thanks to MIB

and besides the things in the title of the blog post, last but not least is my SSI hearing coming up before a judge on Nov 20th. kind of forgot about this, not expecting it to be til mid 2014, but its coming up and i see my atty on nov 15. i need to call him, give him my new cell, and see if anyones testimony can help instead of waiting til nov 15. hopefully the disc he got from SSI with the records will include the old records in KS about what the old judge said when i got approved originally for SSI, and whatever testimony he got. not sure why i got approved much easier there, i still wish i had moms help. im just glad Vince was able to get that letter. Not that it will do any good, but we could be talking about a few thousand dollars so i should take this seriously. maybe even spend $100 on a local dr if it would help but no idea who id go see and how it would help.

whats not in dispute isnt the fact of the aspergers, but its my ability to work--thats why i feel others testimony would help about how every job i ever had i couldnt keep and lost very quickly. also it looks to others i was successful at poker and didnt need the SSI--and i really wasnt nearly as successful as i shouldve been. (due to the aspergers causing me to make many poor decisions with managing money).

So Benny from RTP and i played poker today at the stratosphere, and i have some hand histories to post. also we met MIB when he got off the bus by the stratosphere and came inside. happy to say hes found a job at another hotel as a desk clerk, and he also went with me and vince by his storage and gave me another laptop case since id broke the handle on the one i had. Which i was very glad to get and it was quite nice of him, so i guess hes not mad anymore.

Found out Carmen might be free by dec, which surprises me, but i feel bad i never wrote and it was all because i didnt have an address to get mail at and vince didnt want her knowing his address. so that means i still got no address to write her at. shes moved to another prison, although i think its really a halfway house.

am happy to report my rolls up to $2079, and that the wins have actually been coming from poker the last couple of days, instead of from VBJ. even played some HU plo for a brief period to keep the game alive.

Hand 1. I lose my $50 buyin, and rebuy $76 i had in oddball change. id won a pot, and then shortly thereafter i start the hand with about $142 i think, and i get dealt JJ and raise it preflop to $15 with multiple limps ahead of me (why i raised it so much instead of like $8-10). Archie (old man with asian wife) a very good regular calls on my left, and a couple others. flop comes 9JK rainbow, and one of the callers on my right bets $25, and i shove, thinking the pots big enough for me. archie calls, and that scares me, thinking surely he has KKK since he called preflop. but no, he has 999 and my JJJ holds up. i knew he had AA beat if he calls, so i was a little worried, and quite relieved to see 999.

Hand 2. i have AJ spades, and limp UTG. its limped around and then raised to $8 and we called, and the flop is 9TJ rainbow. Raiser bets i forgot the amount, i call, and a guy shoves, and the raiser calls. i feel its an easy fold, and the shover won the pot with JQ and i folded the winner. i fear the reason i folded is because i had over $300 in front of me, and was afraid of losing it back. the guy who shoved had about $150 and the caller had like $75. i never saw the callers hand but was surprised he couldnt beat JQ.

shortly after that i quit, and i came back an hour later with $50.

Hand3. i had my $50 ground up to $193, part of it won at PLO HU. the guy was a terrible fish from europe and so was another guy who quit. they were so bad Benny decided to sit and play. heres the hand i want to discuss. a black guy had recently sat, named steve, which he made sure i knew, along with his girlfriend. i had QK and raised to $9 preflop both of them called. flop comes 95J, they check and i check in last position, because i know they will call loosely. turn comes Q, he bets $20, she calls, i bet $70, hes allin for about the same amount, and she folds, he has J5 for 2 pair. and after losing that pot i quit.


  1. I know it sucks to find out you folded the winner, but I don't hate the fold with AJ in that spot. You were out of position facing a big raise on a very coordinated board. I don't think I'm calling a $150 shove in that spot with AJ unless I have a very solid read on the player. You're behind a lot of the hands you'll typically see players call with preflop in a low level NL holdem game like KQ, 78 suited, Q8 suited, JT, J9, 10-9 suited, 9-9, 10-10, J-J, etc. I do think I would have preferred to see you enter with a raise with AJ suited UTG instead of limping in with it.

  2. Nothing really wrong with the hands. I can see the fold with AJ. The shove for just $70 is fine with KQ. Rough turn card.

  3. im out $43 so far today and the day isnt over yet. might play along with Vince tonight if his tenant at his OTHER condo pays him. he sure rents to a lot of people who dont pay, he claims im the only one good about paying. Played a bit of $2-10 $20 stud8, and i was out $175 once, but overall, my loss was in the omaha earlier, not stud.

  4. Tony I found a good job things are finally starting to turn for me. Keep doing what you want and things will work out for you. Positive attitude is the key focus your game and look for some better rooms to play at. I believe in your success and you need to overall I think your doing much better your living with Vince and have access to beatable games. The machines are always going to be there learn to ignore them and focus on poker. Go see a dr and try to get a diagnosis to take to your hearing a $200 investment would be well worth it. $600 for life is worth a lot to you even if it only increased your odds by 1% it's $7200 a year x 25 years would be +ev. Anyways stay positive people want you to succeed and if things get bad again come out to sac and I will away help you out.

  5. new roll $1882, won in NL again, and stayed off the VP today, ive been dropping the last few days due to VP and losses in games that arent NL. but today i recovered $255 of the last 3 days losses.

  6. Grats! Today I recovered $200 and it is only the beginning. Thanks to my bro, he show me the way. I play poker much better than web slots like at webslotcasino or something like that.