Sunday, November 10, 2013

I didnt know seattle irish has a daughter who plays poker

I guess he never wanted to tell me about her before because maybe he was afraid shed ditch her BF from Canada and take up with me, and he tried very hard tonight to keep me from knowing that him, his son, and daughter, (one of which must just be an inlaw?) were all at the nugget playing poker. He had no reason to suspect id show up since my twitter feed claimed i was at redrock picking up my UP withdraw. In fact, i didnt know i would be either. I was ahead $123 in session 2 at the redrock, and had won $115 earlier in session 1, and id earlier looked up the bus times for the sahara express bus. Then i got a text from Herbie he was going to be playing at the nugget, so i decided to rush down there soon as possible, and made the bus by about 30 seconds before the next bus wouldnt been thru for another hour. it was a good time to hit and run since i was up, and i finally had my roll back to over $2200 from $2000, so i was feeling good again finally. in fact, before i picked up $239 in todays freeroll at the LVH (where they do a mandatory chop instead of playing anytime less than 20 qualify) i wouldve been down to the $1800s. Especially after paying Vince a bunch more in rent.

Id been sleeping at Vinces all day today after the freeroll, (to try and get my schedule back in shape to stay awake til 5.23am again) and Vinces gf Anne drove me to the redrock about 8pm for $9 gas in Vinces car. Was way too tired to play this morning, and of course playing at LVH on saturdays is pointless because those hours count for nothing.

Anyway i found out Herbie was at Palace station, with access to a car again, so i arranged to get off the Sahara bus there and have him drive me to the bank downtown to deposit $800 so i wouldnt be carrying too much cash, and from there we went to the nugget up the street. What a surprise it was to see SI sitting there with a ton of people in his family who all seemed to know each other, along with one other friend of his.

Herbie and i both managed to grab seats the same table, although Herbie couldnt stay long and left to sleep when his friend at the nugget got off work. Seattle irish wasnt there that long either, but he probably played alot before id arrived.

at one point, i was really feeling good. i was all the way up to $305 at the nugget off my $100 buyin, and shouldve quit, but eventually quit after a bad beat up only $35. I got dealt 77, called a raise to $10 preflop and on the flop im first to act. flop comes 789 rainbow, i check, other guy checks, and the raiser bets $25.i raise to about $80, other guy gets out, initial raiser shoves for about $70 more or something not too far off. im forced to call, and im actually ahead as he has 9 10 offsuit. but a 6 comes on the river, or id have had an awful lot of chips.

the hand i won i almost didnt play. i had 66, called a straddle of $4, and the straddler made it $20 after several limpers. i had $150 behind, so i called the $16 raise. and the flop came 69T with 2 suited cards. straddler bets $30, i shoved, everyone got out to the raiser, and he got out, and one shortstack still in the pot with about $90 before he was allin board comes runner runner for 4 spades on board, but thankfully he didnt have a flush.

Carmen wrote me back and answered my letter, and i need to write her back, in fact, since she dont know im no longer in Jean, probably wonders what the delay is. she is taking college courses with a scholarship, is able to volunteer at the food bank while still in her halfway house, and will be out for good sometime from Jan to april. she got approved for parole. she thought it was odd i was in Jean considering when she was in Jean before she got moved back into Vegas, she could see the casino out of her window.

also i really am getting to the point where i badly need a haircut or shave. Anne is going to look for the clippers she owns at her house.

I wonder what it means that my SSI hearing will be held at the lawyers office instead of the courthouse? my worry is it will be dismissed, but SI claims its good news if its in the lawyers office.
Herbie says im crazy not to just buy a monthly bus pass, and hes probably right.

after one small loss on UP, i have $276 left there i didnt withdraw, and $27 still on bodog. Nothing on seals where i hear bitcoins really shot up in value. very odd Andy hasnt mentioned anything about it on RTP.


  1. I'd be afraid my daughter would leave her good life to hook up with you too Tony.

    Glad to hear your roll is over $2k - Now lets work on getting it over $3K

  2. LMAO. sure that is the reason irish didnt mention he had a daughter. a guy whose options in life ,when he goes broke r panhandling or ssi. i cant believe irish doesnt want u as a future son inlaw

  3. Just sold another .5 BTC for $160+ - $320 was the last price.

  4. you can get a cheap haircut for like $10-13 max (or less) at one of those places, Great Clips, Super Cuts, whatever, takes like 10 minutes. With one of the many coupons that comes out, you may get the cut for like 7.99 somewhere also.

  5. up to $2452 now, gained a bit tonight and last night since i made the blog post.

  6. I did not realize the fire that I was playing with as I would explain the TBC exploits to my daughter as she progressed through her four years of college. She graduates this spring and will buy her a good used car if she promises not to marry and/or otherwise become involved with our hero....

  7. I'm not sure if people just stopped posting, or if TBC stopped approving posts. Regardless, I thought I would give a "trip report" of two nights play with Tony.

    I played with him and Herbie for a couple hours at LVH two weekends ago. Herbie seemed like a good guy - nice and friendly, and a pretty darn good poker player as well. Not the guy I wanted to have on my immediate right, unfortunately :-(

    Tony made a really good play that night, calling an agro player through 3 barrels and scooping the pot with AQ. I hadn't been there long, so I didn't know the history, but Tony had a great read and made a tough call to scoop.

    LVH only had one table going, and isn't a room I would play often. Almost everyone at the table was a regular and it was NOT an easy table. This isn't the place Tony should be playing.

    Conversely, I also ran into Tony while playing at Golden Nugget. Was playing with a friend who was in for a conference; I hadn't called Tony because I just wanted to play with my buddy and wasn't particularly interested in some of the baggage that goes with having a "Tony Night". Those who have played with him know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Tony and I like playing with him. I just don't like playing with him everytime I play. This was the night I was also playing with my "daughter" and "son". Classic example of Tony's asperger's keeping him from understanding social nuances at the table. The "daugther" was the girlfriend of the guy on my left. We had a FANTASTIC table going, with everyone laughing, yelling at each other, and generally making it about fun rather than winning. It's one of the things I always try to do at a table, when possible, as it makes a MUCH better game, all around. More enjoyable AND more profitable. So...the "son" was my buddy, a former grad student of mine. The "daughter" had been playfully flirting with me, calling me "daddy" for a couple hours, which prompted comments about all of us being one big happy family, along with some juvenile innuendos. Tony was the only person who could have possbily taken that to mean she was my actual daughter or that my friend was my son. It's one of the things that hurts him at the table, as he isn't able to create or participate in that dynamic and he can kill the vibe when he tries. Fortunately, Tony was pretty silent most of the night.

    Tony also made a HORRIBLE play that night - he held QQ on a Q/3/3 flop, with it fairly well disquised. He overbet the pot on the flop and, surprise/surprise, everyone folded. Was shocked when he turned over the flopped boat, as the table was full of people trying to steal pots and willing to bet thin. Absolutely the wrong spot to overbet that hand. He made the comment "I was hoping one of you had a 3 and I would have taken your stack..." Well, yeah...had they called his pre-flop raise of 15 with absolute garbage (which wasn't very likely), they may have had a 3. MUCH more likely they held larger calls or smaller pairs, meaning seeing a turn could have really opened up the hand with very little risk to him. Horrible play. He and I texted about it a little and he still thinks it was a good play. He asked, "Do you think it would have looked weaker if I checked?" Yeah. Hell yeah. And it would have looked weaker if he hadn't overbet, too. These were tourists at play, not grinders. Tony's game really struggles to adapt to table dynamics and that hurts him considerably. recap:
    "daughter" = fun tourist
    "son" = buddy from UNLV
    "Me trying hard to keep him from knowing where I was playing" = me sitting down at a table with an old friend

    God bless, Tony.


  8. p.s. - Herbie was on my left, not my right.