Friday, November 29, 2013

I miss Grump

well Vince came and got me here at the Gold strike in jean (where ive been since last tues grinding the VBJ along with Bovada each day) and where i arrived with about $1945 left and am still now at $2299. Since it was Thanksgiving and he wanted me to eat with him and Anne--he only wanted $15 cash for gas each way instead of $40 each way, and then we ended up playing poker last night at the redrock. Originally he wanted to play at either Club fortune (no game going) or omaha but he dont like the omaha at the orleans, and decided not to go to the V because he really prefers the suncoast but they only had stud8 last night instead of omaha. so he didnt play any omaha since redrocks omaha game had broke. he played $2-4 limit while i played $1-2 NL, and in about 5 hours my game broke with me up $37. i joined Vinces game and by the time Vince had left i was up $61 at the poker, (although i lost $81 on the VBJ before Vince showed up). then we went home to sleep at his house. the guy who was hanging out with Vince in the $2-4 he knew said that he hosts the PLO8 green valley tourny and deals there. he said that tourny might not stay going much longer and that the horse tourny is far more popular.

so today when i woke up i was under the understanding that Vince and i would play poker again, but no all Vince did was watch football all day, with some drunk who works at the fiesta named Mike, and anne and her daughter and his friend Jay. i was bored out of my mind in my room, and finally he left to drive Mike downtown and him and Anne took me to Jean. we never did get to play any more poker, kind of feel like i went over there for nothing. i did eat a very good meal Jay cooked, hes a chef at fiesta and the food was great.

Also it was nice of SI to call while i was asleep to leave a message wishing me a happy thanksgiving. and later today ill see another friend from RTP i should remain nameless.

im quite concerned about my $475 withdrawal from Bovada, seems the police in the phillipines shut down their call processing center, and i dont know if they have any employees available to send WU right now, and i also found out i cant use MG since ive never deposited thru MG although its $45 fee instead of a $75 fee to withdraw. ill find out sometime within 7 days about my withdraw thats being processed now. sure hope they dont tell me ill have to get a check, even though it would be free. id then have an additional worry over the next 3-4 weeks of it bouncing, not worth all the mental anguish and stress.

am lucky i hit 3 different tourneys to enable me to be able to have such a big withdraw anyway. ill only have about $43 left on there now after this withdrawal to work with. plus the 20 chips on seals which is up to $20 now. ill feel so much wealthier and better off if i can safely get that money off bovada and added to my other $2299.

one thing i really enjoyed when i was in vegas a year or 2 ago was the day (a holiday, i think thanksgiving or Christmas, not sure) when Grump offered to hang out, we went and played poker and ate, and spent the evening hanging out together. Grump like me dont care about sports, which is nice, few men are that way, and he was happy just to hang out and share similar interests. if he had not moved to NC we couldve played together many times. id like to see Nick come back to vegas too, or the guy from the Commerce named Dustin if he still reads the blog. Bennys friend from Chicago never showed up. But even more i wish Josie would come back to Vegas, along with Zin and Pokerdogg and Koala.

Yeah i felt so bored at Vinces expecting to spend the day playing poker with him, when all anyone wanted to do was sit around a tv watching sports. at least when home with my mom and son on thanksgiving we play games together, board and card games. no one in my family watches sports except my grandpa who died many years ago.


  1. Sounds like Vince really went out of his way to include you in thanksgiving. That was nice of him. I know it's probably hard for you to understand, but most people don't want to gamble every spare moment of everyday. You should maybe try a bit harder to just relax sometimes and hang out with Vince... Watch some football or whatever.

    1. true,counselor. vince includes him in his thanksgiving and all TBC Does is complain. what a piece of crap.if u r so bored ,TBC. then fucking leave.get off yr ass and walk,ride a bike ,call a cab,etc,etc and go to a fucking casino.

    2. No kidding. There is more to the world then just what you want to do Tony.

    3. No kidding. There is more to the world then just what you want to do Tony. Just try an relax when someone is doing something nice for you. Take a day off and enjoy life.

  2. i miss grump's post on his blog. his insight into the game was really awesome but i am happy he found love and happiness in NC.

  3. Yes, sports are awful... ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Surprised you don't like sports just to have another way to gamble. Seems like 8 game parlays would be right down your alley. I get paid around Christmas time, maybe we can hit up the Nugget. I don't know if you realized it, but you were briefly at a table with me there a couple weeks back. I was losing and in a generally bad mood, so didn't say anything.