Wednesday, November 6, 2013

well, did i do the right thing in quitting the game at the stratosphere stuck so much?

Instead of paying Herbie $20 to drive me home, i shouldve quit when it was about time to get the last bus. About the time i was out of the hole finally and $18 ahead, and still up the earlier $72 from the V where i went to hang out with Turd Ferguson all day, and the $27 i was up at the wynn after theyd left to go to the airport. i got unstuck finally at the V, and $72 ahead and left.

i had AQ, called $5 to see the flop, and the flop comes AQ8 with 2 clubs. guy bets $10 into the raiser, raiser folds, and i bet $30. the better calls. turn comes 10 and the guy bets $25, i shove the rest of my $100 and he calls with 888. and turd ferguson claims i wouldnt been able to get away from the hand anyway.

its been so long ago, ive forgotten what the hand was at the V that got me unstuck, but i texted turd id got unstuck, quit on my next BB and walked to the wynn. Waited a while, got seated, and finally got ahead $27 and quit because i wanted to stay ahead for the day, and i really wanted to play elsewhere.

thats when i went and got the bus, planning to catch whichever bus came first, and had the express bus came first, id ended up at the LVH. but the duece came first, so i went to the stratosphere.

bought in $50, never had it over $69 and eventually lost it. rebought $141, and had it up to $209 and was about to leave, then the following hand occurs. I had AA and limped $2 utg, had i had a weaker hand id folded and left. one guy raised to $10 and one guy in late position calls. i made it $40, wanting to deny odds to set mine, and the raiser folds. and the guy with a bigger stack than me calls. flop comes 689 and im pretty sure he has an overpair. he bets $20, so i shove, wanted to end it and he calls with 999, which is about the smallest pair i thought he would have, but expected 10 10 and JJ to be far more likely. now im pissed and rebuy $300.

the one young kid whose a regular and normally a decent player on my right, says theres no way i couldve done better and it was a setup cold deck. anyway, some time later, i get JQ clubs, and call to see a flop for $2 with multiple callers. flop comes AT9 with 2 hearts. Lady after me bets $6, call call, guy raises to $15, call, i call, she calls. turn comes 7 diamonds, putting up 2 flush draws. we all check. river comes 8 hearts for possible 3 card flush. kid on my right checks, i bet $30 trying to control the size of the river bet. lady folds, guy on the end calls, (im praying he dont raise) and the kid shoves $114 allin. i fold, the other guy calls, and they both had JK for straight and i folded the winner. the kid said he thought he could get me off even if i had him beat. Herbie in the car said he wouldve folded too, and he also said hed lost just as much with the AA hand too.

I didnt feel like playing all night anymore or waiting for a bus at 5.23am it was about 1am, so i paid him $20 whole bucks to get out of bed and come drive me to Vinces. Maybe it was a dumb idea, or maybe it saved me losing far more. but i had only $259 left of the $491 when i left the stratosphere.

As my aspergers makes it hard for me to meet women, or maintain a job or find one, id like to share a story about me at age 17-18 as my SSI hearing is coming up soon.

I always had jobs as a kid starting with a paper route about age 13. in fact my son had one too. Mowed lawns etc too. But mom had to push me to do well. One of the jobs, was riding around on a bicycle selling ice cream. now they just use big trucks. this was after id graduated HS at age 17 and i think it was that summer, while still 17. Pretty sure of it.

there was this one girl i wanted to get to know on my route who was 19. when i was that young, women and even older women found me attractive, and wanted to fool around. so did men for that matter. The first woman who ever gave me a blowjob was a black lady in her 30s-40s at a laundrymat,(not counting the one in her 40s in TX who wanted to have sex in the back of a van while her husband drove when i was hitchiking and running away from home.) and i was 17 living in an apt on my own. One woman i went to meet in Keokuk IA had kids who were 8-14 and was about 10-15 yrs older than me, and most all the women i were into were older than me. So was Marks mother. now i feel like i missed out on a good girlfriend in her 20s when i was close to that age, and now im too old to find one whose under 40 and i really feel like i missed out on a lot and know NOTHING about relationships or life, and yet women expect me to. I'm sure Claudia knows hamsterdam in some way, because he only started messing with me after the relationship with her went sour, and im sure shes behind how hes acting. One woman in Toledo i didnt know how to maintain a relationship with (she was married and wanted to fool around) i was afraid it might be ending, her husband wasnt home, and she had sometimes invited me over when he was gone working, i wanted to make sure he wasnt home so before knocking i called the fire department out to her house to see who answered, and i found out he was wondering what was going on and was on his way home, and that woman didnt want to see me anymore. it is like finding a job, how do u get experience to get hired? all want experience. But i wasnt ugly then. Ask all the gay men who offered me rides while hitchhiking. Or maybe a lot more people than ud ever imagine just enjoy molesting little kids. i find it gross myself.

so i didnt know how to meet or talk to this girl, so i gave a note to this one other girl who seemed to be a friend of hers to give to the girl. now the girl i gave the note to was black, (but she was NOT the girl i was interested in). Problem is that girl happened to only be 14 (which i didnt know) but thats only 3 years different anyway. And that girls mother saw the note, thought it was to the girl herself, and complained to my boss at the icecream place. somehow an employee military wild guy quite a bit older than me whod always hated me found out about it, and waited for me after work to beat me up in front of my boss, who pretty much did nothing except after 5 min about to tell him that was enough and to let me go. my mom wasnt too happy but she said she believed me since she knew i wasnt interested in a 14 yrs old who was black.

But yeah u can see how autism messes things up and working for jobs up. and i sure wish id known how to not lost Claudia, its no wonder i panicked like i did. im so old now i feel like it was my last chance. and ive pretty much lost interest in women anymore, i never waste money on them anymore, all i care about is solving all my financial problems.


  1. Tough luck on the poker hands. Interesting to hear the early stories. Why did you run away from home?

  2. Your winrate at poker is somewhere in the $1-2/hr range.

    So you paid someone 10-20 hrs of "work" (your word, not mine) to give you a ride.

    And you think that's a good decision?????????

  3. Don't be concerned about winning or losing a session. Only be concerned with making the correct plays. Poker is one long session. If the game is good for you, and you are capable of playing winning poker, then play. If the game is not good, or if you are unable to play good poker, then quit.

  4. W.

    Bold move on the fire department call, I'll give you that.

    One of your better posts.


  5. TBC, it is very interesting when you write about your earlier life stories. It gives some insight about who you are and why you do the things you do, moreso than reading about a rundown of your wins/losses for the day on the various machines or poker games. I highly encourage you to write more about your earlier life. I like the contemporary stuff too; don't get me wrong. I just find that learning more about young TBC adds more insight into contemporary TBC.

  6. Sometimes you can get away from aa but not as played. Say you instead opened $10 and get a couple callers. If you lead out $20 into a $30 pot it is a lot easier for you to fold to a raise than the way you played it. Maybe the guy would have 3 bet you and gave you an out. As played you had no choice to shove on a less than perfect board. You weren't deep enough for the guy to call 40 imo but you played it like its 2005. I generally open the same no matter what I have unless I am in late position I add a bb for each limper.

  7. been offline for 2 days, and im down to about $1850 and will be in tomorrows freeroll and im too tired to update now. going to resubmit the withdraw on UP though i need the cash.

  8. i see bitcoins are spiking upward they are worth $209. just think if you hadnt sold all of yours. how much you would have now?????

  9. $209 is what bitcoin is worth would have been rich if you hadent cashed in all of your coins earlier??????????