Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PLO/8 tourny at GVR

After dropping my $3400 roll to the $2100s briefly since returning to vegas from cali and Jean, the split in the freeroll at LVH, the wins at the stratosphere, Wynn, and the nugget, i was up to over $3000 again when i took the room at samstown sunday night for one day.

When i woke up about 7am, i played $1-5 stud downstairs, but the rake, $2 jackpot, and ante is so high in that game combined that i cant seem to ever win in it, and i was down $90 by the time the $2-6 holdem finally started up about 1.45pm. i should never play the stud there really.

Vince didnt make it by til a little after 5pm, but by the time he arrived, id gotten back all of the loss but $40. we went and got some food, and then went over to GVR to play the PL0/8 tourny on mon nights ive never had a chance to play and the $45 on his buyin was his Christmas gift from me. he busted out early (shouldnt stake people in games they dont play much--he thought a35k was worth betting on a 3 person flop of 447 when they both checked to him--and he also thought he had a nut flush draw when he didnt).

i doubled up more than that early on, and by the time we got down to 10 players, i was the chip leader with 22,900. the total prize pool was 736. and it paid 3 spots only. but then i started dwindling down and at one point had less than 4 BB. eventually we chopped 5 ways, $200 to the chip leader $125 each for everyone else, so i got our buyins back thank God, keeping me barely over 3000.

By then Vince was too tired to drive over to Jean, so he gave me 1 free night at his house. im in the room Jim and his gf used to live in, and Anne is also living there with Vince along with her dog, whose quite friendly being a pit bull terrier, i dont see how he could bite a soul, and i never thought it was possible for these dogs to be friendly but he was licking my face.

anyway, after i was lying down in that room to sleep with 2 blankets and a sleeping bag, (there no more bed in there) the floor seemed wet, and i was unsure why, i moved over to the other side of the room, where its dry, figuring its just water somehow. kind of smelled mildewish and i figured id point it out to vince the next day. then later when i went to the bathroom, the dog follows me back into the room from where it was sleeping on the couch with anne, and i would swear he was sitting in a really odd way, and i think i saw it use the bathroom, for there was a new spot that was wet. Vince really needs to be told about this but not in front of Anne, im sure she wouldnt believe it. i dont think im seeing things, and i have no other explanation how the floor got wet. id have woke him up, but i doubt he would believe it.

so its just as well i try to find my own place to live, either in Jean, or take that $150 flight to biloxi on dec 28 if it dont sell out. But i still dont think i have enough to travel with, to Ks, cali, biloxi or somewhere else.

i do need to stick to NL though (or that gvr tourny) and find loose action games--i learned that while in cali


  1. i called it back at vinces. but i missed the sleeping in piss part. good times

  2. Merry Christmas Tony.

    I hope you told Vince about the dog.

  3. Merry Christmas Tony.

    Congratulations for managing to support yourself for quite some time now, and being able to afford a roof over your head on most nights. As much as they hate to admit it, your efforts prove to your detractors that you can be a winner playing poker, and live your life as you choose, and do what you want.

    Just think that your bank roll of roughly $3000 could be up close to $10,000 right at this time, if you could just stay away from the machines. How much better for you would Christmas be if you had that size of a roll again?

    Good luck wherever you go, and whatever you choose to do with your life in 2014. Take care.


  4. It's always the dogs fault. They make excellent scapegoats.

  5. Tony I will be in New Orleans from Jan till May working. If you get down this way let me know I will come to Mississippi and play poker on the weekends.

  6. Merry Xmas Tony. Careful petting that pit bull especially if you rat him out for taking a leak in that bedroom....

  7. Merry Christmas Tony. Congratulations on the resilience that you have shown this year, to still be in action as we head into 2014.

    Try to take a moment to write up a blog summary of 2013, just so that you can capture your thoughts (for your own future benefit) on the merits (or otherwise) of gambling in Vegas, Jean and Southern California.

    If you can only manage to avoid repeating some your 2013 mistakes in 2014, you could be so much better off.

    Good Luck!