Wednesday, February 12, 2014

it would probably be a good idea to get on out of here while im still in relatively good shape--but then again--when u get as old as me--a place to call ur HOME is kind of nice

im really lucky i didnt lose a large chunk of money earlier today, maximum possible i couldve lost wouldve been $572. but of course, i never had nearly all of that bet. but thats what i had on me in cash while playing. (the rest is in the safe deposit box at the hotel desk--and in my bank acct, paypal acct, coinbase acct, bitzino acct, seals acct, Ultimate poker acct, etc). yes im glad my $2900+ didnt disappear, and after multiple hours of play and comps earned--im now an additional $16 better off with $2937. And i thank God for it.

for the first time in a week of play i violated my bankroll limits of 3 spots of $14 each several different times. not so much where there were bets totalling over $100 spread across the board, but a few hands of 5 spots each instead of 3 or less, and once a bet of $53 on 1 hand 1 spot. (all that was left in that spot--but with 2 $100 bills on me for backup to double or split if needed). the reason for doing better this week is i think not only been lucky--far less playing of more than 3 spots--and no more huge bets on the first hand off the shoe when behind. those 2 things make a big difference--when the count must be +3 or more before any bets over $10 are being made. and not even then a lot of the time.

But i couldve lost a few hundred and i didnt--and im embarrassed and ashamed because i was doing this as an experiment to see if i could keep to the discipline. i was getting close to 3000, wanted to pass it, and after being stuck $63 off to a poor start while the deck was still at +9 and not yet shuffled, i started betting a little bit too much.

and then i did it a few more times in other shoes too--stayed stuck close to $100 for quite a long while, getting back to being ahead very slight, to being stuck over $75 again, to finally ending up just over what i started with, and then the new shoe turned negative and i quit right away.

so if i stay at Vinces again--id first like to make sure the cats better provided for--even if i must pay for it myself. (as far as litter bought and cleaned frequently). and that dog is such a nice dog for a pitbull. id like to have Vince snap some pictures of him and I on walks. and Vince claims he got me sneakers for my birthday, which was nice of him. ive not yet seen them. there was a long time in my life i was afraid of pitbulls i never knew one could be nice and totally nonviolent. but there was a long time i was afraid to fly too and now i want to fly every time i go a long ways.

But where will i play poker? i guess the nugget, or V, or omaha at suncoast the rest of the time. am hoping i got enough for NL now. redrock would also be ok. I dont think the Palms hardly has a game anymore.

also ive seen decent options to live cheaply in columbus from craigslist too.

and im also supposed to remind u of the new TBC forum at

contrary to what some said, ive never had any virus warnings there--and even UP software giving that out. of course IP addresses must be collected. how else does a forum admin ban troublemakers? the same thing as my old proboards and disqus did this--and there were never any problems. But actually i kind of prefer just my blog the best. the forum does work for immediate comments from registered guests who behave themselves. but people will miss seeing comments if theyre not posted here a lot of times right in the blog. its a different audience but then again maybe its not. the only posts thats been deleted were posts quite offensive to certain close friends--and people pretending to be someone else they werent. both of which were vitally important to shut down. none of the regular members criticism of me was deleted. just stuff thats offensive and trolling. same as on here. criticism thats not over the top in poor taste isnt deleted.

and theres a blogger tourney coming up on seals im invited to, courtesy of seals bryan micon (i dont have the slightest idea if he knows me in person) and the pokermeister for a substantial sum of 500 seals chips. ive been playing there and bovada lately and sent coinbase recently $62 of seals money. wish i could sent more--its still way overvalued. got to not sleep thru it like im always doing.

seals the players are weaker for the most part--and the game selection isnt any worse than on UP. u can find an omaha game cheap for omaha plo 2-10 chips all the time usually.

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes poker:


  1. If you're a blogger and are interested in playing in the freeroll, it's open to all bloggers. Simply follow the directions on my site:

    Good luck to you, Tony!

  2. Hi Tony,

    I'm not sure if I'm playing in the Seals with Clubs Blogger Tourney, but I'm considering it. Might see me at the felt.

    You should take some pictures of the dog and cat with your phone if you can, once you get back to Vince's. And i do think Vince's apt is your best option.

  3. Tony, who is the admin for your new forum?

  4. Hey Tony, I'll be flying to Melbourne Australia tomorrow for a quick visit. I'll be going to Melbourne's Crown Casino and will see if they have any of dem good machines and report back to you.

  5. Oh Tony please update us on how your cat woman friend Josie. I hope her nephew is doing well.

  6. "And i thank God for it."

    So you believe that God causes the random number generators in VBJ machines to not be random, but to deliver results that come out in your favor, right? Because otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to thank him for a result he didn't cause to happen.

    Do you also believe that it is God that causes you to lose when you lose?

    If God is determining the outcomes of your gambling, why does it matter whether you play correct strategy? You could hit on 20, and surely it is within God's omnipotence to have the machine give you an ace. Right? Conversely, if he has decided, in his infinite wisdom, to make you lose today, no amount of perfect strategy can alter that, can it?

    1. Why on Earth would God want one of his favourite sons to lose? Great post Grump!

    2. the Bible says we are to give thanks to God in "all things". which means its an expression we say--regardless of whether God was really involved. all God really cares about is that when i gamble--i dont do it "foolishly"

    3. " all God really cares about is that when i gamble--i dont do it "foolishly""

      How in the world have you possibly come to this conclusion, Tony? I've never heard you mentioning that reading the bible is any part of your daily/weekly/monthly pattern. Do you read the bible?

      I've read it. I don't see how you've come to the conclusion that the bibilical god's only care is gambling of the foolish variety.


  7. am glad to report ive fully recovered from the other days $159 drop on the VBJ, and am now back to $2959. need to start maintaining the good discipline and not take any risks, and also im tired of not playing any poker, need SI or vince to come out here i guess. i shouldnt worry about hitting $3000 either, is having $41 more really going to improve my life all that much if i risk up to losing possibly $800 in an attempt to get it? i think not.