Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday services

i woke up about 12.30pm, and decided to attend an evening service instead of a morning one, and thinking id have to go on my own, i went looking for churches on spring mountain i thought would be nondenominational, and of decent size. i wanted to be where i could easily catch a bus from the wynn or V, where i guessed id probably go to play where id been doing good.

Found a church titled "lord of the harvest" which i figured would fit the bill, and then cooldave88 answered my twitter and told me he would take me, so we both attended services together. i was quite surprised to find out the church i chose was a Filipino only congregation, and we looked out of place im sure, but they were friendly, but all the music wasnt in English, so we understood none of it. also when the pastor spoke he only spoke in english half the time so we didnt understand that part too well either, but we could see they were devout.

i suggested maybe we should go elsewhere once i seen the church and how small it was but dave swore it would be in English and didnt want to look for another one starting at 7pm as close as it was to 7 then. a picture of the service is enclosed. notice all the words in a foreign language on the projector. is anyone here able to translate or know that language?

after the service dave and i drove over to the casino a ways out that Benny told us about with the dealers angels machine, but the rules sucked it hit the soft 17. comps arent that great, but not one person ever played it the whole 2 hours we were there, so i loved the machine. i won over $213 on it and im sure its beatable if u count it. dave won $80 and i heard it does give a lot of good mailers.

then dave dropped me off at the nugget, where i lost back all the win. also ran into a guy who knew who told me about another couple of promos, one involving $50 free play for using a certain ATM. the other was a coupon for $25 at a bar in north las vegas. but yeah i couldve been way up for the night, and now im stuck about $30 and dead tired. and i hope Benny waits til i wake up this afternoon to get in touch, and calls before he goes home to reno with his woman.


  1. how much did the atm cost you to get the free $50. coupon.. one way to look at it you only paid $30. for a whole night of fun and friendship and future comps, not bad should have quit before you lost all your profit but still not bad

  2. Tony, when you get a chance throw us all a bone and tell us more about the poker session at the Nugget?

  3. Tony:

    I'm glad you had a good time on Easter. For those of you who would like a sample of Tony's Lord of the Harvest experience, here's a youtube link (I'll admit, I laughed out loud picturing Tony at this service!):


  4. Very funny Easter service story!

  5. I'm happy that you took my advice and attended a church to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. Makes no matter that much of the service was in Filipino. The right intent was there which is certainly an accomplishment. Just think... within a short span of time you went to a movie theater and attended church. I wouldn't have thought that possible for you to do not so long ago. Now you should try to expand this step forward and go somewhere/do something completely new. Perhaps that is what the trip back home will offer you.

    And on a side note... those of us Catholics that are old enough, remember the Mass being in Latin so I guess your Easter Service experience is very similar to what we experienced every Sunday when we were children. Now, the big question- Did you drop something in the collection plate? After all, God deserves a bit of a tip once in a while, right?

  6. well first ill publish the bad news. new roll is somewhere in the $4600s once i get done checking my bank statement and debit card statements. only win i had today was a small $49 win at the golden nuggets $1-2 NL. lost $304 in the V $1-2 NL, took $300 out of the atm twice today, and lost about $200 or so on the good VBJ at the palazzo. i think primarily because the $5 min forces u to bet so high on good counts u wouldnt bet on a $1 machine.

    ive got almost no stakes in the last year for poker, at most it was $500, so its almost neglible in my results almost all of the people offering one ive never met turn out to be fake. so why would vook even consider this in overall results? Pokerkat only thinks this because he so mischaracterizes my play he dont see how i win

  7. and in other news, this alysia chang character really puzzles me. im sure its not anger after all. she added me on twitter, and thats not a new fake acct made up by anger, thats a twitter acct been in effect about a couple years. also it seems to be the same person whose onechiquita on RTP who id sworn was a guy who was a troll. mainly because his last post on there talked about finding me at the table to take all my money. the real alysia chang has no interest in ever meeting me or shed have introduced herself long before now, so why did she start reading and following my blog in the first place?

    what i really mean is, how did she find out about my blog to begin with, and even odder how would she have also found out about RTP? if she had no interest in finding out enough who i was to play at the same table and evaluate my play. and as far as that goes id like to meet anger at the casino in blackhawk and play against him too to see who wins, but only of course if he would introduce himself. ive still never got a chance to meet zin or pokerdogg either

  8. but the person i want to meet most of all and play at the table with is WEC

    1. We have played online several times in cash games without consequence. There is no reason to want to play with me. I really enjoy playing the game and like a positive experience and a good time had by all. But I will make a promise that if I am at Bally's during the WSOP playing cash I will introduce myself to you if you are there. Otherwise, I just can't stand negative vibes at the live poker table.

  9. Tony, it's time for you to really think about your actions and evaluate your life plan. You had $6,000. You could have put aside 2 full months worth of living expenses and still had 20 or so $200 buy ins. If you really think you are a poker pro (see title to this blog), it was time for you to start grinding like it was your job.

    Instead, what did you do? You felt "rich" and fucked away 1/3 of your net worth in less than 2 days. You will NEVER be a success unless you somehow become capable of following through on a solid plan, and making smart long-term decisions. So far, you have not shown yourself capable of this.

  10. Damm Tony you never learn do you. Tony you do not have the bankroll to beat a +EV machine. Why do you keep trying. Good luck and i have to go start grilling some lamb chops to watch the Spurs beat the Mavericks.

  11. Tony, when are you heading home to Kansas? Tomorrow? Are you excited to see your family?