Friday, May 30, 2014

a bit of success since leaving north lake tahoe

i just lost $34 at the Sands in the $2-6 spread before i went home for a while, but im happy to say im far better off than i was when i was at my low point in lake tahoe, i paid my room up for another week until next friday and was told this was the last week id owe sales tax, so my rent will be reduced if i stay on again. and even after all of that, im still left with $1740. thats about a $500 increase give or take a few dollars since i quit playing the VBJ machines, and stuck to live poker, or live table BJ instead.

still, i feel like friends are very important, and especially with the turmoil going on in this world to come soon, (wars and financial problems) and the soon return of the Lord. so i dont really like being in reno where i dont have anyone in my life. although what i want most is a good woman to love me, be an advocate, accept me and fight for the good thats in me, i need male friends too, such as lightning, Ray, Nick, PPP, Vince etc and id like to be in some other city. the only thing keeping me in reno for now is the lower cost of living, and the numerous games u can buyin to for $40-50 instead of $100, and being too low in money to really do any traveling. even as amazingly low some amtrak rates are right now.

and i guess now that i renewed the room, i need to make another trip to the grocery store, for the fridge is empty again now. Id like to thank Nick also for a big favor he did me, but i still need to buy a stamp and envelope, and ive got to send off Marks birthday card too, his birthday is next week.

i do miss being in vegas during the wsop too--basically the part i miss the most is seeing people id never get to see otherwise--basically pokerdogg this year, and Josie if shed ever return to vegas. hopefully next year ill be in much better shape again and be ready if im still banned at Harrahs corporate office, at least be able to play a lot of them good Nugget grand series, and V deepstack events. i feel like one of the reasons i never had a good shot added to my bankroll was my lack of tourny experience. the only tourny experience i ever really had and a good track record in is Bovada.

cant believe im this old (45--old enough for the binions senior event finally) and still accomplished so little. its good to know its not what we accomplish financially in this life that matters, but how close we are to friends, family, and how well we honor God. and thats an area id like to learn how to quit failing in, and is why i keep thinking of moving to Toledo when i can find out how id afford housing.

dont forget, this is still one of the most popular online blogs about how unglamourous professional low stakes pokerplaying is really like, and is heavily read and would be sorely missed, so if u have anything u want to promote for a reasonable price, hit me up.


  1. Congrats Tony on the 1740, you sounds positive~very good to see that.

    1. If you were not addressing me, why did you use my name in your post as if you were addressing me? More babble?


  2. Won back $24 at sands when I went back, game was quite loose, but the floor in the pit wanted to close it down cause it was 4 handed. No one wanted to see it close, and the loose guy tipped huge

  3. tonights session at the rail city casino in sparks wasnt so good, shouldve left much sooner, and just played $1-2 without enough money than to play BADLY at $2-6. thats not a good game to play too loose in, if u play too loose, its much better to do it in a NL game than a limit game. new roll is now only $1615. got my sons birthday gift and card mailed out though.