Saturday, July 12, 2014

how to avoid feeling stressed out when losing.

Tonight (thursday night-the night im WRITING this--not the night u are READING THIS--) was a bit of a roller coaster of a night. i bought in for the usual $40, which grows throughout the night either thru me winning, or adding to the stack. I did good early on and had it up to $192 at one point, and then knocked it all the way down to $38.

a bit on tilt, especially after losing a big pot with KK to AJ offsuit (who shoved over the top of me preflop), i shoved my last $39 over the top of a guy who always straddled $5, and had raised his straddle to $20. all i had was 33, but i was ready to go home and play on Bovada, and if he dont have any pair we are 50-50. everyone got out but him, and hes thinking and hes claiming the way im talking about him having 2 overs "tells him a lot about my hand". and then he shows 44 and mucks. man did i get lucky there. and eventually i built the stack back to $215.

then i lost it again, and rebought for the remaining $138 in my pocket. i was extremely sick and pissed with the hand i lost. for i had KK again, (just call me ROB from now on) and i called an EP raiser to $17. the guy behind me on the button called whod just recently sat and had me almost covered. (i shouldve raised him out). flop comes K79 with 2 diamonds, and the initial raiser bets $20. i put him on a very strong hand, either AK or AA and i dont like the flush draw, so i made it $45. enough to hopefully keep him in WITHOUT him having a diamond draw, and scare the other guy into folding so he "wont get squeezed". instead the other guy calls, original better had AA and shoves into my top set, i go allin over the top, the guy behind me STILL calls, and i fear hes on a flush draw, sure enough, he has Q6 diamonds and hits the turn and i dont boat. i do beat the AA guy for a very tiny small pot of about $30, and the guy who just won a pot of over $560 leaves and quits. all of that money shouldve been mine. thats a huge swing.

somehow i eventually recover, and cash out $290 ($112 up for the night) and still at $22 per hour for 152 total hours logged.

tomorrow i want to visit a cricket store (and possibly a verizon store) and talk about a better broadband plan. seems like the best cricket one is $65 (instead of my now $35) for up to 8GB, but that still isnt nearly enough. and any company other than cricket or verizon id need a new modem and those are very expensive upfront.

i sure cant get credit, due to 2 unpaid bills to phone and internet, one over $300 and 1 over $200, both of which never were paid. anyone else have experience with using broadband modems?

and this is how i know im not "addicted to gambling" for people addicted to gambling need to gamble higher and higher to enjoy it, and me, i need to gamble LOWER and lower to enjoy it. which is a big reason why i buyin $40 even with a $5000 roll, it helps me play a lot more relaxed and less pressure. if i lose twice, im still out not much and one $100 double up recovers me off a 3rd buyin.

think of how much id be on tilt if i lost $200 twice, cant risk that emotionally, so i stick to low starting buyins til im stuck, and im not going to ever change it, as well as its been working out for me. the less money u have on the table, the more fun and enjoyable the game is, and the more well behaved u are. (the less money u have invested on the game that is)--of course u want the biggest stack possible--without having to buy one.

all the times id get really upset--it was all when losing BIG money--mostly always on machines where it was much easier to bet way too big. the smaller im risking, the more i can focus on just making the best play. i imagine once i pass 10k in the next few months--$100 buyin then will seem the same as $40 buyin now, etc. so buyins will slowly grow as the roll grows. eventually it will be fun to test out the $3-5 game here, it runs quite often.

i also wish i had a lot more on bovada too so i dont worry about running out of money there. won 4 out of 4 sngs since being down to $43, and am now at $62. all $5 double or nothing. my win rate in double or nothing sngs is well over 70%.

i will be under $5000 again soon as i pay rent again first thing in the morning, and u wont even have seen this post before i pay it.

another thing that really bugs me--my bank claims it has to send me a new atm card cause its saying my data may be comprised, this is the 3rd time they did this in the last 5 yrs and i just sent them an online message they need a different address for me. this is getting annoying changing my debit card number so much. i wonder if depositing on bovada so many times in the past causes this.

ok--everything ABOVE this line was actually typed a day sooner, but since the last post had only been up less than a day and had under 400 views, i couldnt yet post it. now it will be okay to post, its about 800 views now and will be 2 days old instead of 1 day old. so it can be time for a new post.

Tonight was the worst night ive ever had in the Peppermill. (at poker that is). loss of $775, all at poker. the worse night was when i lost $500+ at poker and $400 more on VP. tonight i put only a $20 in the VP to cool off, and actually cashed out $26 after briefly running it up to $80+. so i lost NOTHING on VP tonight.

i did have to use the ATM though, after leaving the poker room since i had $0 cash left. i made the mistake im not supposed to make u see--bought in the game for way too much when on tilt and stuck. my system of buyins really wouldnt be so bad if i would always cap the loss at $200.

Had a lot on my mind tonight too, people in my way walking slow who i could tell were high on meth and talking about drugs in food with attitudes on the way to the poker room, having a long wait for a seat, then getting the wrong seat (seat 1) my family in Canada and the way they lie and dont treat my mom right (and i dont stick up for my mom as much as i should) and the way one of Akgals friend (and even people from my blog) talk about her. had a long conversation with AKgal about this friend of hers, and also about another twitter post she found offensive, then i showed her what this guy said directly to my mom on facebook way more offensive than anything i put on twitter. Calling her a retard for her beliefs in God and anti obama posts, and saying she has an iq of under 50, and how she is to blame for how i am. Justin Boucher who supposedly works at the Mirage according to facebook and Akgal. he deleted it all off facebook hoping i wouldnt see it but of course facebook emails me new posts. lying about a stake of course no one would ever give, etc.

far more offensive than anything Josie, Seattle irish, PPP or Koala say about my mom, even though some of their comments arent nice at times either. I really should be there more for my family when someone mistreats them in words. i finally did today to my cousin Jean in canada, who has my mom blocked on facebook. showed mom her replies to me in Pms, and mom said it was all a lie what Jean said to me.

mom deeply cares about their soul, and wants them to be able to see my dad again someday when they die, and wishes they would accept her as a part of the family. she is really hurt by the way they lie to her, block her and didnt want her in their lives after my dad died. she knows a lot of them are athiests even though some of them lie about it.

so anyway i sit in a seat i dont want (only seat open) and buyin for $40 as usual. lost it rather quickly and of course forgot the hand, and offer a guy in seat 2 $5 to move and he accepts and i get to sit seat 2 instead, thinking that will really help improve my disposition and chances of winning. but heres where i make the first error. i didnt have the proper change to buy another $40 or so, so i ended up rebuying $130 since i had no way to break $100 without going to the desk to rebuy instead of from the dealer. if i could, id just bought the $30 and left the $100 in my pocket. i didnt want the oddball $30 in my pocket since i could never rebuy anyway with only $30, so i went ahead and put ALL of the $130 in the game. and that was a big mistake cause it got me buried deeply way too fast. (remember how i said yesterday on RTP to relax, enjoy the game and make it fun for both me and my opponents, i need to keep my buyins low?)

so i have $130 on the table give or take a few bucks, and i get dealt 67 offsuit, a hand i normally dont play. i limp the extra $1 in the SB, and the loose guy in seat 3 makes the usual raise hes been making to $7 (and he soon left broke of course). about 5 people call him, so i do too when i really shouldnt, thats a pretty large mistake. the game was quite loose all night, and more chips than usual were flowing around.

flop comes up 763, and im relieved, thinking nows my chance to get unstuck and ahead. my plan is to check raise enough to get it HU. i check, he bets $35, asian guy in late position makes it $70 i dont like him in, but unless i want to fold, i feel i got no choice but to make it all in. he also goes allin, with nothing but AA, asian guy calls, (who flopped the straight) and both me and the AA went broke that hand.

perfect setup on the flop to bust the guy with the AA, i dont think anyone wouldve folded my hand on the flop. most wouldve preflop, but not seattle irish, who always gave me shit for folding in the blinds. i wonder what grump or vook wouldve done.

added $100 to my stack and lost that too within the first hour i was out $270-275. the first 2 buyins were lost in under 20 minutes according to my phone.

thats when i shouldve left, and went home, played on bovada. but i didnt want to do that, didnt want to write down a big loss, so i pulled out the remaining $500 i hadnt yet deposited in the bank and rebought.

for about 2 hours i was about even or slightly up about $20 off the final $500, til the following huge hand took it all.

Again its a loose game, so i call a $15 raise multiway action with 57 clubs. and since im so deepstacked i dont think its a bad call. im first to act on the flop of 567 with 2 spades. i bet $85, and the black guy on my immediate left whose playing rather loose and winning (he moved there soon as the other guy i told u about went bust on AA) he thinks and calls. (i wanted noone to call). he ends up being the ONLY caller, thank God and he has my $500 covered dammit.

turn comes 2 spades. i dont like the spade. so i check. would u check? he bets $90 and i call. would u fold, call, or shove?

river comes 7, and im so relieved to hit the boat, i check, knowing he will bet, and he bets $200. i shove, he calls, and he has 23456 of spades. i didnt even see the possible straight flush, and he had it on the TURN. id never lost the whole stack if id not hit the boat, thinking i couldnt lose, and if id never bought in $500 to start with. had i made smaller buyins all along, id never had so much on the table. all because my 2nd buyin was $130 instead of $40-50.

so i left, had no more cash on hand to rebuy anyway, and went straight to the atm. took out $480, (thank God my card works, the email from the bank says it wont after july 30 and my new card is on its way to vinces now--i need to immediately update my address with the bank). and thats when i went to the 9/6 JOB VP and sat there about 30 min at the 1c2c5c10c 100 play. id have sat at the VBJ instead if it was in this casino instead of sparks.

then came home to make this post, and sleep a few hours til my 1pm sng for sunday freeroll. 20 of the 40 entries will get paid sunday, $100-2500 and i sure need the money now. its seldom ever chopped, and $2500 for first can sure come in handy. surely i would once per year if i did it every month.

also, i blew up at a spammer. u guys with blogs, u have no business posting the spam comments referring u to someones website. many times the website is entirely inappropriate content, but sometimes its a poker website. this one guy with a muslim sounding name is always posting this comment then a link to his website. take a look, im sure not approving it or the link to his website which i edited out to prevent u from clicking it.
luky begum has left a new comment on your post "Royal flush jackpot in the Sands poker room":

Excellent blog you’ve got here.It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!! Please check out my site

u see, when u approve these comments or dont immediately delete them once posted, u hurt all of us bloggers by us selling less ads. lightning and the pokermeister used to get ads for their blogs and mine, now we dont, and its because people now think they can get it for free just by linking up spam comments.


  1. this is all mom ever said on facebook--spoke the truth-- u see the US has no business being in Syria, Libya, or ANY of these mideast muslim countries, supporting any types of "rebels". a lot of them were and are still alqaida affiliated. obamas own brother is being prosecuted in egypt as being a part of the muslim brotherhood. a lot of these rebels have slaughtered alot of mideast christians.

    Sherry Bigcharles‎Tony Bigcharles
    September 4, 2013 ·
    we are going to war and helping our enemies and our soldiers are ordered to die for our enemies. That is EXACTLY what is the truth. We are helping those who took down our twin towers and killed thousands of Americans. You are so right son, this world is so corrupt. Obama is an evil Muslim through and through destroying us.

    this guy deliberately looked up a VERY old post, way back last year in sept and chose it to make his posts instead of a much newer post--i guess hoping his posts wouldnt be seen by anyone but my mom

    1. Yes Tony we get it. Muslims are bad, Christians are good. What should we do about the Christians living in predominately Muslim countries? Even Iraq, the ultimate in "evil" countries has a 5% Christian population. WWJD?

    2. these muslim countries should protect the rights of christians the same as the usa has freedom of religion and protects the rights of muslims. very simple.

  2. Good thing you aren't an addict. For a second I thought maybe you had been martigaling at poker all this time. Buying in higher when you lose until you get it back. Oh wait that is what you've been doing. Unlucky on the hands but you were eventually going to run bad as you've been running above expectation.

    Ps. You are still an addict. Don't kid yourself. You have no life outside if gambling

  3. Based on your twitter feed it doesn't sound like you handled losing as well as you might have. You had to know that you were going to have a losing sessions sooner or later. You need to give some thought as to a stop loss $$ amount and walk away when you hit it.
    "Most fucking rude and unfriendly bitch working at peppermill, never ever thanks me for a tip, and always says she did" and this "Out over 4 buyins in less than an hour $280 total, and now thouroughly pissed, just rebought $500, and hate this russian cunt dealing accent" indicate that you are likely walking on thin ice with some of the dealers who will then complain to the floor about you. Why would have a conversation with a dealer, more than once, about whether or not they thanked you for a tip?. If you don't want to get banned, BEHAVE.

    1. i love that in tbc's world 280 is 4 buy ins then boom buy in for 500

  4. stop saying money should have been yours in hands your 65-75 pct to win. you have 65-75 pct equity, and when you scoop the pot you arent giving 25-35 pct rebates.

  5. and if anything you should have gone broke on the kk hand- you played it horribly preflop, flopped a miracle vs the aa and then the flush hit.
    the 90 pct of the time you don't flop a set you're going broke anyway.

  6. PART 1
    That was brutal that your full house ran into someones straight flush. On the river I would have most likely done the same thing you did and go all in.

    Lets break the hand down.

    From the way you describe the hand it sounds as if your in early position because you said there were a lot of callers and on the flop you were first to act. Your either the small blind, big blind, UTG, or UTG+1.

    So PreFlop you have 57 of clubs and have $500 in your stack.

    PREFLOP: Someone raises it up to $15 and there are multiple callers and it gets back to you in your early position and you call. I would always fold here because I would hate calling a big raise preflop in early position with a crappy hand. Having position is almost as important as the cards you hold when playing deep stacked.

    I might call it on the button if 5 or more players call and I am deep stacked because I have position on everyone but never if I am first to act. But even on the button I would still probably fold 57 of clubs to a $15 dollar raise.

    FLOP: 567 with two spades. Nice flop for you. Your probably ahead and you know it is a draw heavy board and you don't want people drawing for cheap so you bet $85 dollars and get just one caller. Very sound logic here.

    The only problem with this is that your putting a lot of money in on the flop out of position and if you get called and a draw card comes and your in early position. It makes your turn decision tough.

    I would bet the pot on the flop still not giving the draws the right odds to call and making it easier for me to get a way from my hand on the turn if I have too. So it 3 people are in the hand I would bet $45, 4 people I would bet $60.

    TURN: 2 of spades. Your early position sucks. You check and he bets $90 dollars. You call the $90 dollars.

    If your opponent hit trips, two pair, or a straight on that flop and you made it $85 dollars they would most likely raise or go all in on the flop because there is a possible flush and straight draw out there. So I do not think he has trips, two pair, or a straight.

    I think most people on a straight draw would not call the $85 on the flop because they may feel they are drawing dead if they hit there straight and another spade comes out.

    So he called your big flop raise and that most likely means he is on the flush draw.

    So without any info from you on the type of player he is I would have to guess he was on a flush draw and he hit it. He bets $90 dollars and I fold.

    1. he should have folded pre and 567 is an ok flop for his hand but really not a great one multiway

  7. PART 2:
    SUMMARY: When playing deep stacked it is very important to know the type of player your up against and to have position when your in a hand.

    So when not in a hand you have to watch every hand and see how they played the hand and what they showed down so you get a feel for the way the person plays.

    So if your been paying attention and you understand how he plays. You will have a good idea when you should fold and when you should raise. If you understand your opponent then you can exploit him.

    One thing I notice is that when you tell us hands you played, you rarely tell us the type of opponent your up against. Like saying this guy is loose aggressive and will always bet buff a draw when it hits if you check.

    Or saying he is deceptive and if he a strong hand he always checks.

    Or saying that this will always try and call you to see if he catches his draw and will only raise if he hits it.

    I have played with you a few times at the Venetian and I think your a good short stacked poker player but I always thought that if you moved up to 2-5 or 5-10 that you would be in a world of hurt because you do not seem to pay much attention to how the other players are playing when your not in the hand.

    One thing you do a lot when at the poker table is that you seem to either be playing some kind of game on your phone or texting someone on the phone or something with your phone. Then when you do catch a hand you put the phone down and play. Then when the hand is over you pick up the phone again and don't look back up until you have another playable hand.

    Now I have only played with you four times so maybe it was just those times that you used the phone like that and did not pay attention.

    When playing short stacked you can kind of get away without paying too much attention because the hands just kind of play themselves.

    But when playing deep stacked, position and understanding how your opponent plays is important. Also analyzing hands you lost and learning from them.

    Play - Lose - Learn - Repeat

    1. a well thought out and much time was given by u on this analysis. wish more readers would make this much effort in analyzing my hand histories.

    2. they don't make the effort because you never have a well thought out discussion about a hand.
      you post a summary of a hand, usually leaving out key details. someone posts good info and you totally ignore it.

      with that said his post was very well thought out-not that you'll learn from it.

    3. " you rarely tell us the type of opponent your up against. Like saying this guy is loose aggressive "

      Also, what is your image. How loosely have you been playing? How do others see you? This is important, but you never mention it in your hand recaps.

  8. So to answer your question in the earlier blog comments... between your experience and a fairly significant chip stack advantage in the Saturday freeroll, yes you are pretty much guaranteed a seat in the Sunday freeroll. Only possible complication might be the blind structure. If it is the typical SNG one-hour structure that is good for you but if it runs slower and might be two hours of play then you need to make sure you pick the right spots to make moves (or not make them). When I was playing a lot of live SNGs I was a firm believer in Collin Moshman's SNG theory and did quite well. If a newer and more current SNG theory book tops Moshman's I'd be interested in reading that and maybe revisit the live SNG waters again.

    Good luck today and Sunday!

    1. i won my seat, and am hoping to do well sunday, so my $4200 roll is up to $6700 and can then feel good again.

  9. That's really not fair to say your Mom has an IQ below 50. I'd estimate most Creationists who believe President Obama is a Muslim have an IQ in the 65-80 range.

    1. most republicans have a much higher IQ than most democrats. Proof of this being more business executives vote Republican, and more welfare recepients who are umemployed vote democrat who never graduated high school.

    2. I think if you wanted "proof" the best way would be to look at studies that compare the IQ of Republicans and Democrats... "among the American sample, those who identify themselves as “very liberal” in early adulthood have a mean childhood IQ of 106.4, whereas those who identify themselves as “very conservative” in early adulthood have a mean childhood IQ of 94.8."
      Incidentally, the National Academy of Sciences is full of quite smart people. Only 7% believe in God. But I guess that's because scientists are part of the Muslim conspiracy to destroy America.

    3. So, if someone switches from the Democrats to the Republicans.....does their brain grow?

    4. That switch shows that it already did grow... ;)

  10. Tony, forget about average room temperature IQ's. What ever happened with

  11. am sad to report that i missed the money in todays freeroll, and that was such a bitter disappointment considering only 50 were in it, and even 5th paid $700. we started with 12,000 and at the end of the first break i had 32,000 and the average chip stack was 15,000 when 40 of 50 remained.

    then everything started going wrong, lost a pot when a shortstack reraised me allin with her 99, and even though she won, she then busted out in 39th. and was down to about 23 BB, and then lost a huge coin flip JJ vs his AK and was ahead til the river when all the money went in preflop. and i took 38th which paid nothing.

    good news is i did win about $170 in the live game before i went home to get more sleep.

    1. why do you even mention you were ahead until the river as though you got sucked out on?

  12. really need to change the way tipping works in tournys, i get sick of losing $10 extra just to get the max chip stack then bust out. the sole reason casinos do it this way is to fix it so the LOSERS subsize the winners tips to allow the winners to tip LESS than they should, and i think its total BS.

    the damn winners shouldnt be so fucking cheap, a much more fair way is to remove 20% of the prize pool for the dealers, and that way the goddamn losers wouldnt get charged a PENNY which is fair.

    1. You had a choice here. You could take one of two attitudes:

      (A) Whee! For only $10, I got to enter a poker tournament with a maximum chip stack, with the opportunity to win $700 or more! I'm lucky, and life is good!

      (B) Fuckers are ripping me off for $10.

      I think it's very sad that you choose (B). What's even sadder is that this is not an isolated instance. In fact, with just about every choice of two ways of looking at a situation, you nearly always choose the one that is more pessimistic, surlier, nastier, unhappier, more suspicious.

      It really *is* a choice you make, every time. You could choose to look at things very, very differently than you do.

    2. Tony, let me recommend that you read--and not just read superficially, but deeply ponder--the wise speech that David Foster Wallace gave as a commencement address to Kenyon College in 2005.

      In particular, roughly the middle one-third of it, starting with "By way of example," and ending with "The only thing that's capital-T True is that you get to decide how you're gonna try to see it." The whole thing is about all the different ways you can choose to perceive a situation. You really do have this freedom, every minute of every day.

    3. btw tbc if you're actually a winning player you should prefer this system because this way everyone tips the same amount, and in the long run you should cash more often than the field. additionally since you're a spineless nit begging for min cashes and chops you probably cash quite more often than most, while leaving tons of money behind.

    4. even if it costs me more in the long run, its still a more fair way to do it, and seeking fairness and justice for all should be one of our biggest goals in life, its what God says he is all about. i give $5 on huge pots and $0 on pots under $20, thats not what a lot of guys do who flat give $1 a pot, but its far more fair. and it might cost me more in the long run too.

    5. Maybe you could expand on your new-found devotion to equitable contributions and start paying income tax?

  13. Passed the 170 hour mark, still at $18 per hour. even at $15 per hour, if i put in 50 hours a week, thats $3000 a month when my living expenses are a third of that. i dont see how i could ever go bust here as long as i keep my buyins really small and dont play machines.

    1. That's exactly what you said about living in Primm: you'd be able to stay there forever, easily making enough in comps from playing VBJ machines to live on. We saw how that worked out.

      My point is not that you *can't* accomplish the plan you just mentioned. My point is that you have a looooooooooooooong history of thinking you have a foolproof plan all figured out, but then it gets torpedoed.

      The thing to do is take pen to paper and write down everything that could torpedo this lovely vision you have of how you have found the land of milk and honey. Getting robbed. Your mother or son having a huge life crisis that requires you to go there and help out, spending your savings in the process. An illness that puts you in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Etc.

      Then you have to start thinking of what contingency plans you need to have in place for such unexpected eventualities. Or--most likely of all--you blowing up, spewing hundreds of dollars in a fit of pique, and getting yourself banned from the places that you're now relying on for your income.

      But I have almost no hope that you'll do this. It's easier to put your head in the sand and deny that any such things will happen.

  14. at one point tonight, i was up about $150, didnt quit then, but did quit when i was up $98. yes i played only about 3 hours or so, i know im not getting in nearly as many hours per month as i could or should if i wanted 200 a month, so maybe im lazy, but i dont really think quitting with $98 profit when i feel my play is slipping is a bad thing, im happy to leave before i give it all back. isnt that the right thing to do instead of just going for the max amount of hours?

    been playing 2 sessions a day usually somewhat close 10.30am to 2.30pm and 10.30 pm to 2.30am. (or somewhat similar hours) but usually less hours.

    when i was age 21-30 i usually did nothing but sit at the table 12 hours a day or so. but i didnt have a very good quality of life, often panhandled and slept outdoors or in a worse place than i live now. i have come to the realization less hours is GOOD--how many agree with this conclusion?

    1. You didn't quite because you felt your play slipping. You quit because you were up and wa nted to ensure you finished up for the day. If you were losing, you would have kept playing regardless of your play level. Don't pat yourself on the back for doing the same thing you always do.

    2. Think about a graph on which is plotted the length (in hours) of each poker session against the amount won or lost in that session. Most poker players would find that their longest sessions were the biggest losers, and the shorter sessions were the winning one. That's because they like to lock up a win, even if a small one, but when they're losing, they will keep playing and playing in a desperate effort not to book a losing session. Sound familiar?

      But the graph should be the other way. If you're losing, that indicates that something is wrong. Maybe the competition is a little tougher that day. Maybe you're not putting in your A-game. Maybe you're just having an unlucky day. But the thing to do is realize it's not your day, and quit. Go do something else. Come back the next day and start over again. Conversely, if you're winning, it suggests that things are lining up in your favor, in terms of luck, how well you're playing, and your edge on the competition. Those are the times to keep playing as long as those conditions persist.

      You're trying to justify a short session with a small win, when just the other day you did a long session where you poured more and more money and more and more time into a losing session.

      You're doing it wrong.

    3. Tony, at Glassman we would play 24 hours, then off to the Majestic Star, and the other Casino's in Gary Indiana near Chicago. We could sleep in a car outside in a park or anywhere really. Your living out of your pocket so you have to concentrate on quitting ahead you know that after all these years. You don't want to burn yourself out when your not in the mood to play. Your living depends on your decisions. I vote GOOD move on your conclusion!

  15. Don't worry about hours. Just profit is good. If you make a pile in an hour, great. Walk away. If you make some and feel a slip coming, walk away, as you did above (all too rarely). Same applies in losses. If your are on tilt. Walk. Everywhere you play will be there tomorrow, as long as you don't get banned. Well spotted on not playing machines either. You would of thought someone would have told you by now !

  16. new roll $4905. won over $340 at the atlantis, and left when i gave back about $60 of the win when i was once over $400. Bought groceries across the street and then took the bus home. earlier in the day before i started playing, i went by my bank, and also the laundrymat and dropped off the laundry to pick up tomorrow. still holding at $19 hourly and up to 178 hours now logged.

    decided to subtract $15 from my winnings (which i spent on addons to dealers in the tourny $5 sng and $10 main event) and add 3 additional hours to my playing time, and of course that will slightly lower my hourly rate. of course, next month when i reach the money, ill add all that profit too, and it will go back up then.