Saturday, September 6, 2014

My blog is now a work of fiction, and i need the Lord Jesus Christ in my life.

its time i start being honest in this blog for once. The last blog entry was essentially about to be true, but it was posted 5 days too early. u see i really did select a nice safe place to stay, from an ad i found on craiglist Phoenix, and the ad says the zip code is "the safest in the entire metro area" and its a luxury hotel $250 a week, right up the road a few miles from Fort Mc dowell.

hmm, i was about to post the link to the ad, but i see the ads been removed. no wonder they didnt answer my email, they must of got "too many inquiries" and took down the ad. it was fairly close to a city bus, probably the one WEC is referring to. it was a hell of a long bus ride to the only good casino called wild horse pass.

i fully intended to go there--after my 4 free nights in laughlin were up. And i went to a lot of trouble to protect myself from being discovered in Laughlin. (i had them list me as an unregistered guest so if trolls called up checking to see if im registered there i wont show up). But first i was going to play a little VBJ in a place id be all alone, and no one would bother me.

no bums constantly walking up wanting $1, staring at all my credits and trying to pretend they didnt know i was playing multiple spots, (slots of fun is full of black homeless people hustling credits and looking for nothing but a free beer from the cocktail waitress). And i didnt want anyone trying to sit or otherwise disturbing me while i played--felt like that would greatly increase my odds of winning.

so as soon as i get there, i check into my room for 4 nights at the Pioneer, and start off winning $200 on the VBJ and finding out about the great promo tues wed and thrus. for every 250 points earned ($1950 coin in) u get to spin a wheel for $10-100 in free play. so thats a very good payback of close to 1% or a bit higher if u are lucky.

the max number of wheel spins u can earn are 3 each of those days for 750 points total $5850 coin in, and id be shocked if im telling Cutter something in this blog he dont already know. for the 750 points i earned the day i played, i got $45 in free play out of it, which added a bit less than 1% to my payback.

But the Pioneer is more busy than the river palms, and theres only 1 VBJ there. so i really wanted to go to the river palms where its quiet and 5 machines in the middle of the night. but i was worried id have to play at night without a card since someone else who knows Cutter screwed me and him before claiming our free play.

Little did i know the river Palms closed down for business sept 5, will remain closed til sept 26 when it reopens, and it was also bought out by Dottys and will have a new name when it reopens. no idea on what will become of the VBJ machines.

so tonight, i ended up going to Harrahs, losing $200 in the $2-5 NL game (2 buyins of $100) and of course did NOT use a players card to remain anonymous.

was disgusted with myself for going to laughlin instead of just staying on the bus all the way to Phoneix, was disgusted id lost so much there and they closed the River Palms, (my favorite place to be away from others) and starting to get very worried id lost/spent way too much since leaving reno.

and i felt like my plan to go to Phoenix was now a very poor idea. for one reason id lost too much money to afford that nice weekly, their ad was no longer online, (heres a similar one from another property) in a different location, but the other ad was by fort mdowell different company placed it.

u see id been right by fort mc dowell, but a hell of an inconvenience from the good poker rooms with lots of tables. and as often as i was looking at bravo, the clincher that make me decide definitely to NOT GO to phoenix was when bravo showed nothing but 2 $4-8 games and NO $1-2 spread limit games at 8pm on friday night. about the only thing Ft mc dowell had was a $1 VBJ machine and im sure it was full all the time too.

i was in Phoeniz about 15 yrs ago, and id sworn that casino had TONS of live tables going at once.

main thing i really wanted to do when i had the $10k in reno was to get into a really nice place to live for a month (because of the condition of my previous apt in reno when poor) and i was quite embittered that was going down the tubes.

so my blog post wasnt a lie, it was fully intending to be true, (within a few days) but the plans got all messed up. the only real lie was the $379 airfare to throw everyone off as to where i was. and of course, the AndyFezzik acct is also a lie, i made up that account and andy has known that for a long time its me who posted as him several times.

but tonight i made an unwise choice, i wanted OUT of laughlin quick as possible, and i shouldve waited til morning and took the $40 bus into vegas or the $50 bus into Phoenix ( greyhound is $72 to vegas from laughlin.

so i wasted $250 for a cab to vinces house, where im living now, and as im running out of money--its the ONLY cheap place i can afford for a month, and i might head out to LA to make sure i cant play anything but poker and regrind. maybe i should sit here and play on Bovada. new roll is only about $6600, and i dont have the month paid for in a nice place i told everyone i did.

yeah im out almost $3000+ since leaving vegas. but i dont think i lost that much on VBJ. a lot of it was transportation expenses, misc expenses. some big losses at poker, but about $2000 of it was lost at VBJ. but not all on the good machines, $400+ of it was lost on the even money VBJ u remember.

i wish to God id went to Toledo to live with Ray, ive never trusted him fully to be sincere about becoming a christian, u see he is the last person id think would want God in his life. he never had any interest in God when i was a young kid 25 yrs ago.

But his facebook posts are showing his sincerity and his emails about how living for God is the only thing in life that really matters and how VBJ and machine play is so evil and ungodly. and how God took away his addiction to them machines he had at one point.

Quote of his on facebook message " These are the times Tony, spirit and soul overcome flesh, i took a drive tonight and thought about stopping at hollywood and i drove by it and just thought about christ and how it takes from him when i do things i know are bad"

he's also showed my blog to Jenny, an old time monte carlo regular about my age who played all the time like me years ago and is single and beautiful but never dates anyone and is also a Christian. i think shes quit playing. he said Jenny really loved and enjoyed the blog and was laughing. id bet Toledo Tom knows her personally.

whatever i need serious psychological help in overcoming my desire to bet way too much to get unstuck, got to quit caring about losses and making them much worse. id lost far less on VBJ had i just limited my max bets to 1.5% of the roll no matter how much the count, but i bet quite bit more a few times, up to almost 5% of the roll. so idiotic no wonder im out so much.

u see, im going to get in serious trouble if i dont get help. i went around to a ton of people and told them i hoped they lost too cause i lost and would have to commit a horrible crime to get money. and i told many people how ugly i thought they were. (mostly all old women sitting alone). same as i went off on the old asian lady at Parx i told claudia about and was scared to ever go into parx again in case she told the police. i went off in detail how i hoped they lost everything to their name and said i lost all of my money too.

i cannot handle losing, and i cant be around where i can play machines. Toledo, or los angelos or not leaving Vinces house and grinding online, those are the only choices. the $1-2 games in vegas are just much harder to beat.

im not strong enough to stop--only Prayer and God can help me. i need ray to pray for me and every other Christian reading this blog. and to ask God to forgive me for lying to the readers about being in Laughlin, i only did it avoid worrying about being picked up there.


  1. You are an unmitigated fucking disaster.

  2. Go back to Reno. Why won't you do that?

    Here's an exercise you should try for one week: any time you get an idea in your brain, do the exact opposite of that idea.

  3. Fort McDowell is terrible. I think there is 2 tables total there now. The biggest poker room in AZ is a lot closer to Fort Mcdowell then Wild Horse. Its Talking Stick Resort. There you will find 50 tables of non stop action. They are NOT on bravo however. It should be a lot closer to where you are instead of Wildhorse which is FAR away.

  4. Tony why did you leave Reno? You were doing so well there.

  5. Tony also they spread 1-3,3-5,5-10. Also lots of limit games starting at 3-6. Easiest place to win money. The tables are tissue soft.


  7. You don't want to stop playing -EV games, you want to stop losing at them. There's really no hope for you as long as you continue gambling. Your sock roll (i.e. net worth) is always going to gravitate towards $0.

    My advice would be to not stress out too much and just let things take their predetermined course. Enjoy the food and shelter you can pay for while you have money.

  8. This time last year you were down to just $500. Get back to what got you to 10k and leave the machines alone. Look at the bright side of having over 10 times the money you had this time a year ago.

  9. Tony I am shocked you lied to your readers. I guess its just you and Obama I can not have any faith in. Look its your blog. It can be an interesting read but if you do not tell the truth so what. Its just a blog. I mean its not like you are going to burn in hell or anything. Now some of the stuff you write about doing that may get you to burn in hell. Look its your life if you want to fool around gambling till you go broke I say go for it. Why not???

  10. By my unofficial count, this the 1,314th time you've lied on your blog, I dunno why you should be upset this time any more than in the past.

    Tony, get the hell out of Vegas. If all the stuff you wrote from Reno was true (a big IF), you were doing very well there and were very foolish to ever leave. You can't get that money back but you can correct the mistake of leaving Reno. Get back there and get your roll back.

    1. And you wonder why I did not attend the TBC Invitational (besides having a prior engagement). I'm sure than in many ways, in his heart of hearts, Tony is a decent guy...if he ever gets control of his gambling habits. My goodness I LIVE here and I think I've played poker one day for every 8 days Tony has played. I do other things other than hang out in casinos and you have to do that if you're going to be in Vegas any length of time or else you go crazy. You need friends. You need hobbies. This button mashing/gambling madness that seems to be his calling card is also his demise.

      Vince needs to take him to GA...and I don't mean Georgia. Tony needs help from a support group that can drag him away from whatever abyss he's in. The next time everyone is in town, may I suggest a strip joint instead of a casino? At least if you drop a couple of hun in the champagne room, you're not going to be mad.

    2. Tony won't do a strip joint because 1 - they do not kiss on the lips and 2 - spending money that way would make him "stuck" for the day and he'd have to gamble to get it back.
      Sadly Tony has no hobbies which is what he really needs.

      I personally went to the TBC Invitational to hang out and chat with Rob, Coach and PPP.
      And to play some poker I guess.
      Getting to talk to Tony again (first time in over a year) was just an added incentive.

  11. Everything in the life of a Christian is anchored to truth. God wants us as His children to commit ourselves to truth and reflect it in everything we do. That is why God commands us: “Thou shalt not lie.”

    Hear endeth the lesson.

    You should be so ashamed.

    1. LOL It's good to see that Tony will have a companion with him in the Fires of Gehenna after The Rapture. Enjoy.

  12. But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: (Matthew 5:22)

    A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. (Proverbs 29:11)

    Your heart is not right before God. Repent, therefore, of this wickedness of yours, and pray to the Lord that, if possible, the intent of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity. (Acts 8:21-23)

  13. Tony, for the money you dusted off the past week, you could have spent a few weeks living in luxury at the Phoenician . . . enjoying the pools . . . the steakhouse . . .etc. Cabbing back and forth to Turning Stick for poker.

    1. not true--wouldve covered a few days at the most. ive lost nowhere near $10 thousand which is what living there a few weeks, eating at the steakhouse and cab fees wouldve cost there. have u been to phoenix? is talking stick really the biggest poker room? its not on bravo, bravo shows wild horse pass the biggest. i always thought it was casino arizona thats the biggest.

    2. Oh and was Wildhorse today. About 10 tables going looked liked 3 spread limit rest limit with an omaha h/l mixed in. Did have good football splash pots but only time my table was selected I flopped top two and villian rivered a set.....called it day and walked away with some of my buy-in left instead of chasing.

  14. oh u arent RICH anymore??? r u still eating grapes??

  15. anyone familiar with phoenix? theres multiple ads for weeklies for less than $1000 a month at different Value places around the area. those are nice and safe places unlike a budget suites, because of the INDOOR hallways on upper floors instead of OUTSIDE entrances where people can walk by the window.

    but ive google searched, and none of them are near a casino poker room unless i did it wrong. maybe a local can tell me if they are near one of the shuttle pickup points?

  16. Tony, here's some info on AZ poker, from the new issue of Ante Up Magazine:

    The new manager at Talking Stick used to be at Venetian, I met him there once. Maybe you know him, he was the day shift supervisor.

  17. You didn't lose too much on vbj? Just 2k of 3k. Laughable as per usual.

  18. "yeah im out almost $3000+ since leaving vegas. but i dont think i lost that much on VBJ.........but about $2000 of it was lost at VBJ. but not all on the good machines, $400+ of it was lost on the even money VBJ u remember."

    2000 of 3400 is over 50%
    assuming you left vegas with 10k

  19. With the Lord Jesus , you too can find the courage to talk to all the prostitutes you desire!! This message brought to you by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Walmarts!

  20. Hey Alysia, did you record PPP's 10 seconds of love. Sure like to see that, w/bag overhead please!
    Thanks Doll

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  22. Not enough love for the $250 cab ride in these comments!

  23. The only thing hard to believe is a homeless person would pay $250.00 for a cab ride.

  24. I'll say it again.

    Republic Wireless.
    $150 for the phone
    unlimited talk/text/data 3G
    $15 1 time cost of PDANet app to tether your phone for laptop internet access

  25. Tony you know what i love, grabbing my coffee in the morning and reading a blog where you blow SMOKE UP MY ASS. I am not writing on here for your free toaster! Your VBJ habit and VP habit needs to stop my friend.

  26. I guess Gambler's Anonymous is off the table. Okay TBC, remember you ignored it when you go see God at the Pearly Gates and He asks you WHY you didn't get help when you asked for it.