Friday, November 21, 2014

Los Angelos trip status so far

I didnt really pick the best time to go to los angeles, im wasting money, and i shouldve waited til after Koala left town, after i seen lightning, and after my lease in vegas expires. But i did want to find a game i could average $20+ per hour in LONGTERM as soon as possible.

Im still down about $400+ at poker since coming here, most all of it in the $20-40 stud game the ONE and only day i played it, and id be slightly ahead had i not played it. but im out more than that, ive paid money on cabs and the motel room for a week, so im down quite a bit more than $500. in fact way more.

Barely holding onto about $16,200 left and i was slightly over $17k when i arrived. But still im far better off than i was the last time i was in cali. am thinking i should soon settle down in either reno, Pensacola, or St Charles MO or Baltimore and just do nothing but grind good poker games. something away from too much variance, and i guess one VBJ loss that didnt happen might actually mean i did ok by coming to los angelos.

Today i spent the day at Hawaaian gardens instead of Commerce to check it out, and one of the host props for the PLO game dropped me off at my motel saving me from waiting til 5.28 am for the bus. but id been far better off financially had i got the last bus out at 10.50pm.

i started off the evening up $270 (won 3 out of 3 $100+$10 double up sngs). and then gave back mostly all of it in the $1-3 PLO PLO8 mix. Dudley the host claims he beats it for $20+ per hour not counting his salary, and i assume id do as well given enough of a sample size.

was hoping to see steve but he never showed up, he said he couldnt get a ride.

I am strongly considering returning to vegas soon as possible til my lease is up, i might cancel the trip to lake elsinore or Ventura, or maybe go ahead and do it tomorrow. i might as well be sitting in vegas (with rent paid in los angeles til sunday) as be in Los angeles with rent paid up in vegas. whats the difference?

also feel like the tooth will need taken care of soon too. i feel a slightly bigger size holes. also the fridge in this room and microwave arent the best.


  1. Yes, you are much better off than you were last time you were in LA. Of course, you were living in a cardboard box. The bar was set low. But, another way of looking at this is that you lost 1/4 of your net worth the past month. I'm not sure why you are incapable of living a stable lifestyle. You need to move every couple of weeks in search of greener grass. One would think you'd learn a lesson eventually; but you never do. I guess we'll all just enjoy the ride (from a distance, of course)

  2. You see he is in search of short term positive variance that will falsely boost his hourly way up so he can make $50+/hr for awhile and be rich.

  3. tooth will fall out, no big deal. take a shot in the 50-100 NL at commerce. set a stop-loss of 10,000. this way you will still have a 6,000 roll just in case you take a bad beat. good luck!

  4. You're beating $1/2 right? The logical progression would be $2/5, no?

  5. I wouldn't waste your time at the player's club casino in Ventura. It's like an 8 table room. Yeah, there's some donks there, but it's a former car dearlership turned into a card room, bj pit and restaurant. Really nothing to it.

    1. Hmmm.....Tony said he wanted to get a car (story in my latest blog post, as a matter of fact) so maybe that would be a good place for him to try!

  6. Wouldn't Uber be cheaper than cabs when no bus is available?

  7. Just try to grind out $12 (tax free) an hour at the tables Tony.

    Then use your comps etc as a bonus. That is a good living Tony. Give up on hitting a big jackpot or a big sick run on a slot machine.

    It is not going to happen, be realistic. $12 an hour from poker grinding is a great income for you/ jobless. Also quit masterbaiting because everytime you do it pumps out brain cells and it makes you less motivated.