Saturday, November 8, 2014

VBJ swings.

I must say, am quite relieved ive recovered from the $381 Wynn poker loss (and subsequent $1700 drop on the VBJ machine at the Palazzo) all in the same day. that briefly had taken me down to the $17,000s from the $19,000s, and now im back in the $19,000s again

Yesterday morning at the El Cortez i was briefly down almost $1100 on the VBJ machine, that should be impossible to lose much at when im getting 100.61% payback even without counting. But i got lucky on one huge key hand spread out max back betting and max front betting on 4 spots for $700 total and took off from there. By the time i left the El Cortez i was ahead over $1200 instead of behind.

So when i left the El cortez i went straight to the Post office, sent my mother the $140 she wanted ahead of time for my sons Christmas, and then to the bank to deposit both of the 2 previous days limit of $1000 withdrawals, along with a little bit more. Then after that was done, i walked to the Golden Nugget and lost $181 in the poker room, probably was too tired by that time to still play good poker.

i was on the bus to a different casino on the strip tonight when suddenly i noticed on Bravo live there was a $1-2 PLO game at the Venetian, so i decided to go there instead. there were only 4 when i sat, eventually it got to as many as 7, but the last hour before it broke we were back to 4. i was adding slowly to my original $100 buyin and eventually was in for $287 total. finally scooped a big pot with the nut straight that held up on the river, and was briefly over $450. by the time the game broke, i was only up $2.

went and sat in the $1-2 NL, and had to wait a long long time for a move to an end seat. But i did finally scoop a big pot and suddenly was up to over $650. 4 of us called a huge overbet of a little less than $50 preflop, and im lucky the one guy didnt reraise with his QQ, or id have folded my AK since i didnt have the $47 invested yet, but only the $12 original raise. him and i were both scared of the asian regular who cold called the $47 having aa, but we never seen his hand.

flop comes AT2 all in spades and my K is a spade, and so is the other guys QQ. he bets the flop small, i raise allin, and he calls and i win with a flush on the turn. and i took off from there, and eventually left with $1086. enough to get my hourly rate back to $13+ per hour from being all the way down to $12+ per hour. at one point i was even over $1108.

found out about some VBJ machines dealers angels in quite isolated locations outside NV id rather no one knows where they are. But then again, not sure if i should go play, i also heard about a court case in AZ where 3 players winnings on a VBJ machine were seized. and theres not really a casino hotel to earn comps at either at any of these 3 locations.

i still kind of wish i was with Koala on his road trip down south, but then again, my lease isnt up yet so i cant move just yet. I still feel like though i need to be depending on poker for my wins in the long run. ive basically only won at VBJ lately due to pure luck.

its a good thing ATM machines only allow $1000 to be taken out per day maximum, and some are even less than that. it kept a possible loss of $5000 down to a bit over $2000. (all the cash i had plus the max withdrawal). so i was able to earn it back since.


  1. Next stop $20,000! Tony, 19,999, 20,000, and 21,001 are just numbers don't get caught risking it all for a stupid number.

  2. Very nice Tony. Can you please write about how you fixed your teeth in your next post. Thank you.

  3. I don't want to give you information that will cause your downfall, but if you call the number on the back of the card and tell them you want your daily ATM limit increased they will do it up to whatever your balance is... I had to do this at the WSOP a time or two... because, unless you want to carry $25,000 in cash with you, if you use a bank that doesn't have branches in Vegas, its the only way to get cash.

  4. publish my comments TBC. Quit being lame