Monday, December 8, 2014

I feel bad

     All night long at the venetian i was a little upset with lightning for a comment he asked me via cell that had offended me, and id been waiting for both him and agsweep to show up, and possibly also Nick. Agsweep finally showed up and i was relieved to get to meet her finally, and although she didnt play because her girlfriend wasnt a poker player, she still talked for a while and i thought that was nice of her. Agsweep has always been a very nice and friendly person, in spite of her and my differences in beliefs.

     But i was still worried about my relationships with other friends, and come to find out i had a lot more friends than i knew i had. For as i found out later on while at the Wynn, (long after id been escorted out of the V by security and told never to return) i found out that not only did lightning eventually show up at the Wynn, but also alysia chang, cokeboy, and Rob. and i was of the impression that all of them with the possible exception of lightning wouldve preferred to play somewhere i was banned. At times im too quick to judge others because of past experiences where others have been unkind and done me wrong. (guys like the one cooldave commented about on the previous blog entry).

So here I am at the wynn, unable to come back to the Venetian, and join them and im really feeling pretty shitty about this point.

but somehow i still managed to get my final $253 i left the V with where i cashed out of my machine before security took me into the back office to call metro, up to $750 in the $1-3 game at the wynn. it was actually a good game for a change. one key hand i was pleased with my play in early on, i had AA and made it $13 preflop. got 5 callers a bit too many. flop comes 457 with 2 clubs and im in next to last position, and i decided to check to control the size of the pot. the black guy on the button who seems to have played alot of poker outside vegas somewhere bets $50 and one guy calls, and i decided to only call and see the turn first. turn comes 4 and the first guy checks, and i didnt want to button to check behind on such a draw heavy board if i was ahead, so i shove my last $200+ in the pot. he thinks a long while and calls, other guy folds. my hand held up as he had QQ.

Not that any of this ever benefitted me of course. i started the night with over $17,200 and ended the night with about $15,600.

so when i walked out of the poker room at the wynn to go home since lightning had by then went to bed without coming to the wynn to hear the story of what happened at the V (actually nothing happened at the V, it had to do with something that happened in the Palazzo close to 2 months prior--and the V just became aware of it). Also alysia chang didnt reply to my message either to come talk and eat at the wynn, and probably also was asleep by then. I was still down about $125, so i didnt want to go home still down, so i decided to sit at a video poker machine since the wynn dont have any good VBJ machines. (what a dumb idea). maybe another idea just as dumb was removing $4000 from my wynn safe deposit box before i went to play the machine also.

ended up leaving the video poker machine over 2-3 hours later, by then stuck about $1100 again instead of $125, and went back in the poker room and sat in the $2-5 game for the first time with over $700.

made some plays i shouldnt have made, because i was too much of a hurry to want to win a big pot, and eventually quit the game with only $200. then i really did go home to bed.

Stuck some mashed potatios in the microwave, and am sitting here eating them now. i have only 2 more days before i have to move out when the rents due. no point in staying in vegas now.

I was pleased that neither lightning, AC, Cokeboy or Rob mentioned anything on twitter about me being banned at the V, i appreciate their willingness to not bring up the subject til i was ready to talk about it in the blog. Maybe after privately talking to lightning at some point later this afternoon/evening when i wake up about 5-7pm, then ill be ready to give all the details why security at the Palazzo was so pissed at me and exactly what happened. Suffice it to say i overreacted when i felt a certain employee called me a liar and was in my opinion out of line. I kind of thought i had nothing to worry about as long as i avoided swing shift in the palazzo since id played in the V a few times since without a problem. but i hadnt been to the players club in the V til tonight, and theyd put a note to call security on my players card. (i'd left the palazzo on my own that day before security could show up).

I am lucky, that with all the poor decisions ive made since nov 1, to still have over $15,000. i sure dont deserve it and a giant portion of my increase from $9800 since leaving Reno was due to very large VBJ wins all of them at the elcortez. (everywhere else i didnt win on it). also my hourly rate still really sucks in vegas, but my PLO PLO8 and BIG 0 rate has helped.

i wont have that long, rents due dec 10, i dont know where ill be and of course, the tooth needs fixed.

the post just before this one was only up 1 day and had only 397 views instead of the 1500+ most posts have. for those only checking in periodically, please dont overlook it and think u read it when u havent.


  1. Tony:

    You're still doing great - your bankroll has rarely ever been this high. Calm down, don't make any rash decisions, and take some time to think through a plan.


  2. It's amazing how casually you take your bannings. Rather than simply moving on to the next greatest place, it would serve you well to reflect upon your actions and the bases for being canned from all these places.

    First, your presentation likely has a lot to do with your difficulties. I'd wager the casinos would be more tolerant if you didn't look homeless. And, yes, you usually look homeless. And this is very much within your control. Shower; shave; brush your teeth; comb your hair and use some product; use deodorant. It's not hard. 99.9% of us do this. Every day. It takes half an hour. There is absolutely no reason you cannot do these things as well. Take some pride in your appearance and you might mind that others treat you with more respect and are willing to give you some latitude when you need it. In short, I have no doubt that casinos treat you differently than some guy in nice pants, nice shirt, and who is well groomed, even when your behavior is equally deplorable. It's just a fact of life. You can choose to comply with society's expectations, or you can continue to suffer the consequences. Really, it's your call.

    Second, you need to change your behavior. It's possible that you simply are incapable. I really don't know. But you basically need to stop acting like an ass.

    If you are confronted by security, be compliant. Do what they say. Don't shoot your mouth off. If you feel disrespected, suck it up. Being confrontational with security, or any casino employees for that matter, will only get you one thing -- banned. It's amazing that you have not learned this lesson after so many incidents.

    In fact, you need to treat people better in general. You need to realize that people are not carrying guests passes to visit your world at your convenience. Things don't revolve around you. If someone wants to sit at a VBJ machine next to you and hit their 14 on a dealer 5, so what. If you don't like it, your option is to leave. That is your ONLY option. Likewise, if a waitress or employee is talking to you, your option is to respond politely. Even if you don't feel like it. That is the way society works.

    Hopefully, you are capable of understanding this . . . of learning appropriate behavior . . . and of controlling your emotions.

  3. >>> You need to realize that people are not carrying guests passes to visit your world at your convenience. <<<

    Awesome line, Triple P!

    Good advice all around, though I feel it will fall on deaf ears.

  4. Tony, I am genuinely sorry about the ban from the V. We all went there last night to see you and play poker with you. I was also hoping to chat and play more with AgSweep, who I met all too briefly on Saturday.

    I hope you will read PPP's comment about a million times and absorb it. It is great advice.

    I want to talk about decision-making, and also, taking responsibility for your own bad decisions and not blaming others. I know Grump has commented about this to you many times.

    Last night I lost money misplaying a hand badly. It would be easy to blame you for the money I lost. How so, since you weren't even there?

    Well, first, we wouldn't have been at V if not for you. More specifically, I had recovered nicely from a horrific bad beat from AC and was showing a profit. I was nearly done and I was running well in a seat away from Nick, Lightning and AC. Lightning was indicating he knew the reason that you weren't there, and I couldn't really converse with him from that distance. I decided to leave my lucky seat and sit next to Lightning so he could tell me what he could about your absence. He actually didn't say all that much, preferring that I hear it from you.

    But when I got to the new seat, only intending to play there a few orbits until I could get the scoop from Lightning and then call it a night, I misplayed a hand very badly. And I lost over $150 to the guy who took the seat I had just left.

    It would be very easy for me to blame you for "making" me change seats, so that this new player got the winning hand instead of me. But in reality, I know that it was my choice to move, no one else's, and it was my bad choice to badly play that hand. I could have lost only $8 if I had not played so badly. No one to blame but myself. Of course, the full details will be told in excruciatingly lengthy fashion in a future blog post of mine.

    But Tony, please take note and remember to look inwardly when it's time to place blame for the bad things that happen to you.

    1. id be extremely curious to know who got the idea to move the game to the V.

      was it u, lightning or AC? knowing that will tell me who is my truest ally in this world.

      whoever it was, i appreciate the intent and hope it can be repeated tomorrow night before lightning goes home. id like lightning to come knock on my door at 4.30 pm or so if im still asleep and make sure im awake and ready to play.

    2. Hey Tony, are you just going to deflect all the suggestions? Do you actually consider any of them? Are you willing to put ANY effort into self-improvement?

      You can troll the internet; but you cannot figure out how to set an alarm to wake yourself up? You can get yourself from Vegas to California, and check into hotel after hotel, but you cannot shave yourself or brush your teeth? You want friends, but are incapable of maintaining a schedule or keeping appointments?

      It would be nice if every once in a while . . . just every now and then . . . it at least SEEMED like you were trying to do something other than take the path of least resistance. You claim you get offended by things you read about yourself on these forums; well, perhaps commentary would be kinder if people thought you tried and put effort in like the rest of us . . .

    3. I should add, respect is earned . . . ask yourself what you are doing to earn peoples' respect?

    4. if u think respect is earned, then maybe u can understand why i find it hard to give to those i just meet and dont know like casino employees i feel are being unkind. it takes a long time for me to trust a person to know they dont have evil intent. u seem to think i should respect everyone instantly

    5. how does waking myself up with an alarm help? it still dont get me a ride waiting at my door the instant im awake. Only Uber did this and is why i relied on it so heavily in cali and am pissed vegas dont have it. and real friends dont care if u maintain a schedule or not, and a lot of poker pros have no schedule, they never know when they will quit or keep playing. its part of the job, real friends accept it. also real friends dont care if u shave, many have beards and dont ask if u showered. they just assume u did automatically.

    6. Tony, once again, you deflect any and all personal responsibility. Instead of focusing on whether you should be respecting casino employees, focus on what YOU are doing to earn other peoples' respect. You are unwaveringly religious, right? What about the Golden Rule? It's not "Do on to others as you would have others do on to you, but only if they are nice to you first . . . ."

      As for your belief that "real friends" don't care if you maintain a schedule. Utter and absolute bullshit. If I want to make plans with a friend, they need to be there on time (or at least let me know if they will be late). If they are constantly not showing up, I will move on. Again, it's about respect. A "real friend" will make an effort to maintain a schedule and not leave someone hanging. Being late . . . expecting other to be available on YOUR schedule . . . that's an absolute lack of respect to your so-called friends. And don't give me the bullshit about being a "poker pro." You think Kid Poker is unable to golf with his friends because he can't select a tee time in advance? You think Phil Helmuth can't commit to a charity event because he never knows when he's going to be finished playing poker? Again, this is just an excuse for your laziness and lack of consideration.

      Real friends don't care if you shave or shower? Again, bull shit. Perhaps I'm fortunate in that I don't have any friends that lack a basic semblance of dignity and self-respect. They all engage in basic hygiene. But, if for some reason one of them stopped, believe me, we'd have a discussion as to what the fuck was going on with them that they were walking around like a total mess. Instead of hoping . . . and wishing . . . and expecting people to except you and your complete lack of effort, why not do something about it? Do you think you look good when you look in the mirror? Do you think you represent your best self? If yes, then god for you. If not, do something about it.

      What does EVERY ONE of your responses above have in common? Deflection of any and all personal responsibility. You should have to do NOTHING and just expect everyone to love you. Unfortunately, life does not work this way . . . as you have found out over the years by the very fact that you have difficulty maintaining friendships and fuel an abundance of negativity online.

      There's an old saying: "when everyone in the world is an asshole, perhaps you are the asshole . . ." Well, Tony, when everyone gives you the same advice, over and over and over . . . when everyone disagrees with essentially everything you believe in . . . perhaps it's time for you to do some serious self-reflection and maybe . . . just maybe . . . consider making some adjustments to your life.

      And, with that, I'm done. I've wasted enough time on you . . .

    7. >>>id be extremely curious to know who got the idea to move the game to the V. was it u, lightning or AC? knowing that will tell me who is my truest ally in this world. <<<

      You left out Nick. We took a vote, it was 2-2, so we flipped a coin, and you won. The losers asked for best 2 out of 3, but the winners said no way.

      Seriously, Tony, do you really need to rate your friends based on whose idea it was to join you at the V? Lightning was the one getting your texts, he was one asking you the question he needed answered before we would all agree to go, you figure it out. AC wasn't even there but when she saw my tweet about heading there, she changed her plans to join us. Does she get some credit for that?

    8. Tony, please read and try to understand what PPP wrote, he made many excellent points. I will bet you have been banned from more casinos than all of your readers combined (for non-AP reasons). Think about it, why do you think you get banned where ever you go?

      One of the reasons I decided to play poker for a living , is to be able to work around my wife's schedule. Your inability to plan and schedule with your friends has nothing to do with being a pro poker player.

  5. "one key hand i was pleased with my play in early on, i had AA and made it $13 preflop. got 5 callers a bit too many. flop comes 457 with 2 clubs and im in next to last position, and i decided to check to control the size of the pot. the black guy on the button who seems to have played alot of poker outside vegas somewhere bets $50 and one guy calls, and i decided to only call and see the turn first. turn comes 4 and the first guy checks, and i didnt want to button to check behind on such a draw heavy board if i was ahead, so i shove my last $200+ in the pot. he thinks a long while and calls, other guy folds. my hand held up as he had QQ."

    you checked for pot control with 5 other players in the pot and AA? the only time you check here is if you get a read that someone is about to check/raise with a monster or if you think the button is likely to act so you can squeeze over when it comes back to you. I would make a 1/2 pot bet or so that gets the riff raff out, charges people to draw, and gives you an exit strategy if you get crazy resistance.

    All you did here was give the other hands an extra card to draw out on you. What would you have done if the turn was a club or a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or basically the other half of the deck?

    nevermind, the turn was a 4. Now you say it's now draw heavy so you shoved? At first you said you wanted to pot control so you checked now you are shoving? Did you really have a plan for this hand? Are you pleased with how you played it or how it ended up?

    THis is not an easy hand to play post flop and I'm not sure I even have it optimal. However, your comments about it and being pleased, make no sense. I'm glad it worked out though. The button obv had enough draws and 88-JJ hands in your range to call with the stack sizes. I suspect the hand works out the same way if you bet out but you remove the risk of free cards. think about it.

    OH and everything that PPP said.

    Don't panic. As cooldave said, you are still doing great.

    1. so i shouldve came over the top of the $50 bet allin on the flop?

    2. Tony, I think you are missing the points Vook made. Reread the post please.

    3. Yes. Calling is the worst option due to reverse implied odds. I like betting out first as described above.

      Stop analyzing hands based on results and cards shown and analyze based on ranges and the information you have at the time.

      I could go into more detail but I'd rather see you answer PPP

  6. You deserve your losses you big dummy stay off those God dammed machines
    Oh and Merry Christmas

  7. Whatever went on between you and the casino employee at the Venetian, must have taken place while I was in town, or just before I got there. Surprised you did not mention anything about it to me.

    Anyway Tony, you are right, you might as well leave town and head for "greener pastures." Your only two convenient options left now are The Wynn on the Strip, and Golden Nugget Downtown for poker. There are also a couple of bad vbj machine options at Slots of Fun and El Cortez. I am sure that you are treading a very fine line at a couple of those places as well with your behaviour.

    You talk about all the friends you have, what a pity you never listened to any of the excellent advice every single one of them has given you over and over again. As I and others have said Tony, every single bad thing that has happened to you, has been as a direct result of your own actions and responses to things that you are unhappy about. PPP summed it up perfectly, until you learn to STFU and suck up anything that does not suit you, dress and groom yourself so that you look decent and behave in a civilized manner, then you will continue to find yourself in these confrontational situations that lead to only one result, your bannings, as you continue to find this out.

    Where to now Tony, back to California, or to the vbj machines in Reno?

    1. i dont know what ill do tomorrow when ill be wanting to sleep about the time rents due or move out. i talked a long time tonight with cooldave about exactly what took place since lightning wasnt available, and then we ate at the el cortez (my treat). we also played poker then for a while at planet hollywood, and i was playing at the Nugget where he first picked me up to go to the el cortez where i got my free play before we ate.

      i wish vegas had Uber id be a lot more inclined to stay, or live with vince. nothing is more annoying that needing the service (like i wanted tonight to attend the meet) and it not being available. 5 minute pickups compared to 1 hour or more by cabs. i wonder if reno has Uber, or which cities do?

  8. i am happy to say the Golden nugget is now a better option. the 50c pieces have been done away with, its now no flop no drop, and the tournaments have been given a lot longer play and more chips. plus they now have chargers under every seat. ive heard wifi might soon be coming too.

  9. i have my phone constantly trying to either go to voicemail, or to just NOT ring. so i never wake up when anyone calls unless they call the home phone. (which vince now does). Vince cant seem to get my phone to not do this when he looked and none of the articles i read will fix this. anyone who wants to look at my phone and fix this (rob, lightning, cooldave etc, please assist).

    1. Check your do not disturb settings? Is there a moon in the top right corner? If so hit settings then do not disturb and then make sure manual or scheduled is not green.

    2. no there was a moon the other day, but me and Vince got rid of it and the do not disturb is turned off and no more moon. however, the phone still will not ring. its not green either, its completely clear.

  10. Tony,
    Be careful. Didn't you set up your rent for automatic withdrawl?

  11. Are you accidentally hitting and putting it on airplane mode?

    1. no because its logged into the net and u cant do that in airplane mode

  12. It was nice to finally meet you too. I am sorry that I missed everyone else, I would have loved to have met/seen everyone.

    Tony your actions continue to put your ability to support yourself in jeopardy and you should be concerned about that. What PPP said about your appearance is spot on. You looked fine when we met because you had made an effort and I appreciate it. You should make that same effort for yourself everyday. Right or wrong, if you dress poorly you will be treated poorly.

    Currently you can only play at two tourist casinos, Wynn and the Golden Nugget. One is the nicest hotel downtown and the other is one of the nicest on the strip. You should dress accordingly. The Goodwill sells nice clothes too.

    You know the difference between right and wrong. Your mental health issues cause you to perceive things and social situations differently but you know when you are reacting that what you are doing is wrong. You do know when your behavior is wrong. Walking through the casino telling old ladies playing the slots you hope they died is a case in point. You need professional help with anger management, impulse control and behavior modification. A professional could also probably help you read social cues better.

    That being said we both know that you will not seek help with those issues.

    Wherever you end up try setting yourself these two goals. 1. Be the best dressed guy in the poker room 2. Don't say one unkind word while in the casino.

    Good luck in your travels.

  13. Keep playing at planet Hollywood and this exchange is going to happen.

    Security: Sir, do you realize you're banned from this and all Cesar's properties nationwide due to an incident in Joliet?

    You: Floorperson Jim said I could play

    Floor person: I have no idea what he's talking about.

    Security: please come with us to the back

    1. Not the floorperson but the pokeroom manager said to me that hes got approval with security to let me play

  14. I'm curious what Saint Vince (the guy that lets Tony Tornado stay at his house) looks like; any pics out there from the Vegas folks?