Sunday, December 7, 2014

Much needed update

I've heard from Lightning this week blogging has kind of died out. Maybe thats true, all the best blogs, (Josies, Carmens, the lady married to the poker player in europe,) theyve all kind of went by the wayside. and of course, im not in any way affiliated with any of the blog get togethers not hosted by Rob.

But i still think i should update my blog more often than i have lately. ive been kind of negligent on that, and my blog is a great success story of my rise out of poverty and homelessness, when no one thought id not eventually go broke. Had it not been for Britni and Lorna back in the mid 2000s and the closure of pokerstars to those of us in the USA, id have been successful a long time ago. am sad i squandered such a great opportunity back in 2002-2005. Back then Paradise and Party were even better than pokerstars.

And ive enjoyed my time this week with both Lightning and cooldave88, (who recently quit his job to spend more time on poker.) I also hope to see agsweep tomorrow.

my times almost up where im living, rents due dec 10 (id originally thought it was dec 11) and im considering moving out since im so often out of town and just living with Vince again when im here. my lease is almost up.

after a win tonight at the wynn, plus another $300+ in the BIG o game, (even after losing over $275 to cooldave on one hand) im back to a little over $17,000. over $4000 of it is in my safe deposit box in the wynn. also i won a few hundred on VBJ at the Venetian the previous nite after leaving Planet H where lightning and i played both the $3-6 mix and the regular $1-2 NL game the day before.

About the only thing that still needs done is the fixing of the tooth. and i've got the search done to one of these 3 dentists. u see the one in vegas never returned my email. i wonder if insisting on an email reply instead of a phone is why, but its rude to tell me how they are going to contact me instead of letting me pick what i prefer.

Cooldave met Alysia while at the V tonight, and i was shocked he joined the PLO8 5 card Big 0, since hes never played that game. he also won earlier in the $1-2nl. one of the players was a real dick and not only me thought that but so did the lady and cooldave, that he was very condescending to all of us. i started off the game playing him HU because it was the only way to get the game started. also his supposed article in card player on big o i cant seem to find and doubt it exists.

also, i was quite surprised to learn that started offering Big 0 on their play money site, i had no idea pokerstars added it. they sure didnt offer it a year or 2 ago. i took off the site from my computer about 2 yrs ago. it would be a GREAT way for some of u wanting to learn the game to gain experience. was anyone else aware of this?


  1. I have to say that when you ask me to leave my nice peaceful game for a game in which someone is being a dick, I'm a little surprised. I LIKED the people at my table. No one was out of line, I was winning and I have met enough assholes in poker that I 'm not going to go searching for yet another one. Glad you had a winning session.

    Did you want to learn to put chains on car tires so if you want a ride to Reno, you can do mine?

  2. You might want to consider this dentist as he will work with you and you can contact him via email! Corner of Bermuda & Silverado Ranch
    R.Garth Harris

    1. Are you volunteering to give Tony a ride? and pay the bill? and a ride to the pharmacy? and pay that bill?

    2. Bus stops right there and Walgreens is next door, just more useless info for him....

  3. I spent a fair amount of time with Tony this week as I re-retired from being a career prosecutor. I'm trying to get my body used to sleeping during the day so that I can play late at night, something I have always wanted to do. The poker is much better late night and it's easy to move around town from my home in Summerlin.
    Anyway, hanging out with Tony is always interesting. I do a lot of listening to him. I've learned that unless he directly asks a question he is not that interested in a back and forth conversation and it is hard to get a word in. I'm used to this as most of the women in my life just want me to listen as well! Lol.
    I'm often playing at the same table as Tony, but just as often I'm not. As many have stated Tony does drive people nuts talking about almost every hand and how bad he needs to win it (and by inference that they don't.) But it's intersting for me to see quickly so many people become angry with him. Not a lot of patience in this world now. I often wonder how they are with their significant others and/or their children. I don't think it would take a particularly keen observer of the human condition to notice that Tony sees the world differently than most and processes information in an uncommon way. (My girlfriend in Thailand definitely sees the world differently than I do and it's really quite interesting.) I don't write this to excuse TBC's behaviors at time. He can be almost unbelievably self centered. He often acts from high stress and desperation. But I had spent quite a bit of time with Tony in the summer of 2013 when he had about $600 to his name. He comeback is nothing short of incredible.
    And I have met many people through Tony that know Tony. And this is remarkable--every single man or woman is a solid human being that I always am hoping I will get to know better over time. Those who have reached out to Tony are truly an amazing group of people.
    Last night I had done fairly well at 1-2 at the V. I saw that Tony was playing big O, a game I had always wanted to play. So since there were only 4 playing, meaning fewer to see me embarrass myself, I decided to risk my earlier winnings. Of course Tony knows all these games well. I have played a lot of Stud 8 with him and he is a natural. Big O is really a fun but super high variance game. I got lucky for. Sure a few times. There was a guy at the table who was quite arrogant and not very nice to Tony. Tony didn't have any direct confrontations with this guy. The guy would make his comments and Tony basically ignored him. But I know this stuff bothers him because he talked to me about it quite a bit as we left the table. The guy was wrong to be so blatantly antagonistic. Tony could have stopped it by not talking at all when he won or when he lost. That alone would solve a lot of it.

    1. I wonder how much information he gives away with his yakking. I love it when I play and somebody discusses a hand afterwards. It gives me insight into how they think and what I should expect when I play a pot with them.

    2. Peoples patients with the people they love are always going to get a wider birth for offensive behavior.