Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sometimes u just dont care about anything but getting out of the casino and going home. maybe even starting a new life WITHOUT living in motels.

and i dont like where i live too much. tired of no refridgerator or microwave. Would rather be settled down in NJ, and be playing both my $101 on Bovada, and some NJ sites once id be able to prove my location. At least ive finally got Vince sent his $80 and have that off my mind.

Which leaves my bank acct at only $11,496 plus $190 cash so im quite a bit worse off now than ive been at any time since leaving vegas. I'd not lose nearly as much if i just took small losses and quit for the day. the reason i dont is because id have the small losses MUCH MORE OFTEN. u see a lot of times ive gotten back them losses and got ahead by betting way too much.

it really dont make any difference if i play poker or VBJ. what i should do is not keep playing and betting so damned much. if i got off the VBJ every time i was down 1% for the day id never have huge drops of 20%+ of the roll in one day.

thats more manageable than not playing VBJ at all. and i think de park isnt good for me due to the access of so many VBJ machines. much higher min bets than in vegas so not as good of machines as the elcortez and hacienda, so i cant get the right spread and end up betting too much. a guy with $50k wouldnt have these issues his bets the same size wouldnt be too much of the roll and hes certainly getting a wider spread.

the reason i dont approve a lot of comments and respond to them is the people making the comments arent worth responding to and arent nice enough to respond to. im not obligated to reply to everyone or post from everyone if they make themself to be an asshole and u know who u are. If u never have anything nice to say no matter what i do and always are a jerk i wont think u are worth responding to. now people like Lightning, i always respond to. even if its not always to his liking.

yes i miss not having a place to live very much, and although it might not be the wisest decision, since rents paid up one more day and i qualify for the jan 13 freeroll which might get me $500 if i make the top 40, at times i just want to say fuck it, go, and all i care about then is getting into an apt grinding online and dropping out of sight more. and at those same times i wonder if id be out less money that way than if i kept on doing what im doing. for i feel if i keep on doing what im doing i might lose everything on VBJ here at de park.

i dont like the way the atm here by state law only lets u take out $400 at the casino. that causes u to pay the $6 fee way more often if u want $1000. im used to always taking $1000 in vegas. I feel taking less out is dumb.

im also not happy when i go to post something and lose a lot of work posting it when i find my comment has been eaten and thats got me pissed off right now with poker poises hand history application and makes me feel like not ever trying to use it anymore. for it went and froze up on me in the middle of typing up a HH post. Ben the owner was nice to me, so i felt i owed it to him to try typing up a few hands. most people on the east coast who said theyd meet havent ever came and introduced themselves. although i did meet 2 guys in the last day or 2 who i knew from online.

but anyway here are some hands NOT thru poker poise that took place recently.

i  have aa including the ace of hearts and im about out of money with only $104 left of $250+ worth of buyins. i make it $8 and guy makes it $26 whose a new player. everyone folds to me, and i make it $52. guy calls. flop comes 953 all hearts. i bet $52 allin, guy calls with 2 black kings. i miss the flush, river comes K of diamonds and im out.

thats when i went downstairs and lost all the money on the VBJ over the course of a couple hours. mostly when i bet the final hand of $972. (4 spots of $200 and one of $172). then i also played another VBJ and lost a little more.

came back later (no uber was available at the time) which often seems to be the case here. there isnt many drivers on the road. Otherwise id have gone home with a loss quite a bit less. but still over $2300.

i had JT diamonds and had built my stack up to $402 out of $316. guy bets $12 into the $4 button straddle and i really hate the way the blinds act first. so much so i should move casinos to avoid the mental aggravation. this is why its a bad idea, a lot of the customers who dont like it quietly leave and never return and never tell the floor why. so the floor never realizes many former customers dont like the rule. Im sure Rob never tells the floor and many are just like him.

so i call the $12,and one other guy and the straddle also call. flop comes 862 with the 86 of diamonds. the raiser bets $30, i call, and the other guy folds and the straddler calls. turn comes 3 of spades. raiser bets $80. i call (should i have been calling?) and the straddler shoves for about $600-700.

original better calls, and i call since the pot is so huge (about $800-1000) and i sure aint going to get even any other way. and i have NO patience to fold by that point. i missed it of course, turns out the straddler has 83 offsuit for 2 pair, and the raiser had 222 instead of an overpair.

this all started about 4pm when i didnt want to wait forever to get seated so i entered a $40 tourny. i couldnt get nothing in it and slowly blinded down, finally i shoved with a4 and 8 BB and got called by QT and lost when the q hit the turn. i quit and sat in the $1-3 and bought $300. by then there was no longer a big list.

speaking of the tourny they had a rule that other rooms have thats well known among regulars. and its also a rule that would NEVER trip me up. however it sure pissed off a newcomer whose played very little poker in his life, and didnt realize he was doing anything wrong, and because of the inflexibility of the house in enforcing the rule he might never play in a casino live poker room again and thats a shame.

u see, like me, he joined a bit late and wasnt around when the house goes over the special rules that apply to tournys.

so he turns the nut straight, and on the river its still good. he checks to check raise it, lady bets, he check raises, she reraises, so he assumes its a split pot and calls. dealer calls the floor over and the floor makes him sit out a 1 round penalty for just calling with the nuts since he was then last to act. he had no idea he was doing anything wrong, and just assumed it was a chop. it was about the 3rd time hed played and just couldnt understand why he was being punished. she did have the nuts also so he was right about it being a split pot.

lets take a more extreme example that of course wasnt the case, but can u imagine the players penalized on a board of TJQKA rainbow for not each raising with the nuts when last to act at the end of the hand til finally all of them are allin? (when the pot will be chopped no matter what). technically in that situation, each of them would have the nuts, so theyd be forced to raise as soon as they are last to act. i pointed this out to the floor asked if theyd still be penalized for not raising and was told YES. am still wondering if he understood what i was asking.

and the 3rd hand that really sucked i again had aa and had $151 left at the start of the hand.

same villain butt straddles $4 and i make it $12. how much would YOU have made it? anyway he calls and 3 others. flop comes looks pretty safe, Q28 and 2 spades i have the ace. i check, guy on my immediate left bets $21, one guy calls, button straddler bets $140. others fold, i go allin $151, original better folds, other guy folds. and the straddler had 82 offsuit that time instead of 83. i lost that hand too.


  1. If you calmed yourself on the inside this would reflect on your outside self, this means your actions and continue playing when your stuck at times you should quit! ...... Calming yourself on the inside it only done by bringing God back into your life. This would reflect a much better difference on your decision making.

  2. On your $972 VBJ bet, your expected loss was probably around $5, depending on the specific rules and your adherence to basic strategy. So don't think of it as losing $972, think of it as losing around $5.

  3. same villain butt straddles $4 and i make it $12. how much would YOU have made it?

    Depends how the table is playing. Four others in the pot is WAY TOO MANY, as I'm sure you know.

  4. well that explains why half my comments get rejected. Maybe some people just got tired of your shit over the years TBC. You ever think of that?

  5. "thats more manageable than not playing VBJ at all."

    Why is "not playing VBJ at all" not "manageable"? All it requires is that you decide that you're not going to play VBJ anymore.

    I suppose that a pack-a-day smoker could say that smoking half a pack a day is a more "manageable" option than quitting entirely. That doesn't mean that it's the better of the two choices.

  6. Tony, that last to act rule is ridiculous too! Do they ever take stock in their poker clients and listen to them?

  7. There is another way to take out more at once without paying a crapload of 6 dollar fees, but i am scared to tell you. It may be a nice reminder its time to stop!

  8. Get to Foxwoods. You have plenty for 10/20 stud and you've never given yourself a chance to make that your primary game.

  9. Tony, I just found out that rule the hard way. Was in a tourney at Horseshoe Tunica Sat. night. Gambling buddy and I flew down on a junket for the weekend. 2 players and I in the hand. Player 1 (short stacked) goes all in. Player 2 and I call. Player two has me way out chipped. He says "check it down?" I agree. River gives me the nut straight. I should have raised, but player 2 would have folded, and I wanted to see what he had. Player 1 shouts as he is getting up, "He had the nuts and he didn't raise!". I had to sit out for 5 hands.

    On another note, I chopped a tourney at Delaware Park last August which was the last time I was there. 5 players chopped and the house was very helpful. We chopped according to chip counts and got paid in casino chips.

    1. Tino, player#2 asking out loud "check it down?" kinda lit the fuse on that hand. Why bother even saying that out loud? If your position was such that you acted ahead of p#2 you could have gotten away saying you were intending to check-raise on the river or you could have bet one BB trying to entice further action such as a re-raise out of p#2. Getting penalized and forced to sit out 5 hands sucked but ends up being a learning experience of sorts...

    2. so lester,why are you playing tournies and not want to win.First of all player #2 was out of line for saying want to check it down and you were also for agreeing to it and the dealer should have stopped the game right there and called the floor. but you see the point of this rule is to stop cheaters or friends from playing against others and not betting. Now i dont play tourneys much but at least i know this much. I hate hearing this in cash games between friends and married couples when the check full house against each other but there is not a lot you can do about it, but i usually say to them is hey why did you raise me with 1pr and check a full house against some one else. oh well i wont rant no more against collusion ....

    3. Agree with blurred. You can't make agreements with a third player in the hand. Don't acknowledge the suggestion next time. Doubt you realized it but think about it.

    4. I have been in this final table situation many times. It is easy to tell if another player is going to check down an all in without saying a single word. It is laughable when a fish bets a flop that should be checked down and the other player with chips berates him for the bet and folds. Of course the fish bet his four-flush and loses to the ace-high of the all-in player while the guy that folded would have made a pair and executed a knock-out if he had stayed in the hand. I have made a value bet on the river when I have had the nuts in this sort of situation. Sometimes I have been called, other times not. Suffice it to say, I always play to win...

  10. It is a good rule... but it can't be enforced to the letter of the law, like this example and the one you gave with the nuts on board. The dealers don't want it enforced fully believe me, no dealer wants to face a 5 way all in just to chop.

    Floor should use a lot of leverage in enforcing this rule.

  11. So are we looking at a $10K roll by the MLK holiday or are you about to make yet another amazing comeback Tony?

  12. so Tony do you really believe if you had a apt. in N.J. and able to play on line that you could make all your expenses and not make any trips to any casino to play your black jack or video poker? you cant even walk past them now or stay in any one place more than a week or two......You will do what you always do and bounce from one place to an other till something happens to you that prevents you from doing so. Good luck on what ever you decided but i think Reno was your best option but even there you got bored by trying to live a normal but profitable poker existence.

  13. Tony, do you ever set goals? You need some

  14. Jesus, Tony - you are donking off a ton of money. Is grinding poker just not going to do it for you? It seems like you are bound and determined to spew away most of your roll until you settle back down to "panic mode", and start grinding again.

    The people who are rooting for you just wish it wouldn't take near destitution to get you to focus...but I guess it does.

    Best of luck.


  15. It would make more sense that player 2 who instigated the now banned move to check down to get someone out of the tourny should be penalized as well.

  16. Since the only time that TBC plays good is when he is in "panic mode", why not give $9k to S.I. and then u will only have 2k in your roll. and when TBC goes busto S.I. gives him another $2k of his money

  17. well Tony when are you going to tell us the truth that you really are in Laughlin and all this has been another lie to your readers as you have done before....