Friday, February 6, 2015

Making the most of it

Well i investigated into the casino boats supposedly going out of Tampa, and the only one i could find is quite a ways north in Port Richey ($50 uber ride) and no, i didnt go. they dont have a poker room i was told, but they do have $5 BJ tables with regular shoes instead of $25 tables with continous shufflers like the Hardrock has. would be a good option for a good BJ player with the bankroll to afford a $5 game.

Only other boats i saw were out of Jacksonville, or were multi day cruises on carnival for those with passports who also had to pay extra for cabin rentals. Unless theres one i dont know exists. i think some that used to exist with poker are now closed.

If i was going to go that far out of Tampa--id rather check out the poker room in sarasota 35 miles away which is a $70 uber ride and i dont have the money for that either.

i have in my possession now finally, a $100 shell station gas card for my first 25 hours play at the hardrock and im hoping the guy willing to pay me $85 on 2+2 will be there tomorrow nite so i can add a bit to my measly $11,400 roll. also the books mom sent me for my Feb 10 birthday also arrived.

i'm glad i purchased some microwave containers, makes it easier to fix food now. i still need to pick up a glass however and i wish this kitchen had an oven. I'm really worried i wont win enough to maintain decent housing unless im able to get into a nice apt for half the price. theres apts in some parts of the country for about the cost of 1 week where im staying now, and for any landlord to think i couldnt afford to pay that just because ive no proof of income would be foolish. yes i might decide to move out but i could certainly afford to pay the $400 a month even if there was no live poker in 300 miles.

Money on Bovada keeps increasing, its at $407 now. i am thinking i shouldnt keep any amount in there over 5% of my other roll. so every time i pass $600, ill take out $500 and leave $100. That way when the govt shuts it down some day i wont lose out on too much and it will be money lost that was never included in the bankroll to begin with.

i have to say i didnt get this bankroll together thru hard work grinding poker. i got it together by never spending a penny of things i really need to spend it on, living cheap in reno saving up money, and by winning far far more than i was supposed to on the VBJ at the el cortez (about $6000-7000) over 2 months. That being said, i can win money at poker. $29 an hour at the tampa hardrock for the first 28 hours of $1-2 NL (only) (its been alot more hours counting $1-1--but i havent earned 2 gas cards cause hours fri sat and sundays dont count).  Maryland live shows 70 hours play at $1-2 total, for an even bigger win of $36 per hour.

in total, close to 1400 hours of logged $1-2 and $1-3 play since late april, and still over $14 an hour. were it not for losses overall at $1-3, my actual $1-2 rate is over $16 an hour.

actually for a win rate that large in $1-2 i really shouldnt let the little things upset me so much and get so mad if im not winning. its strictly due to my low roll and high expenses that stress me out so much. were i to get the expenses cut down to like $500 a month rent and miscellanoues other $500 a month, id not let things upset me.

this would suggest it would be a good idea to go to toledo and let ray find me housing and drive me around, but i think the games in toledo would be just as bad as vegas and not be beatable for $10 an hour or more.

And at times i just want to take the day off and go home. earlier tonight( Ron)wsop2007 was at my table. he bought in $300 and was playing very tight, as was i on my $60 buyin, and yes i think i dont buyin enough. i do it for emotional control reasons to try and avoid tilt, but i worry it forces me to be allin too much.

the players at my table, long after Ron had left, told me i was playing scared poker and should quit now when they saw me flash  KQ clubs and fold my BB for a $17 raise from a guy raising quite bit more than he shouldve been. but i didnt want to risk my whole stack out of positon. if i were to have played it wouldnt i have to reraise there instead of call?

as it turned out, had i played it i wouldve chopped the pot. the raiser had KQ offsuit.

Ron will tell u i started off running really bad losing my last $42 of the $60 with aa. i made it $12, to not overbet too much as tight as id played to get a little action. got too much action, 4 people called. flop comes 446. they check and i bet $30 allin. only 1 guy calls and he has only the 6, and rivers another 6 and i felt sick. he soon lost the chips to another player too. i rebought the oddball $121 in my pocket putting me in the game for $181 total. eventually when i left i cashed out $286 and went and picked up the gas card and caught the last bus with 1 minute to spare.

i just wanted to relax at home, play on Bovada and get the much needed job done of updating the blog.

i can only imagine how much worse off id be right now--with all the money ive wasted on expenses traveling around looking for better rooms to play at--had i not won all that money at the elcortez i didnt deserve to win. thats how variance works. years of losing elsewhere on VBJ, and yet one short time period of playing in a different venue at EL C on a slightly better payback VBJ won all that money, probably making my total payback overall (not counting even money BJ machines of course) at about the 99.3 - 99.7 some machines are.

truth be told since leaving vegas, and reno, ive played far less VP than i did 1-2 yrs ago. and also a lot less VBJ except for a few sessions at de park. im not really tempted to play it here as bad as the comps are. i used to think 10c back in comps for $100 ran thru it was horrible. here its 3c. Only played it here that one time, lost $400, and not played it since.

ive not yet played, because i dont think i can afford to play that high, and PLO isnt my best game like PLO8 is. but they do have only $200 buyin minimum in the PLO $5-5. i was a bit surprised, am still wondering if the dealer is mistaken. but i guess i could afford it with 50 min buys. sure would be high variance though. could easily lose 5 min buys in one night in plo.

i do think they have $1-2 plo and even plo8 going at times elsewhere within 500 miles either towards biloxi or towards cuba. id still like to know wheres better longterm safe housing options near other cardrooms ive not yet visited in florida. How many of u know theres far more poker tables in florida than in nevada?

And i need to buy milk again too. i drink way too much of it when im at home, although i dont think thats bad for u?

Reading ak gals facebook page about the new "real ID" really worries me for i will never be able to qualify for one of those cards since the govt lost my counselor report of birth. not really sure what to do about it. i need the help of a good lawyer.


  1. Sounds like your slowly coming back to earth and grinding poker!

  2. You could always start doing these things.... or

  3. So, Tony, what's the plan?


  4. Tony,

    If you go to Toledo, Detroit, and if you can get a passport Windsor are close by. House in Toledo is very cheap and in the suburbs it is safe as well. But lots of snow!

  5. so every time i pass $600, ill take out $500 and leave $100.

    Good idea.

    when they saw me flash KQ clubs and fold my BB for a $17 raise

    Bad idea.

    I can't see how this helps you. I can see how this hurts you. You know better.

  6. Hi TBC I know how important your bankroll is but getting your tooth fixed and saving money by not taking care of yourself is just foolish. I mean your hourly win rate might be higher if you felt better physically. I play better when I have enough sleep and am not hungry. I know more wasted advice but its something to think about.

  7. TBC, accept the truth. You could have over double the winrate right now if you had stayed for the delaware promos and just stopped yourself from going ham on the VBJ machines. Biggest mistake of the blog even worse than setting fire to that milf's apartment building.