Friday, March 6, 2015

An example of how tipping in a casino should be considered unethical

Let it be said, i have no illusions about growing my $8700+ bankroll from this upcoming saturday night drawing. id estimate about 10,000 tickets (or there will be by saturday night, in the big drum which is a combination of all previous weeks). the smaller drum, which is about 1000-2000 tickets only, is the one i have 222 tickets in and im hoping for 1-2 small wins of $50-100 in free slot play.

Once the smaller drawings take place, all of the tickets are put into the big drum as it gets closer to 7pm for the final 3 drawings of $500, $1000, and $10,000 and u can only win one of those prizes.

As much as i dread seeing a dentist and fearing what bad news he might have to tell me for letting it go so long, (and the corresponding $500 or so drop to have it done correctly and sedated) in a way ill feel better a few days after its over, certainly not immediately. Because the inside of my mouth does feel kind of odd and i fear something might be in there. I'm sure i made a big mistake coming here instead of to my moms.

Here is what bugs me about this drawing. And im surprised Rob dont win the MGM drawing alot more than he does. Can anyone tell me WHY so many tickets are bent or creased before putting them in the drum? seems some people bend or crimple all of their tickets.

It makes me uncomfortable--because it makes it appear like an employee is planning to pick out the name of someone they preplanned it with ahead of time for a big tip. and they can feel around the drum for a ticket with the bend in the right place--and select that particular ticket. doesnt this happen all the time? if i am just being paranoid on this, i dont understand why some people are bending so many of their tickets. and its not just one person doing this, ive noticed about 3 or more. I'd really like to know if anyone can come up with an innocent reason.

the $141 i now have on Bovada is allowing me to play poker while im here. Reno is about 50 miles away, but at least i can still play. saturdays room is taken care of now, so i can relax til the sunday amtrak if i wanted to not play anymore. and this casino is still very empty during the night, makes it easy to play alone how i want. if i cant win here, i cant win anywhere--barring a 5x-10x points promotion etc.


  1. Creased tickets are 100x more likely to be picked. Everyone knows this. If you haven't been creasing yours, they are virtually worthless.

  2. Because the guy pulling the ticket has the fingers of a safecracker and a surgeon, and can easily feel which ticket is bent in just the right place to make sure the guy who tipped him $20 will win. Makes total sense!

  3. Some people have a natural propensity to select folded tickets over non-folded tickets. This only gives you an advantage if your particular ticket picker is so inclined...

  4. Funny you should mention this, Tony. The blog post I'm in the middle of writing right now starts off with a story.where I win a promo where it looked like it might have been rigged in my favor. Not at all the case, it was total coincidence.

    As for creasing the tickets, it is specifically forbidden at the MGM. If you turn in a wrinkled or folded ticket, they won't put it in the drum. As soon as the dealer sees a player starting to fold or wrinkle it, they warn them. I've seen this several times.

  5. ive got another problem with my phone, the charger u have to turn it multiple times for it to be plugged in properly to charge, because the wires are falling apart. and also i took the bus to the bankofamerica in incline village and deposited $1000 so im carrying $1000 instead of $2000. that means, the lowest i will leave for reno sunday with is about $7700 instead of about $6700 if things go bad. but i will be forced to avoid really large bets now.

    also, i got some food at the store by the bank, paid $25 for a haircut and beard trim, i looked awful beforehand, and stopped by a dentist office that happened to be closed on friday i walked past. their ad does mention dental emergencies same day. im sure its probably outrageous prices. am worried about the feeling in my mouth, so i also stopped by the urgent care center next door to Raleys. only 2 patients inside, but when i was told to talk with a dr is $195, i walked out. theres supposedly a $60 clinic in reno. i wish Nick would assist in finding a dr and dentist and being there for the appt so i can be sedated.

    1. It is most likely an abscess Tony - google it - you cannot leave that unattended and you already have for so long. You could be in for a lot more pain than you imagined if you keep going without fixing it. It can kill you.

  6. after all that, im holding onto $8829 and i need a nap. $144 on bovada and 226 tickets. i have to be awake the entire hours from 4pm to 7pm saturday and that wont be easy because the casino will be so busy then i wont be able to have the machine to myself its certainly completely dead during the night which is wonderful

  7. Quit bitching about your tooth, you big baby. Either man up and go to the dentist, or STFU. You are such a man-child ... How you've survived this long is a total mystery.