Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carson valley inn in minden trip report

I'm still living at Vince's timeshare until tomorrow, and today when him and Randy went to mount rose to ski (and theres been a big lack of snow) they dropped me off for the $1-2 NL game that starts on every wed at 1pm at the carson valley inn. now that place dont get that much business and the game only lasted til about 4pm, although they are trying to get it restarted.

there was a tourny from noon til 1pm, and everyone in the tourny, they start with only 100 chips to get it over quickly, and 10 minute blinds. they do save peoples seats whove locked them up for the cash game, otherwise no one would want to play the tourny. its a $25 buyin and heres what i really disliked it was winner take all, but according to the staff, im really the first person to really care about that. its usually chopped.

the guy who looks like Jesus/ferguson/dominick who the staff says usually never chops but dont play that particular tourny but a different bigger priced one, it eventually got down to me and him HU and he had more chips than me, im not sure but maybe he had 2 3rds. i wanted to take my profit, go play cash and i was worried he wouldnt be willing to chop any other way, and id have probably ended up with nothing if i dont chop since im not good HU and the staff says he usually does well in tournys. but i feel like i really overdid it offering him $180 of the $240 prize pool and only taking $60.

early on in the tourny i folded jj after putting in $25 (about a quarter of my stack) and the old man directly behind me shoved. am still wondering if that was a good fold?

i would swear its a good fold, except for how very shortstacked we all were. but i did make the money in the tourny so maybe i did the right thing.

now for the hand histories and stories from the cash game. one guy named John with a starbucks uniform was losing heavily and on tilt and kept borrowing money from the guy who shoved. another guy doubled up courtesy of me and an asian woman whose a former dealer. there was a second good looking woman at the table too who was married, and seemed to be the best player there.

almost the first hand i played i busted my $100 initial buyin. i rebought $128 and eventually cashed out $358 when the game broke. at one point i was briefly at $401. i had a9 diamonds and i called a raise to $8 preflop (big mistake) 5 of us seen the flop which was 863 with 2 diamonds. the lady (asian who left immediately after the hand) makes it $6. guy who shoved in the tourny makes it $17. i decide to just call, (wanting multiway action). i dont like getting it HU, getting called and being only 35% to hit the flush.

guy behind me bets $52 and i just know hes got a set. then the lady very foolishly went allin $100 with her overpair, other guy folds, i call, and the guy who makes it $52 calls with a set of 6s and everyone except him is allin. i was putting in about $65 more to get 4-1 on the remaining money so i felt i had a slight odds overlay but didnt like it much. and it missed.

there was lots of slowplaying at that table, kind of like Rob does. but this was with kk and aa not with sets. ive been reading articles lately about how bad slowplaying can be in some situations and cost u alot of value and how raises on the turn and river look stronger than raises on the flop and ive agreed with the articles although im still guilty of it myself.

also read articles about how to get value by getting called and also how to make successful bluffs with huge overbets. i dont remember the author of those 2 articles but i think the source was cardplayer.

i saved money once due to a guy not raising me with aa, and it cost him the pot although i didnt win it. another time it did win for me when i had KT offsuit, flopped top pair and rivered the 10, not knowing i needed it to beat his aa.

another time i had QK. made a weak call of a $5 raise, flop is 69J and im last to act and happy to see it checked around. way too many people in there to bluff. turn comes 3 also a blank and lucky for me its checked around again. river is the 10 and ive got the stone cold nuts. its checked again to the guy right in front of me who raised preflop and he finally bets $5. im praying hes got a smaller straight or is slowplaying top set and hes the guy on tilt. i decide to overbet the pot hoping to get called and think its likely to get called as a smaller sized bet is. but no one called, no one had anything.

i worry too much about the worst happening --the tourny being an excellent example of this. i was glad the max buyin was only $200 because that way no one would cover me. incidently the min buyin is only $20, surprisingly low and as i talked about yesterday theres a spigot in the room out of which comes cheap beer. never seen a poker room u can pour your own beer.

this is costing me money though--ive lost value with aa, afraid of losing all my chips back once ahead. surprisingly enough--it seems this fear is only when im ahead, not when im behind.

One bitter disappointment was a hand i played well. i had AQ hearts and made a raise preflop to $7-10 somewhere in there. flop comes up AQ7 with 2 clubs and the same old guy who shoved earlier makes it $11 on the flop. well im convinced im good, and convinced he will call a huge bet with any good ace or any flush draw. i shove and sure enough he calls with nothing but ace ten. turn and river come KK to counterfeit me and chop the pot which makes me sick. that hurt the worst.

---then tonight, after relaxing in the hot spa in the 104 degree pool, vince and i checked out the carson nugget when he heard the game was $3-6 hilow omaha. the action was good, but of course the players started breaking early and me and vince played 4 handed with a full rake for a long time, and ive got to quit doing that just cause im down and dont want to quit the game.

i lost almost every pot even with monsters like aa37 double suited to the most pitiful garbage hands imaginable. i left the game out $126 when the 4th player finally broke. on the way home vince and i stopped at a casino ive never been the wyndham garden inn in carson city. they had a live $3 double deck BJ game. i seen a count of +4 on the one hand when i walked up to the table so i bought in and put out 2 bets of $15, winning a double down and losing the other hand, for $15 profit.

with the count still good, i then put out another 2 hands of $21 each, without the floorman having any idea i knew the count. this time i lost my bets including a double down as the dealer drew to 20. by the time the game ended an hour later id lost $200 more in there. so now im back to $8600 from $8900.

lowest amount ive had in a long time, and every single bet i made over $5 was at a good plus count, no martingaling. even the 2 final spots of $40 were at +4.


  1. Good recap. Lots of poker instead of writing about your tooth.

    but i feel like i really overdid it offering him $180 of the $240 prize pool and only taking $60.

    I wouldn't do it, but you're playing for a living, so understandable.

    As to the fold with J-J, who knows? He probably had A-K and you are racing.

    1. no memphis it's not understandable. hes worried about 240 dollars in variance? that's absurd.especially for a vagrant who flushes thousands into machines.

  2. With a winner takes all format, a fair chop assuming equal skill level is simply the % of chips in play, so it should be $160/$80 chop. Since you feel uncomfortable in HU, $180/$60 chop wasn't that bad. This begs the question, why the hell would you play tournaments if you don't like playing HU? That is where the bulk of value lies. Please, please remind me never to stake you in a tournament.

    With the JJ hand, HORRIBLE fold, even if you did not specify your blind levels. With 100 starting chips, you put in $25 and fold, WTF???? Please, please remind me never to stake you in a tournament.

  3. I think it's funny a few hours after pokerdogg says this I take first in a $22 tournament for over $300

    1. I think it's funny you call yourself a pro and think one small tourny win means anything

  4. Before that inevitable day comes when you want to run (err take a vacation) from Reno why don't you write down the reasons that you shouldn't and how much it will cost you in addition to what you have already paid in Reno. (transportation, housing etc...) You can then pull out the list when you feel you have to leave immediately and decide if that is really what you want to do.