Monday, March 2, 2015

finally made one good decision

Played 4 sessions of $1-2 NL in vegas. 2 at the stratosphere, and 2 at the Nugget. (5 if u count the $1-3 stud hi session at the poker palace in NLV, where i had a small win of $23).

I lost every one of those NL sessions. Vegas is just getting too bad for poker, and i need to be where i can win. People might think i went to vegas, only as a transfer point for going to Reno, but i truthfully wanted to play the VBJ at the elcortez a bit, and while there, i lost over $2300 on the VBJ. (although on the final morning i did get over $600 of it back). so i am now left with $9500.

$9500 is about the same amount i had in reno many years ago, right before i paid the $800 cab ride to vegas. so think of it in the way i havent lost any ground since then.

lost one of the NL sessions with AA, one with flopping a set of 8s, and ive quickly forgot the earlier 2 sessions, but i think i might have never been ahead, but they were hands u still would think u are ahead and would play. one hand i flopped the nut straight--and open ended straight flush redraw, and a guy had me allin with 10 10 10 and hit the boat on the end. if he hits the 4th ten instead we would have the bad beat.

and today the job is to either see the same dentist i seen years ago, or find a better one. and also to go find cheap housing near where i want to be playing instead of downtown at the casino hotel im at now. also i need to consult a dr about my eye too besides my mouth.

yes my hourly is still $14 an hour for about 1500 hours+ of play. yes thats a drop from $15+ a few sessions back before quite a few losses lately. but if u took only vegas, ive not done the work to filter out all those just yet, but i suspect a very low rate, all of the good ones were in reno, md live, and tampa. might not even be positive, im going to have to check on that.

sorry for the lack of updates.

the one good decision? i left vegas and flew back to where i feel a lot more at home. (where i like the employees and quality of service better, where i feel players are welcomed and catered to). free drinks, food, and all where u can get it yourself, no upsetting straddles policies, etc, even though straddles are allowed.


  1. It's good to see you back where you are comfortable and happy. Hope things go well for you in Reno. I don't think you will ever go to the doctor or dentist, because if you wanted to take care of yourself you would have done it by now. I mean, if you can't bring yourself to go while a good friend is driving you right past a dentist office with a good advertised deal, you will never go.

  2. would anyone be too shocked if the first dr i decided to see was an eye dr? it dont have any pain like a dentist, no bloodwork done, and its bothering me to rub the eye and wondering about the area above the eye. i do worry my vision is failing me, Grandma almost went blind.

    won $76 at diamonds playing live table BJ, and was once up $200+. won $309 at the sands playing BJ, and left at the high water mark there. Isnt tonight the night the Atlantis has $1-2 plo?

    theres nothing but crackheads in diamonds and the sands, or women on meth. the problem is they arent hookers, every single one is with a guy or at least appears to be and i dont care if he is white or black or mexican, they all look like the type of guy whod rob u in a heartbeat. the reason me and angerisagift dont get along is ive always felt uncomfortable around male drug addicts. women drug addicts however, i feel bad for, and want to take care of them and change their life.

    weed is especially bad and the people who support it are worse than the ones addicted to the drugs themselves, because they are what make it all possible, and the crime that follows and the poverty. i get so sick of browsing xrated womens ads online criaglist and backpage and seeing the words 420 friendly all over the place. u shouldnt need to smoke dope to get laid.

    1. Dude, you are looking up hookers on Craigslist and you are offended that they are okay with marijuana. Wow. Just, wow.

  3. as far as seeing the dentist i still want to be put euthanised so i would need nick to be there with me so the dentist would be willing to treat me. i doubt benny is willing. i looked online for free exams or low cost exams and there really isnt anything i found except the same absolute dental downtown i used before. and also a website came up with a lot of peoples bad experiences using their large chain. seems they have many vegas offices too. also for a regular MD--how do i find a visit in an office without going to an er or urgent care type of place? and how do i see a dermalogist for my scalp? problem is i need way too many different kinds of doctors. am wondering if i made a mistake not going home to KS.

    1. I know a guy who will euthanize you for $45. Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Tony, I believe that some of your readers would agree that you should be euthanized. However ...

    There is no reason you can't go to Kansas now. Better to go voluntarily vs being shipped inside a box. Keep the roll up for the final shipping charges.

  5. Sir, you are thinking to narrowly u see. Given inflation coupled with other external monetary influences your 9500 USD balance sheet is not worth the same as it was back when you took the infamous 800 USD taxi ride or enjoyed the 2000 USD sandwich. Also you should think of other factors including your health u see. Is your health in the same state or worse than it was 5 years ago? U see if it is worse then I would contend that the 9500 balance sheet you have is not on the same plain as before given built up currently unasserted liabilities or unrealized liabilities such as imminent required medical care and/or dental.

    That is just my opinion u see.


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