Monday, March 9, 2015

my early days with Lovelines Newspaper

lets talk for a little while about what got me started in the world of entreprenuerial opportunities which ended up in me spending my whole life working for myself and out of the regular world. and it changed my whole life.

when i was young i did well in school. mom pushed me very hard as a child, too hard in fact. and i was quite successful. i did well in school, graduated one year ahead. never could relate socially with the other kids, but i felt like i had a bright future and mom was proud of me. Grandma enjoyed nothing more than getting to attend my graduation before she died and gave me a Bible that i had for a longtime before it eventually disappeared.

my mom and i, we sat around and played board games. scrabble, uno, chess, rook, skip-bo, etc and as ive mentioned before, ive invented a lot of board games that were good enough to be published by a major company.  so its only natural that i took to playing games to earn a living. But because id never gambled as a child, (and mom found gambling immoral and sinful as did all the women and the Christians of her day). i went to college at Friends univ in wichita KS to major in accounting.

my mom thought i didnt need the beginning course, and it was a big fight and a mistake. i couldnt understand the work, and she told me to talk with the teacher, and i didnt want to, i wanted the level one course, and instead ran away from home again, (to the state of Fl to fort lauderdale) where i couldve gotten killed commiting a burglary, and a famous radio personality who was a child molester invited me to sleep at his house full of records albums, millions of them. he had picked me up hitchhiking. i got thrown into the juveneile detention center, sent back to ks on a greyhound bus after a few weeks and went thru some horrible experiences from black people in the jail. and it wasnt the first time id been in a juvenile detention center for running away. (or a mental health center for adolescents). Britni also has experienced this from her family.

i've never done a crime as an adult, but as a kid i didnt know how else to survive when i ran off. in one state i was so messed up emotionally i left cups of urine in an office building in asheville NC during a burglary. mostly what i stole was stamps to resell. and cash. also met and visited girls i wrote online thru penpaling. stole from churches even and the salvation army. im ashamed of it all now and wouldnt do it now.

but i eventually was 18, living on my own in wichita ks, in a real apt for $160 a month. i certainly dont remember how i got approved to rent. Maybe renting an apt wouldnt be as hard to do as i imagine that it would be. i was doing my laundry at a laundrymat, and id never experienced a BJ from a woman before. some black lady in the laundrymat about 40 yrs old came over to my apt with me and all she wanted to do was to "make me feel good" afterwards she went home and i never saw her again. i certainly didnt fear being setup and robbed then like i would today. in fact when i had my first $1000-2000 to my name when i inherited it from the canadian govt at the age of 19, i spent most of it on hookers. mostly on erie street in north toledo in a rooming house from a pimp named israel who was not black. the girl he set me up with was only 16, but i was 19 then, not much age difference. she wanted to do a really good job because she didnt want israel upset with her. another girl was named Candy with red hair and was really friendly and honest even so much as knocking on my door to come back the next day without charge. even the girl Lisa?Kim? from ac nj years later told me she couldve easily fallen in love with me if it wasnt for how im so "different". i liked her because she would grab her arm in mine while walking and she also played poker.

and when i was 18-19 i answered an ad about how to make money via mailorder from "stuffing envelopes" those type of ads were very popular then, and im wondering if anyone on this blog has ever heard of something called a "big mail". none of those publications exist today, everyone uses the internet instead. even all the singles publications back then dont exist today, and no they arent xrated.

i found out it was a scam a lot more so than a lot of the multilevel MLM programs (some of those are even legit). there is still i think one big similar publication to mail order called Money Makers monthly. at least i think it still exists. im sure none of u ever heard of it.

but one of the ads i wrote to in those mailorder publications told how to make money in the personal ad newsletter business. an older lady in iowa ran a penpal business. and taught me how to get started. she was from desmoines and named Mary Polk she was so old im sure shes dead now. I met her in person once.

and there were about 20-30 newspapers across the country similar to mine at the time. the major ones being run by Janet Jacobsen out of arizona, (owner of the singles press association) and a lady in cleveland named Joyce Kroft. and also a company in florida called singles serendipity, and a big newspaper up in minneapolis, with about 1500 personal ads, none were xrated. this was quite popular before the internet took over. mine was called Lovelines newspaper and since i didnt get enough ads, i sometimes reprinted others. i got about 200+ subscribers at one point, some of whom were inmates. But i never made enough to survive from it and eventually it went out of business. lots of people who paid for subscriptions got screwed because i ran out of money to publish like i owed them. Ray knows all about it, and im sure he is the only one who does, or has ever seen the publication. im really really unhappy i no longer have any copies of it due to not having a steady address so many years or a way to store anything. i once had my last copy at my moms and she gave it to me once when i got my apt, and its now lost too. i often wish i had a way to show someone else my work, it really looked nice, i paid to have it printed etc, by typesetters and newspaper publishers in other states. none of them know how to find those old copies either. the singles press organization no longer exists.

But i hung those around doors and set them out in stores for free in places in lived in those early years, and thats how i met some of my dates i fooled around with ages 18-21. one lady wanted to meet a black guy, and i was offended and made her ad look really bad. in fact i once lied to the police about a cab driver because his wife was white when he was black and falsely claimed he stole something. remember i was only in my 20s then, so dont hold it against me now.

Britni told me once she would marry me if i quit talking to Lorna for six months. i wish id have more fully investigated that offer. a hooker in vegas once asked me to marry her too, but since she had ripped me off i was afraid of her, especially since i couldnt defend myself from her physically.

But as u can see ive always been out of the work force, hustling on my own trying to survive. i dont know any way to live any other life or how to get in. im just hoping i dont lose all my money or get too short before my health issues are resolved. and hope its not too late to repair my health. Even the VBJ would cost me very little if at all if i just didnt bet such huge amounts when im losing.

Remember, even hamsterdam says $30k worth of bj bets should only cost about $150 if someones not counting. (and of course, much less if someone is).

wrote this yesterday and decided today to come back into reno--its too hard to earn enough comps for free rooms in Tahoe Biltmore without betting too high. so im in my room in the casino to sleep for a while before i gamble. still got over $9600 even after paying $63 for a room priceline gave me for $42. (because they hid the resort fee). why am i always so sleepy during that monday night game at the atlantis?

nice trip in on the amtrak, u see so many nice women u wish would come over here to the casino and hang out with u. one i spoke to briefly while we were waiting to deboard the train, and also the women in the seat ahead of me who seemed a bit out of it and she and the other girl were taking pictures but she wasnt getting off in reno. I wish i wasnt afraid to talk to a woman except for online--i always worry theyve got a boyfriend nearby i dont know about with a violent temper.


  1. You just brought back a lot of memories, one of your apartments had your work all over the floor for love lines. We were young back then, i was pretty impressed. But i kind of think you made more buying up all the one dollar bill bundles at the Monte Carlo's and finding 5's and 10's and 20's that the poker game workers mistakenly put in a bundle of 20 ones for change sold to the seven card players. Keith just spoke about that recently and gave you a lot of credit for that idea back then. I think it helped him with his bankroll.

  2. we all know Ray made this story up of course.

  3. "Britni told me once she would marry me if i quit talking to Lorna for six months. i wish id have more fully investigated that offer. a hooker in vegas once asked me to marry her too, but since she had ripped me off i was afraid of her, especially since i couldnt defend myself from her physically.".

    You would have had a much better life if you had managed to get married to Britni. She would have been the perfect wife for you on many levels that matter to you.

    1. explain what u mean on "the levels that matter to u"

      Britni always lost on pokerstars--thats why her family hated her gambling, and why she eventually quit when it became illegal. we had a lot in common til it became illegal, and thats when she stopped getting online--some time after the sites got shutdown. actually once the UIGEA passed she was online very little for the next 2 yrs or so til stars shut down

    2. Like having a wife hang out with you at the poker table and rub your back and such. And having a wife that appreciates you taking care of her better than she may be able to take care of herself. Those sorts of things...